Scam letter(s) from Josephine Selasi Fiakeye to Phil (England)

Letter 1
Why this message, what's wrong with my name,what's the false about it
Letter 2
I don't understand you,why you are saying false names false love and the rest
Letter 3
Point of correction, i didn't ask you for money at the first place Okay? you said wonna give a gift as in dress through post mail,and my suggestions was post office aren't fast as compared to olden days so if you can change it to something please don't tell me i wanted to spend your money after all i was living my best life before we meet a site so don't tell that i wanted to spend your money.
Letter 4

Thank you, Pearl is also my name,am happy to hear from you. Am just on that site to find someone amazing age doesn't matter, am cool with that someone very honest and trustworthy i think i have seen in your image that sound funny but am serious if only you like me the way am feeling now!
Letter 5
As said earlier age doesn't matter,what matters is you loving me perfectly i will also do the same.You the only man i have sent message on that site,that alone should tell you am much in love with you even dough you are far from where am i,i keep telling myself where i will find a good love is where i will be,you chatting with me seems you are close to me,as time goes on anything can happen good,that's the hope i have,i will always love more than you think i will cherish you serious.i hope you will also do the same in return?
Letter 6
I believe when there true love everything seems natural we both think positive all the time and through positive thinking we will live longer on earth because there is peace and unity
Letter 7
Because of you I'm will not visit that site again,because what am looking for i have got it and that's you
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