Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Mitrofanova to Marius (Romania)

Letter 1
Hi Marius, how are you? I hope you are doing well. My name is Ekaterina. I wanted Find a person who will give me feelings, care, respect and Will appreciate our relationship. Will always support me and be Attentive. And of course I will answer him in return. Because for Women are the most important thing to love and be loved. And only with trust and Mutual love, we can create a strong family. And we can then Understand each other without problems. My man, should be a man on Whom I can rely on, be polite and considerate, and at least A bit romantic. What do you think about it?
I will be waiting for your reply to my email address.
I hope that you write to me today. Regards, Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Marius!!!
Wow, I'm glad to hear from you.
I'm very pleased that you do not left my letter unanswered.
Thank you very much for your attention, I am very I hope that our acquaintance will develop further and we will learn more about each other.
A small part about me you could read in my last letter.
I think you will be interested in learning about me.
I was born on July 21, 1988. My zodiac sign is Cancer.
How are you already you know, I live in Russia, in the Kirov region, in the small town of Kirov.
This is very cozy and beautiful city, which gave me very much in life.
Tell me, please, more about the place in which you live?
In Kirov,I was born, graduated from high school, and got a higher economic education by profession manager.
I do not know English well. And I think we will easily understand each other. But sometimes I still I use a translator. Now I work in a company, manager for sale of furniture.
I paid a lot of time to work, and by the age of 31 I realize that it's time for me to think about creating a family.
While I could not find the right person for me.
So I decided to find it on the internet the only man with whom I could create serious relations.
And maybe in the future this turned into a strong reliable couple or family!
And what are you looking for? Since my childhood my parents brought up me, as a decent and honest girl. I have always shown respect for the elders and took care of people close to me!
From an early age I went to the school of choreography.
And that's why even now I I have a beautiful figure and appearance.
And usually every day I have morning run. I think you can see it in my photos.
But as Do you care about your health? I will be happy to see more of your paintings.
I worked very hard all year to make myself a present, and to go abroad.
I know about your country as a strong and free state, with a developed culture and good traditions.
This was my an old dream to visit your country.
But my most important dream was find a person close to me.
And maybe our acquaintance was not simple coincidence. And I'd like you to tell more about yourself.
I really hope that you will be the person I will be about interesting and easy!
In July I submitted documents to the embassy for registration tourist visa.
At the November, I must be informed answer, but so far I have not received a written notification from them.
Tomorrow, I'll go to the post office and find out for sure.
My trip, to your country, is a good opportunity for our meetings, closer acquaintance and development of relations.
I am very I hope that in the future we will take this opportunity.
I will finish this with my letter and I want to wish you a good day and good mood.
I hope tomorrow to get back from you letter. With kind wishes, Ekaterina!
Letter 3
Good day Marius!
I hope that you are already awake, or does the dream pull you back to bed? :-)
Do you want me to make you a cup of delicious hot tea?
Do you drink tea without sugar or can you put a slice of lemon? :-) Please smile, air kisssssss :-)
I am very pleased to receive an answer from you again. Many thanks for the kind words and concern.
The whole day I was eager to come home, and see your letter.
Today and yesterday, I had a hard working day, I had to pass reports for a month on the work done, and complete some business with clients.
The week to be difficult. I need to complete all my projects, and transfer all my work to the hands of another manager.
And then I can go on vacation with peace of mind.
Today after work, I immediately went to the post office and received a notice with joyful news.
I received a mail letter with an invitation to Moscow, for an interview with the embassy.
In the letter it was written that on November 12. I have to pass a compulsory interview, on these results, I can get a visa.
It is very pleasant news for me that in the near future we will be able to meet face to face, and we will get to know each other and develop our relations!
Your country for me is something very new, I've never been abroad before.
I also do not have any friends there, and so I would like you to become my friend, and maybe something more!
For me the main thing in our relations is, above all, mutual understanding, care, trust and purity of feelings.
I think this is the most important thing that should exist between a man and a woman.
I'm ready to give everything for the man I love, who I cherish more than anything in the world.
To give all my love and affection, completely giving myself to our relationship.
In this case, I would like to feel strong male support and attention to me.
After all, the most important thing for a woman to love, and be loved.
Only in such relations a strong and reliable family is born.
I am ready to do everything to create a family where everyone will feel happy and desirable!
For me, the ideal of a future husband is reliable, kind, fair,
moderately then, a modest man, with a great life potential,
in which there is a feature and of course sexuality and romanticism! And what are your thoughts?
How was your weekend? On Sunday I visited the church, along with my mother. Do you attend church?
I hope you liked my tea, and you gladly read the letter from me, and with a smile on your face, will continue this day!
I wish you good mood and success!
I think, on this I will finish my letter, and I will be going to go to sleep.
I hope that you are not tired of my answer. :-) Tomorrow I need to get up early to go to work, and finish all my affairs.
Your dear Ekaterina. I am very pleased to receive your letters.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Marius!
Brrrrrr, while I was going home from work, I froze.
Today, it was a sunny morning, but the weather is already cold.
According to the calendar is the second week of november. Winter is coming soon.
We now have a bright sun and the leaves are already falling.
At night it becomes cold, about 5 degrees Celsius.
Now I'm at home and happy to read your warm letter!
Thank you very much for keeping me warm! How is the weather now?
Today with my mother was preparing borsh, have you ever tried a Russian borsh ???
It's a very delicious soup, and maybe in the future I can feed you this dish.
I will be very pleased to do this. Since my mother is a good cook,
since childhood I have always been involved in cooking in the kitchen.
This is even my hobby. I also collect recipes. I like to experiment and invent my own specialties!
While everyone was still satisfied with my food, and yet no one was poisoned. :-)
Sometimes my mom and I made culinary fights. The whole day we cooked various delicious dishes with her,and then the guests came to us in the evening, and after dinner we asked what dish is more delicious.Previously, my mother was winning, but now we are preparing at the same level.I'm happy to know what your favorite dish is? Today I talked with my parents about the next trip.They are very worried about me, because I am the only daughter, and when I leave for you, the parents will be left alone, they will miss me very much.
But they are also very happy that I met you. Mom knows that we have a difference in age, and she is positive about this.
My dad is older than my mother for 14 years, even with such a difference, our family is very happy and reliable! I'm very interested in communicating with you. Therefore, I always wanted to meet a man older than me.
Yes, I understand that you are a little older than me. and you know it's even very nice, I feel the power in you.
You are more experienced in life, in a relationship with a woman. You know how to make a woman happy. Write me, what do you think in this case? What is the most important thing in your life for you? My heart does not give me peace of mind, I'm worried! Every day our meeting is getting closer. As you already know, on next week, I'm going to Moscow for an interview and getting a visa, so i need to know exactly which airport I'm going to fly to? So that you can meet me without problems.
My visa will be valid for 90 days. When I have a ticket, I will immediately inform you in the letter all the information about the flight. You, probably, worry and experience before our meeting. I hope, when I arrive to you, you will acquaint me with your relatives, introduce me to friends and close people! I will be interested to know more about your family!
I will end on this and attach some photos of me and my city to the letter. I want to wish you all the very best today, let your day be successful, firmly kiss and embrace my Marius!
I hope you've felt my sweet kiss on your lips!
Your lovely Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Good evening, my gentle gatito Marius!
I am very pleased that you are with me again, it's as if you are somewhere close! I already feel that soon it will come true.
Today was a very intense day, I finished all the work at work and now officially went on vacation. Tomorrow I will need to come to work in the morning, give the other manager the latest documents, and I'm free!
How was your day?
And today, I was at my aunt Valya. She cooked a specially delicious dessert, it was a cake with apples, covered with cream. You just can not imagine what delicious pies my aunt cooks, this can not be abandoned. Mmmmm is wonderful ... :-)
And, nevertheless, we have many deciamos about life, about love.
I told my aunt that you are not like other men, there is something special about you that attracts me very much. By the way, my aunt gave me a gift, which I must tell you, on her behalf. It will be a surprise for you, but for now it will remain a mystery. :-)
Today I collected some things for my trip. And I'm very worried and even a little with fear I'm waiting for this wonderful moment, our meeting!
No, do not be afraid, it's not terrible - it's a fear of pleasure, fear of something unknown.
Mom tried estudiarme me. As a small child who is sent somewhere far away. And actually it is.
It's just that my mother is very worried and worried because she will not be able to see me for a long time. And I'm very worried, and even a little with fear I expect this wonderful moment.
And already looking forward to when I see you I'll write you my phone number so we can have a permanent connection. And we will always be in touch with you. Feel you even closer to me.
Today, I tried to call the embassy to clarify the time for the interview. But since there was end of working day, I could not talk with the secretary. I'll call you tomorrow morning, and I'll tell you the news later. Now I would like to have wings and fly to you. Have not you noticed ???
I'm already close to my fluffy gatito Marius. I sit next to you, and look carefully. I try to make out the features of your caro, and I watch you read this letter. And I watch your caro, its expression, change in the process of reading these words. It would be nice to assume that these words touch your heart, and if so, how do you feel?
Let me have my words gently touch you, and not only my words, but also my feelings that are born to you, gently and gently embrace you. Do you feel their warmth? I hope these words warm you up, and bring a smile to your cara. Let this feeling never leave you, my Marius!
Now I'll go for a walk with a dog. After a walk I want to buy a chocolate snickers and mars this is my favorite treat.
And watch with my parents some movie. Write me, as you will have the opportunity, with impatience I will wait for your answer!
Have a nice evening, gatito ...
Your Ekaterina
Letter 6
Good morning, my furry Marius!
In two hours I have a bus. I talked to the embassy secretary yesterday, and I was invited for an interview.
Tomorrow morning I will arrive in Moscow. At 10:30 I will have an interview at the embassy.
But I think it will be successful, and tomorrow I can get a visa.
Now my dreams are only about us with you, about our soon meeting, about our first date.
I dream how you will meet me at the airport with a bouquet of flowers and tightly embrace me, kiss and calm my excitement!
ohhh let it out! ;-)
But still, I hope for one beautiful rose! :-) I'm very worried now, but I hope that you reassure me. I just want your day to be good. That you were safe, and that you met me in a fine mood!
I think that when I'm already in Moscow, your tender warm letter will wait for me.
Ok, I'll finish this with my letter, and I'll sit with my parents before a long journey.
I just want to hug you tightly and gently beso Your Ekaterina!!! P.s.
Yesterday I sent you two angels to protect your sleep. But they went back and said angels can not look for an angel! You are my most gentle angel with whom I will be happy! Kisss I'm in Moscow, it's very cold and a lot of sun!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Marius,
Today I have received the visa. It made me very happy today. Now I have the complete set of documents for flight to you, but I have troubles with customs control. The embassy told me that I should have the money with him. At the airport, I have to exchange rubles, for currency of your country. And to declare money. Because I should have with myself 2700$ on pocket expenses. A living wage for one day in your country is 30$. This money is necessary for having only with itself and only so I can pass through customs house. It is a pity to me to inform you, but because of this problem my flight to you can not take place. All problem in that that after purchase of the ticket of the plane also I shall have with myself only 1900$ and through customs house it is necessary for me for transition more 800$.
I need in your advice. I can fly to you only if I shall have with myself 2700$.
After purchase of the ticket at me remain in 1900$, but I shall require still in 800$. Marius, i tried to find money, but all efforts were ineffectual. It is a pity to me to inform you about it, but I cannot fly without your help. To fly to you to me it is necessary more 800$ and I do not know that to do now? Whether I do not know you can help me whether or not, but it only your decision. If you can help me I can fly to you and I shall return your expenses back. I should have this money only with myself and if you can help me as soon as we shall meet I shall return this money. Please write to me what to do in this situation.
I could not provide all nuances of my flight, but I hope, that have not changed your plans. You should not help me but as I have already told to you, I can fly only if you can help with this problem. I do not know what to do, but inform that to me to do in this situation. At the airport there is branch moneygram and if you can help me I can receive money very quickly and then I can buy the ticket of the plane. Then I shall give the full information of my flight. If you can help me, that send 800$ to me through the money transfer system and I can receive money during short time. As in department money transfer system to me have informed
For send money through money gram will need know my full name
Ekaterina Mitrofanova.
Address: Russia, Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport, 141425. Please do not get mad at me, I could not provide all the nuances of my flight. I make a great first trip. I'm like you already knew at the airport. Then an Internet cafe. I'll wait for your letter. Please write me soon. Very much I want for you my kitten.
Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 8
Hello my dear and my the only one love Marius!
I realize that you became a very important part of my life and I can't imagine it without you... I'm feeling myself happy when I see your letters, read tender words for me...
I need you my love and want to believe that you have same feelings for me too... Sure that we will spend great unforgettable time with each other, I have a lot of ideas what we can do together on our future meeting! ;) But as you already know I met this problems now with this ****** immigration rules for tourists and this problems killing me and I really don't know what to do now... Please try to understand that I can't go to you without this money, unfortunately it's obligatory rule and I must obey it. I already asked all my friends and relatives but nobody can't help me right now and you are my the only one resort...
I hate myself because of asking you for this help but I'm sure that you are serious man and you won't leave me alone with all this problems!
My dear, I need only 800 $ - I will add this money to money which I have, show in custom inspection that I have all necessary 2700 $ for trip to you and after it I can immediately buy a nearest flight to you honey!
My love, I told you many times and repeating you once again that I won't waste even a cent of your money and return you them immediately on our meeting at the airport with thousand hugs and kisses!
Please try to understand my situation, I'm alone with all this problems now and they drives me crazy and sad...
all what I want now - to be with you in your arms, want to kiss and hug you and forget about all this problems...
I need you and want to be with you, it's my main desire and even thoughts that we won't meet each other killing me...
Honey I need your support in this hard moment and I believe that you help me to solve this problem and we will be together as planned - it's all what I'm dreaming about.
It was a hard day, tired very much and in a little depression because of all problems, need to have a rest really. Hope you will receive this my letter soon and we will solve this problem together!
Please don't forget that you are always with me in my dreams and hope that soon my dream will come true and we will see each other in real life!
with all my love,
your Ekaterina
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