Romance scam letter(s) from Mary Benson to Chris (UK)
Letter 1
ATTENTION Mr Smith Christopher David
This is Svitlana Dobrovolska from the Internation criminal Police Here in France , Paris Airport . I am Sorry to Inform you that Your Wife Miss Mary Benson has been arrested with a Large wealth of Gold found in her Laugage , Unfortunately she has no document of Ownership of this Gold and I am Afriad she cant just fly out of Paris France with This huge some of Gold without any Proper document that proves her Ownership . After futher Investigations and going through her Phones and messages with you .
You personally encouraged Mrs Benson to travel from Paris here to Glasgow with unspecified quantity of gold worth millions of Pounds without getting appropriate documents and clearance from the appropriate authorities, thereby breaking European Union criminal laws on such precious stones.
Once again we wish to state categorically clear here and now that you will never be allowed to walk freely for encouraging such criminal act against European Union states.
You are reminded that You have less than 24 hours deadly to reply to this e mail , We have passed an Intelligent information to our Glasgow counterparts about your arrest if you fail .
You are once again reminded that the 24 hours deadly still stands and we'll not tolerate any form of delay
We will not entertain any query {s} No delay {s}
Best Regards
Svitlana Dobrovolska
Head of Counter Terrorist Unit Interpol.
Paris ,France
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