Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Rudskaya to Terry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Terry. Thank you for giving me some time and responding to my letter. As you already know my name is Tatyana . I found your address e-mail through the dating agency "Parthner", more precisely the address e-mail gave me the dating agency "Parthner". Most likely you are asking a question, why from where your email adress to dating agency??? I immediately answer you immediately, "I do not know how dating agency found your address. "I registered on the site "Parthner" and filled out the questionnaire, what kind of man I'm looking for, To date agency, they picked the right person for me. After the completion of the questionnaire . The agency gave me your email. But there is one the problem is, my subscription is free, so there's nothing about you not known. I do not have your photo, I do not know your country, in what city do you live and most importantly, how old are you. Nothing for me it is not known about you. Therefore, if you want to continue our I ask you to tell us about yourself. If you do not mind. So you had a little idea of me. I'll tell you about yourself (little).
First of all, I am from Russia and live in the city of Saratov. I I have been working as an assistant surgeon for two years, in the state polyclinic. I love my job and am proud that I can help people. My hobby is sports. I like playing volleyball, basketball + I like to skate, skate, ski and so on Further. I can list a lot of things I love doing. But, The best option is to tell more in detail in our further communications. I hope you do not mind?? Most likely on this, I will end your letter. Forgive me for saying so little about myself. For me, this is the first experience in getting to know you. I do not see the point of writing you all at once about yourself, the best option is to tell you in each letter little by little. Thus, we will be able to get to know each other, how can more. I will wait for your next letter.
Yours faithfully Tatyana
Letter 2
Today,I have not received from you the letter. You were reached by my letter??? Or you did not have time to write to me??? If so explain to me why you could not write it to me. I can understand, that you have work and house efforts. You should understand, that I too have work and house efforts. But not looking at it I find time to write to you.
I work for 12 hours per day. Means and at you should be a few time.
You can write to me after the working day. If to you it will not be difficult. To write the letter occupies 15-20 minutes a maximum. I write to you from a workplace because the at home I have no possibility to write. You have found a way out of this situation if would like to communicate really. Please do not upset me. Write to me, as soon as possible. I will wait for your letter with your photos.
Yours Tatyana
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