Scam letter(s) from Francoise Raymonde Marie Angele Boudsoco to Brad (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello I hope with my prayer that all is well with you. I write sincerely to your heart, and all my attention has been focused on your answer which reassures me enormously of your availability and acceptance of this gift that I have decided to leave you; from where I was very happy to send you my correspondence again. If I chose you this is only the work of Almighty God and certainly you are an honest and honest person. Before I sent you my message of call, I kept the night in spite of my state of health by praying to God the merciful that he could choose me an honest person who will have used of my money in good circumstance and help the people who need it. Now that I am reassured of your willingness to be my heir in all honesty and frankness and accomplished the work of God. I was under observation this morning because my health is more critical. My step is to bequeath to you my property which is a sum of ?3,500,000 (Three million five hundred thousand euros) because I am an orphan and without family. This sum is in a briefcase kept in a vault of a bank U.B.A located in West Africa precisely in Benin where my late husband served for 13 years as consultant in macroeconomics. But why this money is not in one of the banks in Europe in my country ? I am the owner of a commercial and business enterprise in the palm oil business. Then I transported Palm oil from Africa to Europe. I love Africa too much and I have really made a lot of progress, I have traveled several African countries but where I found more products is Benin. Not wanting the French State to buy my money because of the taxes of the bank in French Polynesia my country of origin I entrusted my money in a bank UBA (UNETED BANK for AFRICA) Benin. The project concerns the creation of a foundation in your country that will bear my name followed by your name and my name that you will chair. It will basically deal with any kind of help. The construction of orphanages, social centers, schools and hospitals are my priorities. You try to realize this project considering the socio-cultural reality of your country. You know there are several organizations in the world that I could have contacted. But I prefer that it be an anonymous physical person like you, to whom I will entrust this heavy responsibility. My funds are well in a Blocked Personal Account, which is well kept by a security company depositing within this bank in Benin. Thank you very much and God bless you. I will put you in contact with this bank (the director of the bank) to whom I entrusted my secret information. Please pray for me because I am in a very critical situation. I look forward to hearing from you, to put you in touch with the director of the bank. Please accept the sincere greetings of a donor. Despite my state of health I send you all its details thanks to a hospital ward girl who helps me a lot.

Thank you again for your prayers and may God bless you, amen.
The Donor
Letter 2
Please contact my bank to take charge of the management of my property.
Here is the text message contact that you will fill and send directly to the latter.
Send the copy of the message to the Director **************************
Mr OLOKE Gwen Abiola
Director of Bank UBA
Tel: 00229 69 11 23 65 Hello,
I come as the beneficiary of the property of Madame BOUDSOCO Marie Francoise of French nationality, currently hospitalized at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. She holds a safe in a financial institution whose secret information is : Mrs. BOUDSOCO Marie Francoise,
Chest number: UB466912,
Secret security code: FRANUBA52541,
chest contents: blue case
Contents of the briefcase: WELL FAMILY
Other information: AVD / CC1414
Ticket code: 02088.
the date of deposit of the safe: July 20, 2010. Furthermore, what is the process that can allow me to get back in possession of the funds.
Accept, Sir, the expression of my highest consideration. Cordially, NAME

My dear beloved, you have the obligation to fill the text well to send it to the Director of the bank on his email: Please inform me as soon as you have made contact with the Director of the bank.
God will help you in your work, and peace reigns in your house.
Thank you again for your prayers and may God bless you.
Letter 3
I sent you the details of the donation but you did not react
Letter 4

What documents do you want me to give you before you believe me ?
I take this opportunity to send you my id. card as an attachment.
I want you to know that you are with a wonderful woman, especially a sister in Christ, and I am worthy of myself. As far as the bank is concerned, it's up to you to contact them and I think I have given you the details of the bank and the message you have to send to the bank for the procedure to follow.
Please do what I ask you and you will not be on it.
God bless you.
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