Scam Letter(s) from Elena Genadeevna Koshkina to Jim (Canada)

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Letter 1

Thank you for your photo. Very nice to see you. =)
Do you remember me? Sorry for not answering you right away. Do you still want to continue talking? =)
I live in Russia. Isn't that a problem for you?
We live in the modern world and the distance should not disturb us. Do you agree with me?
My real name is Marina. I am 28 years old. And I think age is not an obstacle to relationships.
What kind of relationship are you looking for? I'm searching for a serious relationship. Flirt and games don't interest me.
I want to find someone I can rely on and completely trust him. You understand me?
After all, understanding each other is very important in communication. =)
I look forward to your reply.

Letter 2

How are you? Everything is good?
I'm glad you wrote to me. It's okay you fill my photos. =)
I thought you would tell in detail about yourself.
I hope in the next letter you will do it. Agreed?
I live in Russia. City: Syzran. (Samara Region).
I was born here and live now. Did you hear about this city?
You can see where I live. Write on the Internet: Syzran, Samara region., Russia. And you will see where I live. =)
I would like to ask you. Have you talked to girls like this?
Personally, I communicate through the Internet for the first time. For me, this is a new stage. =)
So I would like to know. Are you serious about dating at a distance?
Most likely, there are so many beautiful girls next to you? =)
I could not decide for a long time to register on a foreign dating site.
But still I decided to try it =) It seems to me that men in other countries value a girl more
I am quite a simple woman, without any serious requirements. =)
I want to find a serious and reliable man whom I can completely trust.
I am 28 years old, but November 30 is my birthday and I will be 29 years old. =)
I believe that age will not be a hindrance in a relationship. Do you agree?
I really hope that our goals coincide and we want to find the same thing. =)
I will write more about me ... I work as an accountant at SED Syzran.
Our company is engaged in processing and coating on metals!
As well as exhaust manifolds for cars.
I like my job. Only one problem.
I have a very long working day and sometimes I have to work on weekends.
But I got used to it and I love my job. Just from work, I am writing to you now.
It would be easier to communicate by phone, but I do not use various programs for communication.
I never sat in a chat and didn’t intend to, this very delays and distracts from work.
Moreover, I do not have a suitable phone for such programs.
I used to have an iPhone 5S. But I had to sell it, because there were problems with money.
So now my phone is old and does not support such applications.
I think to communicate by email now the best option.
You are probably interested in the shape of my figure. I'm not a model, but I have everything a girl needs to have. =)
My height is 165 cm. My weight is 53 kg. I try to go to the gym. Send you some photos. =)
I am also engaged at home, by the way, very distracting from stress. =) I also like to walk in the woods, breathe fresh air. =)
Sorry, I have to finish my letter.
Today I am very tired, a lot of work. I will be waiting for your answer.
Great mood.

Letter 3

Hello Jim! Thank you for your answer. I am very pleased with your interest =)
Hope we will continue to get to know each other better.
And who knows? Maybe we can do something =)
I really liked your photos. In your house is very beautiful and very close to the beach. I even envy you a little. =)
I am already cold, so you should wear winter clothes. =)
How are you? What's new? What are you doing now?
I wanted to ask you. You probably wonder why I am writing to you only from work ?!
The fact is that I now do not have a computer at home. He broke down.
I did the house cleaning and accidentally dropped my laptop in a basin of water.
And of course he did not survive it. =) I was told that it is not recoverable the only way to buy a new laptop.
But so far I have no such money. That is why I have to write you only from work. Although it is also dangerous.
If the Boss sees that I use the computer for personal purposes, he can give me a severe reprimand or even a fine.
I try to be careful and write to you only when there is no Boss nearby. =) Appreciate my risk and do not be surprised if I do not immediately answer you. Good?
When I am writing to you, google-translate helps me, even though I know English.
You have become a very interesting conversationalist for me. It is pleasant to communicate with you, it is pleasant to learn something new about you.
Can you tell me ... do you only communicate with me or do you have some other girlfriend? I'm very curious.
I want you to understand that I want to have communication with a man for whom I am really interesting.
Which will cherish our communication. Do you understand?
I want to tell you that I already had a bad experience with a man.
I met a man and was mistaken in him. My ex-man cheated on me with another girl.
We met with him for only 3 years, but this time was enough to understand that he does not want life with me.
I suspected that he was cheating on me. But only then did I know for sure. And immediately broke up with him.
And now I'm a lonely girl again. After two years of loneliness, I decided that I was ready for a new relationship. But now I am careful.
And I'm very afraid to make a mistake again.
Recently, such men have appeared on my way. Who thought only about themselves.
They thought that with money they could achieve my disposition towards them, but all their attempts to seduce me were equated to zero. =)
Because money means nothing to me in a relationship. Happiness is not in money, as they say in Russia. And you can't buy love for money.
I need a man who will see a person in me, not a thing.
I need a man who fits his actions. The man said a man did !!!
Which will protect me, and not act like a coward, when there are any problems in the family.
I told you everything I think. Without lies and deception. Maybe my words were rude, but I'm already tired of cheating.
I want to believe that the man I want can be you. =)
All I have to do is finish my letter. I did not notice how quickly time flew by. Communication with you delays me. =)
Until. Do not be bored. I will send you my photos. How do you like my legs? haha =)
The second photo from work. I hope, you like it. =)
I will wait for your answer.

Letter 4

Hi Jim! I am very glad to receive your letter.
Nice to see your new photos with your neighbors. You are very funny. Great fishing was a success. =)
It is very important for me that you try to write to me more often.
After all, only from your letters, I know you better. =)
Especially if you write to me every day and try to write about yourself every day more and more ...
So you are really interested to communicate with me and respond to my letters. =)
how are you? What's going on? How is the weather? I now have warm, about 1 degree heat and slush on the street.
Have you carefully read my past letter? I hope that you are the man I’m looking for, but only time will tell whether it’s true or not.
I am honest with you and do not play any games. These are real feelings. I do not communicate with anyone except you.
I would like to know from you. Do you live alone? Do you have brothers or sisters?
I live alone in my apartment. But I have a cat - Murzik. =) So when I want a tender hug, he replaces a man with me. =)
But sometimes even my cat can not cope. Sometimes it is very sad and sad one.
I have a sister - Natalya. But I have no parents ... They died! For me, this is a very sensitive topic.
It happened 11 years ago. My parents got into a car accident when they were driving home from the nearest town, Samara.
My father lost control and they came under the oncoming car.
At that time I was 17 years old. And I already fully realized what a terrible grief it was. My sister was 14 years old. She was even harder than me.
We still have uncle and aunt who raised us. Besides them, my sister and I have no one. They are also single people and they have no children.
They replaced our parents for that difficult period of time in our lives.
My sister is already married, but while I'm still alone ... I already had a bad experience, but I decided to go further.
Because it's very hard for me to be alone. You must understand this.
I'm looking for a man with whom I can start a family. Of course it would be great if we still have children. Boy and girl =) Do you want children?
I hope and believe that in the future I will have a loved one with whom I can go even to the ends of the world and he will not leave me.
Or maybe I have already found such a person. =)
I told you about my family, because you became closer to me. I think I can trust you.
I told my sister that I met you. She was a little surprised that you were from another country. =)
And my uncle and aunt, I have not yet decided to talk about it. =)
Can you tell me about your family? I will be very pleased to know.
Unfortunately, I have to finish my letter, although I don’t want to do that. =)
I wish you a good mood and success.
I am sending you a photo with my cat and a photo with my sister.
And also a funny video that I made when I was driving in a car with a colleague. =) Unfortunately the music was playing loudly, so the video is silent. =)
I hope your answer will not make me wait.

Letter 5

Hi Jim! Nice to see your letter. =)
How fun to watch your dog catch fish. She is very cute. What is this breed?
She will not be jealous if I'm in bed with you? =) I usually sleep in my pajamas. =)
You know, I am very glad to our communication. Glad to have found a close man.
I communicate with you not so much time. But I understand that there is much in common between us.
We both want love and happiness. And I hope that we can succeed. I do not want to lose it!
Let all this not be so simple. But if we are serious, it is unlikely that something will hurt us. Do you agree with me?
I am pleased that the fate of my parents is not indifferent for you. Thanks for your sympathy!
I am very glad that I have a sister and an uncle with an aunt, if not for them, my life would be empty!
By the way, today I plan to go to my sister. Sometimes I can write to you from her.
But unfortunately her laptop is very old and slow. It doesn't even have a webkamera. = (
Even tonight I want to learn a few words from your language. I use the dictionary and it helps me in this. =)
What are your plans for tonight? And generally, how do you spend your day? What is your daily routine?
I would be very interested to know about it.
My day goes like this: I get up at 07:00 and do a little exercise for the body. After that I go to the shower and then have breakfast and go to work.
I work from 09:00 to 20:00. But sometimes I finish my work earlier or vice versa a bit later.
After work, I come home and if I have the strength, then I prepare myself dinner. =)
I love a lot of dishes. But my favorite dish is baked chicken with potatoes in the oven.
Have you ever tried such a dish? I will send you a photo of my recent preparation. =)
Sometimes I go to eat in a cafe, but this happens very rarely. Usually I eat my own, cooked food. =)
When cooking, turn on the music to make it more fun. =) I like modern music.
I like to listen: Nusha, MakSim, Rukki-Up are Russian performers, as well as foreign ones - Burak, Rihanna, Morandi, David Guetta, Sia.
But in general, I listen to everything I like. No specific tastes. =)
I also like to watch movies. I love comedies, melodramas, sometimes watch action movies. =)
My favorite movie is "Removal Rules: The Hitch Method" (Will Smith). Have you seen this movie? =)
I would also like to find my happiness, as its characters found in this film.
By the way, I told my uncle and aunt that I met you. But I did not tell you that you are from another country.
I think I will say this later. I want to know what you really are. =) Understand, I already had a bad experience and I do not want to make a mistake again.
Therefore, I will tell you about everything when I am confident in you. =)
I have to finish my letter. I hope you will answer me soon.
Best wishes!!!

Letter 6

I was very glad to see your answer =)
I like that you are serious.
This is very important for relationships at such a long distance.
What a tasty dish. I also wanted to try your fishy dinner. Looks very appetizing. =)
I am very pleased that you told about yourself and how your day goes.
It is interesting to get to know you better and better with each new letter. =)
Do you really have 5 TVs in the house? It seems that you love to watch TV. =)
You have a very cute little dog. How funny that she is always with you, wherever you go. =)
Yesterday I went to my sister. She asked about you. =) I told her a little about you. I hope you do not mind? =)
She said hello to you. It is good that she supports me and not against the fact that I communicate with you.
But, nevertheless told me to be careful in communication on the Internet. Because there is a lot of deception.
But I am sure that your intentions are serious and you did not get acquainted with me for the sake of some benefit. I'm right? =)
What do your loved ones think about our acquaintance? Did you tell them about me?
They probably condemn you, that you met a girl who is so far from you?
I think they will soon realize that distance is not a problem for us, the main thing is to have a desire and you can meet. =)
Now we get to know each other. We learn something new about us. Sharing secrets.
And when we are confident in our feelings, it will already be possible to discuss and make some plans for the future. Do you agree with me?
I always sit alone in the evening and think. How great to have a full-fledged family, where parents, brothers and sisters will be.
Therefore, I am looking for a man with whom I can start a family. Of course it would be great if we still have children.
Boy and girl =) Do you want children?
When I feel sad and lonely, I want to go anywhere far away ... To another city.
To another country. Though on another continent. The main thing that there was waiting for me loved one with whom I will be happy.
What would you do for a loved one?
I hope and believe that in the future I will have such a beloved person whom I can go anywhere and he will not leave me. =)
Or maybe I have already found such a person. =) Only time will put everything in its place. Do you agree with me?
I have to finish my letter. So do not want to do it. I want to write to you and keep telling you about your dreams.
And in response to receive a letter from you. It's so nice. It's nice to get to know you better every day.
And the better I know you, the more I like you. =)
I will send you my old photos, I want you to see what I was before. =)
I am about 20 years old here. And I was blonde. =)
I wish you a good mood and success.

Letter 7

Hi Jim! I was waiting for your answer!
I was in a hurry to check my mail and see what you wrote. =)
How are you? Are you all right?
I'm fine, just a little tired. Recently, a lot of work!
So you want to relax. But unfortunately so far my Boss did not say anything about the date of my vacation. Hope it comes soon. =)
It’s so fun to see you bathe with your dog. Apparently she is very afraid of the depth. =)
Yes, your lake is very clean, it would be a pleasure to swim there. I'll send you my bikini photo sometime. Ok? =)
I wanted to ask you. What do you think about our acquaintance?
I am really very glad to have met you.
Every day you are getting closer and closer to me. You are for me as a close person.
I want to communicate with you, share secrets, discuss serious topics, as well as thoughts and doubts.
Rejoice with you in happy moments and experience together when trouble.
It seems to me that I can write you about anything.
And you can understand me and support my thoughts. I love it!
Therefore, I will ask you questions and I want you to answer them honestly.
Jim, do you think we have a future together?
What does our acquaintance mean to you?
Can we be together sometime?
I will give you the answers to these questions. And I will explain why I wrote them to you.
Jim, I'm thinking more and more about you, thinking about our acquaintance. I feel that this is what I wanted and looked for a long time.
I like you. It's true.
I am pleased to imagine that everything can turn out well.
And that we can have a common future.
Well, yes, we have not been next to each other. But I do not want to hide my thoughts =)
I imagine how in the future we would wake up together.
Got up, would be going to work. They spent the whole day there.
And in the evening they were returning home together.
Could spend the whole evening in front of the TV and relax.
And it would be better if we gave ourselves a romantic dinner.
I have a lot of different dreams in my head =) I want to know about your thoughts.
I'm sure you thought about it and represented =)
But all these thoughts and dreams can become a reality!
That is why I want to know the purpose for which you are meeting me.
I don't want me to have another toy for you or a girl for a few days.
I know that we can make each other happy, even though it will not be easy.
The main thing is to have a mutual desire, to have attraction to each other, then we will succeed.
Turn out to make each other happy.
I hope you will not be lost after my letter, because I told you everything I wanted.
Also do not forget to answer my questions. I'll wait!
I will send you my photos where I rode a bicycle and worked on the sports field.
This is another one of my hobbies. =)
Good luck.

Letter 8

Hi Jim! I am pleased to receive your answer.
What do you do? What's going on?
Did you miss my letter? =) It's great to see you with friends in a photo, more precisely with colleagues. =)
I did not understand where this photo was taken. Is it in your country?
How did your day start today? Are you all right? Your dog now feels good after the vet?
You are a very caring man, I hope that you will also take care of me as your dog. =)
I am very glad that you answered my questions.
I'm glad that for you our relationship means as much as for me.
I think that our future depends only on ourselves.
And we have everything to make each other happy.
And if we want to meet, we will definitely meet. And nothing will hurt us.
I thought about you last night. Imagine, I even had a dream.
My dream is the day of our lives. We walked with you in some very beautiful places.
But in what city and in what country it was, I did not understand. I remember that there was very beautiful.
You told me different stories. Cheered me up =).
The whole dream was so bright and clear, I even thought that I really was next to you.
I hold your hand and feel its warmth. But this dream stopped when my alarm clock rang and gave me a sign that it was time to get up for work. = (.
You know, I thought about this dream. And I noticed that I am very pleased to communicate with you, write and receive letters from you.
I'm glad if you are fine. I am sad to know when your health is bad or you have any other problems.
And I know for sure that you are becoming a close person for me.
I also want to tell you that I went to visit my aunt.
I told her about you. And her reaction really surprised me.
She is surprised that I met a man from abroad.
She asked me if I trusted you! And what is my relationship with you.
I told her that I met you for a serious relationship, and in the future I may even plan to move to live in another country.
She is very worried about me, and does not want me to repeat past mistakes. But I told her that you are also serious.
I said that you are good, kind, caring, not like my ex-man.
She listened to me and said that if I really believe in you, she will support me in such a relationship.
I have to finish my letter.
I'll send you my home photos. I hope, you like it. =)
I look forward to your reply and your photos.

Letter 9

Hi, my love Jim.
Can I call you that? After all, you really became a close friend to me.
Thank you for your new photo. Your meeting with partners in Florida is like a holiday with friends. =)
Yes, I would also really like to be on the beach from the last photo. I am now cold in the country. = (
How are you? What news?
I'm all good! True miss you. =)
Now I do not even know whether to wait for me on a day off or not. =)
After all, when I have a day off, I can not write to you. = (And when I am at work I have this opportunity.
I can write to you. I can read your letter. And I am very pleased to do this.
I have good news for you Jim!
Today I spoke with my Boss about my vacation. I told him that I want to go on vacation soon.
He said that he would consider this question and give me an answer tomorrow.
That is, tomorrow I will be able to find out the exact date for the start of my vacation. I am very glad, and you glad about it?
I thought about you and me. I want to say thank you to the Internet. Because of this, I found you and met you.
And now attached to you. For all the time we communicate, you have become a part of my life for me.
I think of you in the morning when I go to bed, I also dream and present us together.
I am always pleased to learn about you new. Nice to receive your letters and photos.
Nice to know how you live and what you do. I would like to write to you more often. Early in the morning or late in the evening. =)
Therefore, I want to try to communicate with you on the phone.
But my number is only for local calls to Russia.
I will not be able to call abroad, and you will not be able to call me, because the calls abroad on my phone are blocked. But I think that we can exchange sms.
So we can communicate more often with each other. =)
Leave me your phone number so that I can write you an sms. Good?
Jim, I would really like to see you in person and talk about many things.
Sit together in a cafe and have breakfast. Or take a walk in the park together.
If there is such an opportunity, how do you imagine our meeting in reality?
Can you introduce us with you? Honey, do you want this to be a reality?
I believe that everything will be fine with us. Do you agree with me?
I wish you a great mood.
I hope to see your letter again soon.
A couple of photos from the famous cafe in Syzran. Called "Veranda". =)
It would be very nice to sit with you in this cafe. =)
I kiss you. Your Marina

Letter 10

Hello my dear Jim.
What is your mood? Are you all right?
I am very glad that you wrote to me. How I feel sorry for your dog. Have you taken her to the vet yet?
Thank you for your phone number. Now we can communicate more often with each other via sms.
I will try to write you today sms. =)
I have good news. Today Boss said he would give me a vacation.
My VACATION begins on December 15th.
Jim, and after all this vacation is a good opportunity to meet! What do you think?
Vacation will last about a month. And we could meet and spend this time together.

How do you think? I myself think it would be great.
Well, when else, we will have such an opportunity ...
It would be foolish to miss this opportunity now. True?
What do you think about it? I really want to discuss this with you =)
It is very interesting and pleasant to discuss everything with you.
I think we know enough about each other to meet.
It seems to me that I have known you for a long time.
And every day you become for me only closer and closer.
You have become a very dear person to me during this time.
And I will be pleased to see you in reality =)
I’m sure we can make each other happy.
We are adults and perfectly understand that together we will be better. I think you will agree with me.
I will have a vacation and I think I could come to you myself.
True, I have not been abroad, so I will need to find out everything exactly about the trip and the required documents!
All this can be done, the main thing is that the two of us have the desire. =)
I hope you read my letter and write soon what you think.
Just really want to know what you say about my news. =)
I wish you a pleasant mood!
I will send you my photos from the bath. =) My sister and I love to go to the bath or sauna on weekends.
This is something like our tradition. haha =)
And your photo will be waiting in the next letter. =)
I hope that you will appreciate my letter. =)
Your Marina

Letter 11

Hello my dear Jim.
What is your mood? How is your day going?
What cute pictures of your dog. Now she is fun again. =)
Does your house have an indoor pool? It's so great, I think we can even fit in your jacuzzi bath. =)
I was pleased to receive your sms =) I am very glad that now we can communicate more often. =)
Do you remember that today is my birthday? I will be waiting for your congratulations. =)
No, I can't receive calls from you. I'll try to call you myself.
I will find this opportunity and call next week. Good?
I am pleased that you also want to meet me. I'm sure we will succeed. =)
Today I consulted with colleagues on how to deal with the trip.
They advised that it would be best to use the services of a travel company.
They themselves did so when they went to rest abroad.
The travel company takes the responsibility for registration of a full package of documents
required for leaving Russia and also booking a flight.
And you do not need to go to the Embassy of your country in Moscow. Because only in my city there are several travel companies.
I think that for you and me, this will be the best option, what do you think about this?
It will be very hard for me to do everything alone. But with a travel company, everything is easier.
If you agree, then I will go to a travel company and find out everything.
I find out what documents should be drawn up. How long will the paperwork.
By the way, I need to know some information.
Tell me first, at which airport can you meet me?
Write me your full name and your exact address.
How will I fly to you if I don't know this? =)
I need to know how to find you in your country. This is needed to plan your trip to you.
Jim, do not forget to write me this information. It is important!
By the way, where will we live during the meeting? Can we stay in your house? Or do you need to rent a hotel?
And also that is also important to me. When I arrive to you, how will your family and friends treat me? They will not mind?
While this information will be enough.
I will try tomorrow to go to a travel company and find out about everything, then I will immediately write to you.
Today my aunt came to work at me. And I was very surprised by her words. She said she did not mind that you were from another country. =)
She said that this is my choice and I have to decide myself. Only aunt once again warned me not to make past mistakes.
But I'm sure I can rely on you. After all, apart from you to me there is no one in your country. =)
I think that you yourself understand everything. You understand that I decided to leave the Motherland for you.
Because I want to be with you, walk with you, take care of you, support you in difficult times.
I am sure that you will also take care of me and support me in grief and joy.
Sorry I finish my lines to you.
Maybe very soon, we will not write letters to each other, and we will communicate live. =)
I believe that everything will be fine with us.
I kiss you. Your Marina

Letter 12

Hello my darling Jim
I'm glad you wrote to me. Thanks for the pictures of your house.
You really are very clean and comfortable there.
You asked about bathing suits in the jacuzzi! Why do they need us, because we will not be in a public jacuzzi? =)
I hope very soon I will see you in reality, but I will not write letters. =)
I am so pleased that you want to meet me and you will wait for me.
I understood what airport I should fly to. Thank you for your data.
I will also write you my full details.
My full name: Marina Aynetdinova
My address: Russia, Syzran city, Kahovskaya street 2! Postal Code: 446000
I will be very happy if we live with you in the same house, in the same room. =)
I would write you more, but now I have little time.
I finished work earlier today and am going to go to a travel company now and learn everything in detail.
Learn about all the documents and the cost of the trip as a whole.
Then I will write to you and tell you everything I learned. Good?
Do not miss me. Soon we will be together. =)
I kiss you! Your Marina

Letter 13

I do not want to spoil your mood. But I have very bad news.
I did not know how to write you about it. I was in a travel company.
Jim, I went to several travel companies. Compare prices, they are almost all the same.
The cost of a full package of services is 95,000 rubles.
This is still an average cost, because prices have risen and will only grow.
This price includes all documents (insurance, consular fee, various certificates),
As well as a passport, visa and tickets to one and the other side.
But after I went to a travel company and found out everything, I counted my entire budget.
And I do not have enough money to conclude an agreement with a travel agency. I did not think that a trip to Canada would be so expensive.
I could find only 40,000 rubles. I need another 55,000 rubles. In your currency it is about 1100 Canadian dollars.
I do not know what I will do. I have no one to take that amount. I have already asked all my close people and even colleagues.
My sister was able to lend me some money. And also my uncle and aunt helped a little. I also added my savings.
But I still do not have enough.
I already wanted to conclude an agreement with a travel company so that I could begin to make documents.
But I can't do it now, because I don’t have the full amount.
I do not know what to do. I so wanted to be with you, Jim. Now we will not meet?
I have no mood at all now. I'm sorry.
I'll wait for your answer...

Letter 14

Hello my darling Jim
Thank you for writing me. I WAS VERY ILL.
I was very upset about this problem.
I thought I could lose you because of that damned money.
After all, I just now met my happiness and I do not want to lose it.
Your words cheered me up. Thank you for your support Jim.
You really are a very caring man.
It's nice that you want to help me with the costs, but I do not know where I can find this money.yb
I already asked my loved ones. Sister gave me some money.
Uncle and aunt helped with a small amount. And also I added my savings.
But this is still not enough. We still lack 55,000 rubles.
I do not know what to do. I just can not find the remaining amount.
And so I hoped you could help me Jim.
I see that you have the opportunity to help.
But you only want to do this when I arrive.
Do not quite understand why you do not want to help me now? What is the problem?
You can’t buy me tickets because I don’t even have an international passport to issue tickets. Do you understand?
I was actually very uncomfortable asking for your help.
But I just could not not write you about it.
Because the meeting we want together depends on it.
I thought we both want to meet.
And I thought it would be fair together to make an effort to meet.
Therefore, I wrote to you about everything directly.
If you want a meeting, we need to overcome difficulties in our way, otherwise we will not be able to be together.
I hope you read my letter carefully.
Answer me. I want to know what you say!
P.S you want me to be between your legs where your dog is now? =)
I kiss you. Your Marina

Letter 15

Thanks for your quick response.
I put aside all things at work and decided to write you as soon as possible.
Because now our meeting is more important for me than work. Besides, I have a vacation soon. =)
Yes, I smiled when you asked me a teasing question. I would love to sleep with you, like Ginger. =)
It's nice that you decided to buy champagne for us, but I think that first we need to solve the problem.
You wrote that you can send me money. Did you say this seriously?
If you really can send me this amount, then I will be able to conclude an agreement and I will begin to make documents and then we will meet.
But first, I wanted to ask you. Do you really want to help me?
I ask this because I want to know that you want to do this with pure sincere intentions.
I do not want to create difficulties for you. I do not want you to have problems because of me.
Yes, you can send money to me, but you can also send money directly to a travel agency. How do you choose?
Think about it, then I can give you all the information. Ok?
I need a caring, loyal and loving man. How nice that such a man you are.
If we solve the problem we will be together very soon.
Please write me what you think. I will wait for your answer.
I will pray that we will succeed.
Kisses. Waiting for your answer.

Letter 16

Hello my darling Jim
How are you? Everything is good?
How was your night? Did you see me in a dream? What did we do? I was between your legs? haha =)
My dear, today I went to the bank, as promised.
I learned all that is required to transfer funds.
I found out exactly what data you need for this.
But I was offered two options. Now I will write to you about them.
1. Transferring funds to a bank account.
In this case, you will need my bank account details.
And if you send me your help, the transfer will take about 4-5 days.
But there is also another option.
2. Transfer funds using WesternUnion.
In this case, you will need some other my complete data.
If you send me your help in this way, I can get the money in 15 minutes.
It is much faster than a bank account.
You will have to tell you the secret code that will be given to you during the transfer.
And I will go to the bank with my passport and I can get your money.
I think it would be wiser to do that.
Because you will make a transfer and I can receive your money on the same day.
And on the same day I can pay the travel agency all the money and conclude a contract.
And I will start to make out my trip!
What do you say, my dear?
I want you to think and decide how you feel comfortable.
I do not want you to have difficulties.
Therefore, if you are really ready to help me, tell me how you will do it and I will send you the relevant data.
I now believe that we will soon decide everything and be together. All thoughts are just about this!
I will be waiting for your answer.
I kiss you. Your Marina

Letter 17

Hello my darling Jim
How are you? You probably still sleep? It's night in your country. What do you see in a dream? =)
I really liked your intimate fantasies last night. =)
Sorry for not sending you your picture so that you would rise as usual in the morning. =)
Yesterday I was very glad that I could talk to you. You have a nice voice.
I want to hear your voice every day, every morning. =)
I hope that very soon we will be together. =)
I realized that you chose WesternUnion to quickly send money.
Here is my data for WesternUnion:

Name: Marina
Last Name: Aynetdinova
Country: Russia
Postal code: 446000

If you need my home address, I will write it to you again.
My address: Russia, Syzran, Kahovskaya street 2!
I also attach a photo of my ID. No, problems, if it is really necessary.
All data is correct. So when you send me the money, you have to tell me the code and I can get it and start making the documents.
When can you send money? Can you do it today as soon as you wake up?
I believe you Jim. I believe that you are a man - a word and you will do everything right. =)
You gave me hope for happiness and I promise I will not let you down.
If we are together I will do everything to make you happy.
Now I have to go. But I will wait for your news.
Your Marina

Letter 18

How strange! Where did you find this photo?
This is my passport picture, but completely different information in it.
This is not my name, not my last name or my middle name. Where did you find it?
It seems that someone is using my photos.
I did not want to send documents via the Internet, because it is very dangerous.
I am very afraid that my personal data will be made public. That is exactly what happened.
I worry because I really do not know how to explain it.
You can tell where you found it. I will go to the police because someone stole my information and photos.
I'm sorry, but I'm very nervous now. I'm waiting for your answer.

Letter 19

No, I'm not fooling you Jim.
You can go wherever you want, but I have nothing to hide.
I never cheated people and did not engage in fraud.
I do not know how it happened, but someone stole my photos, someone for evil did it to me.
Because earlier, before I met you, I began to communicate with other men.
But, as soon as I understood that they only want naked photos and videos from me, I stopped communicating with them.
But, they said that if I did not fulfill their request, I would regret it. They blackmailed me.
Maybe some of those past scoundrels did it. I really do not know.
I'm not afraid of the police, because I have nothing to hide. The only thing I will regret is that I could not be with you.
We could have done well, but you trusted the wrong people.
I'm really sorry Jim. Sorry.



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