Scam letter(s) from Valeria Lithabla to Don (UK)

Letter 1
Guten morgen meine liebste mann! Wie geht es die Stimmung? Ich bin Tatiana. Ich habe deine E-Mail-Adresse in eine Online-Dating abgewinnen. Kurzlich habe ich auflosen die Dienst eine Heiratsagentur im globale Netzwerk zu ausnutzen. Ich traume kennenlernen eine ernster Herr fur einer ernsthafte Einstellungen. Ich hoffe, das Sie daran willst unsere Kommunikation weiter. Gefallt Sie mein Photographie? Magst du meine Gestalt? Falls Sie begehren, konnen ich du grosser von meinen Fotos absenden. Ich ausserst hoffe, du bist kein Perverser und du wirst mich kein nach entblosst Fotografies frag. Ich bin ein anstandige Frau und ich werde nie entblosst Photographies schicken. Ich mochte wieder sagen, was ich allein an einer serios Beziehung suche. Bittschrift erzahl mir mehr uber Ihre Hobbys. Wie kann ich mich bei Ihnen bewerben? Wo einwohnen Ihr? Wie Alter bist du? Ich werde ungeduldig dein Nachricht warten. Tatiana,
Good morning my dearest man! How is the mood? I am Tatiana. I have your e-mail address in an online dating. Recently I have been giving up the service of using a marriage agency in the global network. I dream to get to know a serious gentleman for a serious attitude. I hope you want to continue our communication. Do you like my photograph? Do you like my figure? If you desire, I can send you more of my photos. I really hope you are not a pervert and you will not ask me for any photos. I am a decent woman and I will never send photographs without a penny.
I would like to say again what I am looking for alone in a serious relationship. Please tell me more about your hobbies. How can I apply to you? Where do you inhabit? How old are you? I will wait impatiently for your message.
Letter 2
Hello Weldon.
Thanks for the answer. My name is Tatyana. I am sorry that I did not answer you before. I only have access to the internet during my work.
I do not have access to the internet at home. I hope you can understand me. I work as a seller of cosmetics and perfumes. I want to tell you more about me.
I live in the city Kamyshin. My city is in the Volgograd region in Russia. You can find it on the map.
I understand that there is a big distance between us. I hope that's no problem for you. I think that distance is not a problem in the modern world.
Now it's hard for me to start a new relationship. My last relationship did not end well. I studied English when I was at university.
So I decided to find a man abroad. My English is not perfect. I apologize for making mistakes.
But I hope you understand me. I hope you are not afraid of the great distance between us, and we can continue our acquaintance.
I decided to use the internet to find the right man in the big world. I want to create a reliable and honest relationship without lying.
I would like to tell you right away that I am not interested in flirting or a short novel. I am interested in a serious relationship.
I want to find a grown man who takes life seriously. I want to find the right partner.
If you are not interested in a serious relationship, please do not answer this letter. I have talked to some men on the internet before.
But most just wanted to get my bare photos. It was very uncomfortable for me. I would like to tell you that I will never send ***** photos.
I hope you do not ask me for **** photos. Now I am 34 years old.
My birthday is on the 2nd of August. My size is 170 centimeters. My weight is 53 kilograms. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle.
I do not smoke. I drink alcohol in small quantities and only during the holidays. I can cook well. I'm just trying to eat healthy, prepared food.
I do not like clubs and discos. My character is calm. I do not like to argue. I do not know what I should say about myself now.
Maybe you want to learn something different about me? Ask me and I will answer in any case. I'll wait for your answer.
I hope you will tell me more about you and your interests. I also hope you will send me your photos.
Letter 3
Hello Don!
Thank you for your answer. What is your mood today? I hope we will have good communication.
I understand that we cannot meet today, tomorrow or in a week. But I am sure that we will find a way to meet in the future if we develop our relationship.
What do you think about it? I think that distance is not a problem in the modern world. That is why I decided to look for a man abroad.
Now it is important for me to get to know a person as best as possible before starting something serious.
I would like to have a relationship with a man who is older and more experienced than me. Because seriousness comes with age. Do you agree with me?
I have already talked with men who were younger than me. They were all not serious in a relationship.
As I told you, I am looking for an adult man for a serious relationship.
Therefore, I want to meet a man who is older and more experienced than me. I believe that the most important thing in a relationship is honesty, trust and respect.
Please answer me honestly. Are you interested in chatting with me? I hope my letters don't bore you.
Today I want to tell you a little about my family.
I hope you will be interested. My family is not big. I only have a father. I live with my father. My father was a military man. Now he is old and he is a pensioner.
He is already 66 years old. I always help my father and take care of him. My father's name is Nikolay. I grew up without a mother.
Sorry, but I would not want to talk about my mom now. It was very hard for me when my mother left this world. I am grateful to my father for a good upbringing.
My father is a good man. He spends most of his time at home. We always try to help each other in everything. I have no brothers or sisters. I've never been married.
I do not have children. My family is not big, but very friendly. We always support each other in difficult situations. I think this is the most important thing.
Can you tell me something interesting about your family? I would be very happy. On this I will finish my letter. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to read your letter again.
Today I send you photos with my father. I hope you like it.
Your Tatyana.
Letter 4

Hello Don.
What is your mood today? I am pleased with the fact that you do not forget about me and wrote to me again. Unfortunately, today I have a bad day.
Today, when I went to work, I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor. Now my phone is broken. I can't turn it on.
I am very upset because this phone was very expensive for me. My father gave me this phone for my last birthday. And now my phone is broken.
In the coming days I will go to the repair service. I really hope that my phone can be repaired there. And how was your day? What's new?
Thank you for sending me your photo. I liked her.
I would like to tell you more about my work. I already told you that I work as a cosmetics and perfumery seller. There is a computer here.
I use this computer for work and to write you letters. I have to be careful. If my boss sees that I use a computer to communicate with you, then I may have problems.
I hope you understand me. I cannot use the computer for my personal purposes. But I write to you when no one sees me. I feel comfortable at my work.
For all the time of my work (approximately 3 years) I have not had any incidents. My job is to distribute cosmetics and perfumes in different categories.
Basically, all my work is related to paperwork. This is a fairly quiet job and does not require much fuss.
The main thing to be attentive.
When I first started working, it was a little difficult for me. I made some mistakes. But now I am accustomed to my work and no longer make mistakes.
I am good at my job. I work every day except Sunday. Unfortunately, this is my only way to access the internet. Therefore, I can not write to you on Sundays.
I hope you understand me. I send you my photos from the office where I work. I hope you like it. I would like you to tell me more about your work.
I would be very interested to learn more about your work. Will you tell me something interesting about your work?
Today, after work, I'm going to help my father do the house cleaning. I like cleanliness and order. I will finish my letter now. I will look forward to your next letter.
Letter 5
Hello Don.
I received your letter. Communicating with you gives me a joy that I did not have before. I don't feel lonely because of you.
Even the fact that my phone is broken doesn't make me sad. I went to the repair service. The master looked at my phone.
He told me that repairing my phone would take about 2-3 weeks. Repairing my phone requires spare parts that are not currently available.
Need to order these parts. They will arrive only in 1-2 weeks. Then my phone can be repaired. I hope that the repair of my phone does not take too much time.
I have to be without a phone for some time. I hope you understand me.
Excellent photo. I'm glad you share your photos.
I would like to know how your day goes. When do you wake up? What do you do during the day? When do you go to bed? What do you like to do in the evening on weekdays?
Do you like to watch movies or read books? Every day I wake up at 8:00. I almost always go to my job by 10:00 and work until 20:00.
When I come home, I immediately start cooking. Do you like cooking? I can cook very well. I can cook various soups. I like cooking salads. It is very quick and easy.
I like Caesar salad. Especially the tomatoes in it and the sauce. I like to eat. But I do not get ***. I think I have a beautiful figure. I often go in for sports.
What are your favorite foods? My father taught me to cook since my childhood. I helped him in the kitchen when I was 18 years old. I know a lot of different recipes.
And I'm sure you haven't tried many of the dishes that I can cook. Have you ever eaten pancakes, borscht, or dumplings? Have you tried any of the above?
I rarely go to cafes and restaurants. Cooking takes me a little time. After cooking, I like to watch TV. I recently watched the movie “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”.
Have you seen this movie? I like this movie. Watching this movie gave me pleasure. I like comedies, dramas, historical films. Sometimes I like to watch horror movies.
What do you like to watch? What is your favorite movie? I will look forward to your early reply. I hope my photos will make your mood better.
These photos were taken this winter. I hope you enjoy the look of a real Russian winter.
Letter 6
Hello Don!
I am glad to see your letter today. Your letter gives me a good mood. I am glad that we are writing letters to each other. After meeting you my life begins to fill with bright colors.
I was glad to see your new photos today. I liked them. You know when I go to bed, I mostly wear pajamas. But sometimes I sleep in a T-shirt.
Today I would like to tell you about my past and my past relationships. I think it will be interesting for you. I will not tell you much about my childhood.
I was not born in a rich family. But I think I had a good childhood. My father tried to do everything for me. Although sometimes there were some adversities.
But still, I remember my childhood only with joy. When I was in school, I was not interested in relationships with boys. I spent all my time studying.
I was sure that if I received a good education, I could get a good place in life. I successfully finished school. Then I entered the university. I studied at the Faculty of Economics.
I also studied very well at university. And in five years I graduated. At university I got my first experience in relationships. I met a guy who was my age.
I was in a relationship with him for half a year. I thought he was a good guy. But in the end I realized that he was cheating on me with another girl.
When I found out about this, I left it forever. I believe that the main thing in a relationship is honesty and trust. He deceived me. So I decided to leave it.
Since a relationship with a lie can not be. I no longer tried to start a new relationship and ignored all the guys when I was studying at the university.
I successfully graduated from university. And before me there was a question where to get a job. But unfortunately I could not get a job in my profession.
It turned out that there are many economists in Russia. And you can get a job in this specialty only if you have friends who can help you.
I got a job as a salesman in a clothing store. There I got a second experience in a relationship. I met the second man in my life. He came to the store to buy jeans.
I helped him choose a good jeans. Then he asked for my phone number. He was very polite, and I decided to give him my number.
Then, after about three months, I already lived with him. I had a wonderful six months of life. I was happy and I wanted it to last forever.
But then my boyfriend got a new interest. This is alcohol. It began the most terrible time for me. He started drinking alcohol every day.
He began to degrade. I tried to help him fix it. I tried to help him get rid of alcoholism. He began to take all my salary. And we practically had nothing to live on.
I could not do anything. I felt really helpless. One day he tried to hit me. Then I left him alone. I had no other choice. I tried to help him get rid of alcoholism.
But I did not succeed. He became very angry. It was not the most pleasant experience in relationships with men.
And so it was very difficult for me to start a new relationship with other men. Since then, I have not had relationships with men.
I changed jobs. As you know, I am currently working as a cosmetics and perfumery sales manager.
After all this, I decided to try to find a man on the Internet. Now I met you. I like chatting with you.
I think you are a good man. I want a simple female happiness. I get great pleasure from communicating with you.
And I hope that this will be reflected in real life. I would like to know more about your past relationships, if you do not mind.
Is it possible Have you tried to find a girlfriend on the Internet? Or is this your first online dating experience?
I hope that my today's letter did not tire you, and you read it to the end. I will look forward to your next letter. Do you like my photos? I will finish my letter.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Don.
I am pleased to read your letter. Your letter brings a smile to my face. I am waiting for the moment when I can check my email again and read your letter.
It gives me a good mood.
Thank you for the photos that you send me, for several days now. I am pleased that you began to share with me photos from your life. I understand that you had a bad experience with women on the Internet.
But not all women are interested only in money. There are honest and decent women who are looking for a serious relationship and true love.
I believe that money is not the main thing in a relationship, the main thing is trust and feelings. I hope you understand that.
Today I would like to tell you about my friends. Are you interested? I hope you will be interested. I want to say that I do not have many friends.
I have only one best friend. Her name is Kristina. She is my age. We have known each other since childhood. We studied together from first grade in school.
I shared with her almost all the secrets and impressions. We have always been honest with each other.
She was lucky in this life. She is already married.
She has a good husband. I told her about you. I told her that I recently met a good man on the Internet.
You are very interesting to me. I feel strong sympathy for you.
I hope you don't mind what I told her about you? I promised her to show your photos. You do not mind, do you?
I'll be glad if you send me the photos and I will show them to Kristina. Kristina is glad that I began to communicate with you. She sees that I have become much more cheerful.
Kristina knows about my past relationships, and how badly they ended. She always supports me. Kristina wishes you all the best. She says hello to you.
I send you photos with my friend Kristina. Do you like my photos with Kristina? I hope that yes. Can you tell me something interesting about your friends?
I will be very interested. Communicating with you, I begin to understand that you are a good man. I hope I am not mistaken in you. I would like to talk to you on the phone.
What do you think about it? I ask you to write me your phone number. I would like to call you and talk to you on the phone. I think we are ready to talk on the phone.
It will be interesting! I think you would like to talk to me on the phone too. I have never called another country.
Therefore, I will ask you to write me your full home number or mobile. I think it will be better if you leave me your mobile phone so that I can always get through to you.
What is the code in your country? What numbers will I need to dial to call you? You know my phone is broken. But I think I can call you from a public telephone.
I already learned about it. It will not be expensive for me. I'll be waiting for your phone number. I hope you write to me soon. I send you my kiss along with this letter.
Letter 8
Hello Don.
I am very glad to read your letter. Your letters always fill me with joy. Sometimes I do not understand how I could live without such joy before.
I am very pleased that you write to me. Thank you for paying attention to me. Although it is difficult to understand at this distance.
But I feel it when I read your letters. Our communication is important to me. And for you?
Thank you for your phone number. I will call you on Monday. I hope you answer my phone call and I will hear your voice.
I don't want to hide anything from you because I trust you. It means a lot to me. It is very hard for me to open my soul to many people. But with you I can talk on various topics.
I feel free to communicate with you. I want to tell you my secret. Almost no one knows anything about this secret. Only a few people. I am ready to share this secret with you.
I really hope that this does not change your opinion about me. This may shock you a little. I'm still ashamed of it. When I was 17, I was young. I wanted to get a lot.
I could not afford to buy some clothes. And I stole clothes in the store several times. And it turned out very well. To be honest, I was just very lucky.
But once I was caught by the store owner. I spent the whole night in the police until my father came for me. The police could not punish me because I was underage.
But my father had to pay for all the things I stole. I was registered with the police. I had to report to the police for six months.
I still remember with horror the look of my father that day. I immediately feel very ashamed. But after that, I never broke the law again.
After that, I did not even cross the street to a red traffic light. I was afraid to meet my father’s gaze again. It is, of course, very terrible to know that about me.
But I hope that you have not changed your opinion about me because of this. I just want you to know that. I want to be honest with you. Now I have no problems with the law.
My father forgave me, and we get along well. I'm not a perfect girl. Please do not think that I am perfect.
But I try to be good. It is very important for me.
I want us to be completely honest with each other. I have not been the same as I was then. Now I am an adult woman, and I try to do the right thing. Do you have any secrets?
Can you share with me I would like to know. It is very important for me. I hope you tell me. Today I send you photos with my cat.
I have a cat. My friend Kristina gave it to me for my birthday two years ago. My cat's name is Boris. He is a very smart cat. I will look forward to your letter.
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