Scam letter(s) from Anita Wasileva to George (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my dear George !!!
I want start my letter with the good news!
I have safely arrived to Moscow! I rented a small room in Moscow and the mistress of the room is a very nice woman!
So do not worry about me, here I feel safe!
I will write you the address, which is now staying.
My address: Moscow, Kutuzova street, h. 8, ap. 73, zip code 121354
George, I visited the embassy and I successfully passed the interview at the embassy!
I got permission to get a visa, I got international medical insurance for all occasions, I paid a visa fee, I paid a state fee.
At the embassy I filled out all the documents for visa.
They helped me absolutely everything, I gave all the necessary documents. Now I am looking forward to my visa.
The embassy told me that I should acquire 2 ticket.
Airline tickets are needed to obtain a visa.
According to the rules, a compulsory requirement for obtaining a visa is the availability of a return ticket.
The embassy should know and be sure that I will definitely come back and I have a return ticket.
This is done to ensure that tourists under the "Tourist" visa do not stay in your country illegally and do not engage in illegal activities.
Embassy officials have to see the date of my departure to your country
and to return back to Russia. Rules for visiting other countries have become stricter.
My expenses were higher than I originally thought, and I can not afford to buy plane tickets!
I do not know how to tell you, but I have to ask for help from you, and I'm very ashamed to do it, it's humiliating my principles,
but I do not know any other way out of this situation!
George, we need to hurry up with the purchase of tickets, as tickets need to provide the embassy,
that would be on my visa indicate the dates of your stay in your country.
Now to buy tickets I need to 620 american dollars. This is the cheapest price for two tickets.
My family cannot help me at present...
She has told, that has no possibility to find this money right now, unfortunately...
But I passed half way, I do not wish to stop on the reached! I hope for your understanding!
We very long waited for this day, I have made everything, that was in my forces!
Our meeting in your hands, from you depends our future!
I did not ask you for money, but I bought a laptop, as well as I have big expenses here in Moscow.I also paid for accommodation in a room.
Now I have no money to buy tickets. Can you help me please ?
I think that the easiest and safest way is if you send me your help to my personal bank account.
I will give you all the necessary information and also attach a copy of my passport.
Here are the details of my bank account:
First name: RAMILYA
Middle name: FLYUROVNA
Date of Birth: 12 January 1988
My home address: region Ulyanovsk, city Dimitrovgrad, Tereshkovoy street, house 7, ap. 26, zip code 433507
Beneficiary Bank: “Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation”(PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Address of the bank: Moscow, Timur Frunze street, 11th building 13, zip code 119021
Beneficiary's Acc No: 40817840700003180005
A bank employee told me that the transfer of money from your country will take one to two days from the date of dispatch.
I hope you understand me, I spent a lot of money and I need your help.
Already my visa is in the process of registration, I soon arrive to you !!!
the embassy said that if I buy tickets quickly and bring them to the certification, then the visa can be done very quickly.
I hope that very soon we'll be together.
I am very tired today, Moscow is a big city.
Please do not leave me without your letters. I'm all alone here, and I need your support every day.
I always think about you!!! I miss you !!!
Today I visited a beautiful place in the city, it is Red Square.
I took photos and videos for you, I'll show you how here in Moscow. I hope, you like it.
I'm waiting for your letter. Now I'm going to lay my clothes out of the suitcase and I should have a rest.
I will use the Internet in the apartment where I rented a room.
The woman of the apartment owner uses a network cable for the Internet.
I do not know how often I can use the Internet. So I can not always answer you quickly.
I kiss you my dear !!! I really hope for your support and I dream of our meeting !!!
Your, Ramilya!
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