Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings my new friend! This is Svetlana. I'm from Russia and I am 34 y.o. Just to give you some introduction about my life: I am a professional medical assistant at healthcare institution.I apologize for the discomfort. I don't want to insist but I seek a serious relationship, beginning from Internet and passing to real life. If you have no serious intentions, you better not email me.If instead you find me attractive and would like me to send you my photo or more pictures, just let me know!I would kindly ask you to tell me more about your place of life and share your photo with me. Hope that this is your real name! Like I said, I only search for authentic relationships and hope to build something meaningful with you!Best regards, Svetlanoka,
Letter 2
Hello, Jim
How are you? I hope you are well! It is good to get your letter it's good luck to get your attention by my foto I want to tell you that I received your email, thank you Later I will send the letter of me and send the photos. I will write more about myself and, trust, you write more about you .
See compulsively your junk file, if you do not get my message in your mail.
Letter 3
Hello, Jim
Well, I'm writing to you again today! I was trying to talk about me in detail.
I hope that you will not be exhausted of my information and it will be fascinating for you! My name is Svetlana.
November 21, 1983 is the date when I was born My age is 34 and I am single! I have a nickname tender that I am named by my family, it's Sveta.
Ekaterinburg is my city dwelling, it is Russian Federation. Ekaterinburg was always a big city, known by all. I like to spend time actively: I practice sport at leisure wander.
I love camping and walking. I am a person with broad perspective and I want to develop myself in all areas. I speak French and English. I lived and worked and in this city of my birth.
I done Medical University with a degree in Dentistry. I want to open my own laboratory prostheses. All my life I try to be constantly trained to reach my goal.
It is necessary to be a good specialist today. During a few years ago, I was studied in Israel and the United States there is a year since training in Finland.
Many things have changed in medicine this year I have to reaffirm my knowledge and make the decision where I will be trained, in which country From my story you already have learned that I work a lot and that I have little fun.
because of that, it's easier for me to try to create relationships with a friend online because in reality, it's more hard for me.
I find them beautiful One can open in several letters that during the first meeting. I think I did not get you exhausted.
take to be serious to me Be open with me, if I do not like you like a woman. I will always try to be open with you .
I would like to know as much as much information as possible about you, Please You can ask what you want, I'll be happy to answer all your questions
I do not know what will happen future, but I hope we will become a couple
P.S. I would like to ask a question about something very important.
Do you go out with someone? I am looking for my man and I do not want to interfere in the relations in love.
Letter 4

Hi, Jim!
Thank you, I really liked your photo. Now I want to meet you even more.
Again, I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. Probable our correspondence will make our relations more close.
I do not use social networks and mobile applications! I think it's ****** and primitive. I like writing letters because it's romantic.
I want to tell you that I write my letters to you from the worker computer.
Because I work a lot and spend most of my time at work and therefore the computer at home I do not need.
Don't expect me to just answer your questions. I will talk about me gradually.
In the morning, all the way to the work, I thought, Will I get your answer? I wonder whether you like it or not? Did you like my photos.
Only last night, when I returned home, I realized that I had very little told you about myself. Therefore, I was very glad to see your letter.
Today I will try to give as much information about myself and about my life. I am the only and late child in the family.
My my father left me when I was 7 years old. My mom died 2 years ago. All these circumstances made me strong. Let's not talk about sad things.
After the death of my mom, I feel very lonely, because I do not have a native person. Jim, but I have a best friend Yana.
Say you have such a close friend with whom you spend your free time and feel comfortable. My relationship with a man ended six months ago.
In Russia, men in me see only ***.
For me a man should be not only a good lover, but also a friend from whom there will be no secrets and mutual understanding. Do you agree with me?
Today I told my friend that met you on the Internet, she looked at me with surprise since it does not look like me.
Then my girlfriend said it was good, but she advised me to be careful because the Internet is a lot of perverts and ******.
Do many girls write to you??? You can answer honestly how I understand everything, I really hope we will be honest to each other.
Jim for me, age does not matter, because I hold opinions the main thing is that the person was kind, sympathetic and loved me,
I think that this is the most main thing. I have a good job and money for me does not play a big role. Money is a means for existence.
What do you think of my character? Do you like my personality? you do not bored to read my letters?
Online dating is the first experience for me and therefore I would like our conversation to be built as an interactive dialogue for us
So I ask you sincerely write that you want to know about me? I hope that you will answer me as quickly as possible.
Sincerely, Sveta
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jim, I am really happy to receive your new letter, thank you very much for your attention to me, I am very pleased with this.
How are you today? How is your mood? I hope everything is good. Frankly speaking today I've very replete day, I feiled with a lot of different thoughts and I'm overwhelmed with a lot of very different thoughts and emotions.
I'm not going to share with you and will try to describe to you what happened today. Today I woke up early in the morning.
The bright rays of the sun made me open my eyes. They easily ********* into my room and make me stay awake, because my bed is located near the window.
I got up, took a shower, went to the kitchen, cooked a breakfast of eggs, a salad of promiscuity and coffee.
During my lunch I realized that I was worried about something. In fact, everything turned out to be simple, I thought you answered me or not?
Yesterday, in my letter, I again told you about my idea of relationships and about my personal life. Perhaps you decided that I'm a bore??)))).
I wanted to come to work early and check my mail. I was very frightened by the thought that there was no answer from you.
Before work I get on public transport but in the mornings it is really a nightmare to use it - so many people,
the traffic is overcrowded and everyone is in a hurry. Today at work I learned that I will soon have an important stage in my life.
Tomorrow in our city there will be a competition at which several personal grants for training and professional development will be allocated.
Such events take place in our country every year. Every year several promising medical workers are selected.
Such grants give the opportunity to free-of-charge training abroad, in order to acquire a new experience.
I already told you that I several times had the owners of such a grant and had an internship in Israel, the US and Europe.
So today I tried to finish my work as soon as possible. I plan to go to the gym now, it helps me to concentrate and correctly expound my thoughts.
In the evening I will need to make an excellent presentation so that I can receive such a grant.
The owner of such a grant, in the right to choose the country and clinic, where he will be trained and working.
I will finish my letter, I hope that you are not angry, you understand that tomorrow will be a very difficult day for me.
I hope that tomorrow morning I will see your letter)))
With my all respect your Sveta.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jim, I am very happy to get your new letter. Thank you for your attention. How past your day? I want to hear your voice. I'm asking you to give me a phone number that you're comfortable taking a call to.
Even on such a responsible day, I woke up thinking about you. I think I'm starting to get used to reading your letters every day.
They becomes something important for me. As always, I quickly had my breakfast.
I think about you always, I think you are that very person, about who I was dreaming and finaly I found you and don't want to loose,
I want to learn you always, it's very easy and great to talk with you.
I find a ray of light in your letters. And with every letter we learn all this more and more about each other, I think it's wonderful.
Do you agree with me? My day past well today, but it happens that I get tired on work, because almost I don't have free time to sit.
We have a lot of clients, and all of them have their own problems, but when I start thinking about you I forget about everything.
I often think about the future and I am happy that in my life I have a person and it is you, a person to whom I can trust.
I think without trust and understanding can't be real love. It is very important feelings.
My vital principle is to be maximum honest and open with the person who will be near with me. I trust you my dear, and I hope you also trust me too.
If we want to be related with each other, then we should be honest not only in letters but in the hearts too.
I appreciate and respect a man who keeps his word, but does not throw it to the wind.
Jim I hope that you are not such a person who just says, and word and deed will not fixed it.
It's very important for me that the man was confident in himself and not be a coward.
I want to be behind this person like behind of a stone wall and I don't want to scare of the world around me.
My dear, if I didn't answer to some of your question, it means I didn't understand it, could you send it one more time please,
for me it is very important to answer to all your questions.
Jim what is the main aim of your life? What do you want to acheive? Can you describe your dreams if it is not a secret of course.
My big dream is to find good a and happy family and for the rest will come term. I hope very much for our hearts when they will come across.
Write me soon becouse your letters kindles an ice in my heart. Looking forward to a new letter from you. From all my heart your, Sveta.
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