Scam letter(s) from Julia Konshina to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hey there from a Russian woman Yuliya I'm from Russia, I'm 32, I have a a wish to build rapports that's why I have the Internet and I write you, If you are not married and in case3 you are open for new rapports, if you find cool like my image, Please do not not hesitate to type me, I already wait with desire, I will try to describe you more about me, and send you more pics, so please type me there ok? You know I am without rapports but I so much want to meet good and right man and try to win his heart, it is my big dream, I wish you will let me know more about you. Have a good day, Yulunka!
Letter 2
Hello My Man Steven!!!
I am happy to see your letter today !!!
I hope you are also very fond of my letters, as I am yours!
Tell me when you see my letter in inbox, what do you think? It is very interesting to me! :) When I see your letters I have always good mood and I get a smile !!!
I think you are very nice and kind person, so I really liked you from the first day of our acquaintance!
I want to share all my mood with you!
I would like to write to you, to me it is a pleasure!
Do you have any close friends? I have one friend from childhood, Svetlana, we know her for 12 years, and all this time we help each other !!!
My friend has a husband and baby little girl !!! My girlfriend is a happy mother of his children, and I'm happy for her !!!
Friends is the most important thing in my life, since only one can come to the rescue in difficult moments !!!
I'm not good at computer! In the past, I had never used a computer!
My friend Svetlana taught me to write e-mails!
Today, I asked the girl at work that she registered me in to Skype.
In the process of registration of Skype, our boss came up and saw that we set up the Skype program!
The headmistress is very much cursing and she forbade me to use a different program on your computer!
But the headmistress at my work has allowed me to use the internet to write you a letter!
Our boss is very strict woman, if she once again see what I'm trying to use the Skype program she fire me!
I can only write you a letter by e-mail!
My friend convinced me to get acquainted with a man from another country! I spent a long time thinking about it.
Now I am happy because I have found you! you liked me. I really like to talk with you!
Today I was at work and my day went very quickly, as I was thinking about you !!!
I was a little upset, because my boss noticed that I use work computers for personal use!
Just the thought of you makes my life brighter!
I do not know why, but you're in my thoughts! I wrote this to you, because you are a very interesting person!
Communicating with you I do not feel alone !!!
Perhaps we will meet and we will remain just friends! but I will always remember you and your letters!
I am very lonely at night, and I'm sad that I'm alone! when I see your letter, my mood rises and appears on my face smile!
I always try to be a fun and cheerful at all times.
I would like to have a serious relationship and a happy family.
Your letter made my mood better, and now I think of you.
When I wrote to you the first time, I thought that we would be good friends with you, but it seems to me that it will not just friendship ...
I'm looking for not only a friendship, my soul and my heart wants to love with all my heart !!!!
Your Yuliya!!!
Letter 3
Hello my love Steven!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so glad to receive a letter from you!!!
Last night, when I went to bed, I thought about you and me...
I thought about our meeting with you.
I imagined, as we walked along the beautiful streets of the beautiful city!
It was a wonderful evening...
We walked with you, holding each other's hand and looked into each other's eyes!
I was very happy in my dreams, which is why it was with you!
It does not matter that it was only my mind, but I was happy in those moments...
And with a smile, in a good mood, thoughts of you, I fell asleep...
I so much want to be close to you...
I am very attached to you and thinking about you, do not go out of my head!
For me the main thing - to know that all is well with you and that you love me!!!
I love you too!!! And I really want to be around you right now!!!!
Today I went to a travel agency to find out how I can travel to you.
I have never traveled to other countries! I was glad that this travel agency works my friend!
It runs the agent and makes contracts with customers. I was very lucky, because it will make a big discount for me!
She told me what documents I need to stay for you!
My trip to UK will cost 810 pounds.
My visa and all necessary documents.
Full list of documents:
Passport, which expires no earlier than 3 months after the alleged return (if any 2 of the passport should be given both passports);
2 color photographs 3,5 x 4,5 without angles and ovals on a light background, matt; Reference from employer stating position, salary, length of service, and contact information; A photocopy of a Russian passport (all pages containing information);
Correctly completed application form;(The questionnaire helped me fill friend)
To collect all the documents to obtain passport I need 1-2 days, and that would collect all the documents for a visa one more day.
My passport will be ready in 3-5 days.
Passport, valid for 10 years, worth 190 pounds!
The visa will be ready in 5-10 days. After passport is ready. A visa for a period of 3 months and 90 days.
The visa will cost 180 pounds.
A passport will be ready within 3-7 days, I think the passport will be ready in 3-5 days.
My visa tourist! When making a tourist visa is no problem. Tourist visa the easiest to get.
I learned about the cost of the plane ticket at the Heathrow International Airport.
The cost of the ticket to Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) - Heathrow will cost 440 pounds.
I really wish that you would meet me at the airport with a big bouquet of flowers! I really want to be with you...
I really, really want to have a happy family with you...
I never allow myself to break your heart! I swear to you!
My feelings are sincere, and I opened my soul to you...
And I want to prove to you that I am a real girl! I do not want, what would you doubt me!
I gained some money of 410 pounds, I realize that this is not enough...
So, I'm very upset... I was hoping to pay all travel itself...
However all of my financial savings is not enough to come to you! I could not even think about that trip to UK can cost that much!
And now I'm very upset because I can not pay for my trip to you!
I am, however, very attached to you, for the time of our conversation...
I can not imagine my life without you, without your warmth and love.
We should be together! We are adults and we should not be alone!
Fate brought us together with you, in order that we could be together and be happy!
For my trip to you, I need 400 pounds...
My dear Steven, please help me solve this problem!!! Recommend me, what can I do?
I want to be a part of your life, and I hope that you too want it!
I really want to be with you! I want to have a happy family!
We will laugh and enjoy life, I really want us to be happy!
I want to feel the warmth of your body, I want to hear your voice, I want to look you in the eye!
And I really want to cuddle up to your chest, as in my dream!
When I think of you, the smile on my face! You make me happy, thank you! And I want to make you happy!
I'll wait for a letter from you tomorrow!
Your Yuliya.
Letter 4

Hello my love Steven!!!
Thank you for your letter, my love for you is extremely strong, My love is even stronger with every letter that I get from you!
You make me very happy.
I love you very much, and it makes my heart full of joy.
I want to be around you, I wanna be with you every minute, every day, every night ...
Today, everything was fine on my work and I was in high spirits, because of you, because I love you very much!
I was so happy because now I'm reading your letter, and so beautiful that I love you and you love me!
I miss you so, I always think of you, I wish we could be together soon!
Each line of your letter makes me happy!
And I also feel that everything is fine, I feel so much love to you.
Only with you I'll be happy!
My heart - you, my soul is with you! And now, so surprising that we found each other. I am happy that I met you!
My life finally made sense and now I think about our meeting with you!
I can feel it in my heart, my soul, we are meant for each other!
My love, today I spoke with the director and he gave me permission to holiday as soon as I finish making financial report!
I was left with very little work and I could come to you! I want to meet you!
That's fine, and I very much hope that we can meet you! I hope that we will be together!
My love, I'm happy that you are ready to help me! I am confident that our meeting will be the best that has happened in our lives!
I will do everything so that we will be happy together when I'm on your side!
Darling, I'll write you all the information about my bank account!
I ask you not to make a mistake when sending money!
Darling, unfortunately, I'm not sure that a bank account can accept Pounds! My bank account can accept Euro!
I hope you send your help in euros! Honey, if you send me your help in euros, then you need 460 euros!
I hope you will help me! I'm counting on you very much!
When I come to you and will be on your side, I will thank you so that you will never forget this!
Here is the information about my bank account!
holder name: Yuliya Andreewa
Currency - EURO
Account number (IBAN): RU40817978029084002162 Name of Bank: VTB Bank Branch of the bank in the city of Krasnovishersk, street ul.Sovetskaya, 21 name: Yuliya
surname: Andreewa
country: Russia
city: Krasnovishersk
address: street Pushkina 55
zip code: 618591
Honey, I'll wait for you to hear the good news in your next letter!
I want to tell you that the travel agency requires payment from me early next week!
I ask you not to delay sending your help!
I hope that you can help me at the beginning of the week, and on Wednesday I will be able to get your help and pay the missing part of the money to the travel agency!
My dear and beloved, I am really looking forward to your letters, my heart belongs only to you!
I really would be very gentle with you, with your kind heart and my heart also belongs to you!
I love you, my love for you is extremely strong!
I look forward to your letter with great love. I LOVE YOU FOREVER!
Your Yuliya.
Letter 5
HeLlo my Love Steven !!!
I am very pleased that I saw your letter !!!
I'm all right! For me it is very important that I do live just an idea for you!
My whole head is filled with ideas for only you my love !!!
I realize that every day I love you more! Yes it's true! Today was a beautiful day!
I had a great time. Every moment I think of you, and want you to be with me.
Many times I imagined us together when we hug each other, it's perfect! :-)
I want to be with you, so that we were together. Now it is very important to me!
I want to make our dream come true! I am very glad that I met you, you really are the love of my life !!!
I love you Steven!!! I can not imagine my future life without you.
You're the best and you are the most beautiful man!
Although we have never met I think I know you all my life.
I was looking for you all my life and now I'm happy. I met you my love!
When I come to you I will do everything to make you happy with me!
My love, I beg your pardon for not being able to access the Internet this weekend! I did not have the opportunity to use the Internet!
I know that you burn my letters every day, but as you know, I have difficulties with access! I hope that you understand this and do not be mad at me!
I read your letter, and I realized that you would tell me all the information about the transfer of funds in your next letter! I'll wait!
I ask you to also send me a copy of the receipt! I found out that without her I can not get your help! I hope you will do this for me!
Darling, you ask me about **** photos! I made one for you! But I do not want to take such pictures anymore, since we will be together very soon and you will see me as I really am!
Do not ask me to take more pictures like that, I do not want to feel like a ***** woman! I hope you will take my feelings into account!
I promise you that I will be with you, and we will do everything we can only think about! We will be happy together in bed!
My love, I ask you not to forget to send me a copy of the receipt, without it the bank will not give me money! It is very important!
Our love is with you must be an example for all the other people !!!
When we meet we will be the most beautiful couple!
I imagine that we'll go down the street and people look back after us.
I am sure that we will be very happy together !!! We will always love each other!
Do you agree with me? I know you agree, I know that you love me !!!
And I love you Steven!
I really want to see you !!! I want to hug you and I want to kiss you !!!
With love!!!!!!!!! :-*
Your Yuliya.
Letter 6
Hello my beloved Steven!!!!!!
You know my life is filled with meaning! The meaning of my life to be with you!
Now everything has changed, now I notice the qualities that have not seen before.
Now I want to live, I want to love, I want to laugh, I wish that everything that happens in me, to tell you.
I want to share my love and I know that it will be enough for the two of us.
The world for me there are only two hearts !!! This is my and your heart.
The world for me there are only two breaths. This is my and your breath !!!
The world for me there is only one true love, and it is going on between us !!!
I love you ! I love you with all my heart! I want you to feel my love!
I know that you and I are separated kilometers, I know we are separated by thousands of kilometers !!!
I am sure that together we will be able to all. We must meet !!! We should be together !!!
My love, I understand that you do not trust me and I'm very upset, because I already sent you the photo you asked for ...
I realized that you want another photo, but I made a photo for you that really will show you that I'm sincere with you!
I took a photo with a piece of paper on which I wrote your name and date so you could understand that I'm really set up, be with you, and love you very much!
Unfortunately, I could not take a picture in a swimsuit, as my friend photographed me, and he's a man!
It would not be nice if he saw me like that, because I want to be seen only by you! My body is only yours, and it will be so when I'm with you!
I hope you will not be angry with me because I did not send you a selfie photograph in a swimsuit!
I'll send you a photo I took when I went to the lake to swim!
So you can see my body, and with the photograph on which I am with a piece of paper, you will see that I yearn for you and love very much!
I do not intend to deceive you, and I do everything possible to ensure that our meeting and our relations develop and be a reality!
I hope you will make an effort, and help me today! I realized that you will send your help using money transfer system MoneyGram!
I found the nearest MoneyGram office, and I visited it to find out if I could get your help!
They explained to me that I needed to be able to get your help, and that I should give you all my information so that you could send your help without problems!
Now I will write you all my information:
My full name: Yuliya Andreewa
A country: Russia
Region: Perm Krai
City: Krasnovishersk
Street address my home: ulitsa Matrosova, 31
I was told that you need this information!
I will also expect from you: the transaction number, the exact amount
of the money transfer, your full name and the place where the money transfer was made!
Without this information, I can not get your help, since I will need to fill out a receipt form!
This information, I will have to write to the form to get your help! I hope, today you will send me your help, because tonight, I have to pay money!
The travel agency gave me just this time! I count on you!
I'm sure that you will not let me down, and I will not have problems with the travel agency!
I want to take you by the hand and tell you the word love looking into your eyes!
Because my life has no meaning without you my love Steven.
I am writing this letter with all my heart, is the cry of my soul that you would understand how much I love you.
I love you very much.
Know and do not forget that my love for you is real!
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