Scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Jim (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi! How are you ? I looked up information about you Pa a dating site name and seen made me happy , I think you are interested in knowing about me . More names I Ekaterina, I are 28 years old. I are born and live, in the central part of Russia in town Batyrevo . I 'm happy to stay has , Unfortunately a problem. Although Russia is very big but there are not many real men. I s a lonely young women find in an attempt to pretty far away from my country for Real love relationships , which can really love and appreciate own wife all my life! I do not feel so lonely and no longer spend my life meaningless. I is a modern girl and I think it 's excellent , we are online, you can teach other people know now , while it 's home. I'm happy with the modern technology . Have loads of interest if you want to know more about me , saw me something about you. What do you do in your life? What do you think ? What are your hobbies? I want to know everything about you And another thing . Usually, send your pictures to my email. Maybe we will swim has an interesting introduction ! I s on you solid responses Night and day wait. Usually not lazy like me to be alone. honestly , Ekaterina, waiting for early reply from you
Letter 2
Hi! I would like to tell you about me . My name is Ekaterina. But my friends call me Katja , if you want you can call me by that name too. How about your name ?
I live with my parents. I never did was not married , and I have no children. My height 170 cm approx , weight 51 kg . I am 28 years old . October 25 to me is 29 years old .
Right now I'm alone completely. I'm trying to find a man for serious long term relationship and to whom I will dedicate my life.
here in my country, many men do not want to have serious long-term relationship, also constantly drinking , or in other women , many of them raising their hands to own woman .
It's very difficult to meet here a man for life together, for something serious, to build family.
I still can not find a man that I could see my future together , that will actually love me and appreciate , so I'm still alone.
Please tell us about you too!
With this letter I want to send you some of my pictures. I hope you will like them .
I want to continue to learn each other better! I will wait your next letter with impatience. I also hope to get your share pictures for me.
As regards , Katya.
Letter 3
Hello!!! I am happy to check my email and get your letter.
Thanks for your photo, i like how you look. And i would like see more your photos if it possible.
I can speak English. Mine English is well.
Yeah, I'm really sorry this happened with you. But in this world there are many bad people as well as good, kind, loyal people. Just do not lose faith. I'm really have serious intentions and I am not interested in money.
I'm happy with what I have. So You do not have to worry about it. You can be sure in me!
All I want is to meet a man with whom I can spend the rest of my days.
I think, you would like to know more about me. Well! First, What about my job?
I work insurance agent. I work as an insurance agent for about 5 years and nobody complains at my job done.
I love my work because I can help people. They come to me to insure their property, or someone insures their health. I really like care about these people.
I feel that I help people and this feeling I like.
I do not smoke, to drink alcohol in small quantities, and very rarely, if just a bit wine when there serious occasion.
I live with my mother. My father now lives in another town with another woman for many years.
He drank a lot and my mother went away from him. I graduated from high school with a gold medal then came to study at the institute, graduate training at the Institute educated insurance agent.
At the moment I want to meet a man who will be happy with me and with whom I will be happy.
I will do everything what i can that we were happy together. All that I want is love, affection, tenderness, passion.
I learned that have the opportunity to get acquainted with men through the Internet.
Can you say me what you are looking in women? Tell me please. I would like learn about it.
What character, what appearance? What she should be able to do?
Please, just tell me about you. I would be pleased if you write in detail about you!
I would be interested to know about you lot, and much, it is interesting to me.
I am attaching a few of my new photos, that have been made in the alley not far from my house...
Tell me please, what do you think of them?
I am waiting for your quick answer!!
Sincerely, Katja.
Letter 4

How are you? How was your day? All is well? I hope that you have all the excellent.
Today I was looking forward when i will receive your letter.
Thank you for your honesty. This is very pleasant for me.
You look great on your photo and your home look good.
I live in a two-room apartment with my mother.
And the photos that I send to you, they are made here where I live.
Age is not a problem for me, age is just a number and no. I'm not looking for a man of age, for me the important thing is what a man what his character, what human qualities and how it relates to life and which girl is and what he is looking for. age did not matter. I believe that for a relationship to love there are no barriers of age. If a woman and a man believe that they are suitable for each other and want to be together, the age can not be a barrier. I think so! What do you think about this?
I want to tell you about my family. I am alone in the family, I only have cousins.
My mom is the name of Marina, her 52 years.
Previously, she worked at various jobs, but now rests, it is sufficient that she receives a pension. What can I say about my father!? As I already told you in my previous message, my father now lives separately from us with my mother.
His name is Yevgeniy, my father is now 55 years old. He also retired. I meet with him from time to time.
he has changed and he no longer drinks alcohol, and began to worry about own health.
Also i want tell you that like very much to cook various dishes. Especially for the holidays.
Because i can come up with something new. Would you like to try my food? I am sure you would enjoy :)
In my spare time I like to do some sports particularly running and aerobics at the weekend.
This allows you to have good health and good appearance ... :)
Tell me about yourself, ask what you want from me, I am happy to answer all your questions.
About what you do every day and that brings you joy and a smile? Tell me please!
I wish you a wonderful day and mood after receiving my the letter.
Send for you some photos of me, with Olga, with her childrens. And one else, where i with my friend Olga and Tatiana.
Yes i will send to you photos in my house, but i have not photos in my work,
because i can not take photos in work.
Your Katja.
Letter 5
I am very pleased to receive your message again. what the weather you had today?
We here with the morning was cool, and then the sun appeared and it became warmer. possibly because of the weather, I felt the morning is not very good, but in the afternoon, my mood was better and a smile on my face thanks to your letter.
I enjoy to see your photos, thanks that you sent them for me. You have nice dog and wonderful house.
My expectations from the relationship, meeting in real life, to have a future together.
Living here in Russia is not so cheap, besides the salary is much lower than commodity prices.
Yes i think same corruption is bad. But here in my country, corruption flourishes.
Yes i can speak Russian, English but also Spanish.
In my life happened a lot of good and bad things in time I will tell you all about it.
I'm sorry to say this, but here in my town where I live, the post office is working badly.
And they are not engaged in transporting things from abroad. But, what you would like me to send, you can give by hand at the meeting.
I hope that you will be interested to know how was my day. I woke up around 6.00 am, brought myself up, had breakfast and went to work for 8.00 am. at work, I filled the papers about real estate insurance, talk with clients about Insurance them of property.
Then I went home for lunch, after lunch back to continue work, I went to check the apartment clients and enter into contracts. After work, I went home and did cleaning, cooked dinner, ate and went to meet with my friend Olga, to spend a little time with her and talk. after I got home and checked my email hoping to get a message from you.
Tell me how was your day? What did you do today? For me would be very interested to learn about it.
Also i would like tell you about my the best friend. I have a good friend her name is Olga.
Her too, almost 28 years, we have a difference in the some day.
Olga very close and dear friend to me. when I have some problems occur, when I need help, I can count on her, because I know that that in difficult times, she will not leave me and help me if possible. We met her while studying in the institute. we know each other for the past 12 years. I trust her more than myself. She works teacher in a kindergarten.
She and I live in one house and our apartment just on different floors.
From time to time we together going to the movies, also to dances. Would you like to dance with me?
We could dance a slow dance. I would love to look into your eyes and dance.
I think it would be nice. Do you have good friends? Tell me please about your the best friend?
I hope you will like photos, that i send for you. I took this is photos next to my house where I live.
I waiting for your soon answer.
Your Katja.
Letter 6
Today I awoke to the fact that a ray of sunshine lit up my room and my face. I realized that it would be a great day and I will received your new letter.
I woke up thinking about you, about how just I read your message, because of you I have smile on my face.
How are you? How is your day? With what thoughts you woke up? With what fall asleep?
I have no problem with going to Russia, as well as outside.
But I have never been outside of Russia. But i would like do it in future.
Unfortunately I have never been to Spain. The reason for the study of the language, because I like the language. I like the pronunciation.
You have wonderful sons. You have someone be proud of!
I was talking with my friend Olga, maybe for you interested to get know what she said to me!?
When i told her about you, she at first surprised, then said that very happy for me. She says that did not could first understand why I look such radiant :) Now she understands.
Because I met you. Olga sends to you "HI". She was asking about you and I have told to her what I know about you.
She said that you are a good man. I know it. And i want to know more about you.
Photos that I send to you, they have been made during the walk.
I hope you write me soon.

Your Katja.
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend!!!!!
I do not even know what words to describe what is happening to me When I get your letter. I feel good! I am happy that you did not forget about me.
Yes, i already check your town, and i would like visit your place in one day.
No, unfortunately i have not foreign passport.
Yes, sure i am iterest go to Spain in the future. I do not sure about another countries.
I want to know more about what you love doing? What are you doing when you have free time?
If i have possible, when I have free time, I go to practice dancing, also I go to fitness, this is help for maintain my body shape. I like play in tennis.
On weekends, sometimes in the morning I go outside to run. I like very much to do this.
Sometimes we go with a friends on the park and sometimes on a movie.
What movies do you like? I like comedy, drama, or youth stories. I love fighters, but not terrible.
What music you are interested in? I love all sorts of music and, therefore, listen to radio at home. I love to watch interesting programs on television and sporting events. I like when people achieve such success.
And what do you like? Tell me.
What are you eating today? Would you like that I would make something for you?
I think that you would like it as I would have prepared for you.
Something of Russian kitchen, such as soup called "Borsh", some salads and a lot another of things. Maybe you know something already ate primarily from Russian kitchen?
When you go to bed, what do you think? It is very interesting for me.
I am waiting for your letter with impatience and hope that tomorrow will be beautiful day and I will receive your letter.
Photos that I send, I made them at my home.
Thinking about you, Katja.
Letter 8
Hello my dear friend!!!!!
I do not even know what words to describe what is happening to me When I get your letter. I feel good! I am happy that you did not forget about me.
Yes, i already check your town, and i would like visit your place in one day.
No, unfortunately i have not foreign passport.
Yes, sure i am iterest go to Spain in the future. I do not sure about another countries.
I want to know more about what you love doing? What are you doing when you have free time?
If i have possible, when I have free time, I go to practice dancing, also I go to fitness, this is help for maintain my body shape. I like play in tennis.
On weekends, sometimes in the morning I go outside to run. I like very much to do this.
Sometimes we go with a friends on the park and sometimes on a movie.
What movies do you like? I like comedy, drama, or youth stories. I love fighters, but not terrible.
What music you are interested in? I love all sorts of music and, therefore, listen to radio at home. I love to watch interesting programs on television and sporting events. I like when people achieve such success.
And what do you like? Tell me.
What are you eating today? Would you like that I would make something for you?
I think that you would like it as I would have prepared for you.
Something of Russian kitchen, such as soup called "Borsh", some salads and a lot another of things. Maybe you know something already ate primarily from Russian kitchen?
When you go to bed, what do you think? It is very interesting for me.
I am waiting for your letter with impatience and hope that tomorrow will be beautiful day and I will receive your letter.
Photos that I send, I made them at my home.
Thinking about you, Katja.
Letter 9
Hi my cute!
I want you to know that as soon as I see your letter, I immediately take to answer you.
Sorry i was not be immediately in my email, when you wrote to me.
I do not know why, but many of my friends say that
I has changed. Changed in the sense that in my eyes appeared
desire to live and my friends feel good just by the fact that they see my
a happy face. Mother, friend and colleague at work told me about it!
What about you? Your family and friends, Something says to you? Tell me?? :)
Yes, i have work in my city Batyrevo. Yes you are right about live here. Not easy.
But for me it does not matter where to live with a beloved man, in the city, town or in village.
Do not worry please about it.
I think the closest airport in Kazan.
Of course i am serious about you! Why then i write to you and send my photos to you, and say all about me??
Thanks for your phone number. Yes i have my mobile number. I am sorry but for me
will very expensive talk with you on phone, i learned about it.
no problem, my details:
first name: Ekaterina
last name: Zwereva
city: Batyrevo
adress: Lenina 19
postal code: 429350
country: Russia

I now have to start a new life, and build my future with you! I'm sorry, but I do not want to remember
to speak now about the parting with my boyfriend now. I hope you will understand me?
I want to tell you why I have a good mood today.
I woke up, made breakfast and went to work. At work, all good too.
Customers were very polite and even sensible. With the work I was able to leave early.
I am so glad that got your letter today.
What happened in your day? What are you doing? At you all turned out? I hope so.
I want so much that you would smile, that would you have a good mood.
To you everything was in all right. I think it would be perfect if it be so.
I'm sure, yes :)
With my letter i again send to you my photos, i hope that my photos
yet not bothered to you? :) Tell me please, do you like them?
I am waiting for your letter. I already miss you ....
I like you ..... I think about you .... And it pleases my heart.
You in my mind all time, your Katja.
Letter 10
how are you today? How is your mood today?
Maybe something happened new? Tell me please. I really have interest to know more about you,
i would like to know everything what happen in your life.
Lately more and more I keep thinking about you, think about us.
I think if you and I would be together, for us would not need to write to each other.
And talk to each other when we want, at any time! What you think about it???
I like your photo very much my dear, can not stop see.
On weekend i have time with my famiy or with friends. I get to work by bus!
I do not know what you mean in your question: How is the traffic in Batyrevo?
Of course, would be great if you will come in Kazan? But why is Kazan?
I do not know this is city well, and i prefer have time with you in my city,
or in your place where you live. Tell me please how you will feel here in Russia, that you can not speak Russian?
What you think about it my dear?
What you think, we will meet in your place where you live, i can speak English,
and for me is not problem stay in your country.
Also i would love see place where you live, see your family and friends, get to know them better.
Also i think you can show to me many beautiful places where you live??
I think it would be nice talk in skype, in near days i will download it.
I think for us necessary to believe each other. We know each other already enough long time.
But it is also a lot we do not know about each other. About what i think that would be better
if we will continue to know each other when we together, when we will meet. What do you think about it?
I want to tell you that I have not from you any secrets and mysteries.
I know that I can completely trust you and it will remain between us. tell me please, i right?
I think about you and about me. That will be with us in the future!? Happiness, love, tenderness, passion, affection?
And the more I know you, the more I realize that we will be happy together.
And I believe in it! And I think it would be so!!! How do you think?
Sorry if I ask very much. But I really like to communicate with you.
Dear, I have thought a lot and I want to tell you that
I realized that you are more like me, I think I fell in love to you!
I do not know yet whether this is good or bad, because I can not live
without your letters, without news from you! I need it like air.
Every morning I try as much as possible to quickly check my email, to see your new letter!
And when I see them, I feel warm in my soul, I become curious about what you wrote.
Your life for me becomes important and I am pleased to share my life with you!
You become very important for me! I even came to fear that I might lose you!
I decided, and I want tell you! That i like you very much. And this is strong feelings.
I yet can not understand well but i think that this is maybe love???
I would like very much that this is feelings for you were mutual.
I hope this is does not bother you and you feel same for me?
Beloved, I will be waiting with great impatience your answer and I hope you write me very soon.
Please write to me, What do you think about my writing. For me it is very important.
At the moment i would like to finish my letter. I send to you my sweet kisses.
Also i send to you some photos of me ;-)
I went to a cafe with Tatiana, and she helped make these photos.
I hope that when you receive my letter, you will be pleased!
Honestly, your Katja. 2013-10-01
Letter 12 Katja Hello my love man!!!!!
Of your letter, Once again, the heart beats when I open and read it. I love getting your letters.
I am very happy see your photo my dearm, i would like see more phoos of you.
Yes this is right, here is really many ***** drivers.
This is ok, but yu will stay from me about 45 km.
I would like be with you together. What you think if i come to you? Do you like??
Or something wrong? Let me know please.
I have not my own web cam, but i will try take from my friend.
I want to talk about what is going on in our heart.
How do you feel? What say for you is your heart? I do not know how to describe this is that now lives in my heart. But it seems to me that this is love.
Because I want to see you, I want to talk to you, I want to meet you at home, I want to enjoy our love to cook wonderful meals for you and me, to get acquainted with your family.
I want to hug you, to feel your warmth, kisses, caresses.
I feel that you are for me more then friend. and what is going on in your heart?
What do you feel? Tell to me. I really want to know it. Do you want the same like me? Tell me please.
It is necessary to know for me to understand that could we be happy together or not.
Today when I went to work I saw a man and a woman which have not seen anyone but each other. They enjoyed each second together.
What do you think we will do the same? I would love do it.
I open myself and all that happen in my heart at the moment. I do not know, You love me or not? But I do know that I am happy that I have you.
Also i have a question the answer to that is very important to me, You will be my BOYFRIEND? YES or NO.
I would like to talk with you online. I think that to say there for us to be much more convenient and easier. Online, we could talk about different things, the feelings for each other, and about our future together. What do you think about it!?
My Skype login: katjawwerewa
Also i create Msn:
I hope that we will be able to speak in the next few days, today or tomorrow.
Tell me please, what do you think about it!?
I would like to one day make our photos with you where we will be together.
I think that would be nice :)
And some my photos for you darling, hope you get enjoy??
I waiting for your letter. I'm really looking forward.
Yours and only yours Katja.
Letter 11
Good evening my darling!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I with impatience waited for it both my heart was warmed also my heart knocked when I today have opened it.
My love thanks for the details of the Embassy in Kazan. I will call them in near time.
I am very glad that you already sent money. As soon as I receive your money, I will immediately notify you that.
I enjoyed hear your voice too my darling. And i looking forward see you at the airport.
Yes you are right my love, it is really good that we can call each other, and our phones work.
My love, but a passport which I sent you. If you have not noticed this Russian passport. This is the passport of my country.
This is a document confirming my identity in my country.
And as I understand our passports unlike your country differ.
That to come to you, I need to have a foreign passport.
And when I told you that I do not have a passport, I mean that I do not have foreign passport, passport which will be necessary to arrive to your country.
I hope you understand me right now my love??
No my darling, we have not snow at the moment, but here cold..
Yes my love, my mother all ok about my trip to you, and very glad for me that i found you my love!!
She wishes all the best for our relationship!
My love, thanks for your wonderful photos, i like to see them. I hope you had a great time.
I think of that as it would be good if could in weekend go on a nature and have a rest there. I will be cooking tasty salads, we would take with ourselves tent, knifes and all other accessories to a campaign and have put in the car.
Then I have still taken a bottle red wine. I do not love alcohol, but a red wine I drink on holidays but not much. We would take meat what to fry it on a fire and would go to a wood or on seacoast. Where you would want? I would like closer to water.
There we would put tent, would grow a blanket what to sit on it. Would put on a table salads, a wine glasses, have dissolved a good fire. Then together I would shall send swim in water, to lake or the river. The main thing that we could swim together. We would bathe, laid on a coast, kissed. Cares one another, would enjoy a nature. looked at the sky.
Have then returned to tent, have prepared for meat and would sit to have supper. A fire shine us.
you open a bottle and pour a wine in glasses. We drink a little for us and I see that one droplet has remained on your lips and I kiss you gently, you respond on my kiss and take me on hands and carry in tent. we are engaged in love, we enjoy each second of love, each minute of passion and it is very good us together. Then we leave tent, we categorize a blanket closer as a coast and we look at the sky. You embrace me and warm the heat. We are closer and closer, we speak we speak and we fall asleep under singing night birds and under a night rustle of leaves.
I think that soon all of what we dream the reality begins. Each our day will be filled with love and we shall be happy for ever. I love you, and I send you the most most sweet kisses and I hope that they warm you at cold night in your bed. If when you read my letter and in the street night that look at the sky. There you will see constellation the big she-bear as a ladle. I send you this ladle full kiss and tenderness.
I love you! My heart, my soul, my life belongs to you!!!
My love i took some new photos for you, I hope you will like them???
Your and only your love Katja.
Letter 12
Hello my love!
My darling this is really was nice to talk with you in skype yesterday. Now i looking forward see you in real life.
I understand about your problem my love, this is ok for me. I am sure we will have great time together.
I am very glad that we understand each other! I'm glad you are also much want our meeting, as I am!
I have to go to a travel agency and find out about the details of my trip to you.
You can ask me why I want to organize my trip to you through the travel agency?
One of the magazines I read a very interesting information. The travel agency will organize all of my journey, and most important, which is the cheapest cost. If you seek the assistance of the agency for the price of travel documents will cost about 30 less than a variety of independent work on documents. Do you understand?
All tourists in Russia organize their trip through the travel agency. Services there are now up to date and the most comfortable.
I think that we can entrust the organization of my trip to you through the travel agency of my city. well, that was the easy part ...
I have some questions for you now ...
1 - can I take a vacation with 12 october and I have the opportunity to meet you so soon!! My love, we have must to meet now.
What do you think? We do not need to stretch your appointment! Do you understand?
2 - We will live together in the same room? So I think that if two people love each other, they should be together and sleep together.
And there is no restraint. And I want to tell you that my mom is worried about me, and so she says, needs to know where I'm going ...
I do not want to argue with my mom, so I want your full address. Okay? I do not want to see my mom excited ... I hope you understand me?
My darling, so write me please your full adress in your next letter.
3 - What kind of clothes and things must be taken in order to live with you? I have no idea about the weather in your country.
Or maybe you have a preference, so I came to you in what clothes?
4 - My love, I also need to know the name of the airport where you can take me?!
I think these issues will be sufficient.
I will look forward to hearing from you my love man! I send for you my sweet kisses and gentle hugs!
Your love Katja.
Letter 13
Hello my love!
I am very glad to see your letter in my email!!! I talk with my boss, i am sorry but i can not move my vacation on 31 October or on later date.
Do not worry please you will busy when i will come to you, we will be together when you free. Please this is better than nohing.
And we have great chance now for us meet. I hope you understand it my dear?
Mine mobile number: +79379419919 you can text me my darling.
As I told you, I went and learned regarding our long-awaited meeting! My love, today I visited the travel agency and they told me that I need to arrive to you and be with my love. visa + passport + insurance + other documents = 470 euros.
Execution of documents will take 4-5 working days. I have tears in my face because it is much much money for me. My salary is very little that is about 190 euros in a month.
I was talking with my friends and with my family, but no one can help me. I have only about 100 euros to pay for my trip to you, but i need 370 euros else to pay for my trip to you my love! So tell me please, can i hope for your support now?
My love, I am writing to you, and my fingers just do not want to write. Because it is very hard for me to - to ask you to help, and for me it is - a very difficult psychological barrier to ask someone money. And I think you already knew ...
I did not have enough money to come to you because I am poor. In me ashamed to ask money! Forgive me for asking your help!
But this question is our meeting!! This will determine our common bright future ...
I know how sad that I can not fly to you my efforts? I very much want our meeting, but I can not pay for the papers!
What should I do? Or you could fly to me, my love? I very much want our meeting and in my tears, because such a barrier between us ... I LOVE YOU!
It says my heart that loves and waits for our meeting!
I will look forward your early reply!
Your faithful, gentle and loving Katja.
Letter 14
Hello my love man!!!!
My love i glad read your letter, my feel so good now. How are you?
What is your mood? All is well?
I am happy see your wonderful photos, very nice view from airplane.
I am got very sad when i read your letter about we can not meet.
I really love and i want come to you and be with you my love.
This is really would be great meet in Stockholm, so my love you know, i need start my paperwork.
Tell me please when you can help to me with it?
I can not wait to start my paperwork and come to you, i dream about you, i dream about our meet my love, and i hope this is will happen very soon.
Today I worked a lot and very tired. But when I read your letter, the weariness has passed and I feel better. Last night I went to my friend, her name Tatiana.
We drank tea and talked about what happened new.
She works in a school teacher. She says that very tired and soon her will need to go to training on dance. She asks about us.
I told to her that all is good. And she send to you "HI".
Today I was invited to another job, work a massage therapist.
Before, i had been studying how to massage. They asked me if I would work there. But I said no. Because it is hard to massage the entire day.
I do massage to my mother and grandmother sometimes. Would you like that I do massage to you? I think you would enjoy :)
Can you imagine? You come home tired. I cook dinner, we eat and then I do massage to you and all the tiredness goes away. I would love do massage to you, i am sure that you would like and you would have enjoyed.
What do you think? it would be good?
I feel that you are a good man and you give me good feel.
I want it all more and more to be with you together.
I send to you my kisses, if you wake up and you will have a good mood, so my kisses come to you and bring joy and good luck that I sent with them.
Did you got them? Did you like them? You would like to feel them on yourself?
I miss and I wait for your letter.
Some photos for you my dear, i hope you enjoy!
Your darling Katja.
Letter 15
Hello my love!!!!!
Your letter gives me happiness. I would be happy with your every letter to get a lot your kisses also your new photos.
Thanks that you send your photos my darling, you look very great, i like your photos very much, and i really looking forward see you in real life.
Yes, it is indeed very strange that you can not call me. My mobile is always with me.
Maybe with your mobile something is wrong? because with my mobile all ok.
I have no doubt that in real life you look better, and I'm looking forward to start the paperwork and come to you.
See you in real life, i dream about it! I am sure that we will enjoy have time together.
I really do not sure in what time i can logg in skype, because i have not plans on weekend else.
But meet for few days this is very very a bit. Do not you think so?
I really like and i feel love to you, i am sure about my feeling to you!!! Are you not???
You make me much worry now about your doubts!!
My only contact with you, and I do not have contact with other men, you can be sure of that. Because I have serious intentions!
Please believe me, i really want meet with you in real life in near time.
And i really would like come to you, and have time with you how much it will possible.
I'm sorry, but I did not receive any of your messages! Maybe you wrote my mobile is wrong??
I am sorry but i can not meet with you in december, so for us need build plan meet in november, I will come to you as soon as my paperwork will ready, you right, my paperwork will take about week.
My darling i will come to you in november.
I tried connected in skype, but my internet very very slow and of it skype not working.
But i will try again connect in skype.
How do you think we will happy together? I'm sure that if we would be together it will be a big step. We will be able to enjoy what embody all our dreams into reality. I understand that if you stop writing to me I will suffer, and very strong. I will worry and wait for your letters every day.
Because you are beloved man for me. I know now how wonderful feeling when you know What makes you happy. I feel happy that I can do happy you. And I would that I had grown wings and I could have for one night to come to you?
Would you like it? Imagine you are sleeping and i as an angel fly to you?
Would you like? I would be very wanted. I know that I will be happy that I can make you happy.
I can do every your day beautiful, you will be happy and smile. We will enjoy our love.
We will create a world in which will not be anything wrong with that. Just what about we dream.
Tell me, do you think the same? What do you think? This is a very important to me. I know that you will be happy with me and I will happy with you. I am waiting for your letter.
I can not breathe, not eat, not drink, but I will be bad without you and your letters.
One day I would like to take photos with you.
I miss ..... kiss .... kiss strongly ... ardently ..... sweet sweet ... hug you.
I Love You With All My Heart And All My Soul!
Your gentle and sweet Katja.
Letter 16
Hello my lovely honey!!!!!!!
Ok i see in your image price to flight. But i will book my tickets not in iternet.
Also i will come in Moscow airport, because i will need go to Moscow receive visa. As soon as I get my visa, I will immediately go to airport
and come to you. So all will ok, do not worry please about it. With my paperwork and tickets all will,
i have only one problem, i am not rich girl and i have not money!! But i want come to you my darling and be with you together!
So you know i need 470 euros. I hope you can send this is money soon???
I said that december is to late, i meaned that i do not sure that i can take my vacation on this is time and meet with you.
So i am sure that i can come to you in november and be with you my love!!
My love, What about the exact date of my arrival to you, this is depends when i will receive your money and start my paperwork!
I hope you understand about it my darling??
details of my bank account:

Ekaterina Zwereva
mine adress: Russia, Batyrevo, Lenina 19
4081 7978 3125 3100 0489
bank name: VTB 24 (JSC)
Moscow, Russia, SWIFT : CBGURUMM
BIC: 044525716
bank address central office: Russia, Moscow, Myasnitskaya, 35

My darling i do not know about what IBAN number you said to me?? I do not know anything about it. All details my bank account i wrote to you,
and as said to me a bank manager that should be enough!
And you will need send money in euros!!

Today after work, I wanted to make a copy of a passport, but it was later time. I will do tomorrow and send to you.
You will wait me in skype in sunday after 12:00 in the day or in night time???
I think only of you and about that as it will be good us together.
I very much would want that our life will be is fine. What you would want that I made when we shall be together?
I think of you much. I want say to you about that as I present our usual day when we shall be together. I think that it will begin from that as we shall wake up with you in one bed. I shall lay the head on your ****** and you will embrace me the hand. I shall open eyes and I shall see you. I shall tender kiss you and you too will wake up and will answer my kisses, gentle and passionate.
Then I shall stand from a bed, I shall be ***** and I shall dress your shirt and I shall go to prepare on kitchen easy breakfast for us. When I shall prepare for it you come for me behind and your embraces will warm me, you will kiss me all over again in an ear, then in a neck and your hands will caress my body, my ******* and my hips. But here the teapot will begin to boil and we shall have breakfast with you. Then we shall take a shower together. we shall be make love in a bath and only then we shall leave therefrom, we will have good mood and all day will be fine. Then when you will come from work I shall meet you the gentle kiss. We with you shall make all together, in the evenings we shall sit on sofa near TV and to look good film, then together we shall go to a bedroom and we shall be make love yet weariness. If at whom that from us will be bad mood. That we shall try to change it. If you will long that I would shall make all that you smiled and melancholy have disappeared from your eyes. I would shall make all that you always were happy and I hope that you too. I love you and my life belongs to you. how you imagine our usual day together?
Or weekend? Or a holiday? I with impatience wait for your letter.
Your and only your loving Katja.
Letter 17
Hello my love man and my sun!!!!
I very much miss you all day and is very glad when I receive your letter.
Thanks for your copy my dear. You look great in your passport.
Nice to see your wonderful photos, dog look cute. I like.
Yes i want come to you on this is date: 14/11 and staying to 17/11 I am sure we will have a great time together.
Sounds very good about relatively wages in your country.
My love tell me please when you will send money, i need to know when i can start my paperwork. You know my love, it depends from you!
I love you very much with all my heart and all my soul my!!!
I with impatience wait for our meeting and I hope that it soon happen.
I very much want to be with you. Today I prepared for supper of a house and thought as it would be good if you too could try that that I have made. I cooking soup from meat, beet, carrots, an onions and other spices. It name to Borsch, you heard about it? I think that this most well-known dish in Russia after meat dumplings and pancakes.
As I was going on the second mashed potatoes with a cutlet and roast.
I have cooked compote from dried apples with sugar and was very tasty.
I so would like that you have tried my dishes and could estimate their taste and I would think that was pleasant to you. I like to prepare and I adore to prepare for delicacies, for example a pizza, pies, a shish kebab and many other things. I name their delicacies because not so frequently for them cooking.
I very much would want to stand on kitchen and feel as you embrace me, kiss, touch my hips help me to be going, you would help me? I hope what yes. I with impatience wait for your letter. I hope that your today is dream will be fine also you as well as I will see in the dream a fine meeting of us with you.
How i promised, i send copy to you.
I love you my lovely sweet,
Your and only your love forever Katja.
Letter 18
Hello my love man and my sun!!!!!!!
So many lakes, I think that in these places are very beautiful.
It would be great to take a trip to Brazil, I speak Spanish. You too?
I studied Spanish at the University.
I am so happy to know, that you like my photos my darling.
I look forward see you in airport and give you my first sweet kiss to your lips.
I transfer your hello to my mom and your words, she smiled when i said her.
And trasfer Hi to you too my love. She said that trust you, and believe that I will be with you in a safe and safety.
I want to speak with you about much. At me it is a lot of dream connect with ours with you the general life. It is very interesting to me, you like dreams in which we with you together?
I'm really looking forward to when I will also be able to see your family and friends.
My mum and my friends we shall be very glad that with you together.
That ours lifes have met you also we can enjoy this fine feeling soon.
They are glad that I have met the person at which to me serious relations and intentions. They very much love you. I want to be with you, I feel perfectly after have learned you. I want to be obedient and gentle, my grandmother asked me that I want to make and that we shall make together. I have told that I want to support in all you to love and enjoy love and she having smiled have told that I really am in love also her this feeling is known. She very much would want to test it once again but the grandfather and has left also she can not forget it never.
I want to be with you, I want to love you, I want to enjoy our tenderness, I want to give love and caress to you and I want care about you and to feel your love in a reality. I think that you my love and I want to be with you for ever. You my destiny!!!!!
I want to hear more your dreams, I want to know that you think also I want to kiss you now and to be in your gentle embraces.
I with impatience wait when it happen.
I love you with all my heart and all my soul!!!!
Your and only your love Katja.
Letter 19
Hello my love man!!!!!!!!
My love of me warm your letters when I receive them.
I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!
My love thanks for your photos, this is places look very great.
My darling i checked my bank acount today, and nothing there.
I hope i will receive your money tomorrow.
This is very good my love, i am happy that wih your vacation will ok on this is date. Well my love, as soon as i will book my tickets i will let you know about it, and give you information.
I last night have decided to go on park. I went along the street all over again, have then come in park and sat on a bench. In our park it is a lot of bushes, it is a lot of trees, lanterns now stand and there it is bright. I thought of that as it would be fine to go together with you in park. It is a lot of boys and girls which else study at university or parents with children went on park. But I noticed only young pairs. They went together, held hands together, embraced, kissed, laughed. You would be would be desirable me that with me now and I could embrace you or sit to you on knees and kiss you gently and passionately. I want to be with you. I want to feel yours warm, your breath, I would want that we groaned with happiness and love. You are not present with me and to me is sad without you. I believe only in one that there will come day happy for us and we with you shall be in embraces of one another, all we shall make together and we shall make so our life would be full of happiness and love.
I want to be with you my love. I want to enjoy our happiness and love and I would want that we for ever were together.
I send you the kisses, the most gentle that you could feel my tenderness and that your heart would be warmed, that your ideas would be about me and you have written to me the big and gentle letter.
I love you!!!!
Your and only your gentle and sweet Katja.
Letter 20
Hello my love man!!!!!!!! My darling i tried connect to skype, but my connection is very slow and skype is not work.
I am so sorry about it my love!!! I love you very much my darling!!
Love, I am very grateful to you for letters your gentle and full of love. I very much miss you and is glad to receive yours the letter.
My love, forgive me, but I did not have time to go to a travel agency today.
I will go to a travel agency and will let you know immediately.
My love i never had been outside my country.
My love, here in my country is very cold winter. About - 35 degrees.
Everyone in life has two strips, black and white, the period of failures is black it, white - happiness and love . After I have met you that in my life there was only a white *****. I feel perfectly because I feel your love. I want to be with you, I want to kiss and make love. I WANT TO LIVE IN THE NAME OF OUR LOVE!!!!
I for ever yours and only yours. You for me the closest person.
Same close as mum and the grandmother, prevents us will be together distance but I believe that I can overcome it very soon and we shall meet you. You the person which have presented me the most fine feeling - love, I adore you for it and I would want that we always were together, that we would be always full of passion and that our kisses would warm us each minute. I am happy because that I have you, you are dear to me, I feel that we are created one for another and the destiny has prepared us for test as distance but I hope that we shall overcome it.
Everyone in this world has happiness. The main thing to find it.
I have found the happiness and the love. This is you!!!!!!!
I love you and I shall like always.
My darling i will write to you details tomorrow.
You for ever in my heart. Kiss your lips and hug you now my darling.
Your loving and gentle Katja.
Letter 21
Good evening my love !
my darling I'm really pleased to know that you call our meeting a white stripe.
I am sure my love that we will enjoy of our meet.
I give regards from you to my mother, grandmother and friends. They happy of it my love, and they want we be together in near time.
I want to tell you the news, I got your money today .
I think a lot of you, and I dream about our emergency meeting.
I love you very much ! I miss you so much !
I look forward to meeting you at the airport! Kiss your lips for the first time , and give you a hug !
My love I hasten to tell you the news about our meeting .
I paid for the documents and paperwork to be completed by Monday 28 october of next week.
I was very happy to learn about it, and I think you are also happy to learn about it now my love .
I want as soon as possible to come to you my love and do not let you out of my hands.
The travel agent told me that I also need to pay for the tickets. Flight number 1293 Same how you told to me my love. On 14 november.
And it will cost 16 087,00 RUR. It turns out: 368,990 euros.
This is really terrible news . My love, it upset me very much .
I really thought that the cost of the travel agent said earlier, includes the cost of tickets.
I really do not know what to do now my love. We are literally one step away from our meeting.
Now I need to pay the cost of tickets and the next week we will together my love.
I will be able to come to you, and we will be together !
I love you so much ! and I want to make all our dreams as soon as possible to become a reality !
It is so beautiful my love ! We will sleep together and wake up together, see each other is eyes and enjoying the time during which we are together.
I want as soon as possible to see you at the airport, and a dip in the warm embrace and enjoy the sweet kiss.
Now, I am waiting for your early reply , my love .
I LOVE YOU ! i hug you and kiss your lips . With love, your love forever Katja.
Letter 22
Hello my love man!!!!!!
My darling, but i already learned about all. All ok, they do not deceive me!! 480 euros need for it: Passport, Certificate medical, Insurance, Visa, and other documents, travel agency services.
my dear, i understand that this is money a lot money for you, i will return all this is money to you as soon as i can.
About your options:
Do you think if I had the money, I would ask you for help?
If I had the money, I would not ask you for help, and I would have done on my own.
But i have not this is money, and because I have to ask you for help.
I learned about my vacation, i have not free time on this is date as 13 of January, i will work at this is time.
Therefore, our only chance to meet it soon.
Mum ask me to transfer you the greetings and congratulations.
But me it is very boring without you, it is boring because I can not be with you and I can not enjoy our happiness and love. I very much want to be with you and I would want that we were together. I want to feel your embraces, kisses both your tenderness and love. I thought about that as it would be good if we could go together to shop and choose one to another good things, a meal or still that or. We together take the carriage also shall push it and put there that that it is necessary. You will put the hand on mine and we slowly shall go along a counter. We shall take various food, spices, greens fruit, bread and many other things that I could prepare for tasty dishes for us and we enjoyed them each day.
Or in shop of clothes we shall buy clothes for you or me. I shall help you to choose the most beautiful suit and you will look always fine and you help to me will choose a beautiful dress. I can not choose itself. Basically I am am helped by the girlfriend, I know that you too will help me the most beautiful dress in which I shall love you and you will love me in it. You will help me to choose female linen? I would want that it was pleasant to you and I hope that you will not refuse to help me in a choice of it.
I will be sure that our life is fine because we would shall make all that it was filled with happiness and love and I am very glad that I have you. You for me the most fine, most necessary and favourite person. You all world for me and I live each day only because that I have you and soon our lifes begin one, full bright paints, tenderness and love.
you in my heart and I madly love you.
I will try connect in skype very soon.
Yours and only your loving Katja.
Letter 23
Hello my love man!!!!!!!!
All ok my love, i understand about your feel!! I love you more than anything in this world!
You are the love of my life and I am so happy that we are together!
And very soon i will give you my first sweet kiss to your lips in airport!
Oh darling, thank you very much. Say thank you very much to your mother.
Well my love you can send tomorrow 300 euros, that you have now.
Your mother so nice. Very soon i will say her about it in person.
Send her Hi and gentle hugs from me.
I am happy my love, that your mother is ok about me.
Yes of course my love I will try to find the rest of the money as soon as possible.
With my grandmother all ok my darling, her 74 years.
I love perfume Nina ricci. Of course my love i will try connect in skype at this is evening.
Here in Russia it differently, there is a paid and free medicine.
But they are rarely free can help. My darling, how did you sent package to me???
I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I can get them. Because here where I live is terribly post office. And they are not engaged in sending and receiving things from other countries. But do not worry please about it my love, very soon you can give me in person all of these things by hands when I'm with you!
I very much miss you. I very much want to be with you.
I would want that you were in my embraces and I could sit on yours knees. I frequently think of that as we together are engaged in love. I many times imagined ours with you the first night of love. I am sure in that that we not shall to sleep this night.
We shall enjoy our love and I am sure that first night I shall not forget never and I know that you will make all as well as I that we would be happy and groaned from love and happiness.
We shall be in a bed and we shall not leave it. Only sometimes to have a drink coffee or to eat a sandwich. We shall accept bathing with you, we shall caress one another and to help be washed. When I think of it it that on my body runs a shiver and now I have decided to stop this subject.
I can not write now the big details because that very much was excited when the beginnings to think of it. What you think of our first night of love? How you imagine to yourself it?
I with impatience wait for your letter.
You are the love of my life!
Your and only your love forever Katja.
Letter 24
Hello my love gentle man!!!!!!!!!!!
Today at me good day. I have woken up with good mood. Seen fine dream at night. Has received your letter. But much me does not suffice for full happiness. I do not have not enough your embraces, kisses, gentle words, passion, tenderness, love, I want to feel your breath.
But all this only in dreams, but I believe that they begin a reality and me to become more easy. My love i also want say to you thanks for your good news.
I will let you know as soon as i will have your money in my hands.
Thanks for your care my darling. You are so nice, really!
Please do not worry, everything will be in ok. I would not miss my flight, never!!! You can be sure about it!! Yes of course my darling, i will inform when i will get my tickets.
To Kazan I will get on the bus. All will ok my love. My darling this is really good idea, that to bring my mother and grandmother to Sweden on vacation when i will move to you.
I have already talked to them about it and they said that they will have the honor to do it. They was glad hear about it :)
Yes this is would be great meet with Natalia in sometimes, I am sure that we had become friends :) Also, I will not forget Russian :)
This is good, i really glad abou it my love.
I miss you. I think about you, I dream of that as we are engaged in love as we groan of happiness, passions and love.
When I went today on street that have not come nearly in a hole, I thought about you and did not notice it and only before it have suddenly stopped. You would be would be desirable me that with me, that I could go together with you and hold you for a hand.
Could talk to you about all.
In the evening we could look TV have supper together, kiss to caress one another, to make love. I want to fill ours with you lifes by that that did not suffice us while we have not got acquainted. I did not have not enough love, tenderness and caress and I have found it with you but now I still do not have it more strongly and I do not know what to make what we have met faster.
All my ideas only about you and about that as it will be good when we can be together.
I love you, and I know that it not simply words, this feeling which lives in my heart and helps me to live and knock to my heart, which belong to you!
Your and only your loving Katja.
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