Scam Letter(s) from Natalia to Jay (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi Jay, I met you on the website. I want to say right away that I'm only interested in serious relationships, I do not have time for games. If you are ready, we can continue to communicate.

Letter 2

Hello, Jay. I do not even know what to start with. Perhaps this is a little trite.The girls are embarrassed at the first meeting. I'm interested in you and I decided to write you. This is something new for me, intriguing and interesting. Well, here I am writing you my letter. Hello, my name is Natalya. I'm 30 years old. I do not think that age is so important in people's lives, because age is just a figure. I live in Minusinsk. I was born and grew up in Kochergino. I studied at a small school, I studied perfectly. I loved learning and it was easy. I gladly participated in amateur performances, I danced in a choreographic ensemble. And how did you study? What subjects did you love more: science or the humanities? Did you do anything else in your free time? After graduation from school, I entered the institute,
because higher education is important enough for a future career. But I had to think seriously about the faculty. It was not easy for me to concentrate on one thing. I chose an economic specialty. Years in the university were full of events. By the way, I played in the KVN team (a comedy show). I have a good sense of humor. I want to know about your student life. How did you choose the profession? Are you still getting in touch with former classmates? I also had no problems with the first working experience. When I got the diploma, they invited me to have a full-time position. My classmates envied me and told that I am lucky. Now I live and work in Minusinsk. Now you already know a little about me. So I want to ask you a lot of questions to know you. How did you grow up? What do you like besides work? What is your personality? What were you in your youth? What are the goals for the future? I'll look forward to your reply with impatience. Natalya

Letter 3

Today I woke up very early. And in the morning when I had coffee, I looked out the window and watched the touching picture. The guy, apparently unfamiliar, helped the girl carry heavy bags and some kind of box and loaded things into the taxi car. There are such moments very rarely in everyday life. I decided to write to you under the impression of my own condition. I consider it important for a man to be sympathetic and strong, be able to make decisions, help, determine priorities and goals in life, follow his principles, because a man is a warrior and a getter. And of course such a man for his future family will be like a stone wall. The model of the family for me of course is my parents. They are typical Soviet intellectuals and gave me a decent education. They set an example of relations between people and work.
In my choice of profession they supported me. And also thanks to them now I do not regret of my choice. I love my work, because I feel stability in my actions and feel growth. I consider myself as a well-established person. The goals that I set for myself - I achieve. In addition to the profession and good work I have other interests and hobbies. I do sport and spend time with friends. By the way I like crosswords and board games. And how do you spend your days? What do you do in your spare time? What are your interests and hobbies? Did your parents help you with the choice? But sometimes something is missing ... Jay, maybe the reason for this is a desire to achieve another goal?
Perhaps there is not enough lasting relationship. I'm not focused on this yet. In my student years I had a relationship, but this did not lead to marriage and the family. I then thought it was too early to talk about serious relationships, because I was young. When I became older, my career and personal growth came to the forefront. Therefore at this stage, my conscious choice is to be free. And did you have a serious relationship during your studies and early career? Jay, but now I have a desire to have a family. I want to find the right man, to love and give him all my love and care. Jay, I think that now my goal is to become a beloved, wife, mother ... Apart from a career, it is just so necessary and important for the full value of the girl. I will be happy if you can answer my questions. Is it possible to combine family and career? I'm waiting for the next letter. Hug you Natalya

Letter 4

Hello Jay! How was your day? what did you do? How is the weather in your city? Today I was hoping to see your letter. I thought you would write to me. I wanted to talk to you about interests. Better to know you. I was hoping that you would write me your letter. But when I came to the library, I did not see your letter. Tell me why you didn't write me? I hope that you answer me. I hope that I have neither offended nor offended you. And I hope you write to me. I will be waiting for your letter. Natalya

Letter 5

Hello Jay. I was happy to read your letter today. I think that with each letter we become closer and get to know each other better, even being at a distance. Jay, I'm sure that our correspondence is a very interesting way of communication, and it can make friends and make people closer than at meetings in person, being in the same city ... What do you think about this? I have excellent examples of such relationships between people. I personally have supported school friendship for many years. Do you have such correspondence with relatives or friends? Jay, it is perhaps very difficult to understand the interlocutor when you do not see him side by side and especially if he is of another nationality from another country and speaks another language. But I think that if people can communicate through letters, relying only on inner feelings, then at a meeting they will be able to understand each other with a single word. Do you agree? I think that there is something lyrical and intriguing in the letters. Jay, What do you think about this? Very often people can not say much but it is much easier to write. Maybe because at a distance it's easier to open the soul and show the inner world. Jay, thanks for answering my questions. I was very interested to read your letter. And in each new line to learn about you more and more. I really like to chat with you and learn more about you. Jay, what exactly do you want to know about me? I will be glad to receive from you questions that interest you and I will be happy to answer all your questions that interest you. Thank you for your kind and gentle words. I am very pleased that you like my paintings and I am pleased that you like my clothes that I wear. Jay, it is very healthy that you love fishing. I also love to fish. When I was little, my dad always took me on a fishing trip and I was fishing with him. I really enjoyed spending time with my dad fishing. I liked to watch the nature that surrounded us, enjoy the silence and just spend time with my dad. And since then I really love fishing. I really liked your pictures with which you shared with me. I hope that you will continue to share your pictures with me, because your pictures bring me great joy. I'm a romantic Russian girl. Jay of course I believe in a relationship from a distance. Such relationships can have a long-term future. And if one of the two feels that there is something more than friendship then it's very real to meet. All you need is to take a chance and risk and come to the person you love. Jay, for me this is the first experience, when I communicate with a completely unfamiliar man and even more on the Internet. Was it your idea to get acquainted in this way or someone’s advise? Was it doubtful? Who knows maybe our communication can have bright future? At least I'm already very interested in communicating with you. I hope this is mutual? Do you like me as a companion? What else would you like to know about me? Jay what do you think about the distance between us? Did you have a relationship at a distance? I really like to finish my letters with questions to you. I hope that you will be able to answer my questions because this will allow us to get to know each other better. I look forward to the next letter. Natalya

Letter 6

Hello Jay. How do you? How is your mood? Today I have a very cheerful mood, although today I want to write to you about my work. I immediately wrote to you after the working day. I warn that economic affairs may not be very interesting. Just figures, calculations and analysis are my best friends. It`s joke. I'll also talk about a new hobby. Jay, I apologize that I did not respond to your letter of faith.
I could not answer you on your letter, because I had to stay yesterday at work. I really wanted to make it to the library before it was closed, but due to the fact that I had a lot of work yesterday I did not have time to go to the library. When I was free, the library was already closed at that time. I really wanted to get your letter. I really wanted to read your letter. I was very upset that I did not have time to the library to read your letter and reply to you. I missed my communication with you and your letters. I was very glad when I came to the library today and received your letter from you. Jay, I hope that you will not be offended at me and hold a grudge against me, that I did not answer your letter yesterday. I really hope that you can understand me and enter my position. Jay, I really liked your joke. smile.
Jay Why did you divorce your wife 8 years ago? I am very interested and I wanted you to tell me about it. I think that fate gave us a chance and brought us to the Match. com Jay, on the dating site, I chose Brampton as my home, because there is no way on the site to indicate my real country and city in which I live. So I chose Brampton because I really liked this name. smile. Jay, I really like our communication with you very much. You are really very interesting to me and I want to continue to develop communication with you and I hope that it will lead you to something more serious than just communication. Jay, in Russia men are only interested in alcohol and sex. Therefore, I am not interested in such men, they are not educated, they use foul language, they drink vodka, and some even raise a hand against women. Thank you for sharing your pictures with me, from your fishing. I really like your pictures and I hope that you will continue to delight me with your pictures. Jay, my letter will be about my interests besides work, about a hobby. I am an economist and work according to my specialty. In Russia it is rare to get a job according to the education. Tell me about employment in your country? Is it easy to find a job? How is the situation with unemployed in your country? I work in the local bank branch and am a specialist in the management of corporate programs for small and medium-sized businesses. There is an inspiring atmosphere in the team. I make contracts with legal entities, accounting, documentation. This is a very interesting sphere. There is a big competition between similar programs in different banks. Managers and analysts of our bank create incredible projects. I am proud to help them. I think it's very boring to hear about my work, and now I'll tell you about my hobbies. I study painting! I always wanted to start drawing but I always thought that I could not do it. And I was right that it's not easy! But I do not despond! I try diligently lesson by lesson. It is very exciting! Now I still can not draw still-lifes, but my cubes and cones are quite volume. Do you paint? Do you like painting? Do you like any particular master or style maybe? I read about styles in art and biographies of artists, in general the history of art. I enjoy reading. Do you like reading? I prefer classical literature, but I also like some modern authors as well. As for genre I can not distinguish, perhaps I value more quality of books and not the kind. Maybe do you have a different opinion? What books do you read? Maybe scientific? Jay, I really hope that you can tell me about your work and your hobbies, I'll be happy to know about it. Waiting for your letter. I embrace you. Nataiya

P.S .: I have a possibility to write letters only in the library next to the house, so I can not always answer at once. In advance I apologize for the possible time intervals between the answers.

Letter 7

Hello Jay. How's your day? Today I had a very busy and difficult day. I just came home from work, and immediately go to read your letter.
Jay, today in my letter I would very much like to tell you more about my childhood. I hope that it will be really pleasant and interesting for you to find out. I always love talking to you more and I always love telling you about me, as you noticed. smile. I loved my childhood very much, because I always had almost everything I wanted. My mother often gave me various gifts, even if it was very expensive for her.
Now in my pocket is my talisman, which reminds me of my childhood. Jay, when my mom and I had our walk down the street, I asked her for some kind of chocolate or toy. That very day I was not obedient and I just wanted something new. My mom had no money at all, but I probably didn’t understand it and could demand to buy me anything. Mom refused me and I really was very sad. I went and cried. I screamed like some kind of crazy. smile. At that moment we passed next to the grocery store, to which I always go now and my mother told me that we should buy bread at home. I did not speak to her anymore, because I was hurt that I could not get my chocolate bar. But when my mother came to me with bread, she gave me a chocolate egg "Kinder Surprise" I was so glad! I was so glad that my mother bought me a chocolate bar. But that was not all. When I opened it, I also saw a toy! Immediately I had a smile on my face and as I remember on my soul and in my heart there was such joy that I even lost my speechlessness. I have remembered that day for all my life and I still remember it. That toy is a little penguin that rides on skis. He is so funny! smile. I always wear it now with myself, because now it is my talisman. I always remember the care of my parents for me and I always remember the day when my mother made me such a great gift. I was glad to talk about this to you and I was very pleased to tell you this incident. I really want you to get to know me more. I will also be glad if you can tell me what is the case from your life. I wrote you my letter today for a very long time and I will be able to answer all your questions tomorrow. I hope that you will not be offended by me. I will re-read your letter and write you back tomorrow. I love our communication and I will be very pleased if you send me more of your photos. Today I had a business meeting on one of the projects. I never thought that people could be so aggressive. I did not think that highly ranked people could be so aggressive and inadequate in their actions and statements. Jay, do you want me to tell you? This is a long contract. The client is a local provincial jewelry factory. Our company has long worked out a strategy for working with this enterprise. Negotiations constantly broke down and it wasn’t our fault every time. First the director was on vacation then they did not have time to meet with us. In advance we already received prepaid expense and we could not refused actually otherwise we had to pay a penalty. But the money is constantly circulating at the bank and practically there is no possibility of withdrawing the amount without demand. This is the specifics of the department. We professionally prepared several options, launched for testing! I personally compiled the necessary documentation on the selected decision, the estimate for implementation and further support. I was completely confident in the work. I am a good specialist and my boss checked everything and approved it. Jay, I was even angered a little bit because the leadership of the jewelry factory did not know what they wanted. And every day they changed their minds. It turned out in the end that the director and his deputy could not find a consensus, while both have the right to vote and alternately made adjustments without discussing with each other. I'm tired of this. Because I am very responsible for work and very worried about working moments. And today I did not know how to calm down and just went out into the street. I stood and looked at the sky, at the clouds. Then I tuned in for a positive and went back to the meeting room. Then it was easier to continue the negotiations. As a result: a signed the contract! Hooray! Although it was psychologically difficult but our team had success. We will receive bonuses at the end of the quarter. And how can you calm yourself down when you are in a stressful situation? How do you cope with difficult situations? What helps you to calm down? Now I told you and it became easier for me, because I could speak out. Jay, I really hope that you will be able to talk about difficult situations in your life and how you came out of them as a winner. I'm looking forward to your letter. Natalya



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