Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Chad (USA)


Greetings! I the cheerful cheerful girl. I search for serious attitudes to create family and to give birth to children from loved the man. I want to create family with kind, fair, decent the man. You can learn me! We can have correspondence and learn about each other more. I only want to tell, that I search serious for attitudes. If you too search it write to me! I wait for your letter! Do not pass by your destiny. Probably we are created the friend for the friend... I shall wait for your letter on my letter box With the best regards!!! Natalia!
Letter 2

Good afternoon Chad! I at once want to ask a pardon for possiblemistakes. I use a computer of all approximately two weeks. I am veryglad, that you have paid attention to my structure on the Internet. Myname is Natalia. to me 25 years. I am born on May, 15, 1981. I am bornand I grew in city Novocheboksarsk. love the city. My city verybeautiful. Here it is a lot of trees and bushes. Near to mine city theriver Volga proceeds. It is very beautiful at any time year. I work asthe insurance agent in one of the insurance companies. My workconsists in that to insure property of people. I work constantly withpeople. I very much like my work. Where also as whom you work? Isearch for the person with which I can construct the future. I searchfor the person with which I can create family and give birth tochildren. Understand our life passes and after itself it is necessaryto leave a trace in this life. Our life passes not appreciablly, and Iyet have not found the happiness. I am ready to create family, and Iam ready to creation of family. I want to have the favourite husbandand favourite children. I very strongly love children. I yet do notknow how many I want children. You love children? I do not search forthe rich husband which can execute all whims. For me the mostimportant that it could contain family. I search for the destiny onthe Internet because in Russia it is very difficult to find good theman with which it would be happy. Concerning local men *** and morethat is necessary for them only. I want to create serious attitudesand a harmonious marriage. I think you understand me! I do not know,that you will tell about me not mediocrely. If I am interesting toyou, you can ask questions which you interest. I with pleasure shallanswer all your questions. The difference in the age of me at all doesnot frighten, the main thing the person which will be near to me wasgood and understood me and never a preoval. I very much do not lovetreachery and change. Though each reasonable person considers, if theperson will betray, it will not remain and simply will leave from himfor ever and will not support any more with it communication. Youagree with me? I when not a preoval also I do not love treachery. Iwrite to you from the Internet of cafe as I have no a computer of ahouse, at my place even there is no phone. To have phone it it is veryexpensive for me. As I live on one earnings and I have no anopportunity to have phone. I think it not a problem, in fact we canwrite each other letters. I think, that you understand me. Write to memore about itself and the family. Write me where do you live. Tell tome about the city. I when was not abroad. It is very interesting to mewhere do you live. I think at you very beautiful country. Write whatweather at you. Certainly it is possible to write much, but I shallwrite to you in the following letter. On it I stop to write theletter. I wait for your letter soon. Natalia.
Letter 3

Greetings road Chad! I am glad to receive your letter! It is pleasantfor me to read your letter. As I spoke you I live in cityNovocheboksarsk. it is not so big city and a population not so big,but it very beautiful. This city is in 750 kilometers from Moscow. Isearch for the destiny on the Internet, only to that I cannot becomehappy in my country. Later I have decided on to try to find thehappiness abroad. My girlfriend has prompted me this way ofacquaintance. My girlfriend lives in Australia with the husband andthey are very happy! They have got acquainted through the Internet,and in two weeks it has invited her to itself. They have lead togethernot which time. They have lead in a place as far as weeks. For thistime they have learned each other very well. Later they haveunderstood, that are created the friend for the friend. They began tolove each other and now at them happy family. I am very glad for it.My girlfriend has insisted to that that I too have tried to find thedestiny through the Internet. My girlfriend wants that I too washappy. Now I am happy, that I write the letter to you. I think ouracquaintance will be long further. On character I very kind andtrustful person. I always try to trust people. I hope that in yourletters you write the truth and I can trust you. Because without trustand understanding cannot be what dialogue. In dialogue of two peoplealways there should be a trust and understanding. I very strongly donot like when tell lies. I do not love treachery. That we with youtrusted the most important each other. You agree with me? I want tohave good family. The favourite husband and favourite children. Nearto me I have no what the man. When I come after work home and I see anempty apartment me at once to become sadly. I have nobody to preparefor a supper. To me it is very lonely in my apartment. I dream of thatthat I came home from work and prepared for a supper for the favouritehusband. I very much want to have children. I want to have not lessaao or three children. I want that children grew in high-qualityfamily and that loved the parents. I want high-grade family happiness.It is very important for me. In Russia it is a lot of mothers ofsingles. Which have no husband and I bring up children one. I do notwant such life. I want that my children had the good, favouritefather. You understand me? Now I to you shall tell not much aboutmyself. I very much like to travel. I love it at any time year. In thesummer I like to go with the company to a campaign. We with friendstake tents and many other things and we go in a campaign. Usually wego for two three days. We republic is very strongly rich woods andlakes. Our edge very beautiful. In the winter I like to ski and notmuch on skates. Especially I like to float. In the summer we go on theriver Volga. This river proceeds near to our city. In the winter Istill go to sports a hall. I go to sports a hall three times a week.Still I go on exhibitions, to cinema, theatres and a museum. I like tolisten to various music. All depends on my mood. I the simple Russiangirl. As I spoke you I I I was born 1981 in city Novocheboksarsk. herehas gone to school. When I have gone to school to me there were almostseven years. When I have left school I have acted in university on aspeciality the expert by the rights. I have finished university in2002. In general I do not know what to tell about my life. I wake upapproximately in six mornings. I wash, I have breakfast, I bringmyself to the order and I go for work. My working day lasts abouteight hours. My working day approximately since eight mornings tillfive evenings. On work I have a lunch break with 12 : 00 till 13:00.after work I at once I go to the Internet of cafe to write to you theletter. The ambassador the Internet of cafe I go home. I liveseparately from mine parents. I rent an apartment. In the days off Ivisit the parents. We speak about past weeks much. I and did not speakyou about mine parents. At me loving and understanding parents. To mymum of 45 years. My mum works as the seller in shop. Mum very muchlikes its work. To mine to the daddy of 47 years. Mine the daddy worksas the driver by the big machine. My parents live in a marriage of 25years. My parents like each other, I understand and trust each other.I would like the same strong and long attitudes as at my parents. Mydreams... I dream of a happy life with the favourite person andfavourite children. The main problem for me it to do the happy futurefor my children. I want that our children have been surrounded withcare and love of their parents. I want that our children have beencompletely provided with all necessary. Also I dream to visit knownplaces of our planet. I want to travel and study the world. I want into study every minute something new. My dear Chad I when was not forthe husband. I have no what the man. I have no what children. I thesimple Russian girl. I have been given birth in love and have placedher from parents. I am kind to people, and I forgive insults. I cannotmake to poorly people. I try to make all with love of care. The lovewill rescue the world! I try to transfer feeling of pupils of love.The person who is capable love very much, can to reach in a life. Ivery much love children. I would like to learn about a life therewhere you do live. I think, that it absolutely other world! Mygirlfriend who has left in Australia beloved, frequently writes to meletters. She speaks, it so other people and are perfect other life.There more benevolent people also are more sympathizing, and the lifeis better. Write to me about a life in your city. On it I stop towrite my letter. I shall look forward to hearing from you soon. Thebig kiss to you. Natalia
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Chad!!! How you? It is very pleasant for me toreceive your letter. I like to read your letters. Your letters arevery interesting to me! One person in my life is necessary for me. Inmany people to not understand serious relations. They marry, and aftera while leave. I do not want to make the wrong choice then to regretfor it. My intentions are very serious. I want to create family wheretwo parents will like each other and to love children. Chad youunderstand me? I think, that creation of family is very serious stepin a life of two people. Chad you agree with me? The Internet hasgiven very big opportunities for search of the special person for you.I think, that through the Internet it is possible to find existinglove. Actually my girlfriend has met here the future husband. She isvery happy with it, they like each other. I as dream to meet the love.I hope, that I have correctly made, which arrived to the Internet -cafe. I am pleased, that have met you. I think, that it is notpossible to hide that - be from the partner. I want that in relationswas not what lie if in relations between two people there will be adeceit it will be terminated than good. I want that two personstrusted each other and understood each other. I want to trustcompletely to the partner, and it trusted me also. I never deceivedand I shall never deceive you. If we completely shall trust each otherit will be a pledge of strong relations. I not on see those peoplewhich tell lies and play on feelings of other person. As I alreadyspoke in the previous letters, I search only for serious relations.For me the purpose in a life, it to create family with the favouriteperson and to give birth to children. To live with loved without anyproblems and to bring up favourite children. Children and thefavourite person in my life and not what money it will not replacethis most important. Chad you agree with me? Chad each person wants tobe happy, and we with you not exception. But different people for thedifferent reasons become happy for the various reasons. I hope thatour dreams and desires coincide. We want to have happy family, and Ithink that it is the purpose in our life. I think, that we shouldstudy each other during not which time to meet. Actually through thecorrespondence it is not possible to study the person completely. Evenmillions letters will not replace to us one real meeting. But when twopersons hold each other for hands and speak with the friend the friendthey can study each other for very short time. Chad if we shall beready to meet in the person it will be wonderful. At a meeting we canstudy each other better. We could carry out a lot of time together,talk, walk in the evenings. I think, which the meeting will make goodfor our relations. You agree with me? Chad I want to know more aboutyour country more. You probably saw very much much and can divideimpressions with me. I think of you more. I shall look forward tohearing from you. I think, that you can soon write to me. The big kissto you road Chad. Sincerely yours Natalia
Letter 5

Greetings, my dear Chad!!! I am very glad to receive your letter onceagain. It is pleasant for me to read it. Your letters fill my day withlight and your warm feelings. After reading your letters I not for along time leave in the world of happiness and love. You seem to me forone instant, that near to me. Chad I am glad, that you understand,what even millions letters will not replace to us one real meeting inthe person. I would like to meet you in the person. I wanted to visityou. I understand, that we are poorly familiar also I think, thatshould pass still some time of that we well would know each other andthen we could meet in the person. You agree with me? I am glad, thatyou understand my ideas on the account of family and understand me. Iunderstand that means to grow in poor family. I want other destiny formy children. I want that they were well off also love! I want tocreate family of love. Chad you want to try it with me? I would liketo know, that you think of me. Chad that you think of us? Whether youthink that at us something can turn out? Road Chad I think when therewill be our meeting, it will be simple a fairy tale in reality. I wantto test this fairy tale on myself. I shall be the happiest woman onlight. It will be not overlooked day in my life. Chad you want when beto present me this fairy tale? Road Chad with each your letter myfeelings wake up more and more and more. When I have free minute Iconstantly think of you and I depart in my dreams. To me it is verymelancholy without you and your letters. With each letter I understandwhat you the good, fair, decent person. Road Chad it is very pleasantfor me, that you trust me also you with me are fair. It is verypleasant for me, that at us more serious attitudes develop. I want todevelop our attitudes. I do not want, that they stood on a place. Iwould like to move towards each other! You will make a step to me on ameeting, my dear Chad? I very much do not have love in my life. I donot have not enough your heat and love! The love is a life! When we donot like, we do not live! We only live our time! To us it is verypoorly measured time in this life! It is impossible to spend it simplyso. I do not think, that we need to have long correspondence and onlythen something to solve about our attitudes! Chad you agree with me?Road Chad write to me, that you think in this occasion. On it I stopto write the letter. I shall wait for your answer with impatience.Gentle kiss only for you my dear Chad!!! Sincerely yours Natalia
Letter 6

Greetings, my dear Chad!!! I am very glad to receive your letter onceagain! It was pleasant for me to read your letter! I am very glad,that we have found each other. I am confident, that our destiny hasplans for us of a two! I think, that we can be in a place. I amconfident, that our ideas and ideas coincide. We think equally. Itsomething means. Seldom you meet the person which thinks as well asyou! I am glad, that we have found each other. I would like more andmore and to learn you more. I want to know more about you and yourideas. Chad you are very interesting to me with your letters. But Inow do not have only your letters. I would like to meet you in theperson. I would like to learn what you in a life. My dear Chad, we canmeet in the person? I think, that now it is necessary for us to meetin the person. We know about each other enough. The great cannot belearned from correspondence. If there are still any important thingsin which you interest ask me. I want to develop our attitudes. I donot want, that they stood on a place. I would like to move towardseach other! You will make a step to me on a meeting, my dear Chad?What do you think of our meeting? Chad you want, that I have arrivedto you? I can make it. I learned in tourist to firm about travel toyou. It will not be difficult. I will need to make the internationalpassport, the visa and tickets. On registration of all documents it isrequired about 7-10 working days. For registration of theinternational passport 107 euros is required. For the visa 146 euros.The ticket will cost 691 euros. Also I should do the insurance whichwill operate in your country. It costs 98 euros. I think of you andabout our meeting much! It is dream which seems impracticable... But Ihope, that all of us shall meet also we shall be happy together!!! Ishall have holiday. I would like to lead my holiday with you together.We could carry out a lot of time together and learn each other better!I am sure, that it will be the best time in my life! We could be allthe day long together. We could walk keeping for hands. We could go tocinema and theatre together. I very much do not have it in my life. Ido not have not enough your heat and love! The love is a life! When wedo not like, we do not live! We only live our time! To us it is verypoorly measured time in this life! It is impossible to spend it simplyso. I do not think, that we need to have long correspondence and onlythen something to solve about our attitudes! I think, that we shouldmeet in the person and to learn each other better. At a meeting inalive it is required to us to very few time. Whether we shallunderstand more likely we approach each other whether or not. If wecannot be together we simply well spend time and we leave goodfriends! But I hope, that we shall be more than friends! But it cannotbe understood only through letters! Road Chad I suggest to meet in theperson! Road Chad that you think? I with impatience wait for youranswer and our meeting! Write to me more likely, that you think! On itI stop to write the letter. I shall wait for your answer soon. The bigkiss to you my dear Chad. Sincerely yours Natalia
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