Scam letter(s) from Olga Nikolaevna Pilishvili to Memo (Peru)

Letter 1
hello, how are you there? I am now very sad to write about it.
My engineering project was returned to me.
I have to refine my calculations. Well. It will take a lot of time. I will do this later.
Maybe it''s for the better. I have already received the right to leave and permission to leave my country.
So I can come to you at the December. It is a pity that I will not receive a cash bonus now.
But I hope if I don't have enough money. will you help me some sum. Or give me a loan.
Over the past year, all my money was spent on the treatment of my mother.
I even got in debt. Now moms are not, but some monetary obligations remained.
Okay. next time, I will go to Krasnoyarsk again.
Today I want to go to church then I will go visit my dad. Before my mom died, I rarely visit church.
But now everything has changed. I try visiting the church more often than before.
If you want, I can say hello from you to my dad. I will go by bus now.
I wish you a good day and a good mood.
air-kiss for you. Olga.
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