Scam letter(s) from Yana Vladim to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Good day! My name is Yana. I'm from Russian Federation. City Almetyevsk. I'm 36 years old woman.
This mail you got from internet dating service, I believe.
I paid some money to them and they promised to find some answers for me from European men.
They promised to send my letter to men who looking for serious relations with Russian woman via Internet.
Probably they was wrong and you have no any interest to my mail... I don't know....
If you have interest, please, write me your ideas and thoughts.
If you have interest you will get more information about me and my life in Russia with next e-mails, so we can know and learn each other.
I ask you to write me in any cause, even if you not looking serious ways on Internet. Ok?
I try Internet dating first time, so I need to know your honest answer.
I hope you can understand my English...
But we can use Translator Online without problems, if language barrier can be a problem for us....
I wish you good day! Waiting for your next response! Yana from Russia P.S. I put some photos for you, so you can see which person try to contact with you ;)
If you have interest to me, don't forget to send me your photos too! It's very important for me!
Letter 2
Good day for you! I just checked my mailbox and I see your letter. Thanks for your answer!
I would like to continue our communication if you have serious intentions. Today I have really busy work day and because of it I can not write enough big letter with details about me and my life in Russia. But I promise tomorrow I do it, specially for you, so you can make some opinion about me. I would like to know some details about your life too. Don't be shy :) I hope we will be able contact each other every day. Be well... Yana
Letter 3
Good day for you Jim!
how are you?
I wish you a good day and a good mood.
Thank you for your letter ............. I am pleased to receive a quick response.
And I hope that my letters. And our correspondence will be interesting for you.
And you can understand me!
since I speak only Russian and English!
And my English is not very good))) I can speak. But use google translator to write to you.
I hope that you understand me?)
Age is not a problem. The main person is good.
First I would like to tell about me.
I am a woman from Russia. I was born in Russia. And I live in this country all my life.
I am 36 years old. I was born on the 22nd of November.
All my life lived in a small town. This is the city of Almetyevsk. Republic of Tatarstan. It is a young city close to the city of Kazan. The city is only 65 years old. but it has a population of 155 thousand people.
A beautiful young city)))
I work in a childrens garden. This is a private kindergarten. And I am a co-creator in this kindergarten together with my long-time friend Elena. We studied together at the same university. And 6 years ago, a private kindergarten was organized.
And we work together.
I'm interested in this work. Because I love children. I love living communication with children. I like to see children's laughter.
And I believe that the most amazing creatures on earth. They are honest and naive. Children are cheerful and funny.
Children are flowers of life !!!
I do not have my own children. And I was never married.
Why ?!
It is difficult to answer this question. And not the time to do it now.
I'm free and alone. And I'm in search of my destiny. In creating my destiny. I am 36 years old. Life goes by. And time.
I am not happy. I want to change my life. Make some crazy act. That life became more interesting and brighter.
I want to feel happy. Because I spend my life on work.
But now I'm very tired of this. I want to go to another world .... another country.
Perhaps we could meet each other? ) What do you think about it ?! )
And it is possible to meet real happiness. Happiness is called love! ))) Or the relationship of friends from different countries;)))
Maybe my letter is too direct ???
But as I already wrote. I'm an open person.
Friends think that i'm too naive and kind)))
But this is my life .............. my feelings ............... my soul!
And I love to live.
I can enjoy a simple life.
I do not drink or smoke cigarettes.
I like listening to music. I like to go in for sports. Swimming and running. I like reading books. Yes, I like reading very much.
Because I think you can work it out. The letter has its magic property. And it beckons me all this. I live with my mother in her house. Her name is Olga. She 59 years old. She worked all her life at a local factory. They are engaged in tailoring special clothes for builders. My mother is a good person. And she gave me a whole life.
Since I grew up without a father.
I have never seen my father. More precisely, I remember my father. He died when I was 1 year old. He got into a car accident and died. I do not like to think about it. But I am always grateful to him for the present life. Now I will finish my letter.
I'm sending you a new photo with me. I hope you like it)
I wish you a good day.
Hope to get a response from you very soon.
Will be interesting for you. And we can get to know each other.
Or talk and talk to people from different countries ............... I think it is very interesting.
Please contact me. I can receive your letters every day.
And I will be glad to answer you. your new friend Yana.
Letter 4

Good day my new friend Jim!
I hope that I can call you that?
How was your day? I hope everything is OK.
Thank you for your prompt response. I am pleased to see this today.
Today was a working day for me.
And I am glad to see your letter today.
It is interesting to me.
And I hope that it is interesting for you ............... And you are honest and open with me ?!
Because I'm not looking for games or entertainment on the Internet.
This is my first experience. And I want your letters to be honest.
Not for play or entertainment.
Because for the first time I try to communicate through the Internet. And the more a man from another country!
I see that you live far away from me)) Another country ................ another culture! And our meeting is still far away.
But I'm glad you wrote to me. And I will be happy to have communication with you.
Real and serious acquaintance. Dialogue of friends. Respecting each other.
Perhaps just a dialogue of people from different countries.
Or future friendship.
What will it be? I dont know. I’m not ready answer now. But I will happy have correspondence with you)
And it's my plans for the future. I'm ready to exchange photos with you.
I'm ready to open my life for you. Answer your questions. And to see where this communication leads. Our correspondence. BUT if our dialogue ............ It's play or pampering?! I am begging you. I beg you. STOP!
I am not ready to waste time.
And write letters to a man who thinks badly about me. Suspects me of unreality.
Or wants only *** or ****** photos.
No no and one more time no.
I do not start this communication for this. And you can be sure of that.
I give you my word.
I know that there is a lot of deception on the Internet. I heard about it on TV and read it in the newspapers. I know that a lot of people are wasting time. But I also saw a good experience. I saw how men and women from different countries start communicating via the Internet. And in the future have happy families. And they have the opportunity to change their own lives.
Internet gives us an opportunity to get acquainted. And we can get to know each other.
We have time ................ And I want to know you.
In fact, I am a serious woman.
I'm not ******, And I'm not naive)))
Therefore, I ask you to take my letters seriously. And maintain a dialogue with me.
And I will be glad to this communication. And I will be open with you.
I can write a letter every day. I work every day. But I can contact you every day.
But only I ask you to take responsibly.
And I'm sure that we can have a good relationship. Here are some interesting questions about me.
I hope that you will be able to give an honest and full answer. 1. Do you want to meet me in person?
2. What would you like to find in our relationship?
(live meeting, family or only virtual communication).
3. Are you ready to have a family with a woman from Russia?)
4. What do you think about Russia?
5. What do you think about me ??
My thoughts and letters do not seem ****** or naive to you?)
It is important for me. It is very interesting.
6. I would like to request a single request. Please send me the last photo made with you.
Maybe a new photo. I want to see you now. Want to see home, work or nature.
Do you understand me? sorry if my questions seem ****** or strange to you.
But I just want to know you as a man.
I'm trying to understand what kind of person you are. And can I trust you ?!
Maybe it will offend you.
But I hope that you can understand me.
Because I am a woman.
A woman who wants to try creating a family with a man from another country. And I am real, honest and open.
I promise you will make sure of it in the future.
I give you my word. What are my photos. And I really live in Russia. And I want to create a serious relationship with a man from another country.
I will tell about it in the next letter. And I will give you a more open answer.
And I really want to believe.
That fate gave us this chance.
Chance to get to know each other. And I will be glad to communicate with you. Now I will finish my letter.
Must visit my mother today.
Have a nice day. your friend from Russia Yana.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Jim!
How are you?
I hope that you wait for my letter?)
you have beautiful photos. I liked it very much. I also love to fish. I have very good results in the fishing hobby ..
I want to believe in it.
Sorry I couldn't write before. There was a lot of work.
Autumn has come. And this is the time when many people get the flu.
So now we have to work a lot. for people who are now having a cold.
I think that you understand me? It's very cold here already)
+5 or +13 degree.
thank you for your letter. I was pleased to receive answers to my questions.
It's important that you answer me. This is a dialogue. And I hope that you are also a serious man.
Thank you for being honest with me.
I hope that you don’t have As it will be very insulting.
Why ??
There are many reasons that you can hurt on the Internet.
I read the letters just to entertain themselves. Receive new photos.
Then they ask for intimate photos. Ask for any special photos. Or ask to have a chat with them. To show yourself ***** or just talk about ***. Calling and talking about ***.
All this is not serious. I'm not for this.
I do not want to do this. Because I'm looking for a real meeting. Live communication. I'm looking for a relationship between a woman and a man.
And I'm glad I met you.
I understand that it is too early to talk about it.
And I do not want to hurry. I have enough to think about our communication.
But I want you to hear me. And you understood me.
I am an honest and frank person. And this is my first experience of communication via the Internet.
I have a bad understanding of people.
And I ask you to treat me. And with love))))
I am soft and fluffy !!! modest woman.
And while I do not want to hurry.
I do not think badly about you. Just thinking about our future. And it's hard to imagine it!) BUT ..................
I want you to meet me. It's nice!
But how ???
How can we do this ???
you are far away from me. And it is too early. Different countries.
But I am pleased to see your letters. I want to believe that you are open and honest.
And you want a man. You can respect a woman.
It is too early to talk about our meeting. But it is possible!
I think.))) Why not?!
But first I want to know you. Your inner world. What are you looking for? What is love for you? What are you ready for love?
And are you ready to love? To love honestly and openly. And live for another person!
All this interests me now.
And then we can see where it goes.
Time will tell.
But I am pleased to see the desire. Great desire to meet me!
It's nice.
Would you like to visit Russia in the future? And do you have time for this ?!
I hope you can.
It is important.
Iia I want to tell about myself even more)
I hope you like my letters ?! And you have a smile when reading my letters.
You can see my foto! And see that I'm a sportswoman))) Yes it is !!!!
My height: 169 centimeters.
My weight: 59 pounds.
And I have a sports figure)
I've always been involved in some kind of sport.
I like to go for a morning run. Or just go to the pool to swim. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not drink alcohol. I can drink only a glass of wine. But only in a special case. In any holiday. For example, Christmas or New Year. Maybe on the day of our first meeting. To relieve the stress)))
And be more talkative))))
I also do not smoke cigarettes. Never. It's a bad habit. And a woman should not do this. This is the right of any man. But not women.
In the evenings, I prefer to read books. Novels or historical chronicle. I've always been interested in history.
It is very interesting. People. It is important to know how they lived
But most of all I like to travel.
Although I travel only to Russia)))
I love you. Burn the fire. sing songs to the guitar.
Look at the night sky. And look at the falling stars. I think it's very beautiful and romantic. And every person gets pleasure and positive from it.
I'm a simple woman. And just look for happiness for yourself. Woman's happiness.
I have not been in a relationship for more than 7 years. Why ??
I can’t give you an answer.
Maybe I just have not met real love yet. I will be interested and well. a man who can make me happy. Men prefer to think and care only about themselves. They want to receive only a treat from life. Drink alcohol. Have random *** connections. Not obliging men for time and responsibility.
In Russia there are a lot of not full families. men just throw women with children. Why ?? I can not give an answer to this question.
I only know one thing. I do not want a woman for one night.
I'm looking for something else. More upbeat. Emotional connection.
Where a man and a woman respect and trust each other. Relationships where a person wants to give his love and warmth.
And I think that this is correct.
What do you think ??
Tell me more about yourself. What are you thinking about ???
What is your life?
It's really interesting for me.
Because I want to know you.
Now I will finish. And I will wait for your letter.
Letter 6
hello my dear friend James!
How are you?
I hope that you have a good day.
Sorry I could not write before. Was busy this weekend.
Thank you for your letter.
Thank you for this correspondence. I am very pleased to receive letters from you.
I feel and understand that I can trust you.
I am pleased with your thoughts.
Now we have virtual correspondence. I sent you only a few photos with me. And my letters. In these letters I open my life. And I think a lot about my letter.
Before you write to you.
Because I want to know you better. And know your attitude to me. I want to know your inner world. I want to believe you. You are sympathetic to me))
And I like that you answer my letters. I only ask you to give time. I very much ask you to activate this week.
give me more information about myself. Honestly and openly answer my questions.
And I promise.
We will be able to think together.
Because I really want it. We are far from each other.
But it is possible. I would like to see your country. I think that this is possible to implement.
Why ?!
Because I will have a vacation from work.
I do not know the exact dates yet. But it is possible that this will be the end of October. The beginning of November. I will be free from work for one month. And I really wanted to spend my vacation in another country. I have a long dreamed about it.
And maybe that's why I was looking for a meeting with you. But I didn’t think so much away from me :)
I have the financial opportunity to visit your country. I can pay for my plane tickets. And see you in person.
I have such thoughts.
But now it's too early to talk about it. Because we dont know each other.
I want to be honest.
You are an interesting man for me. I see that you have a heart and open heart. I see that you can be a good conversationalist and friend. I like you being honest with me. I think you are a decent man.
You respect the woman and very tactful)))
Thank you.
I think of you. I think about our contact with you.
And I want to know you personally. And see where it will go.
Now we are writing letters to each other. And I am interested in this communication.
I do not want to hurry now.
But want to say.
We can talk on the phone or by Skype?. Mobil phone very expensive. Skype better.
Do you have a Skype ID ?!
We could contact faster. And have a chat.
It would be nice to see you. What do you think about it ?! My yesterday went well. Yesterday I was working again. Meetings at work. I was freed only in the evening.
I was able to meet my mother. We were able to talk. And have dinner.
Now I live separately from my mother. I rent an apartment not far from her. And it's not always possible to talk.
calmly. Share what goes on.
I was glad that we could have dinner with my mother. And spend time together.
Mother is the closest person to me.
Can I say we are friends? I think that this is so.
My mother is a person who always understands and supports me.
She is a good person. I know it.
Throughout her life. It was a difficult time for our family.
And I saw sadness and anguish in her eyes.
But she always said that everything would be fine. And we will manage.
My mother worked hard. At this time I tried to study well.
So years passed. And then I also began to look for work. Here it is difficult to become rich or to do a successful career. Because many people just work to survive. They can afford only the most necessary things.
I started working when I was 16 years old. Yes, it was my first experience.
I was engaged in the greening of the streets. We cut the bushes and we need the fallen leaves. Stripped the lawns. It was just a summer job. At the time when I had a school holliday.
At the age of 18 I entered the Pedagogical Institute. This work always seemed fascinating.
Why the teacher?
Perhaps because I like to deal with children very much.
This is a truly proactive profession. Giving hope that you live.
You share your knowledge. And you open the world to children. I get a boost from this work.
I was always easy to communicate with children.
I studied at the institute for 5 years. After graduation I got a job in regular kindergarten.
And I worked there for 8 years. gained experience and knowledge. Increased its category of professions.
It is very difficult to send a child to a kindergarten. People are given direction.
And kindergartens should be free. But in kindergartens there is simply not enough room. People grow up and grow up. but they have no place in kindergartens. Because they are crowded.
So 2 years ago, together with our friend, we decided to open our kindergarten. We rented a quarters Received all the special documents and recruited two children's groups of 20 people. Now we have 6 groups of 20 people each. And we prepare the children for school. Learn them. We read books and develop the logic of children.
All this is very interesting.
I think I'm doing a good job)
Parents will be grateful to us. And we will be a good foundation in the lives of children. Now I will finish my letter.
And I will see your answer tomorrow. I hope that you will write to me)
I wish you a good mood. Your friend Yana.
Letter 7
Good day for you my dear James!
How are you today?
Hope you have a good day today and a good mood.
Thanks for the info on skype and mobile phone. I will try to contact you. Good?!yanavladim4
I regret that I could not write you a letter yesterday. But I returned home in the evening. and very tired. And immediately went to bed.
But today I am very happy to read your letter.
Thank you.
I am really very pleased to see your letters.
And these letters will make me think a lot and think about everything that is happening now.
These are pleasant feelings)) Honestly!
I am pleased to read your letters. And understand that you are interesting to me as a man. And I would really be happy to have a meeting with you. And we could spend my vacation together.
I will really be happy to visit your country. 2-3 weeks.
Because I will have work leave for 1 month. And during this time we could arrange our meeting.
Actually, I planned to visit Dubai. It's still warm there now. And not such expensive tickets to stay in the hotel. And I was planning to spend a nice vacation there with my friend Elena and her family. Husband and children.
But her plans have changed. Her husband can't get a vacation. And they can't go on vacation now.
I worked a lot all year.
And I do not want to lose my vacation. )
So I can still plan my vacation. And visit your country. I know that you have a beautiful and interesting country. Your culture is different from Russian. And I will be happy to learn it. Maybe your language)))
I think it will be interesting and funny. If you will teach me your language?))) It will be fun.
It will be difficult for us to understand each other. I think we can handle it.
Special language. Sign language ............... The language of the eyes in love!
It's too early to talk about it.
But I want to believe you and meet you once.
Believe in your words and letters. To believe that you are really a decent and open person. And you will need this meeting.
As a man who wants to find love and friendship. Respect and understanding. Care and warmth.
James, I am a decent and open woman.
I want to find my happiness. And even if our meeting now seems still far away. Different countries. Different culture. Different languages. And we are still far from each other.
I know one thing.
I want to meet you! This is true.
For the first time I have internet contact with a man from another country. I had communication via the Internet here in Russia. With men from Russia.
But all this was not serious. All they want is just one)
***, *** and more ***! I'm talking about virtual correspondence!
Sorry I'm writing and talking about it. I am know that you good man ........... And trust you!
I'm okay about ***. I am a woman. And it is normal when *** is between people loving each other.
But when men ask for *** in the first week of dating!
I think this is wild.)))
Maybe my upbringing has an old school ?! But I am sure that there should be feelings between people. Sympathy and respect. The desire to know each other. And respect each other's choices. It is important.
you understand me?!
Therefore, I like your letters. And your thoughts. I see that you show interest to me as a woman. To the woman you would like to see next to you. And I thank you for it.
Thank! Yesterday I had a meeting with my friend Elena.
We met after work. and went to the cafe to have dinner. She is my good and old friend. I have no secrets from her.
Yesterday she confirmed once again that she could not go on vacation with me. She is very upset about this. And I understand her.
I also told her about writing letters to you. I wanted to discuss this with my friend. I think this is normal ?!)
And told her that I still want to go on vacation. But in order to meet you. And see your country!
She said that I am a ****** and naive drurochka)))) And that this journey is nonsense.
In general, she spent the whole evening trying to talk me out of such a vacation.
Maybe she's right! And as a friend wants the best for me.
But this is my life. And the choice will always be mine
Time will tell. And we will see it.
I can study the details of my trip to this destination. But should know some answers now.
If of course you want to meet me?) And you have a desire ?! 1. Can you meet me at the airport ?!
2. Please tell me the name of the airport? Which will be close to you.
3. Can you provide me with accommodation?
Will I stay in your house. Or would I rather rent a hotel?
Maybe you could find me a hotel. That it was not so expensive for me.
4. Can I stay with you for 2-3 weeks?
5. Will you have free time in November? What dates are more convenient? I hope that you will not be difficult to answer these questions.
This weekend I can discuss my trip in a travel agency.
And start preparing for my vacation.
But all this is in your hands)))
I have the financial opportunity to travel to your country. And I will be very glad if you can be my companion!
Perhaps a companion of life !!! Now I will finish my letter.
And I will be waiting for your letter tomorrow.
Have a nice day.
Letter 8
hello my lovely James!
How are you?
I hope you have a good day today.
And you wait for my letter.
Thank you for your letter. I am happy and glad to receive answers to my questions.
This information is very important to me. And I think that this will help me.
On the weekend I'll do it. And I will inform further plans.
Tomorrow evening I will know the exact dates of my vacation. And I can already think about traveling to you.
My work day is over today. And I just get home.
Sorry I can't write a big letter today.
Must visit my mother tonight.
She asked to help her hang the curtains on the windows. She washed the curtains yesterday. And today I have to help her hang these curtains.
I will hurt my hands after that)))
Must spend a long time with arms raised. I think you understand me?
Mothers are hard to do now. And I try to help.
We can also have a joint dinner. Just watching TV together.
Maybe I will tell her about my vacation!)))
She is greatly surprised by this.
I do not know whether to tell her about you? Or just tell me that I'm going to travel to another country?
A country that is very far away!
There is excitement about it. As if I am 12 years old)))
I understand that for a mother I will always be a child.
But it is better to be honest ............... I think it is right. I thought a lot about your letters last night.
I understand that everything happens very quickly. And it has a chaotic character.
But something inside me. Tells me that for the first time I can go to another country.
Make this strange step .................. a strange act.
And find your happiness! I want to believe you. And I will be glad to meet you.
I can surely call you my friend.
Because you are cute to me like a man. And I like your thoughts.
Love begins with respect and sympathy. And of course friendship and communication between people.
This is what we have now.
And I hope that we can develop our relationship. Something more serious and important. I am writing now about love!
And in my head there are three questions now. 1. What do you feel about me ?!
(I speak in this question as a woman. It is more friendship or falling in love) 2. Do you believe that we can meet each other? And then create a love affair? Or do these feelings already exist in your heart? 3. What do you personally expect from our first meeting? How do you see this meeting?
I think that I will feel great excitement)))
And be speechless! It will be difficult to say anything)
It will be fun and romantic. I think. I hope you can answer these questions.
And you will be honest with me! It is important.
I believe you .................. and I believe that you will be honest. Now I have to finish my letter.
And I can see your answer tomorrow.
I will think of you ................. And your letter! Have a nice evening.
Your Yana.
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