Letter(s) from Nadezhda Bogatyreva to Dewey (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my beloved sun, my native angel, mmmmmmmm, how did I miss you and I so want to get into your arms and hide in your tender, loving and caring embrace mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my beloved angel, I really miss you and love you very much , remember this always ..
Douglas, my dear, thank you very much for the translation, I paid the rent for an apartment and bought so much food, it is such a joy and tasty cookies mmmmmmmm
And I also bought beautiful warm gloves and a new scarf with a hat, so warm and pleasant, thank you, my beloved husband ...
How is the day, my beloved husband?
What did you eat today?
I'm still at work and now we are going for a walk soon, we will ride on a sled ha ha ha and I will ride too
a million of my sweet kisses flew to you, welcome ..
your lovely wife caramel
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