Scam letter(s) from Maria to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
I thought I didn't have to do this. But still decided to write to you. I know it looks silly, and very strange. Get a letter from a woman you don't know. But still, I was told that you are a lonely man who wants to find a woman for himself. And that you are ready for a serious attitude.
I am 43 years old, I live in Russia. Divorced. I listen to music, I like walks in parks, and I enjoy yoga.
I have a good sense of humor, kind, and educated. And therefore, if you are interested in communicating with me, and you want to know more about me. Then I will be glad and happy to see your reply to my letter.
I wish you a nice day. And I will believe that I will see your letter.
Letter 2
I guess I need to apologize to you! Because it was not me who wrote the letter you received! My daughter did it. And I generally found out about it, just now. That she is trying to help me adjust my personal life. I wanted to surprise me!
Let me explain.
She met her husband on the Internet several years ago. He is Czech, but he lives in Poland. They talked for several months, and then she flew away to visit him. When she returned she said she was getting married. And now a few years living there, in Poland.
We often write letters to each other. And not a few days ago, I told her as a joke that she could try and find a man for herself via the Internet. Because I'm tired of being alone. I did not think that she would take everything so seriously. And this letter that you received was written not by me, but by my daughter. And therefore, I do not even know where and how she received your email address. And why she chose you!
And today I saw your letter. And a letter to my daughter in which she told me that she went to a dating agency, and sent several letters.
At first I even thought it was her joke. But no. And in order not to create inconvenience for you, I want to say thank you for writing to me. And probably I have no choice but to answer you.
Moreover, I really do not mind communication. And can something good come out of this? And of course, if you do not mind to start communicating. And if it is interesting to you ?!
And as you already understood, I have an adult daughter who lives in another country. I am 43 years old and that is true. Yes, many wonder at my appearance. And they think that I am much younger. But I just do not eat meat, do yoga, do not smoke, and do not often drink alcohol. Very rarely. I always try not to be sad. Maybe this is the secret of my appearance. And it is possible that just the photo turned out good.
I live alone, in a quiet, small town - Prosnica. Frankly, I do not like big cities. With their rhythm of life. Always, people are in a hurry somewhere.
The reason for my loneliness. My husband is dead. And I was left alone with my little daughter. There was no time to adjust my personal life, I had to raise a daughter (smile). Maybe that's why, and now she decided to help me, to adjust my personal life now, when she is already adult, and married (smile).
I work as a veterinarian for almost 20 years, I like animals. And if you ask me who I love more, I’ll say all animals. Unlike people, any animal, loyal and faithful. And it does not hurt, just like that (smile). That's probably why I like my work.
What else can I say? As you understand, I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, and live for 100 years. It was a joke (smile). I just like to live like that. Like to enjoy life, and not spend all your free time lying on the couch. I love walks in the park, breathe in the cool evening looking at the starry sky. I like to read novels, and fiction.
Probably on this I will finish my letter, all the more, I don’t need to tell everything about myself, to a man who is still unfamiliar to me (smile). Hope to see you soon.
Letter 3
I am glad to see your letter, your answer. True. And I confess, I sat for 20 minutes, and thought about what to write. I do not have much experience in letters. And in general, I have no experience with a man (smile). After the death of her husband, I had little contact with men. Probably because I had a daughter that I needed to take care of. And to which I devoted all my time to make her happy. And I knew that I was always with her (Smile). Now she is 23 years old, and now she takes care of me (smile), trying to adjust my personal life (smile).
Of course, I already spoke to her, and asked why she did that? Without consulting me, I wrote you a letter. I was really very uncomfortable when I received your answer. And I'm still not clever.
But now, when I see your answer again, I understand that you too are glad to meet you! And you want to communicate, get to know each other. And I do not mind. And even glad of it. Because sometimes it is sad to sit at home alone. Especially now, when it's cool and wet outside. It will be my great pleasure to spend time writing and having a cup of warm tea (smile).
I also received several other letters from unknown men. But they were very rude ... more precisely, they asked me for some reason **** photos, and wrote obscene sentences. And therefore, I ignore them, and delete them. Hope I won't get something like this from you? (smile). Any man should be a gentleman? Is not it? (smile)
Perhaps in other countries it is customary to communicate with women like that ?! And asking them for something like that, but as I know it is not accepted in Russia. And I think that a respected woman and a girl will not do this! Although, now, in our time, everything is different. And young people, without hiding their bodies, their feelings, do a lot of different things. What I would never do in my young years (Smile). But this is a new generation that is hard for me to understand. (smile).
Young people spend time with social networks. Posting photos of your life, food, animals, and more. And even some very “challenging” photos. And it seems to me that this is not much superfluous. Expose your personal life, for general review.
I never "sat" on social networks. And I have nothing to show my life to other people. I have never been abroad, and did not travel much even around Russia. My life is the easiest. I did not treat exotic animals, except for cows, dogs, horses, and some birds for the exotic (smile). Yes, once I saved the horror, but I do not think that this is a great feat. Although, I am very afraid of snakes (smile).
I spend my free time in nature. I walk, listen to music, read books. Nicholas Sparks, lately I like his novels. I also read the classics of the 19th and 20th centuries. I listen to melodious and very pleasant music. Ludovico Einaudi or James Horner. There are also many other artists that I like.
I look at the world from a height of 163 centimeters, this is my height (smile). And I weigh 53-54 kilograms. And no, I'm not blown away by the wind (smile).
I believe in miracles. Yes, yes, I believe in miracles. Maybe I just did not have enough of this in my youth. (smile).
Yes, here I am. (smile). I try to feel young, it probably also allows me to have that appearance. (smile). But sometimes, my bones hurt (smile), and yet my old body reminds me that now I am not 19 years old anymore (smile).
And I would also like to talk to you about our communication. I understand that now in the world of modern technology, we can communicate not only by letters, but also call each other, and make video calls. But at the moment, I can only offer you letters. And I hope that you will not mind, and it will suit you.
Why only letters?
Because my computer is not very new, and I launching it is afraid that it will explode. Since the noise he makes is probably heard even by my neighbors (smile). Sometimes I have a very weak internet that I can’t even elementary read news, so I’m not sure that we can make a video call. Moreover, my daughter and I have already tried something similar. But the result was very bad. She did not even hear what I was trying to tell her.
Therefore, now only letters. But I promise that I will try to come up with a solution to this problem. And we will see each other. And even hear (Smile). Give me not much time. Agreed?
I think on this I can finish my letter. And I will wait for your answer again. Hope you like my communication. And glad to meet you. What will happen next? I do not know, but I hope that this is the beginning of a good friendship and good communication between us.
And now I wish you a nice day. And I'll make myself dinner, and not much rest.
Mariya P.S. In the past, I sent you a photo of a cat that I took home. This photo I took in the summer. And now he is in another family. He lived on the street, and almost died. But I took him to me, and now I found him a house. And now, a new cat lives with me. Kiz. And I hope that I will soon find him a new home, and good owners
Letter 4

I hope that I did not make you wait for my answer. we had a strong wind, and damaged the power line. therefore, I am writing to you just now. Could not write before. Sorry (smile).
How are you? How is your day going? What is your mood?
I'm glad you like reading my letters. I probably should write a lot less. But I'm trying to share my life with you. To communicate. And to make it a few sentences, I think it is not possible. Do you agree with me?
Moreover, as I have told you before, letters are all that I can offer at the moment. And only communication through letters, now they will help us to know each other. And communicate. Get closer, become friends. And what will happen then ... I myself do not know. And in truth, I do not even think about it. Now I like to communicate with you. And only our communication, time, our letters, will be able to show us what will happen between us. Moreover, for starters, we must get to know each other. To learn to trust. Do you think I'm right?
Without trust, no friendship. Moreover, at this time, now, it is difficult to believe, it is difficult to trust. Understand me correctly, I trust you as little now as you do to me. And that's fine. (smile). We know little, we know little about each other. We know little about our past life, and this. Namely, this is where any communication begins. The knowledge of man, the knowledge of his past. Because, without knowing the past, we cannot see the future (Smile). So said one philosopher. And I fully agree with his maxim.
My past ... There is not so much joy in it, and I don’t like to remember it very much. But still, so you will know me better if I do not tell?
My parents drank a lot and were alcoholics. At the age of 7, when I was walking on the street, they were poisoned by cheap alcohol. And I was raised by my grandmother and aunt. But after, they died the same. By that time I was already 16 years old. And I spent almost a year in an orphanage.
Also the death of my parents due to alcohol made me understand that alcohol is not interesting to me. And as I said, I drink very, very rarely. And I try to do it in small quantities.
After, I studied at the vet. I liked animals from childhood. And I always had warm feelings for them. I liked their loyalty, their loyalty, their love. And probably this was the main reason why I began to help animals, and not people. Although I also wanted to study for a doctor. But as you already understood, I made my choice.
Then she met her husband, we got married, and we had a daughter. And then, the disease, the long years of dealing with his illness. But we lost, my husband died. And I was left alone with the child. In Russia, problems began, lack of money, distemper. And I sometimes had to work in several shifts. And thanks to my work, many farmers and people who kept their livestock at home sometimes paid for my help in treating their animals with meat and other products. And it helped us survive at that time.
But after that everything became much better. In the country everything became stable, and we began to live on (smile). And it may seem to you that it is very difficult and poor to live in Russia. But no. I will say that you can live in Russia, as in any country. If you are certainly not lazy (smile).
My daughter grew up, studied, and I did not even notice how she grew up. And she became an adult (smile). The time has passed so quickly! What I understand now is how life flew by ...
But when my daughter became an adult, she confessed to me that she was going to another country, to the man with whom she communicated only by letters. At first I thought it was a very ****** act. Moreover, Pol (the husband of my daughter) is 12 years older. And I really was not ready for this. But still, I did not keep her, or forbid her to make her decision. And now, as I know, she is happy. And this is the most important thing for me. Her decision, her choice, was the right one.
Now you know my life. Yes, it is very short. But still. I do not deny that I had a difficult childhood. But I am not ashamed of this, and I will not be able to change anything. But I try to be better, my parents. And I was able to do it. She was able to raise her daughter alone, and did not “break down” when it was difficult.
And I am sure that you also had a past that is difficult and painful to remember. And if you could, you would change a lot in your life. But we are powerless to change the past. But we can change the present and the future. You just need to understand it. Understand that life has not stopped. Enjoy every new day, smile, and believe that everything will be fine (smile).
Yes, probably I should apologize to you as well, that some of my letters are difficult to translate to you. I use a translator. And although I can not speak much in your language. But this is only from the school and university programs. And therefore, I learn every day on your letters (smile). And forgive me if some of my words will not make sense, this is not my mistake, but the error of the translation program for my letters.
And at the end of my letter, I want to tell you that I am very glad to meet you. True. So I can share with you my thoughts, feelings, get to know you. And just talk. I understand that these are only letters. But as I said, now these are letters, and in the future ... something more is possible.
I wish you a nice day. Have a good mood. And smiles on your face.
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