Letter(s) from Maria Litovchenko to Anders (Sweden)
Letter 1
I'll write to you now what I think about it. when you were here in Ukraine I told you that I do not perceive men who give promises and do not fulfill them. so if you didn’t have a girlfriend that you would give gifts, then maybe that’s why you didn’t have it. I understand that you are not an oligarch, but I don’t ask you to give me a car. you just got used to living by yourself and not spending money on anyone else but yourself. I do not mind. I want to be with a non greedy man. earrings for 300$ is not an expensive gift.
Letter 2
I read your answer. and I can tell you so, apparently we have a different mentality. I think girls who pay for themselves in a restaurant do not look like me. and I'll buy everything for myself.
Letter 3
Listen, don't make me bad. I immediately told you, you owe me nothing. but you yourself have been whining that you will give me earrings. what would you like to do this for me. it was necessary to immediately say that you will not do this. and I need shoes now, and I will buy ke now, because yesterday I was already cold, and today I have a high temperature. that's all.
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