Scam letter(s) from Elena Batueva to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hallo ! Ich bin froh, dass ich dir schreiben kann!
Mein Name ist Elena und ich bin 35 Jahre alt! Ich bin ein gutes Madchen und ich bin nicht verheiratet!
Ich hoffe, dass du der ernste Mann und suchst auch eine ernsthafte Beziehung fur immer!
Ich will auch eine Familie, einen Mann und ein Leben lang. Ich kann eine treue und ehrliche Frau. Meine Absichten aufrichtig.
Ich bin eine gute, frohliche, intelligente und schlanke. Im Leben ist sehr einfach. Liebe es zu Kochen leckeres Essen, Liebe die Natur, Sport, gesunde Lebensweise.
Ich mag die Berge und die Natur! Ich will gegenseitige Liebe und Gluck mit Ihrem Mann.
bitte sagen Sie mir, wo Sie Leben und wie alt sind Sie? wo Sie arbeiten und was Sie gerne tun in Ihrer Freizeit?
fur mich sehr interessant und wichtig zu wissen! Hier sind meine paar schone Fotos hoffe Sie gefallen dir.
Ich warte auf eine Antwort, mit Respekt, Elena Hello ! I am glad that I can write to you!
My name is Elena and I am 35 years old! I am a good girl and I am not married!
I hope that you are the serious man and also looking for a serious relationship forever!
I also want a family, a man and a lifetime. I can be a faithful and honest woman. My intentions sincere.
I am a good, cheerful, intelligent and slim. In life is very easy. Love to cook delicious food, love nature, sport, healthy lifestyle.
I like the mountains and nature! I want mutual love and happiness with your husband.
please tell me where you live and how old are you? where do you work and what do you like doing in your spare time?
very interesting and important to know for me! Here are my few nice pictures hope you like them.
I'm waiting for an answer, with respect, Elena
Letter 2
Hello my Darling ! thank you for writing to me! I was waiting for your answer!
I am very pleased to answer you, I even lifted the mood!)))
you know, I have never corresponded with a man on the Internet in my life , you are the first man with whom I began to communicate this is very interesting for me, because in letters you can write a lot of your thoughts and feelings!!!!
I hope you are a serious person because I have really serious intentions!
Thank you for the photo you are a beautiful man you have a beautiful dog ! You did good !
Well I will write to you in English because I can speak English perfectly!
****** is a very beautiful dog !
I don't care how old you are I care that you were a good man!
Now, I want to tell you about my life!
I was born in Moscow, it is a very big beautiful city and it is the capital of Russia! have you ever been to Moscow?
I hope that it will not be a problem for you that I am from Russia? I want to be honest and open with you!
I am a decent and sociable girl! I have no children and am single! although, once I was married, but marriage was short-lived!
we got divorced 3 months after we got married and it was just a big mistake!
we were different people and didn't fit together! that was 3 years ago!
I don't want to make such mistakes anymore and so I'm careful in this regard!
I live with my mother in a two-room apartment, we also live with a small white dog named " Tefi"
I love Pets, they bring a little joy to man!)))
I am 35 years old, my birthday is 03.03.1983. And when is your birthday? tell me!
Since my childhood I was engaged in dancing and sports , I always tried to keep myself in good shape! and I did it!
I think that every girl should always look good, be smart and always remain feminine!!!
I graduated from fashion school and worked as a model at one time, but it became very boring for me and so I was looking for another job!
I also studied at the University and received a diploma of higher education!!!
for a long time I have been working in the perfumery and women's cosmetics store as a Manager. .
I work 6 days a week and I only have Sunday off!
of course, I will rest a little, but my work is not difficult for me!
I do my job with great pleasure!) However, one drawback is that I have very little free time to create personal life (((time goes on, you can not stand still, we must move forward and achieve goals!
that's why I want to focus on my personal life! that's my goal.
many of my friends and acquaintances already have a happy family and children ! I see them happily married! I want to be happy too!
I am a very serious and decent woman and I want to build a serious relationship and a happy future!
I really want to have mutual love in my heart, I want to enjoy love with your loved one!!!
for the sake of true love, I am ready for anything, because without real love it is difficult for a person to live! what do you think?
Yes, I understand that we are far from each other, but I think that in our time it is not a problem, just a few hours on the plane and we are already a few steps away from each other, so I don't think distance is a problem for us!!! the main thing is to have a desire to meet!!!!
yeah, I forgot to tell you, I'm gonna have a vacation from work soon!
I've never been to your country before, but I want to go there!
I like to constantly develop and see something new, to learn new cultures.
I still don't know much about you, but it's only a matter of time!
so don't be shy and tell me how you live and what you love to do?
I'm looking forward to it and I'm very interested!
I will send you some of my photos!
Hope you like them and have a smile on your face! =)
I am very pleased to meet you and I am intrigued what will happen next!
I am looking forward to your reply, please email me soon, I will wait for it!
Sincerely, your sweet and beautiful woman Elena
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jim! Thank you for Your letter! What is your mood today?
I am very glad that you liked my photos! in each new letter I will send you my other photos to have a smile on your face!
I feel that you are a good man and I am pleased to communicate with you! I really want us to succeed!
Thank you for the photo you are a beautiful man you have a beautiful dog ! I love it !
You're handsome ! I want to fish with you too !
I'm glad you like the way I call you. :-)
I'm glad to get your letter too !
Yes I can speak English very well.
Thank you for the compliments I'm glad that I'm **** for you!
Yes I am interested in the breed of your dog !
The breed of my dog is a Spitz!
You're good ! I'm glad you live in a nice house !
I love that you have a country house ! Wow!
Summer house is very good!
You're good ! It's right that you're connected to your business ! This is particularly critical for movement and movement is life ! I'm proud of you ! I think it's important for a man to have his own business!
It would be great if our dogs and we were once in the same boat : -)!
In this letter I will tell you about my everyday life.
I start my day with a Cup of fragrant boiled coffee with milk, which my mother made!
my mother always gets up before me and prepares Breakfast, thus taking care of me! while my mother prepares Breakfast, I go for a walk with my beloved dog!
and after walk we have Breakfast! I like how my mother cooks, every day she makes a different delicious healthy Breakfast!
Usually it is different porridge with fruit or cheesecakes with honey or sour cream! my mother is a good cook and she taught me how to cook different delicious dishes! but I'll tell you about it later! she always says that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach)!
After I have Breakfast with my mom, I go to work. My work is not so far from home, but I still have to travel by public transport!!!
My working day starts at 09: 30 am and ends always at 19: 00, usually I close the shop at work because I am the store Manager and I leave last!
My job is not so difficult for me, I feel good during the day and so after work 3 times a week I go to
fitness training! I love to play sports and be in great shape!! do you play any sports?
to be honest, I'm tired of this everyday life, work, home and training. I want to fall in love and have mutual love!
unfortunately I haven't found the right person, maybe you will. who knows? many men try to get to know me, but I don't see the seriousness in them!
sometimes I give flowers to men and show that I am not indifferent to them. But I know they don't want real feelings!!!!
They just want ***. I've already made a mistake once, I won't let it happen again!!!!
I want to really have a sincere mutual love and a serious real relationship!
making love is good, but when there are really real sincere feelings of love between a man and a woman and then making love is much more pleasant!
Love is a great feeling and when it is mutual, you become a happy person! I would like to be happy! What about you?
if we strive for each other and we have serious intentions, I am sure that we will succeed!
When it comes to the weekend I sometimes meet up with my friends! I have two friends, I've been friends with them for a long time.
I used to meet them often on weekends, but now it happens much less often.
I also go with my mother to the village where my grandparents live! I love them! I was with them a lot when I was a kid!
They have their own beautiful garden, where many beautiful different flowers grow, as well as vegetables and fruits grow ! in the summer there are very nice!
I often help them because they are old and can't do physical work for a long time!!!
I completely forgot to tell you, my vacation is coming Soon and I would like to spend these days in a romantic atmosphere !!!
perhaps in your country? that would be great! but while this is my dream! I am sure that my dream will come true!
the main thing is to strive for your dream and it is sure to come true in reality! I believe it!
I really hope that you will answer me soon! I like you and I want to get to know you even better!
I hope to receive in your next letter, your other photos!
I kiss your cheek and hug you, your Elena!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jim! I am very happy to receive your letter! your letter raises my mood!
I never thought that communication on the Internet will be so pleasant!) thank you!
I'll write you from my phone . This is my personal E-Mail . Write to me here so I can get your E-Mail immediately, as you write it on my phone! :-)
Thanks for the photo ! Wow! you catch very beautiful tasty fish . Is it trout ? Wow! Wow! I like fishing ! I want to fish and catch trout : -)!
I'm glad that my letters and photos make you fun ! I like writing you letters, too.
Yes I love dogs as and you and I like that we both love dogs !
I like the idea of enjoying the day on a boat and fishing : -)! Wow!
I want to sunbathe and read a book and watch you fish !
Oh, I like your ideas . Yes, I want to be in your boat in a beautiful bikini to give you aesthetic pleasure ! :- ) I like it if you get distracted by me sometimes: -)!
You're right ! I've never seen such a dog breed as ****** ! She's beautiful !
Wow, a touching story with a Belgian lady ! She's good ! She did the right thing saving those dogs ! I'm glad ! You told a good story !
Are you interested in art ? May I ask what paintings depict these dogs ? I'm curious!
Nothing Seeb ! ******'s fishing ? ! Wow! Really a phenomenal dog ! Wow! I love it ! Looking forward to meet ******
I already told you that my mother and I live together, but when we lived in Troy with dad! we had a happy family and there was love in our family! but once our family came to grief ! My father died of cancer!
It was the worst day of my life! it's hard for me to remember!
after all , I loved my father very much, he was a good decent man! my mother still yearns for him, but nothing to do! sooner or later we all die , someone before and someone later! but we must move on and enjoy life!
I'll tell you about my mother! You know that my mother cooks very well and knows many recipes of different delicious dishes!
She worked for many years as a cook in different restaurants, and she has her own secrets and subtleties of cooking!!! sometimes she will make such a delicious dish and presents it so interesting and beautiful that it is very nice to enjoy this meal! Yes of course, she share their secrets with me !
What's your favorite food? what products do you like and what do not like? I often like to cook for myself cheesecake with berries and light salads from different vegetables!
All our friends and acquaintances say that my mother and I are very similar! I would love to hear your opinion on this! you see the photo with mom?
but still in the house can not be 2 cooks and so I rarely cook!!!! but I would love to cook delicious dishes to my beloved man, but it is not yet! I think you could be him? all in our hands !! I would like to be your dessert, would you like to try?
I'm a sensitive girl and please don't make me feel bad because I don't want to have a broken heart! ((( I want to truly open my heart to a decent man who will fill it with love and with whom I could be happy! I really wish that man was you!
tell me, please, for the love of all that you are ready?
are you texting other girls? or just me ?! tell me the whole truth!
how serious are your intentions? what are your plans for the future? Please respond!)
I want to live my life with a good, loyal man. With whom I can always feel completely safe!!!!
I want to love and receive mutual love!!!!
I will do everything for my beloved man, the main thing that we were good together!
I appreciate in a man first of all, kindness, understanding, and attention.
A man who understands the importance of trust, honesty, and he respects himself and loved ones around!!!!
I think these qualities are very important for a man and a woman! Only then will the couple be able to build true love!
What do you think? what qualities do you appreciate in people?
I really hope that we will be good friends and maybe a lot more than friends!
I want to be a love couple! I think you understand what I wanted to tell you!
do not forget me and write as often as possible !
I hope you like my photos! I look forward to your letter!
Kiss you on the cheek, your sweet lady Elena!
Letter 5
Hi got your email. You are so gorgeous
Sorry I don't have time to write you today
I have a lunch appointment Birthday treat ya its my birthday today
Although you didn't know it you gave me a nice birthday present. The though of being next to in the shower had my head spinning
I had to have a cold shower to calm down
WhatsApp would be great
I'll be ******* for about two hours
Will write you tomorrow Mmmm new pictures you will send maybe one will be extra special
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Jim !!! Thanks for your reply! How are you?
I am very pleased to correspond with you! I'm glad you like my photos, but in life I am even better, and in this you will be convinced that when we meet!)!
Thank you for the photo you are handsome in the photo look good ! I like that you and ****** swim together in a beautiful clean lake ! You did good !
Now I really want to try how you cook trout lake for me and I will be happy to eat what you have prepared ! I want and if you treat me one day I will be the happiest in the world : -)!
It's my dream to swim in such a beautiful lake !
You did good ! I pictured you and ****** swimming in that lake and then resting . I want to relax next to you: -)!
You have a very beautiful dog ! I love it !
No, I don't write to other men .I write only you
Honesty, respect trust-very important !
Yes of course I have a phone and I have WhatsApp . And if you are not difficult, then please write me your phone number WhatsApp I will call you on Friday after work!
Yeah, I like to take a shower, too. It would be great to take a shower together and rubbing the bodies against each other.
You know, I would really like to share my life with a good serious person who is confident, who knows what he wants!
I want to feel like a gentle feminine girl and have mutual love in my heart !!! I want to Wake up and fall asleep with the only person I'll really love and respect!!!!
I am always responsible for actions and words, because I am an honest and decent girl! I don't like when something is promised and not fulfill the promise!
My parents raised me very strictly, but with love! and I thank them for that! I met you on the Internet and in me, as if something had changed! I started to smile and have a good mood always when I get your answer!))))
I really want us to succeed and we met!
As I told you earlier, I do fitness several times a week, in order to always be in great shape and look beautiful, as well as sport is very useful for health. in addition to sports, to look good, I eat the right healthy food every day, so as not to gain excess weight! much depends on proper nutrition! when you keep in shape, you feel good ! my favorite food is a variety of fruits and vegetables , yoghurts and cottage cheese! and I like red fish and Turkey, chicken ! I also love to make carrot Apple juice!!!!
but sometimes you want to eat something unhealthy and very caloric! for example, some sort of cake or a piece of *** meat ! sometimes I make myself a day off from sports and from proper nutrition ! when I come to my grandmother in the village, we together with my mother arrange a celebration of the abdomen))) my grandmother bakes very tasty different Russian pies with different fillings : with berries, apples, meat and cabbage! it is very tasty stew vegetables with meat in a cast iron pan on a slow fire in the Russian stove!! we enjoy this meal and have great fun! and then begins again a new week and again strict healthy nutrition!
I like my life and I enjoy it, but my heart is very sad and it wants to love and be loved!!! I want to live fully and have a decent man with whom I will be good! I'd really like that man to be you!
I'll send you some photos from the gym that were taken at different times! These photos were taken by my friend, and some photos were taken by me! previously, we often went with her to the gym, but now she can not do it because she is pregnant and she will soon have a baby! I look at her and look at what a good husband she has and I'm a little pleasantly jealous of her! She's happily married and I want to be just as happy too!!! Sometimes I get very lonely and often call my friend talking to her. But now I'm not so lonely, because I always think about you and I enjoy reading your letters !
I believe in us and our future and hope that we will be a good couple!
I will be glad to see your new photos, feel free and send me more photos!!!! OK?
and in the next letter, I will send a completely different beautiful photo of me!!! I'm sure you'll like them!
do not forget me and write as often as possible!
I look forward to your letter, kisses you , your sweet Elena!
Letter 7
Hello My dear Jim. thank you for your reply. I look forward to your letter.
Your letters make me happy and a smile appears on my face.
I'm very glad I met such a wonderful man as you.
Thanks for the photo ! You in these pictures is especially beautiful ! You are a handsome man you look good in all photos ! In these photos you look especially good ! I'm proud of you !
Wow, what a beautiful place you live in ! I want to live in a place like this !
Thank you for writing me whatsapp now. Tomorrow night after work, I'll call you so we can talk. It's exciting for me but I think it'll be nice!
I understand you don't always have time to write me a letter . It's okay!
Thank you for your compliments I'm glad that you like my letters and my photos !
No, of course it's a myth ! Borscht can't give *********** : -)! I inherited my ******* from my mother.
Very funny you wrote . You want something to grow out of borscht ? What is it ? :-)
I'm glad you like my figure . I'm trying to practice .
You did well to buy an apartment in Florida ! That's great!
I'd love to wear a bikini with you!
I'm going on vacation in December . I don't know yet
I know we're not familiar for so long, but I can see how my life changes for the better. I think it's because of our communication. I began to smile more often, to be happy. I forgot what is sadness, and it's all thanks to you. I want to walk with you through the Park under the moonlight to hold my hands. I would like to come in your strong and gentle hugs and be with you every day together, enjoy!!!
I look forward to meeting you, I sincerely want us to love ourselves in reality. Do you want that?? I want both of us to be happy to see in our eyes the love for each other. My dear, I have an important question for you, what do you think about me?? Do you want to be with me one day??
This morning I got up early, my mother cooked me a delicious Breakfast: an omelet with fried bacon. You simply have no idea how delicious it is when my mother cooks. I got dressed and went to the bus stop to wait for my Bus. At the stop I noticed a few men and girls in love. The man hugged his girlfriend so gently and whispered through the mouths in her ear: "I love you."I was a bit sad, I immediately thought, I'm sorry, I'm with you. I came to work, I had a lot to do and I was very tired. I have worked until tonight without interruption. When I came home, my mother and I started to cook dinner. We have steamed rice with vegetables and salmon!. It is a healthy and tasty food. I love healthy food, it helps to stay always in tone. After dinner, my mother and I saw a delicious Chinese tea. It is also very useful for health. and after dinner, I thought of our romantic time!
Today I will take a bath with foam and do some Spa treatments!
I hope you and I will succeed. I'll send you a big kiss and wish you a nice evening.
Please send me the answer as soon as possible. Her beloved and beautiful Elena.
Letter 8
Hello, honey Jim! thank you for your reply! how are you today?
I am very pleased that my photos you like! but when you meet, you'll understand that I'm much better and more beautiful in life!
Thanks for the photo ! Very nice ! You're handsome ! You did good ! You caught a lot of fish ! Wow! I'm sure it was a delicious fish ! I know how to cook fish in the range and cook it very tasty . If I had such a beautiful trout in my hands, I would make it a delicious meal for you to be happy when you eat ! :-)
Yes ! You have a big beautiful Jacuzzi ! I love it ! I would love to bathe with you in the Jacuzzi ! :-)
Soup - a delicious soup made from beets ! I'll show you when we're together !
Yes, I think that Jacuzzi big enough for two!
I like that your apartment is on the first floor.
I would love to carry a canoe with you to swim in the shallow lakes . I love nature I love the idea of boating and fishing and if you take me on this trip then I will be happy.
I've never been in a canoe.
I was happy to hear from you on the phone and I'll call you again next week.
I'm sure we could be a wonderful couple because I'm just being drawn to you !
I would like to open my heart for sincere mutual love, I want us to build great love! are you ready to open your heart? let's fill our hearts with love and become happy together?!
I'm very serious about my intentions because I'm a sincere woman!
I think that we get everything, the main thing is to strive for it! for me, the inner values of the Person is important, I respect that, if a man is decent and responsible, if he fulfils his promise and keeps his word! I need a man with whom I will feel like a real mother-in-law, who will protect and love me with all my heart, spend a romantic time with me!!!! in return, I will throw away my beloved husband completely! I will take care of him and love, since he wants, I will spoil him with delicious dishes (because the way to a man's heart lives through his stomach)! and I will always support it in a good and difficult time that happens in life!! my beloved husband will be proud of me and respect me!!!! and what thoughts do you have? what do you think about me? are you really serious?
what do you think about my vacation that will start soon? would you like to meet me? please don't worry, I wanted to, I just know!
you know, every day you think about yourself, because you really took my whole head! I'm asked at work, that I am! I lose something, and in me something has changed for the better! my mood has been wonderful lately, apparently you're going to affect me like this!
please never worry me and do not make me bad because I am very sensitive to feelings!!!
I'll send back my photos from life, hope they bring you a smile! I'll send you a warm kiss so he can warm you up a little!!! I want to get your answer very soon! please email me!
with kind Regards, sincerely your sweet Elena
Letter 9
Hello, My Sweet Jim! thank you for your reply! every day I wait for your answer and when I get your letter, my heart melts)
a smile appears on the face! I really like you and I want to see you in real life!
after all, in reality is much more interesting acquaintance!
Thank you for the photo you look good in the photo you are a handsome man ! You're great that you went to the Christmas party, I'm sure it was interesting!
Thanks for the compliments . I'm glad you liked my photos!
You'll see me in a bikini in your hot tub for Christmas. I'll be your present. :-)
You're an amazing, talented, beautiful, smart man ! I really like you
I would love to eat your trout dish ! I'll lick your fingers off !
I'll call you, maybe we can talk on the phone .
But I understand that you're busy these days and I respect your privacy.
I'll call you tonight after work . Maybe hoping to hear your voice.
****** eats well ! She's in good hands !
I love that we communicate seriously and openly with you!
I really want to go to our meeting and come to you!
my holiday is very soon and I would be glad to spend it with you!
I have to plan my vacation in advance and how I will spend it!
I haven't been on vacation for a long time and I'm morally tired of work and I want to rest!
and now all my thoughts about you !!!! I can't even work quietly, but I'm holding myself in my hands because I'm responsible for control and my work! but still some positive emotions I can't hide, they come out myself because I often think about you and think about it. that we all get, and we build great love!
my heart wants to love and get mutual love! I wish love was between us!
dear already enjoy a happy and romantic time of love!
I am glad that you are a serious man and have serious intentions to me, I can only reply to the reciprocity!
let's see what's next! I really want my dream to come true in the near future!
I'll try to do everything she can!
I'll send you some other my photos from the life!
I hope you'll love seeing her!
I am very happy to see your other photos in your next letter!
I wish you a good mood!! I'll send you a warm kiss to warm you up !!! with respect and care, your beautiful Elena
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