Scam Letter(s) from Blessing Mbaye to Jacques (France)

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Letter 1


My Dear,
How are you, my dear, hope all is well with you ?

It is a very joyful thing to break this good news to you though I really missed you because you gave me the faith to carry on; you really brought hope to my hopeless situation, so I made a vow to myself that even if you fail to complete the transfer I must surely compensate you. I was very proud of you.

And i want to inform you that I have successfully move to Japan as i told you before where i am living now with my new partner who was able to assist me, but due to your effort, sincerity, courage, transparency and trust-worthiness you showed during the course of my pains I have compensated you and show my gratitude to you with the sum of

$50,000.00 (fifty Thousand US dollars)

Please accept this little gift because it is a gift from my heart, i issued the check and i instructed the Rev father to Deliver it to you but the Rev father told me that he have given it to the bank to role the fund on ATM card for security reason, you can use the ATM card to withdrawing money from any ATM machine worldwide with a maximum of US$3000 daily. The ATM online service is more convenient access to your funds all around the world for dinning, shopping, hotel accommodation, entertainment clubs, airports, and sports, provide you with convenience of online payment and an easier life. For example, you can transfer the money from your ATM card online account into any nominated bank account of yours choice or credit card; your online details will be provided to you upon request after receiving your ATM card which ATM Alliance Office will send to your location once your compliance is met. This vow i made to myself about compensating you has been in my mind and I want to fulfills it to you though I did not tell you what was in my mind, the bank said that you can receive the card and use it anywhere in the world. Contact the ATM Alliance Office direct with this information...
Name: .......... ATM Alliance Office
Office Address; ......46, av. Leopold Sedar Senghor Dakar (Senegal)
Officer In charge...... Mrs. Celestina David / Mr. Johnson Philip
+221 706 346 993
Ask them to send you your ATM card and the PIN code that i gave to you as compensation Rev father Franklin Chris is the one that summit the cheque to the bank, and I Miss Blessing James Adam is the depositor maybe if the bank ask you let them know who direct you ok, So feel free and get in touched with ATM office and instruct them where to send you the ATM card so that you can start to withdraw the money. I had given instruction to ATM card office on your behalf to release the ATM card which i gave to you as compensation. Therefore feel free to get in touch with them and they will send the ATM card for you to withdraw the money without delay.

Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy after all the sufferings at that time, at the moment, I am very busy here because of the investment projects which I and my new partner are having at hand because I want to finalize everything before the end of the year. Also inform the Rev. father Franklin Chris as soon as the bank will deliver the ATM card to you :
Rev. father Franklin Chris,

Blessing James Adam,,,



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