Scam Letter(s) from Angelica Flowes to Mike (USA)

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Letter 1

I am very glad that once again I have the opportunity to communicate with you my dear .
Many days have passed since our acquaintance with you.
During this time I successfully married my husband was a very wealthy man.
He is much older than me, but he thanks me with gifts after his long absence, I have ceased to be financially dependent.
my husband got used to go about his biz and he personally attends meetings with partners, I am very lonely in his absence.
I began to travel a lot, only to I was not lonely in his absence.
I would like to brighten up my loneliness in your society for at least a few days. Do you want me to come ?
I still feel anxious when I remember your tender words that you wrote to me.
I'll keep you in touch with you.
to meet you, I can pay for my trip and stay in a fashionable hotel.
so we could spend the weekend together, don't you mind?
Mail with which I write temporary since I wanted to be to keep the secret of my communication with you.
Therefore, do not write to this post. I can not answer you.
I had to secretly register on this site. register on this site for free there we can write to each other and arrange our meeting with you. Okay?
I would not want to wait a long time. Please write. I really hope that you will find me from by photo I sent you.
And we will definitely communicate with you, waiting for your attention.
Do not refuse me my attention I kiss and hug



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