Scam letter(s) from Marina Novoselova to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
I am very glad that you answered me! I waited impatiently your letter.
I will continue to talk about your life, tell me too about your life, since it is interesting for me to get to know you and everything that is happening in your life. What season do you like?
I love summer!
In my city the river Podkumok flows, and there are also many ponds and lakes.
Also in my city a lot of resorts. Essentuki is a resort city.
People from all over the country come to our city to recover their health.
In the summer, many residents of our city relax on the beach. Do you like relaxing on the beach?
It is a pity that summer in Russia lasts only three months.
I am sure that in your country the beach is a favorite vacation spot of many tourists.
I like outdoor activities and sports. You know that I do fitness!
I like swimming and in my free time I go to the pool.
What kind of holiday do you prefer? I am pleased to read your letter.
When I write, you know what happens in my life.
But I am very modest and I do not know what else to ask you, tell me more about yourself.
I want to know you better! I am interested to know more about your life.
It is a pity that the distance between us.
I can't even guess how far we are.
If we lived nearby, we could meet in a cafe and talk endlessly.
I sincerely hope that you maintain my dreams.
I hope that someday our dreams will come true with you.
Have you got a dream?
I have a hobby, I enjoy cooking!
I enjoy cooking different dishes and I enjoy it.
I also have a collection of recipes from different countries.
Since childhood, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother.
Do you have a national dish of Russia?
I will be glad to introduce you to Russian cuisine in the future.
I'm sure you will not give up on my delicious dishes :-)
I try to check my email every day when I work.
Sometimes due to workload at work, I don’t have time to check email.
Be assured that I could answer your letter as soon as possible.
Together with the letter I send you my photos.
I hope you enjoy these photos, I’m also waiting for your photos!
I look forward to reading your new letter.
I wish you good mood!!! Ramilya!
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