Scam letter(s) from Marina Didenko to Gullfoss (Iceland)

Letter 1

Hello mine dear!!!
I do not know what to do, I in confusion! It is very hurt me and on the person grief! Now I went to buy tickets, it has passed well, I have issued flight aboard the plane, but at registration the employee of the airport has informed, that for a start to you in the country, there are some requirements: Problem it simply horror, I do not know from it an output! In general, at visiting your country I need to have at itself cash for payment of residing, a feed and other services, it is very huge sum 400 $, (there is a calculation of validity of the visa and the sum for each day! They have explained, that, for example, for trip to any country each person needs to have for each day 15 $, and in other countries similarly), at me eyes on a forehead Were rolled out when have told me this figure! I tried to explain to them, that I go to you for ever, and you will contain me and to help, but the employee has told, that it does not help for passage! I spoke them, that we do not have this money, and there is no opportunity of them to find! Spoke, that we can not live the friend without the friend!!! We can not suffer our separation, we very strongly like each other!!! Has explained, that registration of the visa and tickets costed very dearly, and now all our resources are absent! Went to the main manager of the airport, but all without positive result, they speak, that it is such requirements, search for money, borrow in any places, use all ways, but only at presence they will pass me! As have informed, that this sum will not be spent, that is she is necessary only for presentation, any dollar will not be spent! I do not know what to do, I have lost all meaning of the life, my dream only to be with you and when there is not enough time, all to fall, why this world such severe? Why? Lovely I please if you can get any money, use everything, I shall try too! I shall write to you later, please, write to me faster, at me very bad mood: ((( Your loving Leyla, I shall be with you, I very much hope, that we shall solve these problems!!!
Letter 2

Good afternoon my lovely.
Very much, it is very a pity to me, that our meeting may not be real. I realize your excitement. But look at this situation on the other hand. I HAVE MADE the VISA, COULD FIND MONEY TO the TICKET. And you may not even help I to give money that I have showed them on the customs control. As you do not understand, that from this money which I ask you to me only it is necessary TO SHOW and I shall bring to you them all whole. I can not find any more cent. I and so have spent many money for trip to Moscow, for reception of the visa, to purchase of the ticket.
Want to assure you, that it has made more than 400 $!
If you want to meet the girl from Russia, unless so it is difficult for it to help? Especially I should one cent from this money. I am very tired, I thought, that the meeting is much easier for organizing and did not think, that there will be such problems. If I knew, that I shall spend so much many money, I not would began to conceive this meeting, and have waited, that you have arrived to me. But now when I have passed such huge way I am not going to stop. I want to go forward! I simply do not have sense now all to throw and go home. Many forces and many money are spent. You know lovely for me money have no in this life a lot of value. I can earn money itself, but I have collided a problem. It will be very good if you will be so are kind and will help me. Certainly I understand you, that you do not have money as well as at me. But I can not borrow money more. Try please even them to borrow for our meeting. As soon as I arrive I first of all I shall return to you all 400 $! I want to inform you, that now when you write me, that you may not send money I simply in horror. I DO NOT KNOW, THAT to ME TO DO. How, how how me to be?
I the girl, one, in another's city. Understand it. To me it becomes terrible.
I hope, that you which me understand the person and enter into my position.
I hope, that in your following letter I shall receive from you good news.
Yours Marina
P.S. Has overlooked to inform you, that in Moscow more than 3 days without registration are impossible to be. From this draw conclusions, that if you have not time to send me money me from hotel, employees of militia will send home. By the very first train.
Letter 3

Hello mine dear
How you?
I have decided to write to you the letter.
Thought, that you have written to me.
But I have not received from you the letter.
I think, that you are borrowed and may not write to me.
I want to inform you, that for my trip to you I have passed the medical control.
At me all is good with documents.
I only now wait for your help for the ticket.
I hope, that you will send today to me money.
I shall buy the ticket.
You might meet me at the airport?
Certainly I shall inform a detail of my flight when I shall buy the ticket.
Hope to receive from you the letter as soon as possible.
Your good friend Marina
Letter 4

Hello my lovely and dear
I want to inform you a real name: Didenko Marina
As to my arrival you: at me all documents in the full order and I freely can arrive to you!
But you should me add on the ticket. Me does not suffice 400 $ USA!
I think, that you are reasonable very much this situation.
I shall wait from you for the letter as soon as possible.
Yours Marina
P.S. Not when do not speak me a word of the insult.
I hope for our meeting. I long can not be in Moscow, I do not have registration.
I as soon as possible need to go to you!
Letter 5

Hello mine dear prince
At me very good news!
My uncle has sent me 200 $! That now concerns our meeting!
Me does not suffice on the ticket only 200 $! I at once want to inform you, I can not find money any more.
I ask last time you only 200 $! If you will not send me of them, I go home. And we not when can not meet.
At once I want to tell you. I know what for you copy to me. You want to meet.
Also it is the truth. So why, you do not want to me to help? I try for us two!
I any more do not know as you it is all to explain. I do not have words more.
Money you may send me with the help the Western union!
My full name: Marina Didenko!
I hope, that you will be fair and as will help me to reach to you!
I ask the god, that you would help me!
My dreams only about you.
I wait from you for the answer.
Yours and only yours Marina
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