Scam letter(s) from Julia Konshina to Brad (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello !!! :-*
I really hope we will continue to communicate !
I saw your email address on a dating site and I decided to write a letter for you!
I'll tell you about myself and i will send my pictures.
Unfortunately, life circumstances have forced me to be alone.
I do not have a serious relationship for a few years time.
I am a free woman, I have never been married!
I have no children. You were married ? Do you have children ?
I'll tell you about myself.
I live in Russia in the Perm region.
The city where I live is called the Surgut, I guess you did not hear about my city...
My name is Nina. My age 32 years.
I was born on May 20, 1986. I want to say that the age for me it does not matter.
As you understand, I'm seeking a man I am looking for my life partner.
I'm looking for a man you can trust.
Who will love and respect me.
I want to find a great love and a serious relationship.
I am only interested honest, kind and considerate man.
For me the most important thing in a relationship is honesty.
For me does not matter the external beauty of a man.
And I do not consider myself a supermodel.
I am a simple woman and I'm well-mannered.
Now the main thing for me is to get acquainted with the man for creation of strong and happy family.I hope you understand me.
Tell me that the most important for you in a relationship between a man and a woman?
I want to know, do you open for a serious relationship?
I hope that we will communicate.
I want to have a dialogue with you.
I hope that you are interested to know me better !
I would be pleased if you tell me more about your life, about your hobbies.
I'm curious to know about your plans for the future!
I'll be glad if you are interested in my letter.
I hope that soon you will answer me.
I send you my photo. And of course I'll be happy to see yours !
Your Nina !
P.S. Dear, I ask you to keep my email address in your address book !
I will be very happy if I receive your answer to my letter !
Letter 2
My love, I want to tell you that we need to meet! Our meeting is a very important event in our lives.
Do you agree with me? I have an overwhelming desire to meet you in real life !!!
I am sure that we can plan our meeting and we will be able to meet face to face!
My Mom and my Dad came to my home yesterday! I am always happy and very glad in the moments when I see my Mom and Dad!
My parents live far from my town, and I rarely see my parents! I try to visit my parents whenever it is possible!
I really love my Mom! And I have a great respect for my father! My father has always been a serious man!
My dad always chase all the boys away from me! My father always took care of me!
When I was a child I usued to have girls as a friend but not boys!
My dad always protected me from troubles! My father loves me and care about me!
It is very important for me to know the point view of my parents! I talked to my parents!
Of course we talked about myself and my personal life !!!
I told my parents about you! I told my parents about my feelings to you!
I talked with my Mom about our relationship with you! I told my parents that I want to visit you in your country!
I asked my parents about their opinion and my parents told me that it is a good idea for us to meet each other!
My mother talked with some excitement about the upcoming my journey to you !!! My mom loves me, and she wished luck to you and to me!
It is very good when parents approve of their children's decision and I am very happy because my pearents liked you!
My mother asked me to me to send her best wishes!
I asked advise of my friends about how I'd better go to another country!
Everyone who traveled tell me that the journey is very expensive!
My Mom was very excited and moreover at first she flatly refused to even let me go to you!
But then my mother gave me permition for my trip to you!
We have to meet to continue our relationship! I can not live if you do not meet you!
Even just one day I spent with you shall be a heavenly pleasure to me !!!
Dear, I am very humble and obedient girl but sometimes I unwavering in my decision!
Perhaps this trait was transmitted to me by my father! I was able to persuade my mother to allow me to visit you !!!
I will travel to you soon! I love you and I can not be alone! I want to see you face to face!
Our meeting is very important to me! Our meeting will be a big step in my life!
I know that you are a wonderful man and the best man!
You took my heart and now I'm only yours !!!
The most precious and valuable things that I have are in your hands: it is my soul and my heart !!!
I am an optimist and I hope that we will meet you soon!
Our meeting will help us to know each other better!
I'm ready to take the first step to our meeting! Yes, I honestly ready to meet you face to face! I hope for reciprocity!
My dear, I need to know the name of the nearest international airport to you !!!
Please tell me the closest international airport to you where which you will be able to meet me?
Could you please write me the name of the nearest international airport so that I could learn about my trip to you!
Also I'm asking you to tell me your full address and your full name !!! My parents asked me to leave them with information about you!
And I wanted to know your phone number !!! Maybe someday I'll be able to call you on the phone!
My love, I hope you give me information that I asked you !
I'm going to travel agency and learn a lot more about my coming to you!
I will make a request to the travel agency on my journey to you!
My dear, I'm sure that I can organize my trip to you!
I can see my future only with you! I can not continue my life without you !!! I want to be next to you !!!
I know that only near you I will be truly happy! My dream is to meet you face to face!
I've been looking for you all my life ! I'm glad that you're my man !
I am very excited and infinitely happy !!!
With my love ! I kiss you !
Your Nina.
Letter 3
Hello my love !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so glad to receive a letter from you!!!
Last night, when I went to bed, I thought about you and me...
I thought about our meeting with you.
I imagined, as we walked along the beautiful streets of the beautiful city!
It was a wonderful evening...
We walked with you, holding each other's hand and looked into each other's eyes!
I was very happy in my dreams, which is why it was with you!
It does not matter that it was only my mind, but I was happy in those moments...
And with a smile, in a good mood, thoughts of you, I fell asleep...
I so much want to be close to you...
I am very attached to you and thinking about you, do not go out of my head!
For me the main thing - to know that all is well with you and that you love me!!!
I love you too!!! And I really want to be around you right now!!!!
Today I went to a travel agency to find out how I can travel to you.
I have never traveled to other countries! I was glad that this travel agency works my friend!
It runs the agent and makes contracts with customers. I was very lucky, because it will make a big discount for me!
She told me what documents I need to stay for you!
My trip to you will cost 890 euros.
My visa and all necessary documents.
Full list of documents:
Passport, which expires no earlier than 3 months after the alleged return (if any 2 of the passport should be given both passports);
2 color photographs 3,5 x 4,5 without angles and ovals on a light background, matt;
Reference from employer stating position, salary, length of service, and contact information;
A photocopy of a Russian passport (all pages containing information);
Correctly completed application form; (The questionnaire helped me fill friend)
To collect all the documents to obtain passport I need 1-2 days, and that would collect all the documents for a visa one more day.
My passport will be ready in 3-5 days.
Passport, valid for 10 years, worth 240 euros!
The visa will be ready in 5-10 days. After passport is ready. A visa for a period of 3 months and 90 days.
The visa will cost 210 euros.
A passport will be ready within 3-7 days, I think the passport will be ready in 3-5 days.
My visa tourist! When making a tourist visa is no problem. Tourist visa the easiest to get.
I learned about the cost of the plane ticket.
The cost of the ticket will cost 440 euros.
I really wish that you would meet me at the airport with a big bouquet of flowers! I really want to be with you...
I really, really want to have a happy family with you...
I never allow myself to break your heart! I swear to you!
My feelings are sincere, and I opened my soul to you...
And I want to prove to you that I am a real girl! I do not want, what would you doubt me!
I gained some money of 300 euros, I realize that this is not enough... So, I'm very upset... I was hoping to pay all travel itself...
I have asked for help from my parents, and my father gave me 200 euros. Now I have 500 euros.
However all of my financial savings is not enough to come to you! I could not even think about that trip can cost that much!
And now I'm very upset because I can not pay for my trip to you!
I am, however, very attached to you, for the time of our conversation...
I can not imagine my life without you, without your warmth and love.
We should be together! We are adults and we should not be alone!
Fate brought us together with you, in order that we could be together and be happy!
For my trip to you, I need 390 euros...
My love, please help me to solve this problem !!! Recommend me, what can I do ?
I want to be a part of your life, and I hope that you too want it!
I really want to be with you! I want to have a happy family!
We will laugh and enjoy life, I really want us to be happy!
I want to feel the warmth of your body, I want to hear your voice, I want to look you in the eye!
And I really want to cuddle up to your chest, as in my dream !
When I think of you, the smile on my face! You make me happy, thank you! And I want to make you happy!
I'll wait for a letter from you tomorrow!
Your Nina.
Letter 4

Hi, my love !
I'm glad you can find 390 euros for me by the end of December!
I hope that at the beginning of the New Year holidays we will be able to meet with you!
We will have plenty of time to spend with you!
Tell me how you can give me your help ??? I hope we can be together soon...
I love you !
Your Nina !
Letter 5
Hello my love !!! :-*
Thank you for your letter, my love for you is extremely strong,
My love is even stronger with every letter that I get from you!
You make me very happy.
I love you very much, and it makes my heart full of joy.
I want to be around you, I wanna be with you every minute, every day, every night ...
Today, everything was fine on my work and I was in high spirits, because of you, because I love you very much !
I was so happy because now I'm reading your letter, and so beautiful that I love you and you love me!
I miss you so, I always think of you, I wish we could be together soon !
Each line of your letter makes me happy!
And I also feel that everything is fine, I feel so much love to you. Only with you I'll be happy !
My heart - you, my soul is with you! And now, so surprising that we found each other. I am happy that I met you !
My life finally made sense and now I think about our meeting with you !
I can feel it in my heart, my soul, we are meant for each other !
My love, today I spoke with the director and he gave me permission to holiday as soon as I finish making financial report.
I was left with very little work and I could come to you! I want to meet you !
That's fine, and I very much hope that we can meet you! I hope that we will be together !
My dear and beloved, I am really looking forward to your letters, my heart belongs only to you!
I really would be very gentle with you, with your kind heart and my heart also belongs to you!
I love you, my love for you is extremely strong !

I look forward to your letter with great love.


Kisses !!!!! :-*

Your Nina.
Letter 6
Hello my beautiful friend !!!
Today for me the greatest happiness to see your letter !!!! My mood increased by 100 percent !!!
For me it is very nice that you write to me and give me your attention.
I first got acquainted with a man on the internet!
I will try to tell you in detail about yourself in my letters!
I hope for reciprocity !!!
I am currently working in the industry sales in a small company!
My specialty at the "manager of a trading hall" where I sell home appliances!
In the shop where I work selling televisions, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, irons and many other products!
I like my work and I am always responsible for everything I do!
In the city where I live is very difficult to find a good job! I for a long time could not find a job in my city !!!
Now all is well and I worked as a salesman! Although I have a medical degree!
I moved to live in Surgut 10 years old when I entered the College of Medicine.
After college, I entered the Medical University. My specialty pharmacist.
I worked as a pharmacist in a pharmacy for about six months, after the university.
But I quit because of the fact that the pharmacy I received a small salary, and I do not have enough money that would pay for my room.
And after graduation, I stayed here.
My Surgut not a big city where I now live at a distance of 2833 kilometers from Moscow!
I work from 9:00 to 17:00. Of course I have a lunch break!
Now, at lunchtime I was using a computer at work to write you a letter!
I'm not allowed to use a computer at work for personal reasons, but I still find time to use the internet!
How many hours a day do you work? Do you like your job ?!
I really want to know more about you, because I really like our acquaintance !!!
To be honest, I asked for help on the Internet to find their other half.
For many reasons I can not find love in my city!
I really want to fall in love with a man! Nationality for me it does not matter!
Gradually, I'll tell you all about myself, but from you I also want to know everything about your life.
Tell me about yourself !
I am very happy that now I have such a wonderful friend like you!
Yes, I wish that you were my friend ! Friendship is important in a relationship !
It is very important for a man to respect a woman ! A woman should respect a man !
Love should be the most important part of every family !!!
Now I must finish this letter !!!
Tomorrow, I'll wait for your letter !!! I will be very happy to see your photo !
Your new friend Nina
Letter 7
Good morning honey !
I want to know when you can help me in organizing my trip to you ??
If you are not ready to help me, I will no longer answer you ! Because there is no point in this when I really want our meeting with you !
I am waiting for an answer, and plans for our meeting...
Your Nina !
Letter 8
Good afternoon, my love !
My darling, I am glad that you are ready to help me ! I need your help in the amount of 390 euros.
I hope that this week, you can make your money transfer for me using Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria!
So that you could send me the money you need my complete information.
I am writing you my detailed informations : names: Nina Sinkevich
country: Russia
Region: Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug
City: Surgut
Street: Komsomol'skiy Prospekt, 48, My love, as soon as I get your help, I will immediately go to a travel agency.
I want to come to you for about 5 weeks of my vacation. If this is a lot, then tell me how much time I need to spend next to you ?
I will pay my full amount of money for my journey to you. I hope that we will be together next week !
I expect your good news !
Kiss you !
your Nina
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