Scam letter(s) from Maria to Brad (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello !
My name is Masha, I am the most ordinary girl who wants to find a real, strong and intelligent man, on this my letter is devoted to you my friend ! For all my life I had only three men, with the last I lived for three years, it was terrible... He consumed a lot of alcohol and beat me almost every day. I've suffered this all three years, and when my patience is over I'm just collected all the things and left him while he was at work. I loved him very much, but it could not continue like this.
I did not leave the house for 4 months, I sat at home and cried. But one day I opened my eyes and realized that it is necessary to live further.
I'm very afraid to start a new relationship with another man, but longing and loneliness do not give.
I rest. I really believe that not all men are like my ex-boyfriend and I do not lose hope of finding him here.
I'm writing this letter and crying for memories.
I hope you answer me to my letter and we can do something.
I also will send you my photos.
I kiss and look forward to hearing from you.
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