Scam letter(s) from Elena Viktorovna Kovalenko to Takis (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Takis! I'm glad that we give each other so much time. I believe that this is important when people talk so much.
Thank you for telling me more about Russia and Greece ... It's great that our countries have so much in common ... I hope that one day we will have our own story) Russian Helen and Greek Takis)
How can I dream of coming home to see the affectionate smile of a man dear to me, to feel the embrace of a reliable man, to create comfort in the house together, to choose the color of curtains, a chandelier, a coffee table ... to cook and indulge in various delicious dishes of his own little man ... In the evenings, tell each other how the day went, share new impressions, plans for the future, dreams. When good weather I would like to walk, look at the sky that resembles a clear sea, and clouds that look so much like different shapes. I hope you like your home cosiness and outdoor walks?
Tell me how do you imagine living together with your beloved woman ?? What kind of dishes do you like? How would you like to spend time ??? Where would you rest? By the way, do you like the sea? In what places did you go earlier and what, did you like them so much?
I send you my air kiss full of tenderness and affection !!!)
Your Lenochka.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Takis. Again, I'm happy and happy to receive your letters ... I am very pleased to communicate with you. You have become a native person for me.
I see that you are very romantic) How I would like now just to be close to you ... but this distance divides us (I felt sad (
I've never been abroad, I hope that one day I will be able to see with my own eyes the place where you were born and where you live ...) What a wonderful story of your life) I would never have thought that you can fall in love with a country after hearing a song one day)) You interesting person, I'm very interested in communicating with you) You know, I love the change of the situation in my life. I like to rest on the sea ... sea fresh air ... waves, a light breeze ... it so beckons me from year to year)) The opportunity to relax at sea is not always, so I go to the pool in our city ...) A couple of years ago, I with my family rested in the city of Sochi. And you were in Sochi? The rest was full of positive emotions, impressions ... Of course, vacation with the family is different from rest with a loved one, but it was very interesting for me to visit Roso Khutor, where the Olympic Games were held in 2014, to visit the Agur waterfall, to see the sea from a height by rolling on the Ferris wheel ))) In Rose-Hutor there is a cable car that leads to the top of the mountain to a height of about 2500 meters and reaches the highest point. There the sky seems so blue as painted) it breathes easily and freely ... it seems you stand on the edge of the world, and in the distance only the mountains, the sky, the sun ... how I would like to go there with my beloved ... just sit, drink champagne and talk about everything for ages))). Would you like to be in this place next to me? What is your favorite season? What holidays do you like?
I wish you thoughts about me, maybe about us ... Yours, Lena.
Letter 3
Thank you my dear)) I'll be waiting for news from you. I miss you, but it's time for me to finish my work and go home.
I embrace you and kiss you, my dear)
Your lucky Lenochka))
Letter 4

of course i care about you. You are deep in my heart
Letter 5
Good morning, my dear Takis))) How glad I am to receive your translation))) Thank you, dear)) As soon as I received your transfer, I rushed to the agency to book tickets. Darling, I was so upset, because your transfer is not enough for tickets. They have risen in price and now stand with 1 stop in Germany from 550 euros, flight 6 hours. There are 8 such tickets left, and there are 2 more tickets for the required date (without a stop, without a transfer, the flight time is 3 hours, the cost of these tickets is 550 euros). Of course, it's better to fly for 3 hours, since this is my first flight and I will be calmer if I do not stop anywhere else ... I asked to book tickets that were not transferred, but I was told that tickets are booked only after full payment. .. Darling, I do not have enough money to buy tickets ...
I really hope to hear from you ... I want to be with you soon, my dear ...
I miss you and hug you tight! Yours Elena.
I really look forward to hearing from you!
It is necessary to redeem these tickets as soon as possible, since they can be bought by someone else.
Letter 6
My dear, today I was in the agency of the sutra ... We looked through all possible variants of tickets for all the airlines with which Ukraine cooperates. The site where you watched tickets in the agency do not use. The agency cooperates only with certain booking sites. To date, tickets have appeared new. I asked the agency to make me a copy of the tickets from the site, so that you can see what tickets are available for today. Here, dear, I sent them to you ... This is the most convenient and optimal option. With a comfortable grip, flight and short travel time. Darling, I'm not buying them myself, I'm telling you what they tell me in the agency ....
So ... what do you say?
I so want to be near you sooner ... My dear ... how I miss ...
I embrace you, I kiss you ...
Can not wait for your reply
Your Lenochka))
Letter 7
Hello my dear Takis)) How do you feel? Thank you for sending me the translation.) Darling, I bought tickets and gave all the documents with the tickets to the police, and the police started to make me a pass (reference). Uraa))) Soon everything will be ready and I can be with you, my dear)) I really want to be close to you and I'm very grateful to you that you help me in everything so that we'll meet with you)
My dear, I want to tell you everything about the ticket that I bought. Departure from Kiev to you will be at 6:40 am. The flight will last 6 hours 50 minutes .. There will also be one stop in Germany, which will take 1 hour and 20 minutes. I arrive at you at 13-30. The airline: Luft hansa. Boeing number: (LH 1750). My dear, I will go to Kiev beforehand so as not to be late for the plane. And today I'll go buy bus tickets. That's all the information) I'm so happy)))
My dear, I wish you a wonderful day and good health. I really miss you...
I embrace and kiss you)
Your lucky Lenochka)
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