Scam Letter(s) from Jennifer Anderson to Omid (Iran)

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Letter 1

Hello dear, how are you, i am very happy to meet a fellow friend like you, you look so great and awesome , seriously i do not have the time to chat here because am always busy in the military camp, and i know you would say we should chat on other platform, but i want you to know that we do not use other apps here in the military camp because no cell phones is allowed, so for that reason i would like us to get to know more about each other so that we can make a better friendship and take it to next level in life, so please contact me on my E-Mail now so that we can have a long chat. Email:

Letter 2

May you find peace as you read this message, it's my pleasure to hear from you. To be sincere with you, this is my first time on social media network to contact a fellow like you for this purpose, how are you doing today? I hope life is treating you kind? I'm glad for your response. Well, I will like to say much thanks to you for coming by. I came across your profile while I was searching for a good relationship. Let me introduce myself to you, My full name is Sergeant Anderson Rayford I'm a Citizen of the California, United State of America, but presently in Libya where I was assigned for a Foreign Mission, but my Mission here will be over very soon and I will return to my country. Am the only child of my parents but I have lost both of parents. My Dad pasts away the year I joined the military. 8 years later, my Mum died.. I was 20 years when I got married, but I'm now a Widow. My Husband died 6 years ago but I have a daughter. My late Husband was a Seaman before he died. He died due to the injury he had after battling with a big great White shark. Well, it's my pleasure to let you know that we are now good friends and I hope this friendship gonna take us to a long way. I would like us to know more deeply about each other. I believe good relationship ought to begin with good introduction, So please, can you tell me more about you, Are you married or still single? what kind of job do you do? Sorry if I ask too many questions. just wanna know you better and I gonna tell you more about myself too when I get your reply and please tell me more about your country.I wanna say that my heart is full of joy and happiness for knowing you and I gonna like us to keep this closeness, hope this gonna bring us to a better future as I wish. We seriously need your prayers for God's protections here in Libya and moreover we are only allow to use radio message and a little lap top in our commander's office .Take good care and have a lovely day.
kiss with lot of love

Letter 3

Hello my dear lovely friend
It is my pleasure having you as my friend, I am US Citizen born in California, I graduated from United States Military Academy in 1994 with a Regular Army commission in the Corps of surgeon medical. In February 2003, I mobilized and deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraq Freedom as Chief of Medical surgeon, 416th Engineer Command, Coalition Joint Forces Land Component Command. Upon return from theater, I served in the Pentagon as a strategic planner in the Deputy Directorate for the War on Terrorism, Strategic Plans & Policy Directorate (J-5), Joint Chiefs of Staff. In January 2008, I mobilized again, deploying to Iraq where I was the Commander, 926th Engineer Brigade, 4th Infantry Division/Multi-National Division - Baghdad and the Baghdad Provincial Engineer, I'm going through many pains and through so much loneliness in my life, I have no father and no mother; I don't have any sister or brother because I'm the only daughter of my family. there is always fear, sorrow and pains in my life whenever I look at my back, there is always weakness when I remember that I have nobody, I feel much pains each time I think about my life and about my past, my body is strong but my heart is very weak without anybody in my life. I lost my Husband 8 years ago and I have a daughter. My efforts, described as "Engineering the Peace" enabled the people of the Iraqi capital and its government to advance security and stability efforts. From June 2009 to April 2012 I served as Commanding Sergeant 84th Training Command at Fort Knox where i was responsible for assessing the readiness of Army Reserve units through Combat Training Center-like exercises. I also served on the Secretary of Defense's Reserve Forces Policy Board from 2009 to 2012 before i was transfer to Libya . I am planning to establish my own private business investment in your country which I will be taken care of, after my retirement from military. My plan is to establish in any type of lucrative business investment which you know that will profit us a lot, like Hotel and Real Estate Business and House Property Business, it has been in my mind to invest in your country.I have something very important to discuss with you in my next reply,The thing I want to discuss with you is my life so if you assure me of your trust (CAN I TRUST YOU ) I will tell you details and with it you can be very sure that i am serious and honest,God bless you.
Sgt Anderson



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