Letter(s) from Nadezhda Shitikova to Steve (UK)
Letter 1
Hi. I would love to talk to you! I love your page. Write back to me very soon please and see where we go.
Let's continue to date!!! I wish this time we will be real close friends. I still hope you wish it as me.
My name is Nadezhda, I am still alone, looking for friend. I will send you a picture of myself here.
Say me that you search here on the net? What do you in the life make?
I hope you had a nice day. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Bye till the next time.
Letter 2
Hi again!!! Few days ago I have contacted with my with other e-mail account!!!
Let's use this e-mail because it is main for me!!! How are you? let's start dating!
My name is Nadezhda as I have already written. I am 35 years old...
I describe myself as an optimist. I always think the sun will shine tomorrow I am happy most of the time and love making people laugh... I am caring, thoughtful, trustworthy and loving.
I'm looking for someone who wants to take the time to get to know me through email correspondence and an open sharing of the head and the heart first through email, chatting and then negotiating a meeting in person if we both remain interested. I'm willing and able to relocate to where ever i find my twin soul.
I am waiting for your response....
Bye for now
Letter 3
Hi my dear friend Sol.
Thanks for reply again. I am so happy to write new letter to you today!!!
How are you??? Hope you have wonderful day!!!
As for me I am in good mood today. Because today I have some free time from work and I am writting a letter to you now. I like your letters, please write as more about yourself as you can. You make my life more interesting and happy!!!
These days I am still trying to learn what I need to do and to have to come to you.
First of all I must register an international passport as I know.
I have had it few years ago but term has expired and it is not valid now so I must update it. I have already given some papers documents to update my international passport couple days ago and will see what happen there soon.
I am waiting a reply about it from travel agency. I will keep you informed about it.
I can reach you in a couple of weeks already. If you do not mind of course.
Can you show me some beautiful places in your area when I would reach you?
I think it would be really wonderful to visit good places together.
But send me your postal address. It will help me to organize trip with no mistakes.
By the way here is my current address just in case you are interesting to know Nadezhda Shitikova, 10 Stavskogo St., apt# 12, Penza, 440008, Russia
Today I am sending some more pics of me for you!!!
It was made in city Anapa in the Southern part of Russia...
Most Russian likes to go to there on vacations. I like too...
I would be happy to get pics of you in your next letter also if you do not mind of course.
Please keep in touch. Bye for now... Nadezhda
Letter 4

Hi again dear friend Sol! Thanks for pics.
I was some busy last few days for the reason to make everything to organize our meeting. And as a result I am so happy to let you know I have very good news for us!!! I just came back from travel agency few minutes ago and good news as I got international passport!!!
I paid for it on my own 13385 russian rubles. Just in case you do not understand how much it's about 203 in $ US currency. But it does not matter...
I am just so happy that I have current international passport I could visit you!
And it might come true as I have already learned! I hope you are happy to know this news also!
So when I will have more free time I plan to learn more about my visit to you...
I have already had expirience of getting student type of visa in the past as you know when I visited Malta for English lessons. So as I know I can activate my student status to any country with no any difficulties.
I know how this process works step by step. Student visa will be easier to get for me than any other types because I have certified English degree.
I understand this process will take not just one day but will learn how to make it faster.
I will keep you informed about everything what I would learn.
But to plan my trip to you better please send me details of the nearest international airport to you or some of them so I plan my trip with no any mistakes...
So what's airport name or code??? Let me know it in your next letter, OK???
OK here are some more photos of me in bikini. I hope you enjoy them.
Send me any kind of your pics also if you wish...
OK I must go to work now... Bye till the next time... Nadezhda
Letter 5
Hello again Sol. Just came back from travel agency to learn about visa.
All necessary documents for visa registration process are approved by agency!!! So I can get visa!
I plan to register a student type of visa to you because it is the easiest way to visit you.
I have to pay 17820 russian rubles here... OK it is the same about 275 $ US.
But I do not have enough money to pay for visa registration process.
Because I have already spent my money for some papers to get passport last week.
So I need to ask this money help from you for my visa payment.
It is really too pity that I am asking money help but please understand me!!!
Operators in travel agency needs me to pay for visa registration in 15 business days period!
If I would not pay for registration process in this term my visa request will stop at all and I will not be able to register it again because it is really not so easy to register visa as the number of visas are limited!!!
So lets not loose this chance now!!! We must hurry up with it...
I have already asked about possible ways to transfer international money and travel agency recommends to use money transfer systems as it's fast cheap and safety way.
I have never use them before but if you do not know how they works just ask me and I will try to learn more details about it by next letter.
Anyway I am adding a copy of my passport where you can see my details if you ever need.
Do not be angry at me for asking money. I tried to do everything myself for money situation but it's not everything in my power! Honestly I hate money discussions but now is a moment I must do it because I do not have any other way to solve this problem so that's why I am asking funds help from you. I have so little time before payment deadline!!!
If I don’t pay for it now and get it probably I could have problems with getting visa in the future.
OK I am adding a copy of my current international passport which I got...
Oh I see my letter has many words today but I just want to explain everything in details...
Anyway if need more details just ask me I will answer as soon as possible...
Bye till the next time... Yours Nadezhda
Letter 6
Hello again Sol!!! How are you today??? I am so happy to know that you can help me!!!
So we can be one step closer to our meeting!!! OK you have interested about details for money transfer.
As I have already learned you may use money transfer system calls Western Union...
All you need to do is to find their nearest office which must be in your local bank or post office or in some big market. Then you need to register your money transfer under my full name and location.
OK here are my full details:
First name: NADEZHDA
Last name (surname): SHITIKOVA
Postal address: 10 Stavskogo St., apt# 12
Zip Code: 440008
Country: RUSSIA (Russian Federation)
Once your money transfer would complete you will get confirmation transfer number.
I will need to know it to pick up your money here with no any problems so do not forget to let me know that number.
I will wait for good news and details about money transfer from you soon.
Or just current copy of money transaction receipt from you would be enough as I think.
YES you can send it in GBP currency as you wish. I can change it to rubles if it would be necessary.
Yours Nadezhda
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