Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Memo (Peru)

Letter 1
Hello honey Memo! How are you today, my dear? Thank you for your letter, for sharing with me your thoughts and dreams. I have bad day today but your words always makes me more better. My morning was not good because I felt strong head ache and I was late to work because of it. When I went at work the colleagues told me that our factory now is closed and all workers must go to home. I don't know the exactly reason why it closed now but I think it is because of war here. There many shops or buildings are closed and there everything stops work every day. Our city dies and we can't do anything with it. I lost my work and I even can't get last salary from it. But thanks God I alive and I have you and Masha in my life. Now I don't know how we will live there. I need to pay for bills, to buy food and another necessary things for living. To find new job there is impossible. Everything closed and I don't know what to do at all.We need go out from here immediately. I am so sad and so cry now... I can't go out. I haven't money on it because I spent everything on our letters. Masha tried to calm down me, she said that I need belive in our future, in you and our life together. She said that I need stop crying and told you about everything because you must know everything about us and our situation here. Masha hopes you will help us to be alive and go out from here. I don't know what to tell her on it. I tried to be strong woman but I am so tired from everything and now I need your strong shoulder. I need you now more than ever, i need your support and understanding. Honey, I don't know what to do in such situation. I afraid to lose you. I haven't own computer or Internet at home. I need pay for contact you in any case but if I will continue to do it I will need pay our last money I have left for food on this week. Please, understand me and my situation. Now I even don't know what we will do when this money will end what we will eat after. You are the best man i ever met, our communication become sense of my life. I am afraid to lost you. Please just always remember that in Ukraine exist 2 girls who think about you, pray for you and need you. Your Nastya and Masha
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