Scam Letter(s) from Alena Pivnenko to Arne (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend Arne
I am glad to read your answer to me very pleasantly
It is possible to ask you you already got acquainted on the Internet?
For me it is the first experience and I do not know even as passes acquaintance
I have told to the grandmother that have got acquainted with you on the Internet
The grandmother is glad for me it always speaks when already I will find the man of the dream and I will go in marriage
Because before I did not feel true love
Now I am on work and I write you the letter
We work together with my colleague Valentina I send you a photo mine of the colleague in this letter
We always communicate and share all that occurs between the colleague we always we work together with it therefore with it are very close
We often spend with Valentina a lot of time out of work as it my best girlfriend
We visit cinema as we love pool as I already spoke that I love sports
As sometimes we spend time in cafe we drink wine we discuss the world, our city, work
Arne you listen to what music?
I can tell about myself that different as I do not have preference to something
It is pleasant to me both quiet music and modern
As I like executors Madonna, Robby Williams, George Michael and many other things
From films I like to look thrillers when the spirit grasps and it is impossible to come off viewing for a second
As I love melodramas where it is possible to cry and certainly comedies
That else I can tell about myself was never married and I do not know all home life
I had relations but was never serious
And now I have solved for myself that it is necessary to meet the man of the dream
You the remarkable person it is necessary for us will get acquainted more close
And on it I finish the letter and I will look forward to hearing from you with the big excitement
If there are any questions you can to set them to me I with pleasure I will answer them
My english not absolutely good therefore I sometimes use the translator I hope that everything is all right

Yours Anna!!!

Letter 2

Hello Arne
I am very happy to read your letter Arne
Arne I want to tell to you about that as strongly I like to cook
My grandmother learnt me from early age
As I always helped to prepare for it pies, pancakes, soup a borsch
But all more I like to cook pancakes mmmmm as it is tasty
It is possible to prepare them absolutely with a different stuffing
You can probably try my kitchen
I would prepare for you a lot of Russian cuisine as it is very tasty
The grandmother always spoke to me that the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach
The grandmother me has taught much in it lives and I will be always grateful to it for it
Now to it 72 years but she can run and jump as that will always tell the young
It at me very strong woman and I very strongly love it
I always would like that mine mum and the father were a number but unfortunately they are not present for a long time
I almost do not remember them but is strong them does not suffice...
Well not I will tell more about sad too hard all it for me
I as always dreamt of the brother or the sister, I very strongly wanted to share all secrets to play the childhood together
And at you the big family? Can tell about them?
And now I very strongly love children after all they such darlings such unpredictable with them always cheerfully
I as have cousins I with them as close communicate
They have families and there are children with which I play often
In general at us the big family and we always communicate that something to help each other, to talk we amicable
But in Russia now it is a rarity as all engaged in by the affairs and they do not have time
As here now it is a lot of divorces of the man desert the families and I cannot simply understand them why?
You as have many divorces?
I hope that when I will marry it there will be once and for ever as a family a main thing in life!
I as would like to speak by with you to phone if you as wish it leave to me the telephone number
I will try to call you from public telephone booth
And on it I finish the letter and I with impatience will wait for your answer.

Yours Anna

Letter 3

Hello my dear!
I hope you are all right? You know you're always on my mind
Because in my head constantly thoughts about you, I imagine fantasizing
I want to feel you my dear, your feelings, and what's new with you?
What kind of weather do you have over there today ? How are you feeling ?
I want to know everything that's going on because it's all important to me.
I'll think about you and wait for your letter

Only your Anna !!!!

Letter 4

Hello Steffe!
Today good day, at me fine mood and here I see your letter.
Today I had a lot of work
It was necessary to prepare a paper to distribute reports
I have a very troublesome work and very important
My boss girl but she is very strict
But my work very much is pleasant to me though also the salary at me small.
I receiving approximately 200 euros in a month, it suffices us with the grandmother.
Certainly we do not presume to ourselves much as there is a payment for apartment and other trivial expenses.
With such small salary I even sometimes save money to save up for something big.
As the grandmother has pension, truth very small 150 euros in a month
We as have a small house in village, approximately 50 kilometres from our city
And we there with the grandmother grow up the basic products in a kitchen garden
And then all year we eat that that have grown up, it is very tasty!
The grandmother speaks that as soon as I will marry, it will move at once to live in village
As in this village it has many girlfriends of its age and it there will not miss
The grandmother worries that I will remain one, and I will not find to myself the husband
But here in Russia to find the real man very difficult
And I do not consider them as they often hurt also sufferings
And still many men in Russia like to drink, they can drink early in the morning, I never understood them.
I need the man with whom I can live the rest of the life
Which will please, give me love, happiness.
With which we will understand each other always which will trust me and to listen to me
And as I am ready to help always to the husband, to prepare for it
I can work to help the husband as I love cleanliness and with our house will be always pure
Socks will be never scattered on the house, always all on the places
I will be necessary to me simply that person with which together is happy
I not the lazy girl and I can work to prepare for the husband, to be cleaned at home, and many other things.
What do you think of it? You want that such simple girl as I would be your wife?
I on it finish the letter and now I with impatience will wait for your letter.

Only yours Anna!!!

Letter 5

Good afternoon my Arne
I am glad to read your letter, each time I it so I wait
How at you today affairs? How work? How mood?.
Today, hard day, because a lot of work
I need to go to the tax to submit documents
And there are very long queues and will need a lot of time to my turn came
Russia has always long queues everywhere
I have a cat his name Kachok
You have a pet? You love them?
I know we some days are familiar all
But I already feel something, I do not know as it to explain
You to me became much closer
And when I write again you the letter, it seems to me that I know you for a long time already
You do not have such feeling?
Nevertheless I so am pleasant like with you, you simply surprising person
You the good man, before I did not meet such people
What at you interesting?
Can you want to tell to me any interesting case from life?
On it I finish the letter and I will think of you and to wait for the following letter.
I send also a photo of my dog here it is still small

Only yours Anna!!!

Letter 6

Hello my Arne
I am again happy to receive the letter from you
Today the heavy working day and at me is few forces
Now I so dream of the big holiday
To lie on a beach, to enjoy a view of the sea, to drink cocktails
As strongly I would like it, and I always dreamt of it
I want to lie down on a beach and to sunbathe
Before in the holiday I always worked in a kitchen garden helping the grandmother
And my each holiday passed in village, and money at me was to go a little on the sea
I was at sea once with friends
And where you were? In what countries? How there it is interesting?
What do you love? The sea? The sun?
But as in the holiday I sometimes worked to receive more money
Now for me the sea it only dream, but I think once I can embody it in a reality
Today I still should meet the girlfriend it to me something wanted to tell about the husband
At my friend always quarrels with the husband, I do not understand as they live together.
They about 6 years married and always quarrel with each other
As men in Russia have bad character
It as the reason why I search for the husband abroad
Now we will meet it then I will go home
I hope that we will long not talk to it, as I very strongly want to sleep
But at first I should take a hot bath.
On it I finish the letter and I will think of you.

Only yours Anna!!!

Letter 7

Hello my Arne !!!
How are you? As your weather?
I think we became much closer for all time of our dialogue?
How you think? What do you think of it?
I to you became closer? Our feelings are mutual?
I do not know as to describe my feelings
But we so far apart how our relations I will develop on such big distance?
I think of a meeting and I want that our relations now have passed in something serious
What we will be in the near future? What we will be with our relations?
I keep mind about a meeting, what you think of it?
It is good or bad idea?
Certainly it is the big risk for me and I worry as it far
And as it demands heavy expenses and it is necessary to do documents
Certainly if you do not want we can remain as friends as before
But as I already spoke that I search for serious present relations, the husband of the future
And I do not want to live in hope that soon, soon, I want true love
The meeting will make us even more close, I can touch you to feel breath, heart knock
If we have met our relations would pass to other level
We can spend a lot of time together and it is remarkable idea
But I do not force you, you should consider all as it is the big step to our life
And certainly on all documents time is necessary.
And if the meeting takes place I would like to arrive itself to you
I have which accumulation I think to me will be enough for documents and flight to you
I thought of it much, and I represented much all that we could make together
I want to meet you in the near future, you the best man
Now I finish the letter and I will look forward to hearing from you, I very seriously concern you.

Only yours Anna!!!

Letter 8

Hello my Arne!!!
I am happy to read your letter today
How your mood today? What the new?
We already so the close friend with friend my dear Arne
Now I very strongly want a meeting
And certainly I understand that we so are a little familiar, but I feel to you feelings which did not test before
I did not trust that it is possible to meet love on the Internet, but now I understand that all really
I would like to tell a little to you about trust, after all trust the most important thing in married couple life
I consider that without trust there can not be a love
As the husband and the wife should trust completely each other and shares all that occurs to them
It also is called as a family, and I can is proud to tell that I trust you
I read about men abroad which play with girls much
Girls arrive to them having spent all accumulation, and nobody meets them
Here I am afraid of it a little, but I trust you Arne
After all you the man, you the real man with whom I would like to become even closer
As set of stories on the Internet but if all to trust that never you will meet love
Deceit it is awful, I despise a deceit as it is very low and is not fair
In Russia some people even deceive pensioners, I do not understand as they live after that
My grandmother as the trustful person and always ask me if something not so
But nevertheless is and now the present people who never will betray
I will not hurry our meeting, but I descend in agency to start to do the international passport
As it occupies time to prepare all documents
I do not know how many will occupy it of time as never was abroad and I do not know anything about documents
I hope that nevertheless soon our meeting will take place
As I thought of that as we will communicate after all mine english not so is good
But I am simply assured that we can to find common language
Now my head is full thoughts, reflexions on a meeting, about you, about the future
And I do not want to live the rest of life of one, it is necessary to move forward and to marry.
I will think of you and to look forward your letter

Only yours Anna!!!

Letter 9

Hello my dear Arne !!!
How are you?
Darling I so am happy to read your letter
At me today all usually, mood good as I read your letter
And my heart now fights more strongly than always
I all thought of a meeting and I was in tourist agency
As before I was abroad never, I simply do not represent as it
I already have a foreign passport, which means that documents can be made quickly
I have already done it for a long time, I thought I would fly to another country
I have made all papers and is fast it will be ready
I know that the meeting will pull together us also it to us is necessary even more
Yes the meeting should not be today, but it is necessary to do documents in advance
As I live in Russia and here always all long and many turn, turn everywhere!
My dear as your data to submit inquiry about the visa is necessary for me and to do other documents
As the closest airport, is all it is necessary for agency
Tell as you represent ours meetings?
Here you see me at the airport I go to you...
I so want that this moment has come very soon, to feel all it so strongly it would be desirable
I am am overflowed with emotions, you became very natively the person for me
The meeting will strongly change our relations between the friend the friend and as will change our life
Documents for flight will be still prepares, and I cannot wait any more when I will be near to you
I have accumulation and I will be enough assured that to me for flight
I will make all itself without any problems, that you me have met the main thing warm embraces at the airport
As I am assured of you and that you me as strongly wait so pleasantly
I spoke with the grandmother about you, it is very glad for me and speaks that I have not lost you
Certainly she worries because of a distant trip a little
I have shown it your photos, you very much were pleasant to it, though she badly sees but nevertheless speaks that it is your man
And now I want to hear your thoughts, imaginations on that when we will be together.
I will wait for your letter with the big impatience

Only yours Anna!!!

Letter 10

Hi how are you doing ?
How is your mood today?
I just thought of you and decided to write because I miss and you're in my thoughts
I'm very lonely and your letters give me warmth and happiness
You know life is so short to be lonely
I think about you and I know that you will read the letter and on your face there will be a smile and you will immediately write to me in return
And I will wait for this answer! And now I will represent my future life and fantasize
I miss

Only your Anna!

Letter 11

Hello my darling Arne!!!
How pleasantly to read your letters my darling
I cannot easy sleep now at all as the thought on a meeting does not give me rest
I think of it always, on work, at home
Because I think that it will be the best in my life
And you darling Arne, you my future, I so want to meet more likely
Darling in the previous letter I asked the data of your close airport for flight to you
But alas you have not sent them to me, they are necessary for me for documents and flight to you darling
I with such impatience wait for that day when we will meet
This most expected event in my life darling
I have already agreed on work that probably soon I will leave, that to me have given the big holiday
Before I almost never left in holiday as constantly there was a necessity for money
And now I presume to take to myself the big vacation without any problems
And then it will be already visible, probably I will remain with you for ever!
Yesterday to me the girlfriend who lives abroad came
This girlfriend has told to me about acquaintance on the Internet
She lives abroad about 3 years
Now they with the husband have arrived to Russia to visit its relatives here
Here we drank tea talked, and I saw her face, she such happy as has met the the man
She to me told that in other countries life to absolutely another much
There always people with a smile, all kind, always will help if something not clearly
And it wanted to me to go more likely to you even more
As she spoke that considers itself as the happiest girl in the world, the best husband speaks that at it
And I represented us with you that we are fine and we as have celebrated a wedding mmmmm.....
Then I have told about you, about that that I am going to depart here to you
It was very happy for me as she already spoke for a long time to me that I have got acquainted on the Internet
But I was afraid, but now I am happy as have got acquainted with you and my happiness does not have a limit
How you feel? How much strongly you wait for a meeting?
I wait simply with the big impatience, there would be at me a possibility I already sat in the plane...
I am assured that when we will meet, I will simply run to you and I will jump in your embraces at the airport
Because I cannot constrain feeling and emotion when I will arrive.
I on it finish the letter and I will wait for your answer with the big impatience

Only yours for ever Anna!!!!

Letter 12

Hello my darling Arne!!!
Darling I am happy to read your letter
Your letter as always cheers me up and gives a smile for all day
How are you doing today? You thought of me much?
I have good news today I has submitted all papers
It will be already ready approximately in some days
As I have paid the tax for the and other documents I have spent 156 dollars usa
I thought that it will be cheaper
But for me has nothing values, only with you to be faster
As I have ordered the visa and is fast it as will be ready, as it is a tourist visa and it prepares very quickly
Arne my visa of 90 days, that is I can remain with you till 90 days as you consider it well?
I still should make some papers, and soon it will be already necessary to get tickets to depart to you
You are ready to meet me? How soon you want that I have arrived?
As documents already almost all are ready also I can take off to you very soon
But nevertheless if you are not ready I I can to wait without problems a little more
I already so strongly would like to see more likely you
You have made me very happy girl, you have presented to me hope of love, true love!
Before I did not represent that such love, but now I feel something similar
And I do not want to wait to depart to you
I know that we are very little familiar, but now I feel you native to me the person
Sensation as though I know you many many years, you do not have such?
Nevertheless we will test the greatest emotions when we will be together!
The greatest for that I wait, it is a meeting at the airport, our first meeting!
Now it is very interesting to me that you test? How feelings? And how strongly you wait for me?
Darling I already how many documents have made, I at all did not represent that all so difficult, but I already have made all
Agency which I use very strongly to me have helped
And as they took very small commission
I with the big impatience wait for a meeting my dear
Now I finish the letter and I will wait very strongly for your answer

Only yours Anna!!!

Letter 13

Hello my dear Arne!
Today fine day and thoughts only about you.
How you today? All is good?
At me wonderful mood as I read your warm letter, warm words
As strongly it would be desirable to meet already you, to leave from here more likely...
My documents are already almost ready and here here we will be together
To me so it is pleasant that I have met you in the quiet life
You have added paints in my life, you have changed me very strongly
Now my brain was obscured by love, yes I think that it is love
As before I could not understand what exactly I feel, now I understand that it and there is a love
When I can tell to you about everything, about that that to anybody except you I will not tell
The love is my trust to you, my heart is opened only for you darling
Now I so dream that soon I will arrive to you and at us so much time will stay alone
We can make all that we will want, to go where we will want the main thing we will be together
Arne you the best man, you are reliable, fair, beautiful, kind
And the most important thing you only my man, I never will give you to anybody
And now I understand that the further life without you will be empty and monotonous
And with you I can feel the happiest girl on light
Let I not so strongly know you but when I will see you you to me all will tell that there were no secrets between the friend the friend.
I want to see your smile, your emotions as it does not suffice me
Now I can understand millions loving couples, is how much strong they are happy
And how perfectly to live when there is a loved man who waits for you
And as it is pleasant to realise that someone loves you that you are necessary to whom that very strongly
I am assured that you test the same and it in you
Probably your feelings are deep still but when we will meet you will understand what live without me cannot!
Now I dream every second only of one more likely to see you
And already very soon when my documents will be ready I will arrive to you and it will be very much an important point in life us
Tell to me please all that you feel now of what think I all I want to know!
I finish the letter and now I sit with a smile upon the face! And I am happy that I have you!

With love only yours Anna!!!

Letter 14

Hello my dear Arne
How you today?
I'm fine fine mood, in expectation of a fast meeting with you darling!
I with such excitement wait for this moment, I cannot stop thinking about you
I constantly tell about you to the grandmother that I am strongly happy
It as is madly glad for me that I have met the man!
As to girlfriends I told about you and all as are glad
Many envy when I it tell about you.
As Russian men absolutely others, and you the real man
Today I went to agency and all documents will be already ready in some days
Remains absolutely hardly hardly and I will arrive to you Arne and we will be together
I am so much excitements, emotions have tested as it is the big step to ours lives
And I as am strongly happy that you wait for me!
In my head it is so much thoughts on our future life
I cannot stop thinking about it, each time when I am going to sleep I think about all!
For me it is the first trip abroad, before I did not fly by the plane even
But I am not afraid as I the strong girl and I can endure flight without problems
I have already looked what to take with myself, a gift to you and other trifles
I at all do not know what to bring to you from Russia if you something want that I I can take without problems
I already even have thought up that I will prepare for you when I will come on your kitchen
It will be the best that you ate in life, but it will be for you a surprise
I already want to collect a suitcase and to take off to you darling so strongly!
Arne tell to me all that you feel, I want to hear warm words of love
After all my feelings to you are now very strong, my heart never fought so strongly as now
Now only thanks to you I could feel the present feelings
I finish the letter, and I will wait for your warm answer

Only yours Anna!!!

Letter 15

Hello my love Arne
Today good remarkable day
My mood fine as I read your letter darling Arne
Each your letter, each word written to me is very pleasant for me
As in them it is so much love, emotions
Today there was a lot of work and there were many problems with the Internet
Any failures were also I could not work normally
In general we have often failures in the Internet, it very strongly prevents to work to me
And in many villages in general there is no Internet and people living there do not use it
But they always go happy as they have fresh, pure air and fresh products
At me now it is so much emotions from a forthcoming meeting darling Arne
I cannot simply transfer words that I now feel darling.
This feeling of pleasure and at me is a smile on my person now
As very soon I will near to you darling Arne
As I was today in tourist agency and to me have told that tomorrow I can take away documents
Already absolutely close our meeting
Tomorrow I should pay and be defined all with flight date to you my darling
I do not want to wait day, I want to arrive more likely to you and to share the feelings
As I cannot hold all in myself any more, I would like to kiss you strongly strongly darling
Arne that you now feel? Of what you think?
Tell to me all! Transfer me all emotions as I to you darling
I think that we are created for each other, And I am infinitely happy that have met you in the life
You have betrayed to it sense, you have made me the happy girl
And very soon when we will meet we will feel all in a reality darling.
I will wait for a meeting and to think of you....

With love only yours Anna!!!

Letter 16

Hello my love Arne
Darling I am glad to read your warm letter!
I have news to you darling Arne
I was in tourist agency, to me have told that all completely is ready and in some days I can depart to you
But there is a bad news, I thought that I will have enough money for flight to you
I already have spent much for documents the visa, the passport
And now to me have told the sum of tickets the 618 euro
I was in shock that all so expensively, I thought that itself I will cope with payment
But my accumulation has sufficed only on a part of cost of tickets is 200 euro
Arne darling it is very inconvenient to me to ask your help
Therefore I have talked to the grandmother asked to help it
But it as does not have any accumulation, she has told that is a pity what not with forces to help
I have thought that you can help me as me does not suffice only it is necessary 418 euro
I was in agency and have told what for I treat to you
They have told that are very glad for me and have wished good luck
As they have told that if than that can help that will help
And in agency have told that if you so you will want they can accept payment from you they have on the site payment by bank or credit card
As here them Email:
You should tell that you from me Anna Abramova
I asked them to contact you so that you could answer them later and solve somehow the problem
But I have warned them both they will be ready to help and all to explain to you darling
Also here is their website you can find out there detailed information
So it is a pity to me and so it is a shame to ask your help
Because always, all life I achieved all and here I could not...
Arne I dream every second of that that soon we will together
And now because of this problem with money I hope that you will not throw me in difficult minutes and will help me
And soon we will together with you, only you and I Arne
I very strongly dream that all will be adjusted also I nevertheless I will depart to you
All documents are completely ready, there was last step of payment of tickets
And I will sit in the plane and to fly to you, to your warm embraces darling!!!!
I will wait for your letter with the big impatience

With love only yours Anna!!!

Letter 17

Hello my dear Arne!
How is your mood today? How's your day ?
Everything is fine with me, only your thoughts
Honey, I don't have a bank account, but I give you my cousin's account. You can transfer money there and then we will take it with her.
And then I can fly to you!
I need only 418 euros my dear and then I will be with you
We will have a lot of sex every day, honey!
My dear, my fantasy is very strong, and I've already fantasized so much, about us about our love, the meeting
It's all like in romantic films, you and me and our love, our feelings
I know that when we are together our lives will change very much for the better
I always wanted a man like you, a strong caring good reliable
And now I met you and I'm glad that I met you! Because since the beginning of our communication, I already felt that you are exactly who I need
I do not even know why, but I was sure that you are my destiny, that you are the person with whom I am ready to live the rest of my life
With whom I am ready to fall asleep and wake up, you are the person to whom I am ready to devote myself
And for your sake I'm ready for anything because I love you, and I will always be there for a minute and in joy and sorrow, as my dear
I am a very devoted person, and with you I realized for the first time in my life what love is, before I could not even imagine that such strong feelings can be experienced
Sweet all this I want to say that I'm drawn to you very much
I absolutely can not imagine what I will do if you are not there, for me there simply is no life without you
I'm breathing you, dear! I feel that you also love me so much and wait for this moment and it's still a big turn-on!
I think about you when I take a bath, that it would be nice to take a bath together
I could make you a relaxing massage, and I'm sure that you would have liked, I did not tell you but I went through massage courses and do it professionally and I'm sure that you will get a fantastic pleasure from it
All this we will have when we are together
I'm finishing my letter I'll wait for your answer my dear and I love you!

With love only yours Anna!!!



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