Scam letter(s) from Anna Reshetnyak to Steve (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello Steve! Frankly speaking it is a little difficult for me to tell about myself as I am afraid to seem bragging or self - centered:)but I will try. I started to search the Internet for a partner for life because I don't believe in divorce if two people really love each other and took the chance to be together for better or worst. I chose to search from your region because I know that you, as a people, still have been raised well and still have good values that men here choose to ignore or not used to it, of course I am speaking in general. To be completely honest with you, I am corresponding with other men too, but nothing serious for now, I have been searching now for a month, and some dishonest people tried to play games but I am still hoping for the best. My only request is for you to write your own words, I promise not to waste your time if I feel we do not belong together, but if you are looking for something ready and fast, if you can't open up to me and take the time to tell me about you and what you are made of, then I am not your woman, just write whatever comes in mind, it doesn't have to be smart and well written, just be yourself. If I don't meet your expectations feel free to end it. I am not looking for *** or a boyfriend, I don't need the Internet for that, I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. Forgive me if I seem negative and skeptical, but I have learned a lot from my previous correspondence and I want things to be clear from the start. Anyway I still hope to hear from you and I hope that you are serious,ok? I am sending you a photo. I hope you won't be scare with it:) It was taken this summer at my dacha(summer house). Sincerely yours Anya.
Letter 2
Hello Steve! Thank you so much for your truly beautiful letter what you said in it means so much to me, you are so special to me. I have had a great weekend:I was visiting my cousin who has a son,my nephew.
And I'm looking forward to the week ahead I can't wait to see my Nephew again, he is 5 today so my Sister will be so tired after his party today I wish I could have been there it would have been great. He loves Dinosaurs and Spiderman at the moment and i know he got some toys of both for his Birthday and also for his Christmas : ) I watched Miss World yesterday it was fun to watch, Miss Iceland won but it should have been Miss Mexico she came second. My Dad was talking about you today and really wants to meet you I really hope you meet my family soon I know you will love them very much and they will always take good care of you so don't worry about meeting them they are really loving people. How is everything with you? are you happy? : ) What have you been doing recently? I am quite okay today but the weather is very frosty. It is snowing and it looks like a real winter. So we are in her hands already:) Do you have snow? Well, I wish you a great day and hope to hear from you very soon, sincerely Anya.
Letter 3
Hello dear Steve! Thank you very much for your photo! of course, I like animals but frankly speaking, I didn't communicate much with wild animals. What I can say is that I am afraid of snakes and spiders very much. :) And you?
What is the weather like there?
The weather here is keeping cold, but there is no snow at all. It is frosty, but not snowing. It is so amusing around as everything is decorated for New Year. They put a very big New Year tree on the main street of the city and no matter where you enter:a shop,a hospital,a supermarket,a cinema,everything is decorated. It makes me feel the real celebration. And one more thing I enjoy, they announce on the radio every morning how many days remain till New Year. For example since today it remains 16 days. So people are knowledgeable about it:)
Everybody is looking forward to New Year day. The only thing I dislike about New Year is that I always overeat:) Usually I keep the diet but there are so many dishes on New Year and Christmas that I can't refuse myself and I can't help tasting everything. Well, I hope I'll save my figure this year otherwise you'll abandon me:) Don't say you won't,I know all the men like slim women. And those who say it doesn't matter for them,are not sincere, because every man dreams about 90-60-90:).
Do you? Well, I am finishing now. Take care, Many kisses,
Letter 4
Hello my dear Steve! Thank you so very much for your photos! I like them very much! How are you? What are you going to do on Christmas? I am going to please my family on Christmas and want to cook a lot of delicious dishes. :) By the way do you know anything about Ukrainian Christmas? It differs a little from yours. Christmas,which takes its name from Christ's Mass, was first celebrated on various Dates from about 200 A.D. but was finally set on December 25 by Bishop Liberus of Rome in 354 A.D. The December date, which almost coincides with the winter solstice, became a popular festival of West Europe during the Middle Ages. But as late as the nineteenth century, Christmas celebration was suppressed in Scotland and New England because of some religious differences. All Christian nations have traditions which have become a part of the Christmas season.
For example, England has contributed the decorations of holly and mistletoe, carolling and gift giving. The Christmas tree is a medieval German tradition and the immortal carol "Silent Night" also comes from Germany. The United States first made Santa Claus popular in New York, popularized the Christmas card about 1846 and made the major contribution to commercializing Christmas. When Ukraine under King Volodymyr (St. Vladimir) accepted Christianity from Byzantium in 988 A.D. many pagan traditions were in existence which were adapted by the Church to the new religion. Some of those traditions have survived a thousand years and now form a part of today is Christmas celebrations.

FINALLY POPE GREGORY XIII in 1528 introduced changes to correct the error in the Julian Calendar. To restore the vernal or spring equinox to March 21st he eliminated The 10 days from March 11 to 21 in 1582 so the dates March 12 to 20 never existed in 1582, at least not in Roman Catholic countries. Some Protestant countries like England and Sweden adopted the new calendar only in 1752 so there was 11 days difference by then.
The Orthodox and Eastern rite churches such as the Ukrainian have maintained the Julian Calendar for ecclesiastical purposes into this century. The Ukrainians, numbering some 50 million in the world are the second largest nation following the Julian Calendar in their churches. The difference between the two Calendars placed Christmas on January 7th and, because of the size of the Ukrainian church the date has become widely Known as "Ukrainian Christmas." However, there are other smaller Eastern-rite Orthodox national churches such as the Greek, Syrian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Byelorussian that follow the same calendar. Historically the Julian Calendar is sometimes called Old Style (O.S.) and the Gregorian is called New Style (N.S.). All the Orthodox countries which preserved the Julian Calendar into this century had a 13 day lag. Thus a date would be written January 4/17, 1918, meaning the 4th in new style and 17th in the old style calendar.
Many Ukrainian families and many Ukrainian churches continue to observe the old traditional date of Ukrainian Christmas on January 7 despite the pressures of modern society to change.The later date appeals to many people since, after the commercialism of December 25th, it is possible to enjoy a quieter and more religious occasion. For those who leave their shopping for the last minute the big advantage in celebrating Ukrainian Christmas is that the big sales start - just in time for Christmas shopping. - A.G. In Ukraine the first mention of St. Nicholas is related to the year 882 at the time of King Ihor of Rus when there was mention of a St. Nicholas Church on one of the hills of Kiev. When St. Vladimir, King of Rus-Ukraine in 988 proclaimed Christianity the religion of his realm it is said he had a special veneration for an ikon of St. Nicholas. When he had visited Constantinople he had seen and was impressed by an ikon of the mighty Byzantine Emperor bowing to the Saint. To this day St. Nicholas ikons may be found, usually on the left of the ikonostas wall of Ukrainian churches.
Among the talismans the Zaporozhian Cossacks would often take in their boats on the treacherous Black Sea was an ikon of St. Nicholas, or Sviaty Mykolai, as Ukrainians usually call him. The Hutsuls, mountaineers of western Ukraine named the four seasons of the year after saints. Winter honored St. Nicholas, Spring was St. George, Summer was St. Peter and Fall was St. Demetrius. Gift giving has been related to St. Nicholas in Ukraine for less than a century and a half. The Christmas Tree, originally a German tradition, first came into Ukraine about 1840 via Austrian influence.
Saint Nicholas is now a permanent part of Christmas, the season of peace and generosity among all peoples. So it's appropriate that the elements of our Christmas celebrations should have come from so many nations. Although the Ukrainian Saint Nicholas wears the dress of a bishop while the American Santa Claus is a jolly fellow in A white fur-trimmed suit of red, however, under both there is a heart that first beat some sixteen centuries ago in Myra. The generous spirit of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, lives on today. Well, I hope it is interesting for you to know. I don't mind if you tell me something interesting about your country and your traditions of celebrations. May be some particular traditions of your family. Well, if you have time of course. I'd like to treat you with my Christmas cake:) Hope you'll have the chance to try it very soon. :) I wish you a perfect day and hope to hear from you very soon. yours Anya.
Letter 5

Hello Steve! I doubt if you read the following letter(may be you have not got it?): "I want to give you a little autobiographical information. My name is Anya. I am 32 years old. I was born on November 11,in 1973. I live in a very nice country which is Ukraine. My country isn't so big but we have a lot of nice places,for example Black Sea. I live in Mariupol.
This is a city which is situated on the coast of Azov Sea. So, if you decide to visit me one day we can have a very nice rest as I live not far from the beach so I would show you my city. Now some words about my profession. I work as a dramatical teacher at the Culture Palace. To be exact I run a dramatical circle.
I like children very much and I can realize my hobby,it encourage me very much.
I have several groups of children of different age and we stage different plays from Russian,Ukrainian and World Classic literature. So, I teach children from 5 years old till 15 years old. I also teach children from puppet theatre. Well, sometimes I act in our local drama theatre and very often we stage a play for some holiday at school with kids. So happened that I finished absolutely different university, but work at school. I studied in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine(have you ever been to Ukraine by the way? Would like to visit one day?). I came to Kiev as soon as I left school in order to enter the university. I had no idea what my future held and decided to try my luck in the Theatre Institute,just for fun really. My family had no ties(my father is a driver, and my mother is a pharmacist) to acting and I regarded it as something a little funny throughout my childhood. I simply didn't take it seriously. The idea of going into the theatre came out of the blue and it came as a big surprise when I was admitted. May be it's because I wasn't really bothered consequently felt no pressure which allowed me to be relaxed and true to myself. I guess that's what admission panel liked about me. After I entered I didn't tell my parents because I thought they might be angry. You see, I had already told them that I had enrolled in the Institute of Culture to become a methodologist. It was only after I passed my first exams that I told them the truth and that I was going to be an actress. "All right,our girl. It is a good hobby but not profession!" they answered. Years later, when they saw a lot of my works on the scene, I felt that I had finally justified my choice to my family. After graduating from university I returned to my native city as had practice in our local drama theatre and they invited me to work here when I was a student of third course. Now I am working here and didn't regret that I left here. The main problem is very low salary but my enthusiasm and love to my work help me not to give up. So, you see that I am rather romantic as I have never dreamt to be a model for example or business woman, it is too materialistic to my mind,but I like my profession and I really enjoy. So, you are welcome to see me on the scene and to estimate my talent:)". Now you know everything about me. Anya.
Letter 6
Hello dear Steve! Thank you very much for the photo of the children!
You know one day I'll take up charity by all means.
How are you today? I am planning my New Year party. Now I know for sure that some of our relatives will come, my aunt and uncle and their children, my grandparents of course and two my girl friends.
I hope the New Year party is going to be funny. We'll cook a lot of delicious dishes with my mother and I am going to bake a special New Year cake. I guess it will be very tasty as it will consist of chocolate, butter, much sugar, cream and honey. Nuts and some fruits as well. So I suppose my family will be pleased. :) I also want to make some interesting competitions with gifts and prises so we'll have fun not only eating and drinking as it usually happens :) I don't want everybody to be *****:)
And we'll have dancing of course because New Year is nothing without dancing:)
I don't tell you this by chance, have you guessed?:) I want to inspire you to join us :) I really wish you were present at my New Year party and share this wonderful holiday :)
Well, if what you are welcome:) I am serious. What about you darling? Are you happy during these holidays? I hope you are? I kiss you here and I hope to hear from you very soon, I miss you much yours Anya.
Letter 7
Hello dear Steve! You know so little time is before New Year. Very soon we'll be in 2006. I do hope that it will be the happiest year for us and we meet at last! i also hope that our parents and our relatives will be fine and happy. I want so much everybody's dreams will come true! And ours as well! So please be happy in New Year! Darling, I don't know when I'll be able to answer you next time because Internet Cafe will be closed for the holidays. You know New Year is the biggest holiday here, and then Christmas will follow so people will celebrate long:) I think they will be closed here for 4-5 days.
If they open earlier of course I'll answer you at the same moment,ok?
So don't be bothered without me :) Well, I wish you all the best and I do hope you'll be happy in Year 2006! Write me if what,ok? I send you a huge kiss and will be waiting for yours letters in 2006! Darling sincerely, I wish to you the best for the next year is coming, I wish all your dreams come true, I wish you enjoy the beginning of this year with happiness with all the people you love and you estimate. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Letter 8
Hello dearest Steve! I am here at last after long long celebrations of New Year and I am very impatient to tell you how I've passed those days. 31 of December my parents, my 2 male cousins, my female cousin and her husband and their 2 girls went to visit our house. We celebrated my father's brother birthday as well who have birthday the same day that New Year is.
So it is kind of a tradition they all go to our place and have breakfast with cousins and other family.
After that we went to my grandparents place to celebrate New Year again:). We had a lot of really good food which my mum and me had prepared. After that we opened presents and enjoyed the evening. All give presents to everyone so it is kind of nice. Both to get presents but more to enjoy other with presents I think especially the kids.
At really late I did go to my own place to sleep while my cousins stayed at my grandparents because they live some distance from here. Next day, January,1 almost everyone goes to New Year parties and so did we. We invited some friends and had a nice time. At 24.00 we did go to the local bar where there was really crowded but really fun. I go to bed at 6 in the morning so.....was really tired. How are you? Have you celebrated New Year? I hope you'll tell me about it. I will be waiting for your letter very much. But don't worry if you don't here from me for some time because we have Christmas celebrations next and the Internet cafe will be closed again for several days. please, wait for me. I'll answer you as soon as possible. I think it will be on 8-9 of January, ok?
I kiss you, Anya.
Letter 9
Hello dearest Steve! It's me at last:)
Now I am writing to you after a long Christmas celebration which we had on January 7. You know that we have different Christmas with you. Have you ever heard about Koliada?
Koliada is the old Christmas rite of glorifying the celebration of the birth of Christ by way of singing the songs and the song itself. On the night from the 6th to 7th of January before the Orthodox Christmas, the people were usually not asleep: they were wandering from home to home, were being treated, were making "koliada", i.e., were singing the koliadkis - the old Christmas and new-year ritual songs. In the times of tsarism, even tsars went to their subjects for congratulations and making "koliada".
Children and youngsters who sang the songs under windows started the koliada process and they received for this various fares. Before starting for koliada, the rich, as a rule, changed their clothes into carnival and non-ordinary ones, while the poor simply reversed the upper clothes inside out and put on the masks of animals. Nowadays this rite is revived: the people learn the songs, change their clothes as in the old times, put on the masks and go to the neighbors, relatives and colleagues both in cities and in the countryside.
Children especially like to participate in the koliada rite because they are necessarily given fares for singing the songs. So, I was celebrating it with my relatives again. The house was full of guests but no drinks because it is a religious holiday. The most significant tradition of our Christmas is cooking of Christmas rice souffle and we have to treat every guest who enters our home with it. It is tasty and I cooked it with my cousin. Have you ever heard about it? I can describe you. Christmas Rice Souffle Ingredients:
1 jar of de-****** plums (385 g drained weight)
1 lit. milk
1 pack Dr. Oetker Finesse Grated Lemon Rind
1 stick of cinnamon
200 g rice pudding (round grain)
2 egg whites, 75 g butter, 30 g sugar
1 pack Dr. Oetker Vanilla Sugar
3 drops of Dr. Oetker Butter Vanilla Essence
A pinch of salt, 2 egg yolks
75 g chilled butter, cut into small pieces
100 g flaked almonds
Icing sugar for dusting

Christmas Rice Souffle Spicy Lamb
Spiced Poundcake Sweet Duck
Walnut & Orange Flan

Place the plums in a sieve to drain and collect the juice. Bring the milk, lemon rind and cinnamon stick to the boil. Sprinkle in the rice, boil briefly and simmer at low heat for approx. 40 minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat.
Remove the cinnamon stick. Whip the egg white until stiff. Cream the butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon rind and egg yolk. Stir in the rice pudding and egg white.
Place half of the rice mixture in a greased souffle dish, place the plums on top and cover with the remaining rice mixture. Distribute the pieces of butter on top, sprinkle on the flaked almonds and put the dish in the oven.
Conventional oven: approx. 180°C (pre-heated)
Fan oven: approx. 160°C (not pre-heated)
Gas: mark 2-3 (not pre-heated)
Baking time: approx. 40 minutes
Dust the souffle with icing sugar and serve hot.
Serve with the collected plum juice if desired. So, we had such a tasty supper on Christmas. I wish you were here to try it. May be next year?:) Well, I am sure you are hungry after my letter?:) I miss you very much. Please, answer me and write me how you were those days? Were you thinking of me sometimes? I kiss you, yours Anya.
Letter 10
Hello dearest Steve! I'm really sorry that we cannot be together just now but we should be patient honey. I missed you so much! You know I catch myself often thinking of you. Honey,yesterday my friend asked me if I had a gold fish what three wishes I asked her about. And I answered her. 1 wish is to stop all the wars in the world. I hate it and I wish there were no wars at all.
People create death with their own hands,is not it ridiculous?
Nonsense! 2 wish is to stop all the hard illnesses as AIDS in this world. It is not fair that so many people suffer and die from cancer for example. 3 my wish is my mum to be more healthy. Because she worked too much. Now she has a lot of diseases and I cannot see her at her age having weak health. Of course,I am helping her as much as I can. I am eager to work hard and to do my best. I adore my profession,and it is important because if you do not feel like love to the business you do,it won't do to make it right and to get the pleasure of what you deal with. Agree? I'm longing to be a business woman,but if it is to interrupt with my future family and with up-bringing of my children I'll chose a healthy family relations. I want to have enough money to raise my children and to provide them with all the things they really need. I think it is enough to talk about these things,I begin to feel lonely... If I could change something from my past I would not do a thing. Life is interesting with that we cannot change it ,we live as we live and here is a wonder of it! Agree? I have to strike a serious conversation with you honey. I wanted to ask you about one thing. I'm afraid of that but still I'll tell you. I must say in advance that if you answer no,I'll understand and appreciate your decision because it is difficult to make it for the person you have never seen. I wanted to ask to help me with my Internet expenses. I pay for it 200$ a month. First when I begun writing I thought I would be able to do it myself. But now it is getting more and more difficult to me. As you know I do not want to ask my parents about it as I know that they are too old to help me. I wanted to get a second job, I tried, but i have no time for it because of the first one, so I quit.
And now I have to pay for the Internet instead of buying for example,jeans or sweater. I do not ask you to pay fully but if you could give me 100$,the half of the sum I'd be so grateful to you for this my dear! Then I would breath with relief. If you could support me I would be the happiest girl in the world. It could be the best present for me. And i could say with proud that you carry about me.
Still I understand that it might be also difficult for you. If you refuse I DO understand that.
Missing you, yours Anya.
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