Scam Letter(s) from Irina Zarubina to Jeroen (Holland)

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Hello,thanks a lot for your attention. After reading your
letter i understood that you are a very interesting man and i would
like to communicate with you. Please, excuse me beforehand: 1) for me
using the Internet, sometimes i make mistakes because i started using
computer not so long ago; 2)i also visit courses of English language,
i don't know English ,that's why i have to use a dictionary. That's
why i have some mistakes in letter. I'm so sorry! But i have a strong
desire to find a friend who will discuss different topics and will
become like a "teacher" former. A little about myself. My name is
Irene, I'm 25 years. I'm a coach in fitness. I am not married because
i haven't met my man yet. I think that every person has it's "half".
If you find it, you'll be happy. Naturally, every person wants to be
happy, but we must fight for our happiness. My E-mail:

Letter 2

Jeroen how do you do. I very pleased Your letter. I am a notions
have not where I have put(deliver)ed the company an acquaintance? I
paid him money. They promised much bridegrooms. Indeed I not dovolina.
normal bridegroom no. I do not think in computer and internet. I give
this address company acquaintance. I live on Ukraine. You this Not
complacent? I am a dialect in russian language and english I do not
know. I shall write You about itself, since Holland and Your photo I
like. This beside You in Holland such beautiful beach? . You
beautiful. Whom You work for government? How much You years? On type
You me interesting and I want the friendship with You. You have
interested me. Than now me to interest You? I was born 80 city
Alma-aoa. There served the military pilot my pope(pa). Afterwards he
with us served in Tashkent. In 92 pope(pa) will go on pension and we
have moved closer to grandmother and live in Ukraine city Doneck. Here
beside us on street of the name Artyoma, small house with small
courtyard. The Pope(pa) my as former officer USSR does not love the
capitalist. Beside us all well-mannered as far back as spirit cold
war. I him dialect that in Europe and America, people honestly and
much work so richly live. The Ukraine and Russia all thieve and folk
so poor. They I do not understand. Upon their opinion we live poorly
from- for capitalist. I am its correspondence on internet to keep in
secret from parent. I have finished the pedagogical institute- and
sport faculty. I tried to enter in institute cinema and art, but
gratis did not pass the contest, but only pay- enormous money. So my
daydream to become the actress was not sold. With contest jury beside
I remained the beautiful photo and I You their shall send. I am a
teacher of the physical culture of the secondary school. At night I
lead the pay group for people who wants to be sound and slim down. I
have 1 category on atheletics. I have 1 youth category on chess. I 8
years learned;learnt to play the piano. I am a love any music, but
advisable not television set, but alive, on concerto or stereo. I
much love poetry and itself even write;pen. That I want from life? I
as probably any poor girl want rich and love me bridegroom that has
provided me and birth our child with him. I understand that only
poetry and music at our time man not to hold. I shall be all their own
feminine facility to obtain the men which me to like. Beside me for
this there is all data. I beautiful, I sound and I want to be for my
men sexual. I want to be a whore in bed that my husband love with me
sex, good landlady on kitchen, gentile ma for children and certainly
reliable and dedicated other for the whole future my family. In our
Ukrainian man I disappointed much powerfully. I am a love men senior
me. Than senior man, that more he has accumulated the life experience.
He has heard the life and obtained the financial success. Than senior
man, that more he understands that except money there is else and
family which he will much needs, which do him ya. Than senior man,
that more he me will be a love and value the get younger. I have an
own theory, why I need the man senior me. If I liked You, I give You
help what conquer my heart. I much love when I praise and speak or
write the good words on me. I am a love weasel. I to like when me to
admire, tell me about this and fondle, iron me, as my ma. I very
miserable that in my work and training I nor used, did not teach
neither computer, nor english. But beside me higher education and
modern programs presently quickly train, but they expensive. I
miserable that translator not always translates all word and me to
happen to their change on the other word losing at sense of the
contact... I very miserable if You not much well I understand. I
because of this much outlive. Thank you that You have written me. You
me very interesting and I should like to learn more of You. I will
sadly if You want the girl with Polands or Russia. I too very good.
Your new friend Ira.

Letter 3

Jeroen greetings! Thanks for the detailed letter and a photo.
Such big beach! I very much love to bathe. I already adult and all decide naia-to be friends of whom. When to me it will be good, also to my parents too happiness. Except for the daddy and mum at me only the grandmother. I the teacher of physical culture and not when did not contact a computer. You, probably, over me to laugh, but at us in Ukraine the computer and the Internet is a rarity - for rich people. I go in Eioa?iao-club, where basically boys game computer games.
To me here have made a confidential folder and have shown how to receive and send the letter. I write the letter to a writing-book, and then slowly I print one finger buttons. Then I insert it in ia?aaia?ee-the machine and then I send. It me was learned by mine the friend. At drawing up of the letter ready at me not all turns out. I copy it, and it settles down not as it is necessary, can on it, something has left not that.
When the long letter I break it on not how much parts so it is easier to search for words which is not present translation and to replace them. I like the Internet. Here it is possible to press buttons and to write, that aloud when you will not tell. So, that on the Internet it is difficult to choose the partner. I am usual in a life I behave modestly, and here as drunk ?acaiai?-to stir. It is good, that you conduct an active way of life. Usually start to eat and go in for sports correctly when feel this loss. I very much to cook love good and tasty I food, especially it to buy on a market. But we such poor country with such small salaries that it is difficult to speak about healthy food, but it is easy to speak about advantage to starve. I
studied earlier to play on the piano. I liked to play complex products. In the beginning it is heavy and it is should on what, and then game a subject all gradually starts to turn out better and better. And here I already proud I play this complex product beautifully and confidently. I have won! It so is pleasant. But at me already for a long time the piano is not present, and there is a dream. Burn candles, and I play easy " a lunar sonata ". I to listen to love eeanneeia, but on a concert. On the TV I not love to listen to classical music. ?oi-something is very strong in her is lost. A platform still normally. To tell under the truth, I love "Aeooec". In the first they ia?aua-the beginning of a platform. They it is difficult also achieved success. At them beautiful voices and various melodies of songs and manners of execution. It is felt, how
they in each song searched and invented, something new. At us Russian platform is not pleasant to me. I shall long not speak about the same, and that is not interesting to you. Unfortunately, for me music now it only the TV. Music I try to understand any. Here in drawing I completely a zero. Though I very much love to look pictures. We in the childhood went with mum to Leningrad. What there museums! Very much greater and beautiful pictures. My dream to get in such museum. To stand
and it is quiet, there is nothing, not thinking to admire painting. That to approach more close to a picture to depart further and to understand, what the author wished to show us the product? What for and on whom he long so worked? Films I love about love and a fantasy, an adventure.
The person is dared and to cry. Means it is necessary to look both a comedy and fears. Fears it is desirable to look in the afternoon or when mum holds you for a hand. Fear it is impossible to look at night, and that is bad to sleep. I impression. I love poetry and for the night read verses, and then I think, about what be pleasant and I fall asleep. You sleep well at night? I write you verses which very much like me. After translation they, certainly, will lose sense,
but I wish them to write to you. You like verses? I even itself compose. "
All is illusive in this world storms, There is only an instant - for it and keep. Is only iea-between the past and future. He is called a life. Eternal rest heart, hardly pleasure
Eternal rest for gray-haired pyramids. And for a star that was broke and falls, There is only an instant, a dazzling instant. Let this world flies to a distance through centuries, But not always on road to me with it. Than I value, than I risk on Light, In a trice one, only in
a trice one ". These verses that our life will pass so auno?i-one instant and all. For this small instant it is necessary to have time to live well and beautifully. Strongly love. To give birth a
lot of beautiful children. I hope, you write to me. I shall wait. The whole.

Letter 4

Jeroen greetings! Thanks you for beautiful photos and the clever
letter. I love spring. The spring inspires love. It would be desirable
love, to sing and dance. I love summer. I love to bathe. I love
autumn. It is good to dream in the autumn. I not love winter. At us
winter boringly. Speak Earlier, that skis and skates went for a drive
sledge. Now do not go for a drive. Everyone wait for heat. I was at
competitions on gymnastics to Rome. There was a strong rain and we
almost looked nothing. I dream to be in the Europe. I the friend was
in Prague. Very much it was pleasant to her. I want too. To have the
piano-it is my dream. I very much dream to play in the evening at a
candle. In the god I believe. But to church I go seldom. I believe in
a guessing. If at me arise serious misconduct questions, I go to guess. But it too is
rare. At us cool also promise rains. The snow thaws gradually. Today
at us parliamentary elections. Now it is a lot of parties. Everyone
promise a good life. Elections go very much a pressure. At me in
sports a hall, at school, the commission of voting. I shall help. Days
off at us very much a pressure. I want, that there would be already
present spring. I very much wish to take a walk with you on a green
glade. You would speak me about the love to me. You would pick flowers
and would give me them. I for it would kiss you. We with you love each
other. The spring inspires love. She aggravates all our feelings. It
would be desirable to sing and laugh. To like and kiss. It would be
desirable to be near to the liked person always. Your Irina.

Letter 5

Jeroen greetings! It is very glad to your letter and a beautiful
photo. I dream to go to such beautiful mountains with you. We would
climb on top of mountain, and you would push me behind for the priest.
Or you wish to pull me for a hand? At all of us silly in Donetsk.
They vote for the protege of Moscow - ?ioeiae?a. Russia are thieves.
They sell abroad gas, oil, diamond … And people of simple Russia -
poor. What for to vote for thieves. Oaiaieaa he sat 2 times prison for
rape. I vote for ?uaiei am a fair Europe. At us very poor and ruined
country. So it is impossible To live further. But nothing to change.
Therefore I dream to leave from here. Can and is not beautiful? Here
it is impossible to live and give birth normally children. I wish to
tell to you the ideas on love and ours with you dream to family. I
always dreamed to be near to the person, which I love. For me it you.
I understand, that in the beginning our love will be only a physical
attraction to each other. Gradually she should become more moral. We
should is better start to understand not only physical needs of an
animal instinct, and and to find high qualities of the partner, to
aspire to understand and help the person with daily affairs. To muffle
up liked by the attention and care of him. To study to understand it
from half of word. Only then it will be the present love. I do not
know, if you ever feel it, but from the point of view, love - one of
the greatest and most strong feelings in a life. To wish to create
family and to remain together other part of lives transfers value on
every day. It is remarkable, to awake the love of the person every
morning in bed. To kiss it and to speak with a smile: " Good morning
road! I you love! " These words will lift both you and me mood for all
day. Then I should wake the small daughter and while you and our
child accept, take a bath, I should make a breakfast, liked meal, a
cup of tea or coffee. I should kiss my family at a door to see off and
wish them successful day. Then I should clean the house, wash a dish
or fabrics, easier to do job on a facilities. It will give me a lot of
pleasure care of a place where there lives my family. The house to
make cosy and warmly. Then I should take our baby from school. We
both to make a dinner for ours love of the husband and the father. You
to come home and will tell: " greetings mine love! I for you strongly
to miss! " We all together a dinner to discuss last day and all our
family problems and questions. Our daughter would go, to do a
homework, and we held each other for a hand conversation or to watch
TV. Then all of us together would walk in park at the house. Then read
the child a fairy tale for the night, and to sleep it. And we still
long were engaged love. Days off we should, where that to go on the
nature rest to small river, mountains or a wood. A meeting with
friends or cinema and a roundabout. The main thing that all of us were
together all family. You agree with me? Romantic our evenings, we to
sit cosy cafe, to look in the face and silently conversation, and
dance can. Then walk on city or to the river. To listen to shouts of
birds, splash of waves and you me it is easy to embrace and whisper
love of a word. Then to come home. spark candles. Music to include good. To
drink a glass of wine and to borrow slowly dance with transition in
greater love. Here so I approximately represent the home life. As I
dream, not all will turn out, probably, but I to aspire to it. Your

Letter 6

Liked my friend Jeroen! I am very glad, that you have understood
and have forgiven me. I want while only with you to correspond. I
understand, that in Ukraine many beautiful girls. I do not demand
wedding. I understand, that you wish to choose to yourselves the
worthy girlfriend. If you will choose to yourselves another, I shall
be glad for your happiness. I am simple while I correspond and is
glad, that you the fair person and warn me, that I have not enough
percent on our happiness. At us speak: » The less woman we like, the
we more like to her! ». It is Russian saying. I shall battle for the
smallest let 1 % of happiness. I am simple so you I shall give nobody!
more, you to me have resolved it. Take seat conveniently and look
fight between two lionesses - felting in full roe for beautiful and
clever man's. I joke, but I you am simple so I shall not give because
you clever and formed, and beautiful and sexual. If I was a number,
you would feel what at me more. I always hated white they to me all
life pass road and stir. They are liked more by men. But consider,
that on researches, it is the most sexual girls black, and white they
cost right at the end very cold. You studied statistics and have a
doctor's degree in social studies and should know it. If I shall be
lose the championship, I shall be recoloured in white light of hair
and I shall begin to drink canned beer as you in a photo. I to you
shall tell about myself. I Ukraine. The city of Donetsk. The
beautiful private house. Mum and the daddy on pension. The daddy the
former militarian. Not far there lives my grandmother. I have
finished, pedagogical institute. I the teacher of physical culture,
and in the evening I conduct groups Fitness - health. I have 1
category gymnastics. I studied to play on the piano. I love poetry. In
the summer I wished to enter the institute cinema and arts, but have
not passed on competition. I have beautiful my photos made specially
for receipt in institute for jury of a selection committee. I sent the
photos to Kiev in magazine. In Ukraine many beautiful girls. All love
of blondes, and I black and me not love. You know it. I dream, that my
photos would be printed by magazine. I single. Children are not
present. I had a bad love which has forced me to search for the new
friend to a life on the Internet. I believe in the god, a horoscope
and a guessing - a prediction. If at me arise serious misconduct questions, I go to the
fortuneteller. She knows and will prompt - the past and the future. I
would like to learn exact date of your birthday. I am bullock. I wish
to meet provided financially the man. He should strongly love me. The
age of a role does not play. I like men is more senior than me. I want
greater love. I want children. At us Ukraine is not present the
future. Ukraine men are not capable to provide and strongly love. I
wish to live well about love the person. I wish to look all World and
to enjoy love. The life quickly passes, and I one. I consider myself
clever and beautiful. I consider, that Internet is a first step for
creation serious misconduct attitudes. To me my fortuneteller has
told, that all world waits for me, and the planet Venus conducts to me
my destiny love. And consequently I enter can be and in unequal fight
with my competitors, but I am am conducted forward with light of my
star, hope and belief.

Letter 7

Hi my liked Jeroen! I am very glad to your letter and your photos!
You with the father are very beautiful and economic. I would like to
help you!? At you beautiful roofs of houses from a window are
visible! I shall like you very much, and to help you! It is very good! We
with you will have beside an ocean! We with you shall walk, bathe and
fish. We with our children shall leave on walk to breathe fresh air!
Liked mine! I descended in travel agency and have learned, that the
permit to Turkey costs from Ukraine 479 Euros for one person. Here
enter cost of the ticket - Donetsk - Antalya - Donetsk. Delivery up to
hotel. A place in 5 * hotel, a feed, massages, dances, excursions. …
It turns out, that it is necessary to pay only 479 Euros and all rest
it will be paid for 7 days! If it is necessary, prolong without
problems. It is possible to reserve places in hotel on some person.
With travel agency all obliging also promise to help. To me have
given an extract, I shall write them to you. There data on different
quantity of people with children … I have understood, that we with
Maria can buy in Donetsk the permit for two. It will cost 479+479=958
Euro. And All of us we shall be provided for a week! Arrivals having
a rest there go almost, that in day. Special self-years carries
having a rest. Liked mine! To Maria the man for wedding it is not
necessary. She is married. She is happy with the husband, but they do
not have not enough caress. She goes basically to borrow with me in
love. We with her very much like, to caress each other! And you with
us will be to observe and participate, certainly, in our games three
together. I want, that you would look, as Maria is able to like well!
Then when it with us will not be, I would like, what you too so well
caressed me and embraced. It will be for you as school of love. We
should make our family sex interesting and various! I consider, that
our love in Turkey will be to you a lesson. Certainly, we shall
consider both your inquiries and needs. We should achieve, that it
was interesting to us to live and like. Then there will be a strong
family and good children. The truth? Liked mine! To Maria the man it
is not necessary. But, if you wish, can take for it the beautiful
friend. Only beautiful! Such as you! What to you it was boring. But
tell to him, that she for the husband … When we we shall meet, I
shall necessarily climb on you. But in the beginning, I shall take in
a mouth your member. It very much raises me! And when you will be
ready to fight we with Maria shall be get on you by turns! You will hold
our breasts, and we shall groan from pleasure. The main thing to
bring down to you rate, that you on long would suffice. I think, that
we shall adapt gradually. And how you like to finish? In a mouth, in
a vagina or in the priest? Liked mine! You just in case buy in shop
an artificial member? Hardly more than average size. That would be
soft and warm. If it is possible, is longer, what it would be
convenient to hold? You not against it? We eat not only to make love.
There there will be excursions and different other entertainments.
But, the main thing, that we we shall meet!!! I you very much like
also the whole! I wish to meet very much you more soon! You my the
most liked on Light. Irina.

Letter 8

Hi my liked Jeroen! I am very glad to receive from you news and a photo! My liked! I think of us within all day! I grieve without you all more and more. I wish to be near to you and in your embraces. You will embrace me, and to me becomes very easy and well! I when dream of a meeting with you, I smile. Girlfriends ask, why I smile simply so? I speak them, that have recollected a ridiculous case. This case is actually dreams of your embraces and kisses! I would like to be always near to you, that would transfer together both mountain and pleasure! When I sleep - you dream me! At school - I think of you. I you sometimes catching in crowd of passers-by. Suddenly you have unintentionally flown in our city? I wish to be closer to you what to kiss you at any time! It is now my greatest dream! To be with you! To look at you! To embrace and kiss you! How I wanted now though finger you to concern? At me many your photos! I very much like them to look! I am glad, that you have a job and now there was an employment
- football. I not strongly am interested in football. I would be glad to look it with you for the company! Liked mine! My girlfriend from Turkey Has returned. She is very happy with a trip! She tells, that it is possible to go certainly to Turkey and for 300 Euros but then conditions and comfort are much worse. And we of more money shall spend for meal and any services - a toilet, a shower... The Permit for 500 Euros is completely maintenance. Also remains only to have a rest and enjoy a life, rest and love. Liked mine! She to me has inserted some the photos. I send them to you. She works in travel agency, its senior sister the mistress of travel agency is more exact. She will help to issue all. She urgently recommends to go for 500 Euros! She speaks, that greedy pays two times! Kiss you. Your Irina.

Letter 9

Hi my love Jeroen! To Me something is difficult to you to recommend as you have scarified me! My girlfriend Ella who was in Turkey, she works in travel agency here in Donetsk. Its senior sister has this agency, and she helps her. She when had a rest, has got business - acquaintance to the owner of hotel. She has offered me the most good and cheap variant in Ukraine. She so considers it. She is the expert in the business. I to you neaea its photos. This hotel has two cases. Through the owner of hotel she would agree about reservations of rooms. It is necessary to me 500 Euros what to buy the permit for a week. It is More to me than money are not necessary! The permit includes cost of the ticket aboard the plane into Turkey and back. Residing and feeding. There all is free-of-charge! For Maria it is necessary to pay in addition 200 Euros. It has 300 Euros and she will send them to me. Its husband thinks, that its mum has won the permit in a lottery. At us it is a lot of lotteries of permits on the TV. He will think, that Maria goes with mum to Turkey. He with me one will not start up Maria. He then in road will give her 200 euros and she then to Turkey will give them to you. I have written to her, that at us a problem with money. At it is only the while 300 Euros, and she will send them to me. Ella will agree with the owner of hotel where she had a rest, about reservations of the permit. I should have 700 Euros, and we with Maria already shall be paid completely on rest. To you I learn, will cost how much an eyebrow. But, you should most reach in the self-summer to Turkey in the appointed term. It will be a pity to me, if you again will scarify me! There were to me 700 Euros, and I shall organize all approximately for July, 5th. Arrivals go to this hotel through everyone 2 - 3 days. Ella to me told, that in hotel always there are spare rooms. It is necessary to do this all more likely! There good beaches, pools, saunas. One day having a rest roll on a boat on the sea and all it is free-of-charge. All the day for you waiters run and offer you free-of-charge drinks! It is a lot of meal. A choice to eat very big! All it is free of charge. We with you will have a perfect rest! We shall make love three together, walks and bathing! You will grow fond of me in Turkey strongly! Because I like you and I wish to have with you happy family. Kiss you. Your Irina.

Letter 10

Hi my sweet love! I like very much your photos! I wish to have you strongly! You are my sweet candy which I like to suck! You to me do not allow to reach and take you in any way! You tighten time! You do not wish to learn the present and passionate love? Liked mine! From the airport up to hotel carry special buses free of charge! Discos and drinks free of charge all the night long! I speak about hotel hotel Royal Vikingen in Konakli where there was Ella. Ella has got acquaintances to owners of hotel. This hotel belonged to the German, and he has sold to its two Turks. Clients of hotel it basically Germans and Oe?aeiou. The more Ella will type clients, the the permit
will cost more cheaply. While she holds the price 500 Euros. You in
vain waste time. Send me 700 Euros, and we shall reserve a room for three! Certainly, you should fly, and to reach hotel the money. And at us with Maria all will be paid. Ella speaks, that it is necessary to send money more likely. Now a season and with this business it is necessary to hurry up. The owner of hotel always has spare rooms. At it 2 cases of hotel. I have understood, that it is necessary to take the permit since July, 5th. I consider, that these permits will be the most favourable to us. If you with me agree, at once send me the message, what Maria Vyslala the 300 Euros to me. I promise you, that at us all to turn out. Turkey is the basic Ukrainian resort here again many so have a rest. Do not waste time! I look forward to hearing. When we, at last, with you shall meet? I dream of it! You dream me every night, and disappear in the morning. I all time represent an our meeting for the first time! I worry very much and I look forward! The whole. Irina.

Letter 11

Liked mine! With me there was an awful case!
I have received money in bank and joyful went home. I was pleased,
that, at last - that, my dream has come true, I shall take permits and
soon we shall together! I was pleased very much. In fact we with you
were divided now only with time!
Unexpectedly I have seen, that on asphalt - sidewalk the transparent
cellophane package lays, and in him the pack with money is visible. I
have looked back. The owner it was not visible. Lost convolutions - a
package with money all is equal to someone iiauiao from passers-by? The
truth? And why not I? I have lifted it and have put in a handbag. I was
delighted, that, that be to myself the purchase! It is a pity certainly
the one who has lost? But any normal person in Ukraine would appropriate
to itself with the big pleasure the lost money. You understand me? I am am caught up with two men, after a while. They speak, that people
passers-by saw, how I have lifted their lost money! I had to give their
package, there is nothing. They have counted the money and began to
shout, that at them was money much more! That I have hidden at myself,
their money! They have allocated me aside and began to demand, that I
would show the things to them for check. I began to be indignant. One of
them has snatched out my handbag and to look began in her impudently -
to search. Another held me and frightened, that will allocate in militia
for larceny. The man has got my passport with money has thrown my bag
and has gone away. Another held me and did not start up. I began to
shout and call to the aid. Then the man has struck me to face a palm and
has run to catch up with the friend. I have found the passport then on
the ground. They have thrown out it. The man to me has broken a nose,
and at me the head was turned. I sat on a shop one and cried. Around
people went. They saw this hooligan attack, but anybody at all has not
approached to me to the aid.
When blood from a nose has stopped, and I have not much calmed down, I
have gone to a police station. There I have told, that have received
from you money for the permit, and that them have stolen. Me began to
interrogate for as who has sent me this money...
To me photos on a computer with persons of gangsters have allowed to
look. To one me has seemed very similar? He it has appeared already sits
in prison. I wished to write the application for larceny. The lieutenant
of militia has told, that after a writing of the application, I should
not where to leave from Ukraine while there will be a consequence is 2
or 3 months. When I sat in a corridor and waited for turn. To me the
woman has told, that in militia all is bought. That thieves and
gangsters share the extraction with militia and their militia for it
covers - protects. That all applications to write it superfluous work. I
did not begin to write the application. I still hope, that I shall meet
you. They promised to inform, if that will find.
I should take with myself in bank of my girlfriends! Then would be
afraid on me a misfortune. I received your money earlier, and nothing
happened. It has weakened me.
I have called by Maria's phone. She has told, what is it a trick old
and known for a long time for all. Someone from workers of bank prompted
gangsters about reception big noiu money?
Can, who be, peeped our correspondence with you! Whence Olga had this
box up to me? Can, someone else knows, how it to open? I have made,
therefore hardly to myself other mail box. I know a code from it only.
Write to me to the new address:
Today I have asked for leave from job. I have told, that I am ill. With
me the order though it is insulting for the lost chance. If you still
have not stopped loving me for this all? But I am not guilty! Any poor
girl would lift in the street this money. I have drunk a tablet
aaea?uyiee what to calm down. I have made a new mail box, and now I
write to you the letter with hope, what you will understand me and will
forgive? I today myself already abused one thousand times! At me already
cut a handbag and got money both in shop and on a market. But, what so
it is impudent, among white day in the central street where it is a lot
of passers-by - I did not expect and did not imagine it! Forgive me liked! You have allowed me such chance to change my life, to
meet you and to leave from this gangster and mafia Ukraine! I am the
greater little fool! Scold me strongly, but do not throw me! I strongly
like you!

I??ao you will send me not iiia money? At me does not suffice on the
permit and to borrow there is nobody! I now behind money shall go with
my girlfriends, and then them I shall treat with ice-cream in cafe for
Forgive me my liked! I such little fool! I like you very much! Irina.

Letter 12

Liked mine! It is necessary to me only 200 Euros and at us all will go
under the plan. And rest in Turkey. And a meeting us three together! And
our future wedding!!!
Till Monday there is time! We can correct all still! I shall earn money
and to you I shall give! Unless it is possible to lose our love! Money
it is very important, well and how love? You do not wish to meet us!?
Still all can be corrected! If with you it happens, I would rush to you
to the aid!!!! And how in a life still can be there will be many any
efforts and not success? It is necessary to struggle for the happiness!
I shall like you!!! You grow fond of me at a meeting!
Liked think!!! I like you and I want our meeting!!!!!!!! Irina.



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