Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Vladimirovna to David (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi David! Thanks that you have answered my profile. It is very pleasant for me:) I at once want to ask you for what you want to correspond with me? As I want to explain to you for what I have placed the profile on a site of acquaintances on the Internet... I the student, study on a faculty of law, I finish the fifth rate. At me good family - mum and my senior brother. Mine the daddy was the militarian (served in special armies) he was the commander... he was lost two years ago executing a service duty (at clearing hostages in Moscow). I very much loved mine the daddy. him strongly does not suffice me: ((( My senior brother, his name Andrey studied at military university. Now he serves in special military group. he is married. Also lives I?AAEYII from us. I live with mum. My mum this Hour anywhere does not work, - she the pensioner. Earlier she worked in militia.:) At me it is a lot of hobbies... I like to read, go to theatre, cinema, cafe, dancing clubs. I am engaged in dances, I go to pool, every Friday I go to go for a drive on horses. My favourite season is autumn:) I very much like my country (Russia) but I do not want to remain here.... Because in Russia the life every year becomes worse and worse... I want to meet the person who will be for me a support and my most favourite husband. With which I can create normal family and bring up children. In the person I appreciate the following: Honesty, Mind, Culture, Decency, Fidelity and Love. For me has no value appearance of the person.... The most important that the person was pleasant and open by soul! If you have questions to me that please, ask me I shall necessarily answer you! And now I have some questions to you, it is possible;-)? Whether you lovechildren?
What for you the main thing in the girl?
You the optimist?
while all this my questions to you:) With the best regards, Nadya.
Letter 2

Hello my lovely David! Dear, I ask you excuse me that I could not to write to you the answer faster. Because I was very much borrowed. As I also have written to you I went to travel agency to receive the detailed information for trip. I went to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Talked to workers of the Ministry. I have agreed on reception with Minister International Have put. Minister has explained to me in detail that is required for trip. I have taken an interest about Travel agency at Minister. Minister has told that registration documents for trip to Agency is the best variant. I have asked Minister to recommend me Travel agency. Minister recommended me Travel agency which has good reputation and works together with the Ministry. The name of this Travel agency Tuda Tour. Minister was given me with the address of this Agency and I have gone to that Agency. When I have come in Travel agency I communicated with the Manager. I have explained that my favourite person invites me to Canada. And I want to meet it the man. I have told that my lovely name David. I have told that you very good person and I love you!!! The manager has listened to me. Also has told me that their Travel agency is engaged in registration of travel. The manager has told that if we make a decision on trip that you should enter contact to their Agency. And the Manager will give you the detailed information on trip and the price. I have asked the Manager as you can enter contact and their Agency. The manager has given me the address of e-mail To this address of e-mail you can enter contact to their Travel agency. Lovely David, I am very happy that soon we shall together, I want to be with you. Dear, today in the afternoon I talked to mum about you. I have told mum that you have invited me, I have told about letters which you write me. I have told that you want to show me set of various places, sights, a falls. Mum has told that you very good, cultural, clever, the man. I have told mum that I thank the God that I have met you and I am happy with you!!! I love you David!!! Lovely David, I feel the happiest girl in the world because soon we shall together, and I can embrace you kiss and tell you that I love you!!! When I lie down to sleep I recollect your voice, I recollect your humour, I dream of day of our meeting! Lovely, today I have received your letter in which you have written that you have sent me a gift. David, and that you have sent me in a gift, I very curious, me very much would be desirable to receive this gift, not because I like to receive gifts, - that is why that I shall hold that in my hands that you held in your hands!!! Lovely, you asked me about that that I think of our rest? I shall be happy to be together with you and I shall listen to your stories about your city, the country, together we shall see many beautiful and historical places in your country. Lovely, how your affairs? How you will spend time? Love, now I shall go home and I shall think of you, tomorrow in the afternoon I shall check up mine of e-mail and I shall wait your letter! I send you the most sweet kiss, I love you David, yours Nadya.
Letter 3

Dear Mr. David Bell.
We inform you that our travel agency answers letters according to sequence.
You are interested with the information on trip to Canada of Ms.
Our Travel agency gives you the information about the price for trip to Canada.
We inform you, that it is the approximate prices for trip. Our Travel agency cann't told you to the cost of tickets on air flight because we don't know the exact date of departure. If you will inform us exact date on which you want to order air flight for Ms. we could inform you about exactair flight for concrete day and flight.
Now our Agency specifies to you the price for flight up to Canada today. If you want to receive the exact cost of air flight, so specify to us the date and we inform you about the price of the ticket.
By your inquiry we send to you the prices and conditions of tourist trip in Canada. Departure - ???
Returning – ??? 1. Prices 1.1. International passport -----------------------: 85.00 USD
1.2. Tourist visa --------------------------------: 95.00 USD
1.3. Tickets from Kazan to Moscow (by train)-------: 59.40 USD
1.4. Tickets from Moscow to Toronto --------------: 791.40 USD
1.5. Medical travel insurance ---------------------: 80.00 USD
1.6. Services of our agency -----------------------: 120.00 USD Total ----------------------------------------: 1230.8 USD 2. Details
Procedure of registration of the tourist visa and international passport takes approximately 30 days from the moment of entering payment and signing of the contract with our agency.
The start is carried out from Moscow airport " Sheremetyevo - 2 ", arrival - at the International Airport of Toronto.
We suggest you to take advantage of services of airline "Aeroflot". 3. Payments
Temporary we do not accept payment via credit cards. We accept payments by cash and on our Bank account. If you have any questions about this trip we will be glad to answer at your questions by call or by e-mail. ----------------------------------------------------- Thank you for using our services,
Best regards,
Travel agency “Tuda tour”.
Letter 4

Dear (exactly dear) mr. David Bell!
It is a shame for me, but I have to tell you the following:
I am doing it not because I am afraid something. I have to do it because you makes me respect you. During our dialogue I understood that you sincerely love me and that you are most disinterested and fair person I I have ever met in my life!
My name is Oleg. I am the student of the State University. I'm 21. I tried to steal your money, and for this purpose I have taken advantage of the request of one familar girl Tatyana about the help for accommodation of her photo on dating sites. Tatyana my good familiar.... She has no skills of possession in computer. Therefore she has addressed to me.
I am scammer! I have taken advantage of her photos to deceive you. However, during our dialogue I have felt that I CAN NOT and I DO NOT WANT to deceive somebody. I sincerely repent in that what I have made! I understand that I don't deserve any respect or indulgence of you. However I ask you to consider that I shall tell...... I have told to Tatyana about what I have made. I have told her about it yesterday, I have shown her your letters and photos. I have told her that you love her sincerely and very strongly! Tatyana was afflicted very much, and she damns me for that I has made. She has told that if she has met such person like you, she really would arrive to him for ever!
Tatyana is 21 years old. She is from the countryside, from very poor family. For any girl in her position to leave to such man like you would be the beginning of new life. Please listen now my offer.... First of all I oblige to return your money, which you have sent for the tickets. I think that I can return to you this money within three months. And also I want to tell the second thing to you..... The girl whom you saw in the photos... she is really kind, sincere person. In my letters I have tried to reflect her character, after long conversation with Tatyana, I think that unique expiation of my fault would be your real meeting with this girl. Tatyana would like to get acquainted with you. That is all that I can promise to you! I can not promise you that she will love you. But, you are interesting to her as the person who has grown fond of her image. Mr. David Bell, I sincerely hope that you can understand the reasons induced me to write this letter. I really think that you are the person of HONOUR, capable of sincere feelings!!! I can help you to meet that girl with which you corresponded. If you have an opportunity to travel to Russia, I shall be glad to provide your meeting with Tatyana and I can SWEAR that it is not the next swindle!
If you consider that it would necessary, you can address in police bodies and inform them about that you were deceived by me. Probably that your efforts in it will successful and I shall go in prison, however, in that case you can not meet Tatyana.
I understand, David, that this letter shocks you, probably you hate me....... This is your right! However, before to make a decision, I ask you to think of that you can find that girl which you are dreamed about. And you deserve to be happy with Tatyana. I saw it in your letters.
I do not ask you to forgive me..... That is impossibe to forgive the thing I have made.... I just ASK you to listen to your heart!
I assure you, that all written above is the TRUTH.
Probably it sounds not plausibly, but I can give you any proofs...
Yours faithfully to you, Oleg (the person who has deceived
you............................. BUT I CAN'T MAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!!)
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