Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Sergeevna Sherstobitova to Jim (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hey. my name Anastasiya. I live in Russia. I look for the kind and careful man for the relation and a meeting. Distance for me not a problem.
The point is that I had bad experiences with Russian the man. Now I try to look for for border.
Your age doesn't frighten me. I look for the man is more senior than I the point is that I had a bad experience with young men.
Don't speak to me about money. I don't look for money. I know that there are many bad women in Russia. They want money and on it deceive men.
But there are also good women. not all people identical. I want to tell that these women arrive badly and god punishes them for it.
Deception it is very bad, you agree with me? I don't look for money. I don't look for wealth.
I apply my photo to this message. If you have interest, then answer me also with your photo and tell a little about you.
I'll be waiting. Anastasiya....

Letter 2

Hello Jim. tell me how are you?
I received your email address. Thanks for writing to me. Can we start dating? :)
I will be glad of it. I love to meet and communicate with new people. and you ?
Jim, I was pleased to receive your photo, you are a cute and elegant man. You have a nice face, I tell you :)
please send me some more of your photos. You are very beautiful. you have a beautiful dog. what is her name? what breed is it?
I'll tell you a little about me.
I live in the city of Kirov. I work as a salesman in a toy and souvenir shop.
I understand that we are far from each other, but I think it will not interfere with our communication, what do you think?
my goal is to meet a kind and caring man from Europe and to move forever from Russia.
I want to send you some of my photos and I want to know your opinion.
I'll be waiting for your letter.

Letter 3

Hi Jim!
how are you doing? Again it is pleasant to me to receive your answer:)
I am very glad that got acquainted. you me
interested:) and I would like to learn more about you.
Jim, me was very pleasant to see your nice photos again. I will be glad if you constantly send me your new photos:)
I told you a little about me
I want to tell about myself again in more detail. I am 32 years old. I was born 3 March. my growth 165, and weight 48.
I live in Russia, in the small village which is called Pizhanka. these are nearly 150 km from the big city of Kirov.
In my village nearly 3700 inhabitants live. I live alone in the private house. Also I have a kitchen garden where I grow up vegetables. I like to bring order to a kitchen garden. My mother taught it me.
I want to tell a little about the family.
My parents unfortunately are already dead.
I also have no children.
I want to tell you that I was for border only 1 time. 2 years ago I visited Germany the city of Bremen.
I lived with the man half of year there, and then I left it. he began to treat badly me and changed me with other German women. I was upset and left from him. I do not want to remember it. it is painful to me to remember. I hoped that it will be with me all life, and I wanted to marry it in the future, but he betrayed me. and now I want again to try to find the kind and careful man from Europe and to marry.
to me 32 years and I want to begin rather new life is happy. for me
it is desirable that the man was more senior than me.
Jim, tell a little about you. Than you carry away?
Send me several your photos. I will be glad them to look.
Tell me a little about you and your way of life, and your family.
in Russia it is very difficult to find good the man. did you likely hear about men from Russia? They treat women badly and like to drink many alcohol.
I send you several photo with my work.
I will look forward your letter.
Best regards, Anastasiya!

Letter 4

Hi Jim! I am glad to receive your letter again.
how are you doing today ? How do you spend your time today? please tell me.
It seems to me that if we had a common walk, we would not be bored. You and I could find a common topic for conversation.
for 2 days of our acquaintance I really liked you. I feel that you are kind and caring.
Jim, I really like to get your new photos, you're really a very nice man and I think you're caring :)
I want to ask you, do you want me to come to you and spend your holidays with you? my vacation starts in 4 days and he will last 30 days. I understand if you can not get a vacation in 4 days. Can I come to you and settle in a hotel? and we could meet there and talk about everything in person.
It seems to me that you are kind and caring and for this I am not afraid to go to you. What do you think about this? nothing keeps me in Russia. after the death of my parents, my views on life changed and I would like to leave Russia forever.
since childhood I dreamed of leaving Russia and living in Europe. there are terrible laws and people get small salaries trying to survive.
what do you think? could we start a new life together?
maybe I'm in a hurry? but I really liked you.
Jim, you and I haven't talked about hobbies yet. I wonder what hobbies you have hobbies?
I want to tell you a little about my hobbies.
I like cooking very much. I basically know how to cook well
dishes from Russian cuisine.
Jim, do you like to cook? Tell me please.
I'm also interested in finding out what kind of music you listen to?
I mostly listen to pop.
I listen mostly to singers like Maksim, Madonna, M.Jakson, to like the bands Serebro, Nightwish.
I hope my letter is not too big? the thing is, I want to tell more about me. I also want to receive a detailed letter about you.
I want to send you my photos again. I'm also looking forward to your photos.
I am at work now. I hope you will write me soon.
I'll be waiting for your letter. Anastasiya!

Letter 5

Hey Jim. I am happy to read your lines again. your letter very much pleases me. I have a good mood today. how today did your day begin?
I already said to you in my last letter that my holiday begins soon and I think to us it is necessary to organize a meeting. the point is that you are pleasant to me and I want to recognize you personally. my holiday begins in 3 days and it will last 30 days. I am very glad if you invite me. but I have a small fear.
I already told you earlier, about former the man. and I want to tell you in more detail about my relations about German the man. 2 years ago I got acquainted with the man from Germany. his name is Franz. it seemed to me kind and careful. he invited me in Germany to spend time with it and to recognize each other personally. I told it at once that I have no money for a trip. I am not a rich woman and I never was for border. he told that with it there are no problems. and that he will help me with a trip. I was naive and agreed. now I remember that the trip in Germany cost about 296 euro earlier. he sent me money. I processed all necessary documents and went to him. we met and were very happy to see each other. but soon he began to sleep with other woman, but he did not admit it. he lied to me. began to offend me. and I decided to leave it. I long cried. but I found forces to forget it.
After this story, I had no serious relations.
Unfortunately in my country of Russia, many men drink alcohol much and beat women. It is not pleasant to me. here on it I decided to look for the man for border. I hope that I will be able to find quickly worthy man. I want to begin as soon as possible the serious relations with the man as I was tired to be in loneliness. I am ready even to leave Russia right now.
here everything bothered me. I was betrayed constantly. now my parents died and nothing holds me here.
Jim, I will be glad and it will be very pleasant to me if you tell me pleasant words. I am pleasant to you?
I stop writing you the letter. I will wait for your letter, and I ask send me still your photos.
I kiss you.



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