Scam letter(s) from Yana to Bo (Denmark)

Letter 1
I was waiting for your letter and I was very pleased to read your answer.
I'm glad we continue our knowledge with you. I have this first Internet dating experience and I'm waiting for your letters every day.
I hope you understand that I am writing you in my letters.
I learned English well, since my mother worked at school and taught foreign languages.
I know English very well Today I will talk a little bit more about myself. My favorite lily flowers, no matter what color they are, love this flower.
I love bright colors, so I do not have a favorite color.
I appreciate the kindness and honesty of people, the decency and respect for others!
But as you understand, I do not work in my specialty. We have many people in Russia who do not work with their education.
As you have already understood, I am looking for a serious relationship, friendship and flirting do not interest me.
I want love, with me it was the one I could trust, that would be able to support me in a difficult moment and it was just around!
Career is all I could achieve in this life, but I have not yet found the main family.
The work took too much time, so I do not have any children and no husband.
I looked at other lives with my own eyes and I understood what I was missing for all this time: this is a family!
I decided to change everything! I hope I have made the right decision!
For me, age is not the main thing, for me it is more important that my man be honest with me, do not deceive and be calm in every situation.
A man who will love me with all my heart and whom I can love!
Since work takes up too much of my time, I have to find my love on the Internet.
When my search stopped for you, I realized that looking for a woman for you is a serious intention. I'm right?
I think you have qualities like decency and honesty in a relationship!
I hope I have not been wrong in you! Even though we know each other very little and am writing now my 3 letter.
To be honest, I tried to get in touch with men in my area, in my country, but nothing came out of it.
Those men had a different view of life and other intentions.
As soon as it was something more, for example, talking about the family, they lost interest in the relationship.
They were afraid of a serious relationship, responsibility, I knew that they only needed ***, or something else.
I want to find a good man for a serious relationship. And I did not know if you wanted to know me because of the distance between our countries!
Are you really interested and necessary? I hope you are interested in me! And we can continue our knowledge!
Personally, I loved it and I want to know you more and more!
I am writing to you because I hope you grew up as a gentleman, that you have a good education!
I've never been to other countries, but I've always been interested in the culture and traditions of another people. In this there is something mysterious!
Have you been to other countries? What did you see interesting?
Tomorrow I'll still wait for your answer!
Best regards, Yana!
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