Scam letter(s) from Marina Antonova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Sir John! Welcome to "UkrTrans" bureau! We would like to remind you that not long time ago you were in touch with miss Marina. Your lady Marina contacted us to find out news about you. She worries about your silence. She has asked us to tell you that she misses you and she would like to continue your communication.
Please inform us if you are still interested in miss Marina and if you want to continue your relations with her? She is waiting for news from you. As soon as we get some information from you we will pass it to your lady. Yours sincerely,
Ekaterina Kolotova
Letter 2
Hello, my sunshine!!! My dear man how are you there? I miss to hear from you . I wish to be with you now ..I see again and again your photos and dream to be with you there one nice day.

I am bored here and I do not know what me do. Now is a May..close to summer and I am almost without work and want to fly to the sky to change my life. I have found my photo from a sea where I was three years ago and want to
share it with you. I hope you will like it. I need to feel a keep in touch with you. My heart I have so difficult times here. My situation still pressed and I need to have some your help.
Please I hope you can send me some money to support me a little bit. I will be very thankful you.
I am little sad now because many my friend come to sea to south and I stay here alone. I can count only for you my dear angel. I miss you and wait to hear from you soon and see your new photos. I send you million my kisses. Yours always Marina
Letter 3
I am sitting with my pain with teeth and try to keep myself, sorry for my words which hurt you. Help me to save myself. This is very important for me. Really, today called to everyone, but no one can have money. I alone on a hug island. Baby, please find me with your strong arms..and shoulders to give me a hope
Letter 4

My darling, I want you to know...that money ...this the energy we need to make our dreams come true..All this dreams come from deep heart. This is a Wish - from the bottom of my heart...give us the Energy of Our Hearts. At the moment I want you to know, that we have our common dreams - to meet each other. Because we want to feel LOVE! If we have a stream...imagine how great to give each other Love, light, greet light to go.... Imagine, how our waves of love becoming like a huge ocean, more then every, more then Ocean, more then our Earth...more then our Galaxy. So great to share with you this feeling right now! My Green wave follow from my heart to your soul. If we are in is a reflection of our love. All we had before...doesn’t matter. What is important for now - our real meeting to be together...easy...bright, with a new wave of Our Energy of Smiles, love, passion, wonderful deep feelings...Our vibrations, let our miracle be a part our life. I see how we embraced with the Power of Love. I see How happy we are!
I see a delightful power that protects, cares, gives gifts ... bright green magic that fills all the voids ..
all our dreams come true. I want to feel this love .. I want us to be this Wealth, this Miracle, this real Unexpected bliss! Happiness! Open our heart for beauty, peace ... Love our desires and let all these endless rays of happiness, emerald color .... I respect money, because it is our energy. It gives us strength, energy, warmth, gifts from life, luck, abundance, happiness. I wish us to be together and in love! Darling, I will be need your support to make the International PASSPORT. It is costs about 60 euro and about 40 euro on my way to Ukrainian territory, where all official organization are situated now. Darling, I am so hope to feel your energy of love! I will be ready to meet you...honey. This is my dream to come to mybeloved. Love you, my strawberry! In our bank is working Money Gram system to use for sending support The name of the receiver: Maryna Antonova The town: Molodogvardeisk The address: Mira 17/55 The zip-code: 92011 The country: Ukraine I am your woman, who can share my everything and all about love!
Have a wonderful week !
Kiss kiss!
Letter 5
Honey John, why do you ignoring my life situation.
I am sitting hungry with no support. You asked my name and address and did not help me with some amount to alive. How come? Do not you care about me as about important girl in your life? Why you always writing about pics day by day. I am tired to send you my pics all the time with no support and attention to do something with finance. Are you kidding or what? Looks like you do not keeping your promises...
Letter 6
My great and lovely boy! But you are here and your words to me are like a dream comes true!!!
You will not allow us to lose each other!!!!! You want to be with me!!! Darling, this makes me the happiest woman alive!!!! Thank you, thank you, my dearest!!!!
Know, my love for you is very big and strong!!! Today its rain.. I want to say you I have a feeling I just wrapped in a warm blanket in the street where there is rain, and breath clean and tasty air. Yes, it is my feeling after I read your letter. I know more and more with every your letter. Thank you for your kind world to me.
I am trying to be brave girl, but I need to know I can count on your strong shoulder. I so need you! I have a feeling I have found my special man for my life. I am here along too. It is so nice when you have your close person with you. I want to meet with you meet with you I real life. My smart, intelligent, strong, attractive, interesting, imposing, hot, kind..with a golden heart and my Kind of man I as looking for all my life. With strong and confident man I have a desire to be a real woman. I will be waiting for your help!! Honey, you are the best man in the world!!!! I am yours Marinka forever!!!!
Letter 7
My love!
My sweetheart!
My darling man! I sit in the room and on the table a candle burns ... I look at this light and I feel warm from the thought of our love. I want you to know that my dear darling, my world, my good morning, good afternoon, good evening, my sweet dream ... The flame inside me illuminates the darkness of your nights Will not burn out I promise a heart in a thousand candles Our love, this candle as a symbol of all the most important ... our future and present! I want to be with be your destiny, your little girl:-)
Before I go to bed, I want you know...You are my important, wonderful, real man and you have a big power and light in my deep thoughts. Kiss you, do not go from me. Please be my near. Waiting for your support, baby
Letter 8
No more means to send you next pics, darling. Support me to be in touch with you via Internet connection. Me missing and and have all my loving to share. Come into my arms, honey
Letter 9
I will be need to py my bills for the Internet
Letter 10
Hello darling! I'm very very happy to start this week with thoughts about you..I know you have a kind heart and you are my important man in life. Do you believe in dreams? I do, I'm always thinking of the dream I had yesterday. It was about us:) We were laying in your bed, both naked, I was laying on my back and You did have one hand under my neck, and the other one was on my stomach, I did let your fingertips supply rub my stomach, then You moved your hand up, then I did let your fingers go around my breast and between them, then I start to rub your neck end on the top of you chest. On that moment you did sneak me a kiss, then you look in the my eyes and we sow how much we wanted each other very much. And when I moved a little closer to you I saw that you moved my legs apart, as if you were asking me to make love to you with out saying a word. Then I started to kiss you, You started to kiss my legs, very softly, then You moved for my thigh, and start to kiss my inner thigh, you grab my hear as you like it so much. After a little while You moved up to my breast again, teach me a little so you start to nibble my nipple's. Then we start to kiss each other again, and I look deeply in your eyes and see how much you want me Kiss you, put my arms on your bright and sparkling follow me from the darkness. Embrace you tight!
Letter 11
Good night my star! My dear man I am happy to hear fro you again. I am so tired to be here alone my heart. My conditions here with every new day more difficult. Darling how it is possible your trouble so long? I want to be with you and I do not know how we can change with you all this situation. I miss you terrible. I can not stand this situation more. Will think something to change it.
Please my heart will do it for me!!! I ask you about it!!!! I hope to hear from you soon. Kiss you sweet your Marinka
Letter 12
say me what me to do ?
Letter 13
No more means to send you next pics, darling. Support me to be in touch with you via Internet connection. Me missing and and have all my loving to share. Come into my arms, honey
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