Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vladimirovna Nasmova to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Sol, my name Tatyana! Nice to meet you! This is first what i want say to you! I was I'm 32 years old , single woman from Russia. I never married and i dont have kids. I want to find good man for be together rest of lifes. If you want to find good Russian woman to create family , write to me back. I will be happy to know you better. Dont forgot send to me some photo!
Write to me back, if you also want to find only serious relationship, like me! I will be happy hear from you! Have a good day! Tanya
Letter 2
Hello my dear Sol!!!!! How are you today? I hope you ok my dear!!!Thank you so much for your letter! Again first what i want say that i was think about you. And thought about you make me happy.
I want say to you that in my life i was have only one man! No more!
Just one. We was together 12 years. We was know each other from school and i can say for sure that this is was school love. I cant say to you so much about my past. All what i can say to you that in my last relationship was a lot of lies. Last 4 years with this man, i was live like fool. This is man what was broken me and my belive in good man. He was broke every thing inside my and main my heart. I was alone 2 years. And for this 2 years, no one day to create new relationship. Because for me this is not easy. This is hard to belive, hard to trust. Because mind still remember this is hurt.
My grandmother say that time treat. And she right. I'm free and full of ambition. I'm clever and kind woman. I'm attractive, i have calm character. I'm **** woman. I feel that we want the same. And i this is
really great! Because we can together go to common future. Be happy together. Just feelings, no drama, no lies!What you think about this??? I wait your answer!!!! Also i send to you many kisses, Tatyana from Russia PS at photo me and my co-worker Elena
Letter 3
Hello dear Sol!!! I hope you have good day! I'm again happy, because i read your letter. I was just have cup of coffee and again i was think about you! I think will be great set together and talking! My dear, what you think if i will call you? I think its will be so great to talk with you, right? I want it so much, to hear your voice. If you also want it send to me your phone number please.
Very soon i will leave my work. And i will go to home. And again i will alone. I want say that now when i have you in my life, when i came to home, i think about you. I think about your letters! I love them! So much!!!
Right now we are so far away from each other. Never see each other.
But my thought about you so real. And i cant explain this. How this is possible? I dont know. I think this is something what i cant explain.
May be this is chemistry? What you think?
I will be happy if you will be here now. Or i wil be there with you.
Why? And what we will do? I dont know. May be i can cook for you something special from Russia? May be we can together watch some movie ? Or may be we can go for walk? I agree for every thing of this!!!!
I want say that some time doesn't matter what we can to do together.
Important have something common. My dear, i wait your answer with thought about you!!!! I send to you many sweet kisses. Your Tatayana from Russia
Letter 4

Hello my dear Sol!!!! How are you today? I miss you! And of course i miss you. Today was sunny day. But temperature was not more than 4 degrees by Celsius.
Doesn't matter what weather there. Because you can make warm my heart and me! I want say that i feel like a flower after cold winter. Or may be like little girl. A lot of butterfly inside me dancing! This is so great feelings inside me.
My dear here my phone number +7 927 873 4212! You can call me any time. Dont worry about time difference. I will be happy to hear your voice any time! Of course you can text me. I dont have what app or viber, because my phone not a smart phone.
My dear Sol!!! I'm really serious with you. I'm happy that i met you and have in my life! I wish to be there with you right now! May be i can give to you tender kiss! I want it belive me. I wait your answer my dear. Your Russian lady Tatyana
Letter 5
Hello my dear Sol!! I really belive that every thing good with you. I write to you this is letter.My dear when i write to you letter i write what i think and that i want tell you. If i not answer at some your question, you dont need worry about this. Because this is not reason be angry.
I love your dream. And of course i underrated why you have 32 roses. I want that this is will happen. And this is also what i try to do my dear.
We need make plan. I still dont understand where we can meet. I think for me will be expensive came to you. But i nee check it. You need send to me your close airport.
I want say that today i was sleep not so good. Do you know why?
I was have big wish to sleep. But all my thought was about you and about day when i will be with you. I was ask my self, do i really want it. And my answer - yes! I really want it. I love our communication.
But now i dream about day when i will see you in real life. I want it!
I want to see you in real life, i want to kiss you in real life. I want that you will hold me in your hands. My dear, i want say to you one very important for me thing. In my ****** life i was have only one man. I'm not woman who was have many different man. I dont like it. I was already write t you that i'm one-man-woman. And this is mean that my soul for you, and my body for you. Not one man more. My dear for me this is very important. I will was not make love more that 1 year. And this is true. And now for me very hard, i hope you understand. I'm really happy that i was met you. Because now in my life i have you.
This is really pity that you are so far away. I know that we will be together. Because you want it, because i want it. I want to feel taste of your lips on mine in reality. I want that you will kiss my neck. I want be in your arms. My dear for me more important that i love your inside, i love your soul. I want ask you. Do you want me in your real life? I wait your answer. Your Tatyana from Russia
Letter 6
Hello my dear Sol!! How are you tell me? I'm glad to hear form you.My love i miss you so much! I miss you and i miss your voice!!!
My dear like i promise to you i was at agency today. And they was explain to me when i need to came to you my dear. They tell me that i need full packet of document. I need travel passport, visa, insurgence, medical card, ticket to Moscow and ticket to you. They tell me that much easy to received tourist visa. Because i'm single Russian lady and they can have doubts about me, this is why will be much easy to get tourist visa. Agency will help me with every thing.
All around trip will cost for me 1400$. This is include everything.
My dear i was think that this is will be expensive. But my salary 500$ and one month. And of course this is very expensive for me.
I have some safe and i agree to spend it. But my safe 750$ And this is mean that we need another 650$.
I really want to be with you. I'm so sorry that i'm not reach woman.
Because then i will came to you with out any problem. But i know you are great man! You love me! And together we will find solution. I'm happy that i met such man like you. I image how we will wake up together ! I dream about this. I dream about your skin and lips!!! I really love you. Your Russian Lady Tatyana
Letter 7
My dear Sol!, everyday that I receive a response from you , just makes my day! I also love to talk with you and hear your voice. When we calk with each other, i really have so strong heat beat!!! I think about you! I try remember them every day , before I go to sleep, makes me wish you were laying next to me in bed.
When i thinking about having shower together really made me wish you were here you made me VERY EXCITED my dear! I would love to kiss your body all over, I bet your skin is so soft I want to make love to you and I think you feel the same way?Our love is so beautiful, i want to hold you and caress you over and over, our love so pretty to hold and kiss. I call it a love so beautiful its the loveliest i ever say to any man i have known.
Some day i will take you out to a candle light dinner and we just talk about future and we laugh when i see your smile. Then i know i have done my job good to see you happy, males me feel good, as your heart beats fast. When we get close so does mine and i say again to my self, what if i had this man in bed or shower! Wow, my heart will come right out of my chest .I want to watching for you and i want to talk better then letters. At summer we can swim at boat to sail the lake , then we stop and we jump in for a swim , when you get out, you lay on lounge and i wash your lovely hair and body with shampoo then rinse and while hair is drying i go below and make you lunch, we talk, we kiss, we hold each other , do you want it ??? When i see you make my heart beat and tell myself ,some day i,ll be happy again ....With you! Only with you! Your Russian lady Tatyana My dear here details of Aleksandra.
name Aleksandra Zolotareva
Address Russia. City Novosibirsk. Street Parhomenko 16/ Apartment
7 /zip code 630108 Beneficiary Bank: in euros
“Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation”(PJSC), Moscow, Russia
SWIFT: RUDLRUMM Intermediary Bank:
Correspondent account in Intermediary Bank:
100 9477134 0000 Beneficiary Customer:
Account number: 40817978200003158548 Beneficiary Bank: in dollars
“Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation”(PJSC), Moscow, Russia
SWIFT: RUDLRUMM Intermediary Bank:
Correspondent account in Intermediary Bank:
04422163 Beneficiary Customer:
Account number: 40817840300003180463
Letter 8
Good morning my love!!!!! I want tell you that i'm at work now. But you in my mind. Last night i was dream about you my dear Sol! Sol great name. You are my soul mate! you change my life. And i want change your life in best side. I want that we will be together. I cant wait to see you my dear. I dream about you and about day when i will see you. I send to you many sweet kisses my love! I will write later again! I love you
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