Scam letter(s) from Amanda Smith Favour to Brad (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello dear
God bless you and every member of your family as you carry out my last wish on earth, i have already informed the bank about you, they will be waiting to hear from you, i want you to contact the bank with the above bank email address so they will advice you the best way to transfer the money into your bank account, when you hear from the bank make sure you inform me and also follow their instruction so they will transfer the money into your bank account.
I am going to be happy that my last wish is carried out.
God bless you.
Mrs Amanda
Letter 2
My Dear,
Once again, thank you so much for your mail. I am so happy that at last my wishes will be carried out to the letter. I prayed to God before contacting you, that God should show me the right way and the right person and he did just that. I wish you can feel the joy and happiness in my soul right now. God's blessings will never depart from your house hold and he will direct your steps in all that you do. You will always be favored. I have received your details and I have forwarded it to my bank with a Letter of Introduction. I would like you to feel free to call me any time from the phone of Dr. Mark Johnson Medical Group, that's taking care of me...


in Senegal as soon as you call, please ask him to pass the phone to Mrs. Amanda Favour Smith. I WANT YOU TO CONTACT MY BANK WITH THESE EMAILS URGENTLY FOR COMMENCE OF THE TRANSFER PROCEDURE...
Mr. Phillip Owen
+441768339308,, The money is lodged in Bank Citibank of London because i lived there with my husband before we retired and went back to UK. Please my dear, i may not be strong enough to be writing to you every time but i am believing that you will not disappoint me or abandon this project no matter whether am still here or not. Do inform me once you have any communication with the bank as I have given full directives on what to do. Or you can even call him on that number because he may be busy to attend to you. I want you to cooperate with him by email i give to you so that the funds can be transferred smoothly.
Do always remember me in your prayers. It shall be well with you and your family as you judiciously carry out this my last request. See attached the Deposit Certificate of the money for your perusal.
Letter 3
This is to officially inform you that we received a credited instruction from Amanda Smith Favour,, to release her Long Over-due Inheritance funds valued


This fund has been approved with Transaction ref. no. EUR-0161-BOS-9373USD/2019. Be informed that your remittance is confirmed free from Money Laundering, Terrorism and any Drug Related Activities, and we guarantee delivery of these funds as good, clean, cleared fund of non-criminal origin for and on your behalf.
However, please note that we have done and concluded all the necessary arrangement to release this payment to you through Bank to Bank Transfer. Kindly provide your personal and banking information below :
Firstname -
Middle name-
Surname -
Birth -
Email -
Phone -
Address1 -
Address2 -
City -
Province -
Country -
ID type -
ID no.
Company -
Position -
Next of kin -
Relationship -
Bank Name -
Bank Address -
Account no. -
Routing no. -
Swift code -
Account name -
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for choosing Euroclear Bank.
Mr. Thomas Churchill
Euroclear, Press Relations
Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Manager
40 Wall St # 39, New York, NY 10005 USA.
+1 (646) 349-5760.
+1 (347) 699-7388.
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