Romance scam letter(s) from Yvette Coquillon to Albrednk (Australia)
Letter 1
Thanks for your email, Here is some more about me I'm Yvette Coquillon, I was born into a family of three, that includes my mum, my dad and me as the only child and daughter, My mum was from Whitehorse and my Dad is French. My parent was late, I lost both of them in a Fatal accident, I have been single for a while after experiencing a heartbreak from my ex-man, we parted ways simply because the new love that grew in him was towards my best friend. So yes i now have a strong backbone and am able to let things go and move on,For me distance means nothing once the heart stay in touch, I like trying new things as there are lots to explore, I will love to ask you some questions, Do u believe in fate?.. .. I do believe in fate as everyone is in this world for a reason even how great or small that reason may be. I am more than ready now to get to meet someone for some loving fun moment with respect and kindness. I hope that i haven't bore you too much as i am still interested in wanting to know more about you. I hope we live up to each other's dream. there is still more to share with you but that will be till i hear from you, hopefully, you will talk back to me. i live in iqaluit
Lonely Yvette
Letter 2
I am really interested to know you,it has also been hard to find that right person, but i can assure you when i find one I am going to hold him in a high esteem. I would like to know if you are very serious about going into a relationship If i may ask, are you ready to give love another chance to swallow you up? As i said, I would like to know more about you. When is your birthday? Mine is 6th of May and was born 1967 and my zodiac sign is Taurus, what is yours? What sort of food did you like? And what is your favourites? I love eating healthy but very tasty and i can cook quite well. My favourite food is seafood and i will never say no to sandwich too. Do you also like it , and I also like Pizza, It's very cool to keep the morning going. I would hate to cook something you don't like or have allergies to ( i mean if we end up being each other answer to true love ) . No issues for me on that front . How tall are you ? I am 162cm tall (5'5 ) . Do you drink coffee, tea or something else ? i go nuts for a good coffee or a cup of tea, during my university days, my friends call me a coffee freak. Do you enjoy sport , play or watch? I love a lot of things both armchairs and active. I also enjoy horse riding. Are you a Coke or Pepsi fan or neither? I take drinks but not compulsorily Pepsi or coke, I love flavoured water. Do you drink alcohol? if so what? I'm pretty well behaved on that front as a social drinker, I love to take Irish Cream especially Baileys as my favourite, or sometimes a bit of ALIZE. Do you like a glass of wine with meal? I enjoy a glass of wine with meal, a candlelight dinner on a table for two . Do you like cuddling and romance? I love them to the core. What are the qualities you like in a woman? What do you think about my career as a sale professional, Is it ok with you ? When i get to my soul mate, I would like to put it into practice, My father was a successful businessman. He was into fashion designing and also into buying and selling jewellery. I attended University spent 5 years there and after that i begin to work with my father in his profession and i got to know a lot from him about jewellery and also about how to get raw stones. Examples of the stones are gems, sapphires, emeralds, jades and also how to transform them into expensive jewellery and sell them at a more expensive rate which is what i do now for a living after the death of my Dad. I have to fern for myself that is why i have to get this jewellery raw and transform them . There is still more to share with you but that will be till i hear from you , hopefully, you will talk back to me . All my plans for now, are based on meeting my soul mate and build a happy home together , then i can push forward some other areas of my life,
Your friend
Lonely Yvette
Letter 3
I really appreciate you getting back to me and Love means more to me. I was so cool to learn more about you. I love soft music and the company of the one my feelings go right with!!! So i am really looking forward to that on some our first weekends together, i will also like to go to the beach where we can relax or go for walks, swim (if it is not too cold) we can explore some places together and spend time soaking in each others company. I believe being supportive would be good for us as a couple to build a life that we want to share.. But when you are ready it is not something you have to rush out and do right away if you do not want to. I will support and encourage you to become all that you can do and be, to fulfil your potential the way God created you. I will walk by your side and listen to your words and be supportive no matter what life may bring for as long as i have breath in this body of mine.i always feel so great when i read your letters and i can see how much i feel for you, im always waiting for your letters to put a smile on me.I just like it to be easy, spontaneous I will like to go on trips during the summer months, we could go on trips away together for romantic weekends and just play tourists as it were, just explore the country together and melt together in each others company. It is funny, part of me is a very excited, I have known of people who met their special half's online and i hope mine does not pass me by. That is why i have really tried to be transparent, with nothing to hide from you. As each day draws near i find myself having more interest in you and although it is not long we met each other, it seems like an eternity.. But as you know God gives good things to those who wait and trust him, never let a moment of doubt creep in. I will be faithful to you all the days of my life, i will always be there for you, and i will spend all my energy building the best relationship for us to share all the days that we live under Gods sun. i was busy with some paper works as i am currently in Johannesburg on a business trip and i will be back home in the next couple of days thinking we should meet up at the airport if you'll be free before leaving to Iqaluit. whats your mobile number ? i also have the feeling that you might be the man i've been waiting for all my life and will please you in all avenue as I have so much to offer .
Lonely Yvette
Letter 4

Darling, i'm in a bit of mess. I had to rush back from the shipping company where i went to pay for the shipment of my stones and my stones have been placed on hold at the port. They said there is a 7.5 percent increment in the custom fees i gave to the security company and instead of paying $35,200 Dollars, now i have to pay $37,100 Dollars, and right now i have exhausted all i have on me, hoping that once my stones arrive in the states and the company confirms it , i will be credited in my account. Now i am messed up and confused , i need an extra 1,900 Dollars which i don't have. And i can't leave unless i confirm the shipment of my stones. Please darling, i want you to borrow me the remaining 1,900 Dollars, i will pay you back when i come to see you . (check the attached documents)
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