Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Sidorova to Steve (UK)
Letter 1
Hey there I suppose you are surprised to see this letter. I think you don’t even remember me. But I hope that we can communicate despite this.
You gave me your email about 2 years ago. It was at some of the dating sites. Then our communication was limited only to a couple of letters.
Now I decided to write to you again and hope that this time we will be able to know each other. I really want to have a serious relationship.
If you are interested and want to communicate with me then write to me.
I'll wait. Have a nice day.
Your friend from Russia.
Letter 2
Hi there Steve, how are you today? I am glad, that you have written. I hoped for it. I am sorry, what I could not answer you earlier. I did not have a possibility. I would want that we have started to learn each other.
To begin with, I would want that you have told to me as you would like that I named you? Steve your real name? Whether is at you nick name?
You can name me Natalya. This my real name.
I certainly will tell a little about myself, that you would know about me. To me of 28 years. My growth - 168 centimeters. Weight - 48 kg. My favorite color - green. Eyes - blue. My natural hair color - the brunette. I live in the central part of Russia, in Village - Blagoevo.
It is small, but beautiful Village. I work in a beauty salon. The hairdresser. I cheerful, modest, hardworking and responsible.
I understand, that it is difficult to you to recollect me because our first acquaintance was several years ago. Besides it was limited only to pair letters. We had not time to learn anything about each other.
But I hope, that we will correct it
You probably wish to know, what I try to find here? I certainly will tell to you. The main search in my life is a love. I try to find the love but while I had no success in it. As, I will tell to you, that for me the most important thing in the man - sincerity, honesty and kindness. Most of all I do not like in people falsity and meanness. For me has no value appearance of the person. For me the soul matters only.
As, for me the age difference has no value. Age - only figure for me.
Steve I have told to you a little about myself. I think, that to start it to you would will be enough for this purpose that you had a first impression about me. I hope, that you as will give me the good story about yourself. I would want that you have told, that is important for you in this life, that you search, what plans have. In general, I wish to know about you as much as possible. I hope for your sincerity and honesty. I wish to tell in advance to you thanks for the story about you. I hope, that my letter has not tired you. And I hope, that you liked my photos.
Sincerely Natalya.
Letter 3
Hi Steve!!! Nice that you write to me. I understand why you could not answer more likely. Everything is all right. I very much would want that we have continued our dialogue. I hope, that we with you have the identical purposes. If you are disturbed by an age difference between us I can assure you that it not a problem for me. For me private world of the person, instead of its age is important. You agree?
Steve I am grateful to you that you have written me such big letter, have given the good story about yourself and have answered my questions. It was very interesting to me to learn about you and about your life. Thanks you for sincerity and honesty. I very much appreciate it. It seems to me, that you the good person and I very much wish to continue to learn you.
Today I would like to tell to you little bit more about myself. Also I will begin that I never was married. I have no children. I have no mum and the daddy. But I have a grandmother. She lives in another Village.
She of 78 years. Mum and the daddy died in accident when I was small.
The grandmother brought up me after death of parents. It is very sick theme for me. To me painfully to recollect it. I hope, that you understand. I live one in small one-room apartment. In my life me all suffices. But I wish to find love. I already said to you about it, that it is my purpose. I had here some relations, but anything serious. Here it is difficult to find the good man, because Village the small.
Besides the man's alcoholism here is very developed. Then my familiar girl has advised me the Internet. She has allowed to use to me its computer and the Internet as I do not have house computer.
Steve I hope, that you are not has got tired of my letter. I have decided to send you a photo me and my familiar girl from whom I write to you. I hope, that you as will tell about the family. I would like the detailed story if you are can. I very much wish to learn more about you. I do not know why, but I feel to you such feeling because of which I am ready to open to you a soul. I very much hope, that you will write to me tomorrow. I will wait.
Sincerely Natalya.
Letter 4

Hello Steve!!! I am so sorry, that I could not write you earlier the big letter. I very much waited when Ekaterina will return from the native. All this weekend I thought of you. And me it was sad, that I could not write to you. In this weekend I did was tidied up at home and looked TV.
Steve I do not think that distance a problem. If two persons want to meet once, nothing can prevent them. You agree? The person can overcome all. But to begin we should learn each other better.
Now, as I feel, that you the person to whom I can trust, I wish to talk to you about last relations. I would like to open to you the soul. I feel in you the native person. Though we also communicate with you absolutely not for long, I have a feeling, that I know you for a long time. You have such feeling? I cannot describe words this feeling. But communicating with you, I as though have found the loved one. It is very warm and pleasant. I would not want that we between us were what that secrets. Only honesty. It is very important for me. In the beginning of our dialogue I said to you that I had relations with guys in the my Village. But any these relations were not serious. The longest my relations were about one year. But we with that person did not live at all together. In guys here I do not see those people with whom I are ready was to spend all life. I even doubt that I tested when that feeling of the present love. Anybody here is not ready on serious acts. My last relations have ended about half a year back. Since then, I have decided, that I will not search for the man in the Village.
Anybody from them was not ready to serious to relations. One wanted only sex. Such relations are not necessary to me. Another was the fan alcohol. And I even suspect, that it used drugs. I never smoked and I do not drink alcohol.
When I communicate with you Steve, it seems to me, that all in another way. Not as with guys in mine Village. I see, that you the worthy man.
I like to communicate with you. For this reason, I feel in you the person close to me. I am not going to have any secrets from you. I hope, that you too. If you wish to tell to me, that that I do not know that about your last relations I will be glad to learn about all. I hope, that you have not counted my letter too opened. In any case tell to me the opinion. I with not patience will wait for your letter tomorrow. And I hope, that you liked my new photo.
Steve I have forgotten to thank you that you have told to me about your daily routine. I attentively read also to me it was interesting. I think, that our days are a little similar. Thanks you again for answers to my questions. For me it is very important. Have good day.
Sincerely Natalya. p.s. I a good dancer.
Letter 5
Hi my darling Steve! I hope, what you not against I so name you? Thanks for your new letter. I very much wait every day for it. Today I would like to tell to you something important, but it is a little later.
At first, I wish to tell to you thanks for your dream of our first meeting. I am happy, that you thought of it, as well as I. And I would really very much want all of what we dream could come true very soon.
And I trust in it. And I too would love to spend Christmas and New Year with you I am glad to hear that you would like to visit Russia once. It is really good country. It would be pleasant to you here. It seems to me, that you at all would not want to leave from here.
Yesterday I talked to the friends. We discussed ours with you relations. I have told, that I wish to be with you. All see, that I love you all heart and is sincere. All are surprised as you could so quickly to win my love. Tatyana has told, that I should not miss the chance. She has told, that if it was on my place it would arrive to you. I have considered its words. I have told, what not so that simply to depart to other country. Many documents for this purpose Are required. But I agree, that for love there are no borders. I never was outside of the country. And it is terrible to me to travel far a little. But I have decided, that for the sake of our love I am ready to make any steps. I am ready on all what we were together. I will not be afraid. Tatyana has told to me, that I can descend in travel agency and learn all details of travel. I have decided, that I and will make.
Tomorrow, I will go to travel agency and I learn everything, that to me it would be necessary for that what to arrive to you. I hope, what you would not will be against that that I have arrived to you? Please, tell to me about it. OK? And today I have dared and have decided to send to you here it is a photo. I hope, what you do not consider me because of it thoughtless? In any case, I wish to tell, that I love you. I give you the kisses. Tomorrow very important day for both of us.
Sincerely yours Natalya.
Letter 6
Hello my Steve!!! I am very glad to receive the letter from you. I very much worried, that you will not write to me. I worried, that you have taken offence at me that I have told that I can not arrive to you. For me was very disturbing to go here today. Thanks you that you have written.
To me have told, that all documents I will cost - 733USD. I have counted USD in roubles and have been simply shocked. It approximately 40.000 roubles. It is the huge and very heavy sum for me. I also have to buy tickets there and back. Tickets also is expensive.
Steve I really very much wish to be with you. I wish to be with you as soon as possible. It is a pity, that I would not have wings what to arrive to you immediately. But I am assured, that we should be together. And we necessarily will together, despite of everything. Our feelings have no borders. And no distance will hinder for us. The most important thing for us to aspire to be together and not to surrender.
Steve you became very important part of my life. Now you take the important place in my life. You are very deeply in we wash heart and a soul. And I would want that our feelings became even stronger. You really became the native person for me. And I wish to be with you and only with you. I know, that we will achieve success. I feel it.I feel that we will succeed and we will be together soon. Now I wish to present to you the kisses. I very much love you Steve!!
Your love Natalya.
Letter 7
Hello my love Steve!!! Thanks for your new letter. I as always am happy to receive it. I many times read your letters each time when I receive them. I am glad, that it was pleasant to you washing a photo. I hoped, that you will consider in it sexuality. There it is visible my naked feet. Unfortunately I do not have more frank photos. But when we will be together, we will do all a photo which we will want. To me my love would be necessary to be with you. I hope, that the photo for you will be today what you wished to see.
Steve I have no bank account. But I have learnt about that as you can send funds to me. You heard sometime about the Western Union? It is very simple, fast, safe and inexpensive way of transfer abroad. I have learnt as it works. For this purpose that you could send funds to me, it is necessary for you to know only my full name - Nataliya Sidorova.
For this purpose that I could receive funds, it is necessary for me to know your full name, the sum of transfer and control number (MTCN). It will be good if you can send me a copy of the receipt from the Western Union. So I can show it in the Western Union. So to me have told there.
I think, that all it is very simple and we should not have any problems with it. I would not like make all as soon as possible for this purpose that we could to be together.
My darling, I am very grateful to you that you have agreed to help me with arrival to you. Thanks you my love. When we will be together, I will do everything, for this purpose what to make you the happiest. And yes, you are right, the most important thing now to receive my documents. I very much would want that we have spent Christmas together my love. It is my Christmas dream. I very much, very much love you Steve. I would not like to be in your embraces. I wish to give you one million kisses. You the best man in the world. I believe, that soon we will together. I will wait for your answer.
Yours and only your love forever Natalya. p.s. I too very much wish to speak on the phone with you. I will look as we could speak soon.
Letter 8
Hello my love Steve!!! Thanks for your new letters. I am happy to receive them as always. Steve you should not apologise that you have not had time to send funds to me. I understand, that was busy the big contract. Everything is all right. I understand all. And you should not give me the proof of that you have money. I trust you my darling. You should be quiet concerning all it. I very much love you. I trust all that you speak. I know, that you do not deceive me. We soon will together and are very happy.
Steve you have told, that you have learnt about the Western Union. But you have still told about Money Gram. What is Money Gram? I know nothing about it. It that that like same as Western Union? Whether I do not know is Money Gram here. Therefore use the Western Union. Ok? I would not like to start to do all as soon as possible, for this purpose that we could be together.
Yesterday we went with Tatyana, Elena and Ekaterina to a bath. There I have made selfie for you. I hope, what this that photo which you wished to see from me? I hope, what it is sexual enough for you? And you love a bath or a sauna?
Steve I dream every day of us together much. Our present happy life will begin With the very first day of our meeting. And then anybody and never can take away from us our happiness. I will give you all love, all caress, warmly and tenderness. I will do you by the happiest man.
And I am very grateful to you that you as give me the love. I feel it in each your letter my love.
Steve I would not like to feel your strong man's hands. I very much require your man's care. I know, that you will always protect me, as I the fragile and defenceless girl. I as very much wish to feel your kisses everywhere on twist to a skin and your embraces. My dreams of us do not leave my head about us with you together for a minute. Steve I confidently say you, that you a part of my life. I even can tell, that you very much the most part of my life and I do not represent the life without you. You my man for ever. You my air. You all for me in this life. Now I cannot even present, that would be if we have not met once.
I am happy, that we have each other my love. I wish to test very soon your love really, and not just through letters. For now I give you the air kisses. I very much love you Steve!!!
Yours and only your love forever Natalya.
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