Scam letter(s) from Oksana Bukanova to Peter (New Zealand) Part 1

Letter 1
Hi my dear Peter! I wish my letter find you in good mood and make you smile a bit!) i would like to know you better.. as much as you ready to admit me in your life)) Who could have thought, that this ukrainedate could give us such a fast connection already ;))
So please tell me more about yourself)) What is your everyday life, what are your interests about? What kind of a woman are you looking for? I am modern and open girl so you can share with me all what you want share with me))
sending hugs to you from your new friend Oksana
Letter 2
Hi dear Peter!)) I was very glad to receive your letter. I believe we can start our communication to get to know each other better and catch interest for both of us)) I hope that you would be the man I was looking for)) Talking about me I was born in Energodar it in Zaporozhye region. I grew up in a boarding school.My childhood and school years passed there. I don't have parents. My mom leave me after born. don't worry for me it is not problem. I am big girl now. so after I graduated "Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology" in Zapor?zky National University.. After university i returned to my hometown.. found a job as a child psychologist in school.. after I worked there a year I decided to leave this job.. because people in school have small salaries.. i found work in a flower shop.. when I went to the courses of florists in Zaporozhye I meet my ex-husband.. i come back live in Zaporozhye, and after some time we married.. my ex-husband was a very wealthy man.. I was not limited in money but he work all time.. we travel also but i didn't see him at home.. If he just work i could understand it but all his free time he spend with friends, and how i found out later with other woman.... so i didn't like this.. I like a lot of girls i looking for family but it wasn't family.. love is gone.. We decide divorce.. After divorce my husband took everything from me.. leave just that he was not interested.. I would like say you that i am very kind person.. I do not hold evil to him, I forgave him for everything. an i wish him good luck and happiness) What about your last relations? After divorce I come back to Energodar.. where i live now.. i work florist now.. i love my job so much)) i like pets, i have little dog his name "mouse" because he is very small)) Do you like pets? Do you you have some?? i don't search rich man.. because money cant fill the void in the relationship, this I know from personal experience.. i would like meet just man with whom life will be in pleasure) with whom we will feel each other, who will be interested in creating a family) What are you looking for? I wish you merry Christamas and Happy New Year)) <3 I would like to know about you.. then what are you willing to share with me))
Hope hearing from you soon))
your new friends Oksana
ps it is my little dog when she was puppy.. and me, how she is ******))
Letter 3
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much my sunny for your letter and your photo of your nice cats) they are so lovely.. i so sorry about your lost.. it is hard to lost pets whom you love(( oh thank you so much for story about you life) you ave very interesting life)) you visited some countries and see some different cultures)) also it so unusual that you grow vegetables)) is it your hobby??) i like grow up flowers)) i have some in my home.. like you see i love flower in all their forms)) Maybe i be curious and ask you.. Why you don't celebrate Christmas? Will you celebrate New Year?? i wish you nice day my dear
warmly hugs,
your Oksana
Letter 4

Hi dear Peter) thank you for your letter.. oh it is very unusual for me hear that you don't like Christmas because in Ukraine.. we like celebrate holidays.. i enjoy so much give present to my friends.. i like give people happiness i enjoy it.. when i see their happiness eyes ohh it so nice.. how you can not love it?? also i like get present) every year i wait holiday to feel this new Year fairy tale)) i would like that in my future family we celebrate Christmas and New Year i guess that children must believe in miracles, and who can give them this.. just parents) What you think? i guess that when you was small you was happy get some presents from parents on some holidays)) i wish you nice mood today
Letter 5
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter) Do you not like to see the happy face of not only children, also your woman when you give gifts? Is it not important to give joy to each other in relationships and to make each other happy? if this is not the main thing, then what is the most important for you? dear i so much dream about holidays now.. on the end of this week is New Year.. i dont have some special plans for this holiday just go to cafe with my girls and spend good warm evening together.. i like spend time with my friends they are so much lovely and nice.. you know i appreciate the friendship.. i know that some people dont belive in woman friendship.. but i think it depends on girls.. some girls can be friends.. some no.. I can be friends.. but i lost a lot of friends in my life.. because in all relationship and in friendship also there is two people from which it depends.. Do you belive in friendship? What you think about girls friendship? Do you have a lot of friends or less?? of course i dream spend New Year or Christmas a bit different) as for me New Year or Christmas it is family holiday.. so i think that the best way to celebrate is holidays it is be with you family)) dear i don't have my own family and family at all so i just dream about this) but i know that universe help me with it)) so i stay positive and I rejoice at every moment of my life)) it is me.. i like be positive and i I laugh very much)) Which person you are?? on this New Year i will go to boarding school where i grow up and give children chocolate, sweets, fruits, gifts, clothes and a good mood)) every year my friends and i come to our boarding school and try give children a bit of fairy tale)) i think that children need belive in fairy tale and good in our live.. something good should be in their heart.. it is the only way to be happy)) Do you have some New Year traditional? or traditional at all?? i wish you nice mood on this New Year, i hope you will enjoy your holidays.. i also would like say you that i will have some days of on this holidays.. it is happy and on one moment it is sad because i cant answer you on your mail on holidays, because i will not work.. please not be offend on me)) i will be so happy read your letters when i back to work.. and smile read your letter) dear i will think about you all this time.. ohh if you just know how much my heart want be with you now.. how i dream about leave it all and run in your hugs)) ohh.. i think it will be in future))) warmly hugs,
Letter 6
Hi my dear Peter)) thank you so much for your letter and your honest minds.. dont worry i dont think that you are ogre)) i just try understand your way if thinking) for me very interesting to hear different opinion) mm it was so nice holiday time.. i already miss this)) it was nice time with friends) but you know all this evening i thinking that i with big pleasure leave all this and run to hugs of my man.. )) honestly i dont like such party, i fast get tired and want go home and fall a sleep) Do you like parties? do you have a lot of energy for it?? but i also understand that sometimes we need have some fun because without it our life will be very boring)) sooo today is first day of my work week.. ohh how good was at home))) but i happy back to work also because it is much interesting than sit at home) Do you work today also?? if yes.. i wish you nice working day today.. if you are at home today i just envy to you a bit))
but soon in Ukraine will be Christmas on 7 January)) soo we will have some holidays also) not much just one days) i will go to church, i am not so religious person but i belive in universe and positive energy) What you belive? i wish you nice day my dear
looking forward your reply
your Oksana
Letter 7
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter, dear when i go to work i leave Mouse at home.. she is obedient girl)) so she can be alone at home)) she know where is her toilet, where is food, and she have her toys so she know hat to do all days)) when i come to my friends, or go walk with friends, i ask them if they do not mind i take Mouse with me) my girls all time happy play with mouse and like other girls love animals)) i also not a fan parties but i think that sometimes i want go somewhere and get fun) i don't usual go to night clubs))) Do you enjoy such time?? i wish you nice day my dear, than you so much for all your letters and good words to me) i need come back to work, because today is first work day after Christmas and i have a lot of things that i should to do.. but i dont have nought energy for do it all)) so maybe i will drink coffee now or eat something) i wish you nice mood today and good day.. i with you by all my minds..
have a nice day
Letter 8
my sunny Peter, please get well sooner i worry about you.. oh it so pity that i so much far from you.. i would like takes care of about you when you feel your self not so good.. i think that it is normal things when people takes care of for each other.. i will make hot tea for you.. and can cook or bake something tasty to make you a bit happy.. cover with a blanket and warm you near) so my honey plase take care about your self.. because i so much far away but my minds and my heart with you.. i also send you my positive energy)) <3 all animals is different like people they have their own character.. my dog enjoy time on walk or spend time with my friends.. she is very sociable and like play)) ohh i also dont like so much clubs.. i like sepnd time with nice dinner.. walk.. go to cinema.. or theater.. such easy and simple rest)) i very simply girl.. i enjoy warms evenings with friends or my belong)) for me the main thing it is with whom i will spend this time, not where.. within reason of course))) How you like you spend your free time?? What you enjoy?? i wish you nice warm evening.. and i will go soon to home to take my hot bath)))
Letter 9
dear Peter!!) thank you for your letter)) How are you today?? you now I am woman who like enjoy.. so try enjoy by every moment of my life)) i of course dear i go to gym 3 time in week) sometimes i run on the morning when good weather, and i have good mood for this)) i don't like cold weather, so i prefer run when not cold outdoors) do you like run?? I like good films, good time with my girls(i mean my friends), sometimes i like drink a glass of good vine with dinner)) i am open for all.. i like to know something new) sometimes i like to camping or picnic with friends) i like nature so i enjoy time on) I also like animals.. i like feed ducks on the lake in the park.. like woman i like cook and bake something.. for some woman it is hard but i enjoy it.. i think that woman should cook her man)) like you see I am like different pastime)) What do you like?? What do you do in your life?? dear please can you send me some your photos)) i also would like see you))
have a nice day my dear
Letter 10
Hi my sunny Peter) thank you so much for your letter) thank you for your photos) you look nice) wow sunny, week gone so fast)) i don't feel so much this week, i just open my eyes on monday close and today it Friday.. Friday is come so fast.. Do you have the same?? is your week was also fast?? so now i thinking what will do today in the evening, it is a little problem what to do when you live alone.. because you can do all what you want but you just don't want do it alone)) i so much dream about you near me.. we can for to a little warm date together, and have nice evening)) i don't want be at home today, my friend is busy today) she cant join me .. so i decide that i for a long time don't go to cinema.. and i would like go today.. buy a lot of popcorn and watch some comedy)) Do you enjoy cinema?? Would you like join me?? What will you do today? Do you have some plans? i wish you nice day my dear))
kisses your Oksana
Letter 11
Hi my honey Peter) haha yes it is me))) i am all time stay positive and enthusiasm)) i hope it is not so bad)) thank you so much for your letter.. yeah thank you, i enjoy this film) i like comedy)) How was your weekend?? my sunny i hope you enjoy this time.. my weekend was also nice but i with big pleasure spend this time with you)) on Saturday i go to my a teacher from a boarding school, we was so close when i live and study in boarding school.. and after also.. I consider her a native person.. she is so kind and nice woman.. she have son but he died in car accident when i was in boarding school.. so I go to visit her on Saturday, we have holidays name of Old New Year, i dont know have you ever head about it.. so i think that it will be much better if i will be with her on this day) so we drink tea i take cake with my self and some sweets) you know it so pity that such kind woman lost her only son when he was adult(( What do you do on weekend? How are you today my sunny? what do you do today?? i wish you nice day today,
Letter 12
Hi dear Peter)) thank you so much for your letter.. and your nice words.. honey, will you search woman without tooth in her smile??) thank you for your nice words and your moral support.. but i am big girl and i understand that man love by eyes and of course you will scary such girl.. so thank you again for your nice words, but for me it is not comfortable live without tooth and i don't feel my self beauty like before.
How was your weekend?? i hope you enjoy your weekend)) my weekend was nice not so good like it was when i was healthy and with magic smile.. i still have pain so i decide do something to forgot about it.. i like cook and bake and when i work i don't have much time for cook something delicious, also i live alone so don't have person who will eat all this because i don't eat too much.. so on this weekend i decide spend at home because weather is cold and i don't have so good mood to walk or go somewhere so i decide do what i want do but all time postpone it so i bake meat in spicy in folg, i like eat in on toast in the morning i think it is much healthy than sausages on toast)) ohh what do you like eat on the morning? also i bake cake and make home made khinkali)) Have you ever try khinkali?? so i also bake pizza and invite my friend to my home, so it was nice day with tea and home made pizza)) we talk about all.. she support me a lot.. because i need it on this moment.. on Sunday i just rest at home) How was your weekend?? today is new day and new mind)) do you make your own plan on this week?? do you have a lot of things what you want to do?? How your day is start?? oh my sunny i wish you nice day and nice mood today..
kisses your Oksana
Letter 13
Hello my dear Peter) How are you today? How is your morning?? sunny, thank you so much for your letter) wow you bake bread.. How do you do it?? do you bake it in over or in some other technique?? i would like bake bread also a lot of times but i am not find a recipe that I want to cook.. please can you open you recipe for me? <3 <3 my sunny, it is cold today.. not much degrees just -4 but because of wind and snow it feels like much cold weather(( ufff i was so cold when i come to work.. you know in such weather i so much want sit at home under a blanket or uff will be much great sit near fire place with you my dear.. Wink and drink something.. which you would like?? tea, coffee or wine.. )) How was your evening yesterday? What do you do?? i was so cold that i decide to take hot bath.. lay and thinking about my life.. my plans.. my desire.. i like sometimes spend time such way.. how do you relax?? which situation.. do you have a thought for your life? i wish you nice day my sunny, i will thinking of you every my free min at work, i hope you will thinking of me also)
warm hugs to you
Letter 14
hello my sunny Peter) thank you so much for your letter.. i will try to cook such as you cook but i dont have bread maker.. so i will use oven or in multicooker) i bake a lot pie on it so i think it will be tasty also)) my dear today it is real cold.. -13 degrees.. I sit at work now.. drink hot chocolate.. looking in window and feel my self so lonely now.. my dear i so much want be in strong mans hugs.. feel warm and love.. feel that you part of other person.. it is very important feelings in our world.. is much want touch by my little nose shoulder of my man.. feel his smell and goose bumps run over your skin.. i so much miss it now.. Do you enjoy such cute romantic things? ohh my dear today i have so romantic mood.. i am very sensitive person.. i need love and be loved if i love i ready give all my self and all what i have to my belong man.. if i love i love such way) What mood do you have today?? i wish you nice day today my dear..
warmly hugs to you.. and kiss in you cheek.. ;)
Letter 15
Hello my dear Peter) My distant and such a close man... i never can think that it is possible meet someone so close and so far in one moment.. but it is happened.. i so much happy that we meet each other in our life.. i dont know how it be in future.. will we have some future together.. but i happy for now.. you full my life.. every time when i get your message.. smile come to my face.. i happy get your letter and with big pleasure read it) How are you today my sunny? How is your mood? What will you do today?? dear i work tomorrow also, i would like have days off tomorrow but i don't know what should happens that i will not work tomorrow.. i so much dream about weekend.. because i so much tired from work week and want relax on weekend.. do you know what will you do on weekend??
my sunny i wish you nice day my dear
Letter 16
Hello my dear Peter)) thank you so much for your sunny, she is fine)i guess now she at home and sleep or play)) do something, hope she not eat my shoes)) my sunny, on this Friday morning i come to work and this is "time for coffee".. and some minds.. dear i think how often we leave something to "tomorrow".. we think that life is to long than "today" .. but we don't think that tomorrow every times comes and nothing change.. tomorrow we will start run in the morning, go to gym and do a lot of things.. honestly we don't appreciate our time.. we think that we have a lot of this.. but we don't know which day will be our last day in our life.. today is not first day when i thinking about it.. i think and understand that "today" is day when we live and when all our life is gone.. much better do something today.. little step to your dream it is much better than nothing.. so let do something to be happy?? let do some steps to each other? because if we will just wait "tomorrow" our happy future never come because for make yourself happiness you need do something.. some step to change your life.. honey, i am deep person i am often think about a lot of things in our life.. i am such person who want change and safe all world.. i want help all animals and all people.. What do you think when you have free time? Friday is come.. Do you wait every time for Friday?? i am like all people who work wait this day because after this will be some days off.. and i will restore my strength after a long week.. i will be at home or meet my friends, but it is not what i dream.. i so much want be with my belong man.. i so much want clench his hand.. looking into your deep eyes and drown in it eyes.. i want be part of my man.. i want be his happiness.. his smile.. give all love and care because love it is care.. honey, i know that in our life we will have a lot of "tomorrow" but i don't want lose this time.. i dream be with my love so much soon as it possible... spend much happiness time together.. much weekends and much holidays.. my dear.. you so far from me.. but i feel that you are with me in my hear.. in my minds.. my honey, i want wish you good and nice weekend.. i would like that you not forgot about me by this time.. and on monday will told me how good time do you spend.. i will thinking of you my dear.. warmly hugs and sweet kisses
Letter 17
Hello my sunny Peter)) thank you so much for your letter) hehe it is heart)) do it look such??))) it is big pleasure start my week, my monday with your letter)) How was your weekend?? i hope you enjoy it.. my weekend was nice not so much good which it will be with you) on Saturday i was at home, usual on Saturday i do all my housework.. by to shop buy food, clean at home, cook food.. sometimes bake something.. wash clothes.. because in other days i don't have time for do this things.. in the evening i call my friends to meet them.. it was nice time with them.. sometimes we like meet each other for play some games together.. something like monopolies.. they have child and that's why they have a lot of such game which bring with them) on this Saturday it was game for folding figures and counting.. first when i say.. i think that it is not so interesting but 20 minutes gone and we all was on this game and forgot about time)) Do you like play such games sometimes?? Yesterday, was day for relax.. i sleep so long and enjoy my time on bed.. it was so good but then i remember that i reception at the doctor at 12 o'clock in the afternoon.. so i got up fast and run to doctor)) honestly go to doctors not my favorite part of life but i serious about health and regular visits to doctors) i know one winged Latin expression.. "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body." so i after i go to gym.. it help me not just make my body sport but it help me to relax my minds after long week) because work with people it is also not so easy job) dear, How was your weekend? what do you like to do on your weekend?)
my sunny i wish you great start of your new week))
have a nice day ps it is not my glass)))) i drink juice on this evening)
Letter 18
Hello my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter.. oh dear i so sorry about your cancer.. i hope now you is much better an feel your self okay now.. yes, i drink painkillers.. that why i don't drink now, but i don't drink much at all.. i don't like have headache in the morning( so that why i can drink maybe one glass but not much) Do you drink sometimes? How are you today? What do you do today?? my day was nice there is sunny today) i so happy of this.. so much wait warm weather because i don't like when is cold.. cold is not for me.. i prefer much warm and sunny weather)) i cold all like) also i have so cold at my home( br.. so i so much wait when spring is come to become warm)) Which weather you prefer? I wish you nice day my dear
Letter 19

Hi my dear Peter)) thank you so much for your letter) my honey, How is your day?? what do you do today?? my day is also nice, today i drink green tea.. decide change something in my life))) so i change coffee on green tea) With what do you like start your day?? What do you like eat on the breakfast?? i would like to know.. who knows maybe one day i will cook breakfast for us in the morning..) every morning i drink glass of warm water with lemon juice.. sometimes with a teaspoon of honey.. sometimes no.. it depends of my mood) it is my little tradition in the morning.. Do you have something what you do every day or every morning?? yes sunny it is cold in my home.. that is why i so much dream about much warm weather(( i work 9-10 hours usual in holidays i can work much because a lot of work(( so in the one point it is good and bad) i also would like work less but it is not depends on me I wish you good day and great mood today..
warmly hugs
Letter 20
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter)) usual i eat on the breakfast oatmeal.. it is very healthy for stomach and for all our body) sometimes when i don't have time for cook in the morning because i need run to work.. i can drink coffee with sandwich it is much fast.. hehe i also have my limit on coffee on day.. usual i drink one on day.. but my limit is 2-3 cups on day)) because i know that it is not so good drink so much coffee on day) i try drink green tea much.. because i think it is much healthy)) also sometimes i try to say bye for sugar in coffee but i cant drink it to bitter.. so i drink it or with sugar or without sugar but with milk) How do you drink coffee?? today is Friday.. oh i so happy that this day is become)) no don't think) i love my work but like all people i just can be tired and want relax a bit)) so that's is why i so much happy)) i already have some plans for today) my friends invite me to them)) so after work i come home and after go to my friends i guess we will to order pizza or sushi and will play on something like all time)) oh you know we have some clubs in my town where people come to play on mafia.. i all time want also go and try to play on it) but I can not decide on this all time)) tomorrow i will do my home thing and after will go to dentist) so it is my plans for weekend.. Do you have some plans for today and weekend?) i wish you nice day my dear
Letter 21
Hello my Peter) thank you so much for your letter) we have game in name "Mafia" i don't think that you don't know this game, for me will be hard to explain you.. please can you look in Internet.. my weekend was nice) i have so nice mood today and so happy write you my letter now.. How was your weekend?? i hope you enjoy your weekend and rest well.. i also rest but i want more)) so today is new day.. and new week.. i wish you good start of this week.. have a lot of energy for realize all your plans for this week or much)) so now i am at work, i have some work that i need to do it now.. and soon will be Valentines day so i have a lot of things what i need to do to this holidays.. i guess before this day and on this day i will have a lot of work because all man want congratulate them woman) so a lot of flyovers it will be)) so this Valentines day i will spend on work) I dream about be with my belong man on this holidays.. on strong embrace and with warm kisses) so now i will make big cup of coffee because my neighbors from below have party on this night and i sleep so bad.. and dream about my bad now.. i don't know what to do with therm because it is unbearable.. i call to police.. but they come say to them "please dont have such behavior" and when they go.. they do what they do.. yesterday also someone fought with someone else.. it was hard night.. What will police do in your country on such situation?? I wish you nice day my dear
Letter 22
Hello dear Peter) thank you so much from your message)) yeah sometimes i have such wonderful night)) today was much good night)) so i so much happy because of it) oh i so sorry about your cat.. it so hard to lose your pets.. (( it so nice that now you have good neighbors.. because it is very important for calm life)) it is i told you like person who live with this crazy people under me( hehe thanks but i think it will lose meaning if i will present flowers my self )) i think that some things and some presents should give just man to woman.. also i think that some things should do woman for man)) so for my opinion that both people in relationship have their own duties)) What will you do in this holidays?)))mmmm do you have some dream how you would like spend your best Valentines day??))) so dear i need come back work.. i wish you nice day .. and a lot of positive and good minds and things today)) and i will go to make some cup of something and need do a lot of work today))
have a nice day
kisses Oksana
Letter 23
Hello my dear Peter) thank you for your letter) i happy get it and read now.. mmm sound so tasty) what is it sausage rolls?) how you cook it??) oh thank you that you ask.. dentist say that i need make tooth much fast as it possible.. because when it recover it will be much hard to do.. so i don't know what i will do.. i feel my self so much uncomfortable.. the last thing what i want to do on this Valentines day it be at home with my dog.. but like see it what i will do.. because i don't want go somewhere with friends.. and catch on me bad looks because of it.. maybe i thinking much about this.. but i see that people see that i don't have one tooth.. and it give me a lot of pain.. i think start work much to maybe collect some.. but i am not sure that it will be possible because i live now just from salary to salary.. i so much need man shoulder and arms to feel my self protected and safe..

i thinking of you a lot.. i wish you nice day today and great mood.. i hope you will have free time for write me answer and told me about your weekend))
so i send you a lot of my kisses and good mood)
Letter 24
Hello my dear Peter)) thank you for your letter.. it make me so warm when i read it.. i so much enjoy get your letter every time.. really i feel that you write it with your soul.. it is so much important to me)) mmmm so tasty)) i would like try one piece)) hehe so lovely cat)) i so much love animals)))) you know i start think.. maybe i need to take cat also??)) hehe i think my dog will be shock)) if i do this)) i dream about spend my Valentines with my belong man.. be together) and just enjoy time together) i think the main things in our life is people who is dear to us.. who is important to our heart.. with my belong man i want share all.. me.. life.. happiness.. i know how to love, caring.. how to be woman for my man.. now all what i can think is our quiet dinner with my man on his strong hugs.. and all other.. tomorrow will be the most romantic holidays in the year.. i so much want be with you on this day..i don't know what to do on this Valentines day.. How are you today?? How is your mood today? I want say that i thinking of you.. and dream about some happiness future like all girls do)) yes i am so much romantic.. i will be happy share my romantic soul with you.. i looking forward your reply.. i send you a lot of my kisses and warm hugs)
Letter 25
Hello my dear Peter))mmmmmm thank you so much for your message.. look so tasty)))) and how you will cook it?? will you just boil?? or do something special?))) sunny, I try to put all my tenderness into words, with which I want to congratulate you on Valentine's Day. I have so much I want to squeeze you in my arms, to give you a gentle kiss and never to part with you. my honey, I congratulate you on Valentine's Day and I want to wish that for our feelings all the open spaces were opened, so that for our love there would be no obstacles, so that our plans and desires always had strength and inspiration.. <3 <3 <3 today is busy day on my work)) a lot of happiness man and woman i saw in shop where i work)) man buy flowers to his woman, woman buy some romantic thing to his man)) oh today one woman come and buy flowers to her mom)) i know that this day.. day of "love in a pair" but i think that this is day of love at all) I think that on such day should say to all person whom you love)) to belong person, to parents)) so on my work will be busy day today) but i am happy of it i love to bring people happiness and when i saw smile on face customers.. I happy)) How are you today? How is your day?? i wish you nice and romantic mood today.. all my minds will be with you
warmly hugs
Letter 26
Hello my sunny Peter)) thank you so much for your letter)) my dear i have so much great mood today)) yesterday was so busy day and today.. shop where i work look like after defeat)))) but so quiet today)) so i am happy of this)) How is your day today?? What are you doing?? i like this romantic holiday, and also when i don't have belong person.. and i am alone on this holiday)) i still love it)) because it so nice to see and feel this atmosphere of love in the street.. people go hand on hand.. happy pairs))) it is amazing feeling) so like you see i try to stay positive all time)) you know i need to admit you.. yesterday i have romantic evening with one young lady.. we eat tasty meal and drink some wine together... and then we fall a sleep also together... are you intrigued? How you think who is this girl??))) hehe How you spend your evening??)) so my honey, i wish you nice day today.. great mood.. tasty coffee.. and all the best for you))
Letter 27
hello dear Peter)i guess that you forgot about me or maybe find someone other girl) hehe) because i write you letter and you not answer) maybe my letter was lost.. but so i happy hear you now) How are you?? how is your mood??))
Letter 28
Hello my dear Peter) thank you for your letter)) oh dear i write you and i don't get answer.. so i don't know what happens maybe your letter was lost.. but it is in the past i happy that you write to me and we are again in touch) oh thank you she is fine she is at home now)) i guess sleep under blanket because it is to cold in my home now( no dear i didnt get you photos, last photos which you send me it was corn in the freezer) so please send me again) i wish you that this week was good and nice for you, that it would be full of only good moments and positive events) How was your weekend?? How do you sleep?? Do you feel your self well today?? i feel my self good today and have great mood also.. I start my day with positive minds and tasty cup of my favorite coffee) How do ou start your morning?? oh my sunny today i need your warm much than ever i dream about your warm hugs.. that we will sit together in hugs on sofa near fire place and drink hot chocolate)) mmm sweet dream)) sunny, today is really cold weather.. it is -9 degrees Celsius.. i dont know.. do you have such cold weather?? on my way to work i think that i will freeze)) is much colder than in freezer)) so i run fast to bus stop but when i saw ******* bus stop without hats and hoods on the head.. i was shock.. i dont know how it was not cold to her.. but i think health is much important than looks beautiful on such cold weather) on weekend i was at home because it was to cold to walk somewhere) i spend much time watch film that my friend advised.. i dont know maybe you are watch this film or heard about this is.. it is name "The Maze Runner" i watch all parts)) Did you watch? if you watch.. do you like?? as for me i like watch film sometimes especially when this film caught my attention.. so i watch all 3 parts on one breathing)) sometimes book also can caught my attention by long time)) Which movie you watch last and like so much?? However i miss by warm weather and warm part of year.. mmm warm summer.. or fragrant spring.. when all the trees are blooming))) this delightful fragrance that I so miss in the cold winter months)) it was nice time at home by watching something interesting to me.. but i miss by evenings walks with tea on the summer.. i dream about vacations on warm place.. of course i dream spend this amazing time with my belong man.. share this happiness together)) Which time of the year is your favorite? my sunny warm wish you great day today
Letter 29
hi my dear Peter.. thank you so much for your letter) i happy that this letter is found me) yeah it is so cold today) and she is lucky i also would like stay at home)) my dear,for me it is so much important no know.. How are you today?? How are you sleep? because when someone is important you want be much close to this person.. ask a lot of things.. and try to care by this person.. the same is happens with me.. i am interesting in you.. and hope to feel the same from you.. my dear, my day start as usual, i went to work by so cold weather.. when i go by street there was so fresh air that it was hard to breath.. all people was wear so warm.. i go and thinking that it so hard to got up from cold bed, and how much i dream about wake up from your sweet hot kisses.. feel your strong hands on my body and warm of your hugs.. just your.. i want that it will be you this man who will hug me every night.. and whom i give all my passion, love and care.. because love is care as for me.. What is it love for you? Which woman you want see near you?? so my dear, it is usual work day there.. i drink hot tea now.. thinking about so my dreams.. yeah i know that i need thinking about work.. but i cant do it now.. i don't know maybe it is because of coming spring.. and my soul feel this and need love and some romantic walks under moon.. What are you thinking usual when you sit and drink tea or coffee?? When you have some free time or just when minds come to your head?? i wish you nice day my dear
looking forward
Letter 30
Hello my dear Peter)) Thank you so much for your letter) how are you my dear today?? How is your weather today?? i so happy that i have opportunity to write you now.. i so sorry that you sleep bad and fell your self not so good i hope soon you will feel your self better) nothing change, i go without tooth, because don't have opportunity to make it i today is first day of spring but i don't feel that it come))dear, yesterday we have heavy snow storm, and today also.. a lot of snow.. and yesterday in the night near my home a tree fell and damaged the when i got up i find that i don't have electricity at home.. i was so happy that i have also gas at home it help me make hot tea on the morning and some breakfast.. i don't know how is people who live in houses without gas.. i don't know how they be now.. i so much worry now i hope that utility services will restore this to the evening because i don't want to be without electricity(( and my phone have not full battery.. so i don't know it can turn off at any time.. my dear i wish you great day today, i hope tomorrow weather will become much look like as spring and give us a bit warm and sunny)) warmly hugs
Letter 31
Hello my dear Peter)
Thank you so much for your letter) i want say you good day to you)) How are you sleep today? How do you start your day today? Do you start your day with great things and smile??)) i hope so)) dear, i thinking of you and you are important to me so much.. i want care you and that is why i ask you a lot of questions about your minds and your feels because for me it is important to know) i belive that this is the mutually) my evening was warm and nice.. just did not have you near me it was the worst thing that evening.. me and Mouse miss you ant thinking of you)) How was your evening?? mm you know yesterday i buy so tasty body cream.. mmm if i be possible i eat this)) because it have so amazing smell.. with smell of chocolate vanilla.. i smell like big candy..))) Which smell do you like on woman body??) Do you have some fetish or preference about smell??)) today is wonderful day.. the weather still cold but there is the sun.. and my soul happy by this) on the cold time of year i so much miss sunny.. i never think that i depend on weather) but now i see this and accept also)) Do you depend from weather also? when i come home after work yesterday i was so happy because at home was electricity)) i was happy that communal services all repaired in one evening) I'm naming that nothing else will happen) talking about today)) there is usual work Friday) i drink coffee now and thinking about how i dream to throw everything, pack my clothes and fly away to warm places) Do you dream about such things today?? Do you like travel?? how often do you travel or rest? how do you prefer to rest? Warm place like beach or do you like cold sky resort??) Me and my tasty cup of coffee will back to work.. my dear.. i wish you delicious day and gorgeous weekend.. ohh Do you already know what you will do on this weekend?? ;) i hope that you will miss me how i will miss you)
warmly hugs my dear
Letter 32
Hello my dear Peter)) Thank you for your letter and your nice photo).. i am so glad get your letter and reading of this make me happiness now) i wish you be happiness today also.. i think that our minds and out mood can change our life.. i try be positive all time and thinking about good, positive and best minds) and i belive that it help me,i meet in my live amazing positive people, like you) and i so much grateful universe that we meet each other in our life) my dear, i also thinking of you all time.. and i want get your kisses and your your i want give you al my passion and love.. i want be with you my sunny, thank you that you are open with me and told me about your operation.. dear, if you can have ******.. i think we will decide something to satisfy you and me.. i think that main it is desire to be together and love each other) yes, it was tour by Europe and i visited some place with my husband by his work trip) How are you how is your day and morning?) we still have cold weather.. there is -6) I was happy today like all time.. when i go to work i am not just run to my goal)) i am a little bit walk.. go and look around.. you know it's beautiful morning.. white snow still lay on the ground.. i saw how much children was happy by this weather when they run to school and play in snowballs)) the sun is already shining and the birds are already beginning to sing on the air is smell of coming spring) i wish this spring will bring happiness for us) on this weekend we have a lot of snow and this make travel around the city even more difficult.. a lot of people leave their car on such weather and go by bus.. because there is a lot of of snow and hard to drive on small cars.. but it is still beautiful weather.. like in fairytale.. i just worry time when all this snow start melt.. because it will be a lot of water and so easy to wet your feet and get sick(( talking about me.. on this weekend i was at home because of weather.. i do some my deal on Saturday and on Sunday i meet my friend for coffee with desert and nice talk) What did you do on this weekend? my work week start and i am at work now.. mmm drink coffee and thinking of you.. )) this week will be hard for me.. to be exact the end of the week) i don't you have such holidays or no.. on the end of this week we will have "woman day" in 8th of the March) this is one of the hard day in the year for florist)) hehe on this days man gave woman flowers and other gift) do you have such holidays in your country?? but after 8th i will have days off)) so it make me a little bit happy)) How are you today? What will you do today? my dear, i like talk with you and i enjoy our communication but sunny i want have serious relationship.. i don't want waste my time and sit on Internet for a long time.. dear i would like meet you because just real meet can show us do we have chemistry between us or no.. Do you think about our meeting dear? i imagine how we will enjoy our romantic time together and your kisses.. touch.. i wish you amazing week and incredible mood on this week))
Letter 33
hello dear Peter) i was so glad to get your letter and read it now, you know that your letter every time bring smile on my face? i don't know why this happens, because sometimes it is just usual worlds but it make me so warm and nice.. maybe it is because when you write me you bring your good energy on your letter and i feel it when read)) i want say that you for your letter and your nice words) dear, How is your mood today? Are you sleep well? How is your day start? i hope you have pleasure and nice morning.. i would like that it should be such) Peter, i would like meet you also.. dear but it is so hard for you come to Energodat.. maybe i will come to you.. for me it is of course very important to not only know but also to see, how my second half lives. what is his surrounding. Because this is the place where I would live if we get closer to each other. And yes, it is very important for me to also make a visit to realize if I am ready to also accept this all. you will show me your live and we will spend nice romantic time together) Talking about my morning, it was nice morning today i let my self to sleep much, and got up just 20 minutes before i need leaving home to work)) so like you can understand my morning was fast)) and my breakfast was glass of water and banana during fees)) but I did not regret that I overslept and it could not spoil my morning and mood for the day)) i was so happy that i overslept a bit because now i don't feel my self so tired) did such things happens with you also?? or you are got up early all time?? i wish you nice day my dear, and looking forward your reply
Letter 34

Hello dear Peter)
i was so glad to get your letter, today is nice day and good mood.. tomorrow will be big holiday in Ukraine and in my work we try be ready for this a crowd of men who will come to buy flowers for their beloved women)) the weather is not so holidays.. so ****.. cold, rain and mud.. but in my heart it is sun shinning because i write to you)) Peter, thank you dear i will try to look on Internet) thank you that you are care and worry about me.. but i look on this logical if we become close, i other way i will need come to see part of your life try to be together much time, because life it is a bit different that meeting for coffee, so like you see i am serious in my minds) so dear, how you would like that our first meet be?? shoul i go to the travel agency and ask about informations, what i need for come to you? How are my dear?? How is your morning? How is the weather?? so tomorrow will be hard day but i like bring people happy, Do you like it also?? when you have relationship do you like make some surprises for your woman?? pamper her sometimes??) because i like bring my man happiness) make surprises and a lot of other things) talking about now.. i am at work, drink my coffee and thinking of you and me.. and a lot of other things.. you know how it is important to have goal in your life.. for goal i mean a lot of things for someone it will be work, for other family.. as for me goal it is just live be happy and make happiness my belong man and my future family) i am very simply and open person, if i love i love by all my heart and do all for my love) What about you? what is your goal in life?? Is for you family is also goal of your life? tell me please.. i would like to know how you think and what is important to you?) on the end of my letter i want wish you great and sunny mood, day and all in your today day)
i looking for your reply
warmly hugs Oksana
Letter 35
Hello my dear Peter)) Thank you so much for your letter)) thank you so much for your congratulations it is so pleasure to get it now) thank you so much my dear for it.. your message bring smile on my face)) <3 <3 <3 dear, thank you so much for this information, dear I am not so strong on it, i never do it.. so i think will be right go to travel agency and ask much information because they do all right and this time and next time will be much easy get visa with such help.. because without i can just do something wrong and my visa history can be spoiled i have so great mood today)) i wake up early but it so amazing feel in the air)) when i go to work i meet man with flowers, so i think today all man with flowers)) i love all holidays i like to make happy people whom i love)) as for me it is big pleasure to bring happiness on their face)) when i will have my family i will try bring happiness on holidays and usual days)) it think it is the main think to bring happiness to people whom you love)) do you love this feelings when you bring something to person whom you love and see happiness on face??)) "Woman day" this is big holiday in Ukraine and a lot of people is rest today)) but not florists)) yes i also would like be today at home and have some rest but i work today, and i happy by it because i have opportunity to write you today and this make me happy)) i dream be with you today, just be at home.. lay on sofa and watching some comedy or romantic film together or we can spend time other way together the main thing is spend this time together) How is your day my dear?? What do you do today?? my dear, i wish you great day today, i thinking about you.. you steal all my mind))
looking forward your reply
your Oksana
Letter 36
hello my dear Peter)) i was so glad to get your letter, thank you so much that you bring me happiness and warm in every your letter) thank you for your photo) i will go to the agency today after my work and tomorrow will told you what they told me about getting visa and travel to you)) Do you wait our meeting? How was your weekend? What did you do on weekend? talking about my weekend it was nice weekend on Friday i meet my friends for talk in cafe we have nice girls evenings as we like) on Saturday i go to gym.. i start go to gym again and now i feel all my body i have some pain.. it help me to rest by my head and i sleep like child on this day, also i visited cinema, i like sometimes go to cinema.. when i come to cinema i saw a lot of couple together, and thinking of you.. so much want spend this evening with you and nice movie)) i watched Red Sparrow) do you hear or watched this film? How was your weekend?? What did you do? today is monday and i am at work, i thinking of you and write you now.. have a lot things that i need to do.. but all my minds some where far away from work, do you know this feelings?? what about you? What do you do today? Do you work today also? my dear, i wish you nice day and great mood today
hugs Oksana
Letter 37
Hi dear Peter) mm it so nice to get your message now) no dear, i am still without, because i don't have savings to make it.. i don't told you about this because i think that it is not interesting for you.. so that is why i don't told you this.. How are you today? How is your mood?? spring is coming.. i feel the smell of the spring in the air.. it so pleasure feeling.. i love spring and other time year which is warm) i so dream that soon will be so warm and i will take my mouse to walk) because when was so cold i didn't walk with her.. or if take her just for couple of minutes) so she will be happy to see nature) do you like walk with tea of coffee by some beautiful place? i love it so much.. but in Energodar there is not so much place where i can walk.. ( do you have a lot of place for walk in your town? by my way to work i looked at people.. i like observe people's behavior for me like for psychologist is very interesting.. i see that a lot of people have so hard mood.. it is on their face.. i think that life with positive mood much easy and pleasure) as for me i try be positive and smile all time.. yes i also have sometimes bad mood and can want sleep but in my soul i am all time happy)) Do you thinking such way? dear, i was in the agency yesterday after work, and they told me all details.. honestly it is so expensive for me now.. because i try to save some for make my smile beautiful again, so i don't know what to do because i want meet you.. and be with you but it is really expansive trip for me.. told me please about your day today)i would like to know how you spend your day)
i wish you the best today
looking forward your reply
your Oksana
Letter 38
Hello my dear Peter) it so pleasure to get your letter and read it now.. dear, it is so expansive i think tickets should be cheaper.. but i don't know i never been in NZ.. i looked in Google where you live) it is very nice place so a lot of nature, i will be happy to have some vacation and spend much time on nature) Honey, i become so exiting) because i never think that it can be real) i would like see you) yes, i know will be right make tooth first but i cant afford it to my self now, and i understand that it will take time to collect this sum.. i can try to safe money for something one but two deal will be much fro me.. thank you for your offer help me) you are so care, i so happy that i meet you in my life..) How is it Misty?? Do you take this kitten? i so much love cats and i so happy that you have two cats)) it mean that you are good person and you have kind heart) i like people who have pets) today is rainy day and i have so romantic mood.. my dear i thinking of you.. and looking on the window.. i know that we much older, but i so dream about run under rain like couple in love take hand on hand.. and kissing under warm rain in the summer)) have you ever thinking about this little crazy idea??)) yes i know i am so romantic person, make some romantic things to my belong man) How is your mood today? What do you thinking now?? i would like to know your minds and feel your feeling, it is usual when you are interesting and want to know so much person like i would like to know you.. What you will do today my dear? talking about me i am at work now.. like you understand thinking of you now.. and dream about my crazy things) my dear, i wish you that sun shinning in your day today, that your mood will be the greatest today and you not forgot about me today.. that i will be with you all day..
Letter 39
Hi Peter)) Thank you for your letter) i so glad get if from you now.. how are you sleep today? Do you have good mood? dear I tuned that has already come spring already took shoes out of the closet but cold weather come again and it make me so upset now.. i so dream about warm weather i so much depend on weather and sun.. so now i am at work and dream about be with my man right now about time in tight hugs in nice warm cafe with hot chocolate i so much dream about warmth and affection) so much want be little girl in strong man hands and feel that i am loved and love) What are you thinking now?? oh thank you for this photo it is so nice cat))i like red cats)) so he is nice kitten)) i happy hear that Misty is better)) oh for me it so hard to hear that people trear so rude to animals, i love animals and dont want to make them bad, i try carry by animals.. yes i remember honestly, not yet.. i dont have a lo of free time last time because there was holidays and a lot of work, but i remember and when i bake by your receipt i will told you and amke photo what i get)) okay she will be happy) hehe so i wish that your Misty also become well)) i wish you nice day my dear
Letter 40
Hello my dear Peter)) thank you so much for your letter i was so glad get it from you) i so happy that Misty is getting better, dear we communicate with you 3 month and i think that in every relationship or communication should be dynamics.. i like you.. i like our communication but i dont want waste my time.. i think we need make next step if you would like i will be happy to do it with you but if you are not looking serious relationship so for me will be hard and sad but i want more that communication by email.. i want real person near me.. please let me know.. Do you looking for relationship? Do you ready make second step with me?
Letter 41
Hello Peter)
I so glad to get your letter today.. i also so happy to have opportunity write you now.. my mood is great.. i wish you great mood and sunny day i also.. i enjoy when i read your letter i hope that you will be enjoy when you will read my letter also, i send you piece of my positive energy and great mood to you) i also would like to know how are you today? How is your mood? because as i think mood it is very important in our life) i hope my letter find you in good mood) ;) Honey, I also feel that without you I feel myself not completed anymore, and that my soul and mind demands your real presence near with me, probably as any woman who is getting closer to her man wants him to be close, to feel his warmth and care. And you know, I am a very shy woman when things comes to man making something to support me, I mean financially or some present, because I grew up alone, and always have been doing everything my own, but you know, my desire to see you and be with you is stronger than my character, so I just simply cannot resist it anymore. Which is why, if you really mean what you say, and you are so noble to make it happen, honey, I would be the happiest and most grateful woman in the world if you give us this wonderful opportunity to be together, and give you my complete smile. How was your weekend? How did you spend it? is it was nice time? i enjoyed my weekend.. it was nice time.. part of this time i spend at home take a rest other time i spend with my friends.. i like spend time with them but i so much dream about spend my weekends with my beloved man.. if you just know how much i dream bout it and want.. i ask universe a lot of times and i belive that soon i will spend my weekends with my beloved man) i wish you great day my dear
hugs Oksana
Letter 42
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter.. your letter warm my heart all time.. i so love to read it) How are you today? Are you sleep well? thank you so much) you have so nice large boat)) i would like to see when i come) and it so interesting for me.. because i never be on such boat.. you control the boat yourself?? i think it so hard to steer a boat.. oh i want say you that it is so cool photo with dolphins))) mmm i so much dream about swim with dolphins)) Have you ever do such?? i so often thinking of you.. now when i sit at work and looking into window i thinking of you.. dear, if you just know how much i want do in my life.. but i want share this wonderful moments of pleasure with my man.. because our life is empty without love.. i want love and beloved.. i think that nothing can be much better feeling of love) i look in the window and dream about warm weather also.. should be spring but still cold.. just hot in my heart..) Do you know why? I guess you know the answer, and hope you also feel the same. I think we should not wait any longer. What do you think, when should we make it happen? Maybe you already have a plan for our meeting and a captivation of my heart? ;))) If so, don't be selfish, tell me also about it ;)))))) I really can't wait for it, and besides, I guess if we want to meet, we need to plan our vacation schedule. And I really need to do it in advance. So honey, tell me please, what is on your mind. How is your day my dear? What will you do today? i ask you so much because i would like to know much about you and about your life.. you are so interesting for me.. and i want be part of your life.. of you.. I wish you nice day my dear
your Oksana
Letter 43
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much for your message)) oh thank you so much))) i happy that you like my photo)) yes dear you are right.. i understand that sometime will take for organization and to make visa also need sometime.. but i am by my by my nature person positive and i try thinking just about good) that all will be okay) also i start thinking now it will be.. i mean our meeting.. and you know i become so exited much than i was) because it will be big adventure for me.. i never bee in NZ just saw by TV)) i never meet you.. and never travel so far to meet man)) but i belive that it will be amazing time together from first moment when we will see each other in airport to last when i will fly to home)) you know after i think this minds, i don’t want come back)))) but i still there)) dear, i understand that you have your life and you affairs.. so let decide when it will be comfortable for you and me.. because i also not free person)) i mean i have work, and i need ask.. will they give me days off for vacation) so please let me know when that i can ask))
Peter, about identities.. honey, what you mean?)) not sure that i understand you right??) i don't know how i can identities my self?)) Do i need to send you my passport?) hehe
so my dear i wishyou nice day and will wait letter from you) ohh forgot to ask.. how is Misty??
hugs Oksana
ps one more photo for you)) I know you like them so much, and i love to spoil you with them :-*
Letter 44
Hi dear Peter) thank you for your message and that you trust me and send me your drivers licence) you are look very good on this photo)) dear, i will send you my documents a bit later because i am at work now and i don't have this with my self) yes it is all about me) oh it so interesting.. you have interesting job.. and i thin you are very brave that you work on such work))) because i think i cant do such job) that is why i work with flowers)) why you decide change and go to civilian employee? have a nice day
your Oksana
Letter 45
Hello my dear Peter)i so glad get your letter now.. my morning begin sweet and tasty from coffee, chocolate candy and minds about you.. mm it was sweet morning)) What about your morning? Are you wake up fresh and full of energy like me? Peter, today i take my passport with my self and make copy for you)) i hope you will like my photo on passport because i think that i am a bit scared at this photo)) hehe my dear, the weather so cold and not a single hint of spring sunny weather)) i so much need it for my soul.. i cant live without sun and warm.. and hugs of my beloved man)) will you give me your hugs every morning??)) and moment when i will feel my self bad?)) When i so much need it??) my dear, i think one of the main things in relationship is feel when a loved one is feeling them self bad.. find the right words and actions to make beloved better.. when you come home after hard day what you would like to feel or get from your woman? i ask about this because it is important for me to know how to make you happy in bad moment of life) my work day is beginning i sit and around me is flowers.. i so much like smell of flowers.. i think not one perfume cant be better that smell of flowers so gentle and intoxicating.. all my mind far from this place.. i imagine that i in beautiful garden sit in the bench.. listen how birds is sing their song..))) mmm this is so beautiful but I return to earth.. and realize that today is Thursday and tomorrow also work day)) i am so romantic can be)) do you like this quality in me?)) so my dear, i need some back to work but my minds with you all time..) what do you do now? what will you do today? Do you already thinking what you would like to do in weekend?) i wish you that your day was wonderful that you get just good and positive minds.. just good things happens in your day.. and of course i would like that you just on one minute thinking about me))
hugs your Oksana
Letter 46
Hi my dear Peter, thank you for your message.. i happy hear that Misty greet you) i dream in future make this with her together) and you will have twice as much pleasure to return home)) yes i agree with you, being there for each other is the main thing.. i think to understand will we be happy with each other, will be for us comfortable this relationship, do we have chemistry between us.. it will be possible understand just after spend some times together.. i understand that meeting it is serious step.. but i am ready to make this step, because i am serious in my mind about us my darling :-* I am ready to be a wife, to be a mother adn a loyal and loving wife, and I really feel, that even though we communicate not a big period, but you are the right person for me. which is why darling, I guess we need to start planning step by step our meeting because like i find some information visa to NZ is being done about month, and which is why it is better to do it in advance, as the tickets would also cost less expensive if to do so. Let's discuss this option honey. looking forward your reply
hugs for your from your Oksana
Letter 47
Hello my dear Peter)) Thank you so much for your letter.. my dear today is sun is shining and my mood grow up because of it)) i never thing that i so much depend from the weather.. What about you?? Are you depend from weather also?) dear i sleep today like a child... and see so sweet dreams about you and me ;) how we walk hand on hand.. run on the sea and kisses on the beach)) hehe what girls can dream more?)) what about you? Do you see dreams? Are you sleep well today?? yes dear i think it will be right decision to make visitors visa first time because i think to get this type of visa will be much easy and faster thank other, also i guess next time will be easy to get other visa after this visa) Peter, should i go to travel agency to ask much details information? because to get visa to NZ will take sometime.. How long would you like spend time together? dear, what is the name of airport which is near you?? talking about today, i come to work make my coffee and start thinking about what to do on the weekend.. do you already have plans for weekend?? i think i meet friends on Saturday and go to the gym on Sunday) what about you? What is perfect weekends for you?? How would you like spend weekend if we will be together? spend day on sofa and watching TV or go to walk.. or maybe do something crazy together?? which you prefer??)) you know i need to be honest with you.. like all human i have some bad habitats like all people) sooo i sing on shower))) and like drink coffee.. but not on the shower)) what about you?? Do have some bad habitats??)) please be honest i would like to know this side of you also)) i wish you nice day my dear and have good weekend which will be full of positive and you will enjoy every minute of it))
Letter 48
Hi dear Peter) thank you for your fast reply, okay dear so i will call to travel agency or maybe go to them on my coffee break and let you know what they told me) i also ask about this two airports which will be much comfortable and cheaper) oh yes i will leave her with my friend, if she will not mind.. because i understand that it will be hard to make such long way.. and i think you are right it will be hard to take her with me) so and you also have cats)) i don't want make shock for Misty and Ozzie)) i think me will be enough)) oh don't worry i also sometimes a bit lazy)) usual it happens on Saturday))) mm it is good news also)) so like you say that let's take life how it comes, we don't need to plan every detail now)) so dear i will write you a bit later need work now))
Letter 49

Hi dear Peter.. oh i so sorry maybe i not understand because of language..i so sorry about Ozzie(( Do you thinking about take one cat more?? dear i was in the travel agency on lunch.. they give all details and told that visa to NZ done about month.. As for the prices, the costs are the following:
official visa consulate fee - 45 USD
- medical insurance 50
- agency fee for organizational of all documents, including certified touristic voucher, organization of hotel bookings with cancelation, translational services, arrangement of documents in social and security departments, transportation of documents to consulate and back - 250 USD
- Flights would depend on the dates, but average prices come out from 1500 USD and the rest depends on the flight quality and option
- also I need to prove financial stability money. Agency told me that I can try to ask the approval from work, which I would probably try to do, or have money in cash equal to 100 USD per day of staying. so honey, there is all what they told me in the travel agency.. i looking forward you reply
your Oksana
Letter 50
Hello dear Peter) Thank you for your letter, i so glad to get it now.. how is your week start? i would like to know because for me it is important to know how is you) my weekend was calm, nice and i relax good.. yes my dear.. i thinking of you.. i hope soon we will be together on our weekend) my weekend was good, i rest and meet my friends) one from my friends have birthday some times ago but not celebrate, so we celebrate her birthday yesterday) you know it was mistake to do it on Sunday))) because today all what i can dream it be on the bed... mmmm in your strong hands.. get your kiss.. and heard how you told me that all will be okey and stroking my back)) How was your weekend? today is monday and for me was so hard to leave my warm bed and go to work( i so much dream about leave all and stay in bed at home but one of the mine bad and good qualities it is a responsibility) so i got up and at work now.. write you this letter and dream about be at home with you) How is your monday? what do you do today? i hope this spring will bring for us happiness and help us to become closer) Darling as for the organizational issues, you probably misunderstood the purpose of agency in this particular affair. You see, honey, we will anyway need them. Because this type of visa, requires a touristic voucher, and touristic voucher is a paper which only certified agency could give approving the touristic goals. And this voucher includes the hotel bookings itself either as a requirement of the consulate the same as an airfare and medical insurance to be done. which is why, my dear, you should not be worried about it. Since we are paying the agency fee, which is not scaling from hotel bookings, theyy arrange me this hotel with cancellation for free. AS for the airfare price, I just said my darling that these flights are starting from this sum, and of course if you are able to help me with everything and it would be possible to afford a better flight, I would owe you twice more kisses, and have powers for that after arrival with comfortable flight, rather than being very tired after a cheaper one, but with worse flight plan. Which is why, thank you so much for this privilege. As for the sponsorship, honey, this would not work for the first meeting and especially for this type of visa. This could work even worse for me, because in such a case it would be suspicious that I am going with touristic goals, and I have already found a sponsor, that could be somehow treated like an immigration plan, and I will get a refuse, so we better stick to the plan, agency is giving us, because they know how is it done, and how to avoid bad results. But my darling thank you for these advises. I will keep them in mind when I will be speaking to the agency, and find out about these option more carefully. IIt is so good to have a wise second half :-* Can't wait to be together.
i wish you nice day and great mood for beginning of this week, am not saying bye, but saying contact you a bit later :-*
Letter 51
Hi my honey Peter) i write you to ask how is your morning? Is your mood great and nice today.. i would like wish you that your day was nice and give you just good and positive energy.. that you get pleasure from this day like i have pleasure when i get your letter every time)) my dear,i want be honest with you.. I thinking about you a lot.. i feel serious feeling to you.. and i dream about time when we meet each other.. for me it is serious step and this is serious words.. i happy that i meet you and i belive that we will have a happy future) oh thank you i am don't have big celebration on my birthday.. i just make diner and invite my 2 best friends so it was such girls evening) so now you know) i just don't want that you misunderstand me so i decide not told you about my birthday) today my morning start with terrible thunder.. I shuddered and got scared of the unexpected.. than ii understand that all is okay and this is just thunder.. but if you just know how much i need your hugs on this moment.. so much.. that you hug me to your heart and give me a kiss.. i am weak woman and i need hugs of strong man.. your hugs) i am sure that if you see how i jumped from suddenness you would have laughed long time) i need your protection)) ;) now it is usual, work day.. i sit and looking in the window today my shop is empty..but it is usual things in Thursday) i have much visitors on Friday or on some holidays)) but i happy because of it) i can write you now and nobody will not interfere me with it) How is your day my dear??) my dear for i can ask much extra prises and details, we need decide with extra dates.. What about if i come to you on 2th of May and fly to home on 16 of May? we will have some holidays in Ukraine on beginning of May so i think it should be easy to get days off on this time) is this dates will be comfortable for you? let me know please) i wish you great day
looking forward your reply
Letter 52
Good morning my dear Peter) i think you will find my letter when you wake up so i decide to write Good morning and wish you have great day)) that your day will be full of a lot of positive things and you spend it with smile)) i thinking about you my dear) and hope we will meet morning together and drink coffee or tea.. doesn't’ mater what we will drink, the main that we will do it together) so sunny there is soon will be evening..on my lunch time i was in the agency and ask about all detail so there what they told me:
- official visa consulate fee - 45 USD
- medical insurance 50
- agency fee for organizational of all documents, including certified touristic voucher, organization of hotel bookings with cancelation, translational services, arrangement of documents in social and security departments, transportation of documents to consulate and back - 250 USD
- financial stability approval.
- flight tickets. Honey I managed to find couple of options. First option is cheapest one but there I will require to fly almost 38 hours with 2 stops. The price for this option is 1617 USD; And second flight is one of the cheapest among those which has only 1 stop and shortest duration of flight - cost is 1915 USD. I will attach you itinerary of 2 options. so honey there is all what i need for our meeting, i become much exiting now about our meeting)))
i wish you nice day my sunny and looking for your reply
Letter 53
Hello my dear Peter) Thank you so much for your letter) my dear my morning was a bit crazy, today i got up late because i turn off my alarm clock and fall a sleep on.. )) i saw so sweet dreams that i don't want to got up) so like you understand what was after this.. i wake up ten minutes before I need to leave.. )) hehe i guess you can imagine how fast i run by my home to be in time at work.. so i was late just for one minute) you know such situation happens with me like with all other people but now so often) How was your morning my dear? so sunny i am at work not, drink coffee and thinking about you) because you stole all my mind)) i don't want to work now.. i want run with you where our eyes are looking)) just that it was time with you.. honestly it so hard to belive that today is the middle of the week.. time gone so fast.. do you feel the same about your weeks and your days? My darling Peter, as for the organizational issues, it work this way, that agency needs the whole sum at once for everything, because they would be doing visa now but visa itself would be valid for the necessary dates. All the expenses would need to be made at once either, and as soon as the visa is being confirmed they at once buy out the tickets. Yes the one which are Emirates seems to be more expensive, but it is almost 13 hours less in flight, which gives us this perfect 13 hours to be more together, or maybe even for me to get rest after the flight and then be all yours <3 So I am not sure honey which to pick. I am a bit shy to waste the family budget without a confirmation of the main provider. So if you say me to pick the most reasonable option I would of course picked the one where it would be more comfortable.
Speaking about the payment itself, agency told me, that Ukraine does not have yet the official overseas payment, which is why credit card payments might be illegal and they could have problems with the taxes. So they offered, either I would bring them cash in hands to their location, or they could support us by receiving the money on their bank account and then just redirect this funds as a payment already in our currency and legally. AS for the terms of the payments, the sooner we start, the sooner visa would be ready, and the more time we will have to make everything is good order. besides of this, tickets would not get more expensive. So my love, now all this issue stand only on financial ground. i wish you nice day my dear and send you a sweet kiss :-*
Letter 54
Hi dear Peter) dear please do it how will be much comfortable for you, for me it is does not matter. Maybe with western union it would be even better, as this way, I would be able to exchange the money with a more higher exchange rate. But again, my darling, it is only up to you. We will do as you say. i wish you sweet dreams my dear
Letter 55
Hello my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter.. i was so glad to read your letter now.. i have great mood and happy write you now.. i want give you piece of my positive energy and my warm) you know i so much happy that i meet you in my life.. you bring more happiness in my life with every your letter more and more) dear thank you so much that you help to organization our meeting, it is serious step in every relationship and i happy that i do this step with you.. you are so care, kind and good person.. it is big pleasure be woman of such man.. honey, i will try get transfer today, that start organization faster.. dear i will write you when i get transfer Talking about my morning.. when i got up i look in the window.. and how do you think what i saw in the end of the March?)) snow)) not much.. it was fall in the night.. yes it is beautiful but i so much want that spring come) that be much warm weather much sun.. because it so hard live without warm weather.. and so hard to live without man warm) my dear, how was your morning?) Do you start your morning the same like i do it.. with coffee and looking in the window?) dear, time gone so fast.. i don't belive that soon will be Easter)) i feel like just yesterday was Christmas)) i heard that people abroad celebrate Easter on this weekend.. is it true?? because a lot of people we in Ukraine celebrate Easter in 8 of April) do you have some plans for Easter? How usual in your country celebrate Easter?? so my sunny i wish you amazing day and great mood.. that your day bring you just good and positive energy and you enjoy it)
hugs your Oksana
Letter 56
Hi my dear Peter, oh it so nice time))i would like be with you on this weekend so much) hehe we don't have such traditional in Ukraine)) i also want get some chocolate eggs from rabbit))) yes i also so much dream about much warm weather) and i belive that soon it will be)) dear when i have coffee break i use it to go to get transfer but they told me that they don't have this sum today so they offer me to order it for tomorrow.. so i order this sum and will go tomorrow to get it) my dear i wish you nice day today i miss you and thinking of you so much))
kiss you
Letter 57
Hello my dear Peter) i so glad to get and read your letter now.. thank you so much that you bring such nice emotions to my life, i feel that you communicate with me honestly and sincerely for me it is very important) i would like to to know.. How your day start? Which mood do you have today? Peter, thank you so much i get transfer on my coffee break all is okey, i will plan go to travel agency on monday because today will be short day.. i call them and on monday they will wait me with filling forms) uff soon we will meet each other it so exited))) My dear, i know that in abroad on this weekend will be Easter, it is Holy holiday.. i would like be with you on such holiday.. pity that on this holiday we will be not together but i belive that in or future we will have much common holidays) i want wish you that it was nice time for you that you rest well and get a lot of good, clear and positive energy from this holiday and people who is around you) Like you know we don't celebrate Easter on this weekend.. this holiday come to us just on next weekend, and than we will to paint Easter eggs) this is such Ukraine traditional.. paint eggs, bake Easter cake.. i also would like go to the church on this holiday.. Which traditional do you have in your country on Easter? for me it so interesting because i never been in your country, please tell me.. How do you usual celebrate this holiday? Talking about my plans on weekend, i wait it so much for have some rest) i would like meet my friends, also i need do some home things, clean cook, go to shop.. and i also plan to bathe my dog)) she don't like to bathe but what i can do, I still need to do this))) i wish you nice day my dear
Letter 58
Hi my sunny Peter)) thank you so much for your letter) my dear how was your weekend? How you spend your Easter??) I hope it was great time and you enjoy it)) i so much want leave all and spend this time together)) mm so much thinking about our time together..and like girl i start thinking which clothes i need take and which beauty procedures i need to do before our meeting) because i so much exiting and so much want look best for you))) Do you thinking about our meeting also?)) oh my dear, today i plan come to the agency on my launch time, they will wait me.. i already told you)) and when i come to work after i will write you and told you how all is was)) ohhh Misty is so lovely)))) i so much love this in cats)))) they are so cute)) Do you she love sleep on your clothes also?)) what about my weekend.. at all was nice and good time when i have sometime for wash, for cook and for clean) so like you see i relax all my weekend)) i cook one of my favorite dish.. it is Ukrainian and Russian dish also)) i don't know.. have you ever heard about.. solyanka?)) so i cook it)) usual man love this dish))) so when i come to you if you are brave.. i can cook this dish for you)) also i meet my friends, go to cinema and walk with my dog because we have nice weather on Sunday but not depend on it i feel my self so lonely.. and most of all in Friday.. i watch movie.. and ream about strong man hugs.. you know not much need woman for happiness.. just beloved man near) How was your Friday? talking about today.. i sleep so bad today so it was so hard to got up early.. i don't know why but i so long just lay on my bed and look on the that is why today i jot up hard but i am already at work.. do sometimes such happens with you also? that you cant fall a sleep? you know i read that sometimes such happens because we can drink to late tea or coffee.. what do you like drink in the evening? my dear, i want wish you that your day gone and bring you a lot of positive and nice emotions))
hugs Oksana
Letter 59
Hi Peter) my sunny i was in the agency so.. we start organization all))) so pay for all.. so now we need just wait)) hehe i hope we will don't have problem with sleep))) oh i am woman i will worry about how i look like all time)) hehe so before i start pack my luggage i will ask you about where we will go and what we will do that i understand which clothes i need)) because if we will walk on the forest better don't do in high heels)) ohhh i so much like photos of Misty))) if you will send me other place where she sleep i will be curious to see too)) i like pets)) and i also need to think where i leave my pet when i come to you)) with mine all simply she usual sleep on her place or on bed, or on sofa)) because she is dog with dog it is different) so when i come i will cook if you would like.. or cook something other)) so i hope we will find what to do)) hehe
so my sunny i think you will get my letter when you got up) so i wish you Good morning))) and will wait your reply
kisses your Oksana
Letter 60
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter, you bring smile on my face) yes she will miss me but i will come back to her, i just need find where leave her.. if i will not find someone who will take her for time, i think i will leave her in the pet hotel)) dear, for me it is not hard to cook for someone whom is important for me)) so if you would like i can cook or we can cook together)) so i think we will decide what to do)) about clothes, i will look weather before pack my luggage and take weather by climate because i think there should be much warm than in Ukraine) should i take swimsuit?) today I finally had a good sleep and feel my self much fresh and bring me great mood) i saw so nice dream.. but when i woke up i understand that i forgot this dream) Did such happens with you also?)) Are you sleep well? so now i am already at work and happy have opportunity write you now) what are you doing now?? my dear today is one of the first day when became warm weather) so my body became much warm today, but my soul warm just when i thinking of you) i so happy that warm weather come.. i hope on this weekend we will have much warm weather and be possible walk or make picnic with friends) Do you like spend time on open air? Have picnic with friends?)) so my dear, i so sorry but i need come back to work now) i wish you nice day and great mood my dear
hugs Oksana
Letter 61
Hello dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter) How is your day start??) from What you usually start your day? hope your morning get you a lot of pleasure and positive emotion.. because it is very important things.. like we say "how start your day such spend it")) i would like wish you that your day was warm, nice and you enjoy every moment of this day) mm i think you have happy childhood) it is great to grow up in the farm)) fresh air, nature) i would like live on farm i think it is great live on nature.. you live in calm, beautiful nature, natural products and breathe by fresh air.. mmm and every day start with amazing view of Sunrise and end by romantic Sunset)) i think it is best place for life)) wow you know that you are good fellow?) 4 kilometers it is long distance)) so you are strong man by your body and your soul)) maybe when i come we will have sport go together)) i like when in relationship people have something same, some same interests or occupation it's very close people)) so i will be happy if we will find something same for us)) yes, my sunny i understand i also so much tired from my work.. but you know now i life by dream of our meting.. i think it will be great time together and we both will have rest and get a lot of emotions)) Do you wait our meeting also?) Talking about my day, there is sun and nice weather.. i decide to start get ready body for bikini season) because of winter i don't want visited gym, was so cold that i don't want to go somewhere but not i decide change something in my life and decide do it such way)) Do you change something? i mean habits or plan of your day) do you like give your self some shake-up sometimes?) how usual your day is go? I wish you nice day and great mood my dear))
looking forward your reply
your Oksana
Letter 62
Hello my dear Peter) i was so glad to start my day with read your letter, thank you that you write to me.. i feel that you write by your heart and soul it is so much important for me)) in every my letter i try put all my feelings, warm.. i write it with my soul , with my hear) i hope you feel it when you read my letters to you) i want wish you amazing day today, that you enjoy every minute of this day) my dear, i will be happy meet your mom and see where you grow up)) of course not on the first day but after someday together, i would like)sorry for such questions.. i know that woman don't ask about such.. but how old is she?? maybe i need bring something from Ukraine that to make a good impression? ohh it so cute)))) you know i so smile when i read that you clean and so much ready for my visit))) realty you are amazing))) dont so much worry i sure that i will like your home)) oh how is Misty? today is nice and good day) like all time i start my morning with coffee and good minds, i hope you morning was also good) now i am at work, and start dream about weekend.. so much want have some rest and sleep well)) on this weekend we will have Easter in Ukraine, i think go to church) and maybe meet friends)
Do you think what you will do on this weekend? i wish you nice day which bring you a lot of good and nice things which bring you just pleasure today)
hugs Oksana
Letter 63
Hi my dear Peter)) thank you so much for your letter.. it is so pleasure feeling read your letter.. you are so nice and sincere person.. i so much happy that i meet you in my life.. i belive in good like all time)) dear, today is sunny and i so much happy by this)) i have great mood now and i want share it with you.. wish you have also amazing mood today and enjoy your day by all))) ohh I so much want share this emotion and this day with you)) my dear, how your day start?? ohhh thank you, Misty is so cute)) i so much love this girl))) How was your evening?) did you what you plan? oh honestly i am a bit surprise age of your mom and that she drive it is very cool)) really because in Ukriane people mostly live up to 78 it is very rarely to meet someone older and usual this person will be not on clear mind) no don't worry , i understand if you want to wait with introducing me to your mom i can understand) my dear, today is so nice weather look like spring.. really so amazing time.. don't have desire to be at work.. have strange desire to make the escape and just walk and enjoy this amazing weather.. but you know i need one crazy person with me.. who can make the same)) hehe Do you know someone?) ;) dear, do you have sometimes such desire? How is the weather in your town now?) is it also sunny and become warmer? i think i will go to walk or meet friends on weekend.. i would like go to picnic but they don't want so meet each other for coffee) What will you do on weekend?) Have you ever thinking what is for you weekend of your dream?? How would you like spend it?) my dear i wish have a good weekend and enjoy every minute of it)) and of course i will be so happy if you will thinking of me.. because i will thinking of you))
hug you
Letter 64

Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much)) i wish you also have good weekend and time with your mom)) i know that it will be good time)) and you are very good son if you visited your mom so often)) my dear you take my heart also)) i so much want be with you on this weekend and all other))) i so much wait our meeting) so much)) okay, i will scratch one's ear Mouse from you)) i wish you nice weekend my sunny)))
kiss you your Oksana
Letter 65
Hi my sunny Peter)) thank you for your message) How was your weekend??) i so much miss you all this days) yesterday i was in church, because it was bg holiday and i am not so religius but decide visited this) oh i will be happy to see your mom for me it is very pleasure that your mom want meet me and say something)) oh Mouse id okey)) i scretch her from you)) youk know what is the best things in days off that i fast come to work))) yes sunny today i am worjk and so much envy perople who have rest today) however i happy that i have oportunity write you now) and i hope you miss me and wait this my letter so much)) How was your weekend sunny??) today is so sunny and warm)))mmm so nice and spring weather, i also so good sleep today)) that have amazing mood and full of energy)) wow i think i can run a lot of killometers now)) hehe sunny, what about you today??)) how is your mood? Are you sleep well??)) ohh i start to look suitcase)) yes)) yesterday i was in shop and saw that there was nice suitcase.. it was purple and pink)) so now i think which i need.. Do i need new suitcase?) or fly to you with old one)) so like you see i have some girsl minds in my head)) i wish you nice day that you have so amazing mood like i have now))
kiss you
Letter 66
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter)) no dear today i work, i would like be at home and rest but need work today)) oh yes sometimes such things happens with me also)) i woke up to late that i should be so hurry and stay without breakfast or make up)) so usual i make a choice in favor of makeup)) and eat something at work)) oh my dear, i wish you do your work soon and have a rest, i understand monday is hard day.. so much want be with you and make you tasty dinner and nice, relax massage after work))) mmm i will not mind get it after work also)) hehe oh i think for one trip it will be enought)) and then i guess we will decide what to do with it)) my dear i wish you nice day and will wait yout reply)) i wish you have good rest and sleep so good today))
kiss you my dear your Oksana
Letter 67
Hi my dear Peter) i was so glad to get your letter... thank you so much that you bring me so good emotions)) yes i think we will decide who will be first and who will be second)) wink) my dear, i would like wish you have a great day and enjoy every minute of it) also i hope you will have nice weather that will make your day much better and warm) i would like give piece of my soul and of my warmles) <3 like you see i have today nice, spring mood because of good, sunny weather)) and in my soul is so much love and romantic)) my dear, i so much want share this with you) How is your mood my dear?? How was your day? is spring coming to your heart also?)) my dear, it is me on my way to work)) i hope you will like my new sunglasses)) Do they suit me? ohh this girl go with her mom and fell into my frame)) Do you make selfy photos sometimes?) i wish you nice day and looking forward your reply
Letter 68
Hi dear Peter)) thank you so much for your letter) yeah it is such happens)) but i think it make my photo much interesting and full)) i so happy that you like my photo and my glasses also)i will take this glasses with me i think it will be a lot of sunny in NZ) wow weather is mad.. do you usual have such weather?? i never think that in NZ is tornados((( wow.. i am so much surprise by it.. (( i happy that your day was nice and you get home and have your rest now) dear, i so much want meet you at home after your work..imagine.. tasty dinner, and i in silk bathrobe meet you at home with sweet hugs)) my dear, i would like wish you have a good day, i think that when you find my letter it will be morning so i want wish you good morning and spend this day with smile on your face))
kiss you Oksana
Letter 69
Hi my dear Peter))) thank you so much for your message, and for your photos)) wow it is very cute fire place))) i never see such))) so cute)) and you cook something very tasty... mmm pork ribs with potato... i start want eat when i imagine how tasty was your dinner)))) will you cook this when i come to you??) How is Misty?)) where she sleep now?) This morning is very good and calm, i got up about 7 am to be in time at work, usual at morning i take shower and make my female things to be beautiful, that i go to kitchen to make my breakfast, not much time ago every my morning i start with plates of oatmeal with dried fruits and a banana, but one my friends told me that if eat oatmeal every day it can harm the body.. Have you ever heard about it? Now every me morning start with omelet, dear, what do you like eat in the morning? or what do you usual eat in the morning? when i was small i my favorite dish was fried pasta with scrambled eggs and sausage but it was not healthy and i don't eat this to much)) also in childhood i love condensed milk with sweet bun... mmm it was real love)) honestly i love it and now but don't eat because want be thin)) What was your favorite dish in childhood?) My dear, my work day is start with thoughts of you.. yes i know that i thinking about you to much.. right now i want hug you strong and give a kiss.. i think that you will feel it on distance.. do you feel the taste of my lips? What do you feel when you close your eyes and imagine it? my dear,i so much wait moment when it will be possible real life... And I believe that soon it will be possible. The only thing that bothers me right now is the conditions which I got from consulate. Yes I got a call today, and I was told, that all the conditions work perfectly, the only thing which I will have to do, is to leave a sum to consulate equal to 3000 USD, or provide myself wtih financial stability which should be not less than 2000 USD taking it with myself. This is the last thing to fulfill. And I am quite lost what should I do. I really did not know how to tell you about that. I was hoping that this eventually would be required and we could avoid it, but seems that without it, we are not going to be able to meet. So I am confused right now, where to find it. Even though I realize it would be returned and not wasted, I simply have no idea where I can find it here. So my love I need your advise, is it possible for you to somehow help me out in it? I would be impatiently waiting for your soonest respond.
hug you your Oksana
Letter 70
Hi my dear Peter) thank you so much for your letter, yes i also eat Muesli sometimes) i it tasty and i like it)) so when i come i will cook breakfast for both of us))) for me it is not hard.. it is pleasure cook for my man)) ohh Misty, she is so cute))) i so much like all photos of her which you send me)) yes dear i was also upset of it.. and for a long time don't know how to say it to you.. i also will try to ask friends maybe someone can borrow me some part of this sum but i am not sure that someone will borrow me because for Ukraine it is huge sum.. but the main things is meet you and i hope that universe will help us with our desire and dream)) i am like all time hope for best and belive in good)) i wish you nice day my dear
kiss your Oksana
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