Letter(s) from Olga Maltseva to Jason (Germany)

Letter 1

hi jason
you have a nice pics!
Thank you for the answer! I believe that miracles still happen in this crasy world and I believe in love from the first sight. May be we both were brought to this moment and this place with some supreme but yet unknown goal for our lives. I dream to find an honest, respective and very loving man with good sence of humour. I dream to be cherished by that strong man and in response I will do everything to make him happy, I will support, understand and love that special man with all my heart.
I would like to tell to you, that I have decided to write to you through gratitude of the Internet to my best girlfriend Nataly. My girlfriend Nataly has met good the man through the Internet from Germany, the Berlin City, by the Internet also. Her friend is Frank. Nataly and Frank is very happy together now! I see, that they are happy so together, and I have decided to find the man from other country also as Nataly has made it:) Probable you can ask me why I did not find Russian the man? I shall be very serious, I shall answer you, that I had the friend from Russia from my City, I loved him very much, but he has thrown me last time. He has found other girl as I have understood. Also I saw, that he liked to drink alcohol very much very much so it is a lot of men in Russia do it, can be you, know about it. I do not love it when men like to drink so as my last friend has made it! I - teetotal and the girl for non-smokers! Simply, I have no harmful habits! Also I want to tell, that in words my girlfriend Nataly, the man from other countries, are very good, and they can to estimate and respect women as significant men also. It - opinion be relative Nataly, and I want to agree with Nataly completely. Nataly has chosen her friend Frank from Germany because she knows German language a little. I do not speak in German language, I can speak and write the English language, and I have decided to find the man from your country, and I have decided to write to you Also I want to tell, that I consulted with my mum about the account with my familiar with you through the Internet, they have estimated it as positively because they care of my future life certainly. My mum would like it, I have a happy life, and would like it, I shall find my person my destiny, I have been never married.
I send you my photo, write, what do you think about me? In the answer I ask you to send the photo. If you will become interested me, I can write about myself in the following letter.
May you write me about you more? it would be very interesting to me to learn about you much.

Best regards

Letter 2

Hello jason!!!
I was glad to receive your letter! I liked your pics you are so beautiful!!! I dont have a computer at home now I at internet cafe...
I hope, that it will be interesting to you for learning about my interests, my favourite things as a whole:) From music???:) I like to listen the Russian and foreign musical executors. From the Russian musical executors I like to listen the songs of following groups ' Zemfira ', 'Splin', and so on. You heared about these music groups? Well, from foreign executors I like to listen ' Bon Jovi ', 'U2', ' Elton John, Scorpions ', and so on. In general, I like to listen good both modern music, and what music does you is similar? It would be interesting for learning to me about it. Please, tell to me, well? About cinemas... I like to look comedies, fantastic films, romanticism and so on. But very huge impressions have left to me films ' the Lord of the Rings, ' Harry Potter '. I hope that you looked these films? But the especial impression was for me as film ' the Patriot ' actor Mal Gibson where war between England and America is described. This film loved to me that this demonstration of films natural patriotic spirit, love to the Native Earth! I think, that it - very important qualities which should have all people on the world! Really? I hope, that you looked this film also, and that you had magnificent impressions from consideration of this film. Mal Gibson played his role as the talented actor on my opinion! I liked to look film ' Severe Intentions, on my opinion, it - very sensual and instructive film for all youth. Aslo from comedies I loved films with comic actor Jim Carrey. I hope, that you looked it.From imagination, I loved film ' The planet of the apes, it - very much film of entertainment in my opinion.
Also I want to tell to you, that I like to read books, especially the literature of the Russian authors: Tolstoy, Chehov, Pushkin, and so on. But I was in huge admiration from reading foreign books, for example the books of Paulo Coalhio.
About the food? Well, from favourite dishes of the foodstuffs, I want to place a fried potato, a various kind of soups, also I love meat also, I do not want to hide it from you I love a fish and a chicken very much, you is similar to a chicken? It is so tasty, really? Also I love a pizza very much. It is very tasty also, I love a pizza with cheese. I would like to tell you, that I love a fruit and vegetables, especially, a lemon of an apple, an orange, a banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there are many kinds of vitamins. You like to prepare? I prepare not badly as for my family, and friends have told me at once:)
Also about my favourite kind of sports meets, I like to sports very much, you is similar to this? In the winter I like to ski, cool to be on fresh air. Also I like to play on a hall also. But most of all I like to aerobic, we - with my girlfriend borrowedaerobic at leisure, on my opinion, this kind of sports helps to support mine body in the good form. Also I would like to tell to you, that I like to dance About my hobbie. I love collect various beautiful female magazines, about style, about a female life for example and so on. During the small period of time, I have the big assembly of various magazines. Simply, I like to read the best magazines.
I would like to tell to you about my dreams also. I dream, that messages the automobile in the future, it would be so cool and interesting. But I want to tell, that our family has no automobile, it is very expensive to buy the automobile, but we mum has told, that is probable, in the future, I can be the great woman to buy the automobile, and I shall be can to learn how messages the automobile. Well I hope to receive new letters from you
Take care

Letter 3

Hi my friend jason!
I'm glad so much to receive your answer again! It's very interesting for me to read your messages, from them we are learning more about ourself, and I begin know more about you.
My dear friend, of course, may be you want learn about our correspondence, about correspondence's essence too, really? As I want to tell that I have decided to get acquainted through an Internet due of my girlfriend Natasha which one year back has gotten acquainted with the foreigner German Frank, I have said you about this earlier. ... may be, possible, we will together in the future time, may be I would like to look the marriage too, if you will want this, I don't want to hide this so important fact, but we must to learn more things about each other more and more, it will reasonably and correctly, really, David? I hope that you will agree with me with this fact too. Please, tell me about this, ok? But in my opinion, again and again, we must learn about each other more and more, I repeat this! Please, agree with me!
I would like to tell you about my family. I want to say to you that I have a large family too. This are my mom Marina, my daddy Pavel too. Also I have two sisters. They are Katya and Masha. My sister Katya is 21 years old. But Masha is smaller sister between me and Katya too, Masha is 10 years old.
On professions my mom is a seller in the shop, and my dad is an engineer on the factory. My sister Katya is a student of the university, she is studing on the lawyer, and Masha is a schoolgirl. Our family are living without any conflicts too, we have a good understanding between our members of our family. Because, I think that our parents gave to us a good education. I think that it's so good and I'm so proud that we have my mom and my daddy. Also I want to say to you that I live with my family in one apartment. Also I want to tell that I have consulted with my parents about the account my acquaintances with you through the Internet, they have estimated it as positively because they care about my future life of course. My parents would want that I have a happy life, and would want that I will find my man.
As I told you earlier, I have never been married.
As already I spoke to you earlier, I work as a waiter in the bar here in Samara City. It's a perfect and cosy bar. My job is very pleasant for me, people in our city are kind, and visitors of the cafe are not roughness to us, certainly there are cases when the visitors are not correct with us and spoil mood, but it happens very seldom. I'm very interested to learn about your work, David, and what do you do in free from work time?
During our weekends, in my free time, we are with my girlfriends, also with Frank and Natasha sometime, go for a walk to the city, we like to sit in cafe too for a cup of tea. I like my girlfriends very much, especially my best girlfriend Natasha. She is as native sister for me! By the way I want to say to you that Natasha works as a waiter in our bar. Also I want to say to you that Natasha and Frank are living in Samara City now. Natasha have visited Frank to Germany at last time, Frank asked Natasha to visit in Germany him after that when they have understood that they love each other.
I remember, Natasha was so happy in this time. They lived together during two month in Germany. And then they have came to Russia, to Kirov too, simply,Natasha said to Frank that she have missed about her parents, and that she want to visit on some time her parents, and they came to Kirov from Germany. They are very happy together, they love each other very much, I envy to Natasha and Frank slightly :) and also, of course, we meet with each other sometimes and spend a lot of time together. We are so good friends! Also I want to say to you that I have never been outside of Russia, I have never been in an other countries, but I would like to travel at once, it's so romantical, I think :)
Well,I must to finish my e-mail to you, I hope that we will continue to correspond with each other and you will tell me much more about yourself, and I will try to tell about myself as more as possible in future e-mails. I want to ask you about more things, and I hope that you will understand my questions and will answer me for them. I want to learn more about your country, please, tell me about your family, about your friends.
A great hello to you from my family, my friends Natasha and Frank too. I hope to see your message soon. Bye-bye...