Scam letter(s) from Maria Evgenyevna Epina to George (Germany)

Letter 1
Good night, my dear George My dear as you, I am writing to you now with excitement in my heart. I'm sorry to write to you in this state, but this is not my fault.
My love, I now have a serious condition, I would like to seek support from you my dear, since you have become a close friend to me. I have never met a man in my life who would have become so close to me.
Please forgive me, my dear, for such a later letter, but I just don't know who else I can write now. My darling is very bad to me now.
And now I need you to calm me down. I feel very bad George.
I now sit in tears and I can not calm down. A very terrible thing happened to me. It was hard for me to concentrate on my letter. But I will try for you to describe everything in detail in my letter in order for you to understand me. I know that you understand me like no other. I do not even know where to start writing to you now, since I am in a state of shock.
My dear, I am desperate, I would never have thought that this could happen to me !?
A few years ago, I lost my parents. And after that I was completely alone! I don't even have a girlfriend. The only friend that I had in Melbourne, she married not so long ago and went to her husband in China. And now I can not even get through to her, as she changed the phone number.
My dear well, why is everything so bad in my life for me, but I believe that fate gave me the opportunity to meet you for a reason?
My life began to improve when I moved to Melbourne, I found a good job with a good salary. I was able to buy a nice house.
But it still didn't replace me for not having a loved one near me. Do not misunderstand me now, as I open my soul to you in this letter.
George my dear, but from the moment I started talking to you, my life began to go up again. You have become very close to me. And I really look forward to our meeting. I really hope that you also want our meeting.
I even began to think about living together. What do you think? I know that we have not yet seen each other, but you have become my only close friend, I am grateful to such a gift of fate. I know that we know each other only through letters, but for me it is already enough! Even with the help of letters you could make so that you became close to me! And I am sure that when we see each other, feelings will increase as you are a man with a rich inner world. I will see this through your letters to me.
My dear, I even wanted you to write me a phone number again, and I was going to call you tomorrow to hear each other.
But, please forgive me, all that I am writing to you now, all this I am writing to you with tears in my eyes. And all this I write to you from the heart! But now I feel very bad!
I do not even know where to start writing to you what happened to me 1.5-2 hours ago. After all, I was going to write you about it, but my feelings are overwhelming me now! I am very excited in my heart as never before.
Now I will try to tell you all that was a few hours ago.
George now I have to write you letters from the Internet cafe which is located in the next building from the hotel where I stayed, as my laptop still doesn't turn on after yesterday's wine case.
Oh god, that **** laptop too! And just why did I order a whole bottle of wine? After all, I just wanted to drink one glass of wine! But since the hotel in the room did not bring wine in a glass, then I had to order a whole bottle of wine. My dear yesterday I had a good mood and at the same moment I was very bad! You will understand me by reading my letter to the end.
Since it seemed to be the birthday of my deceased mother, but on the other hand it was very sad for me that my parents died and I have absolutely no people close to me except you. But you are far away and it is exciting for me in my heart.
My dear, I began to write to you again not what I wanted, but please forgive me, since it is very difficult for me to concentrate on my letter because of strong emotion and tears flow from my eyes right now.
Today I left work at 10.15 minutes in the evening, it was already completely dark outside. I went to a small shop that is not across the street. I bought water and I go outside to grab a taxi.
While I was waiting for a taxi, a rude man ran up behind me, he hit me in the abdomen and steal my bag from me, and ran into the alley. I was confused for a few seconds, I understood that it was useless for me to run after him, because this is a foreign country, and I don't know anything here, and besides, I was wearing heels. At the same time, I felt a kind of pain in my stomach that passed within 1-2 minutes.
Then I immediately ran into the store and asked the police to call the security of the store. The store guard immediately called the police, they tried to calm me down.
Police arrived 15 minutes later.
The police take a statement from me about the robbery. The police also immediately watched surveillance cameras that were located at the entrance to the store. But unfortunately the face of this robber was not visible, since he was in the hood and in the cap.
The policeman told me that I was still lucky, because in the last 3 months this is not the first time that foreigners have been robbed. And in many cases, people were very badly beaten and taken away all that is. But I was lucky that the robber just took my bag. But in this bag I had everything!
Dear you can not imagine how scary I am now! And even now I still can not calm down !!! I am very excited in my heart, I am at a loss, I have never been in such a situation before!
My darling in my bag I had everything !!! There was my mobile phone, all the documents from my work, a camera.
And most importantly, there were all my documents, my passport and visas. And there was all my money and bank cards !!! There were 4,700 dollars and 1,400 Russian rubles.
I've already blocked bank cards, but even if they had somehow managed to withdraw money from a bank card, it wouldn't be scary, since I didn't store money on bank cards and there were only a few dollars.
But for me now to take all the most necessary, I have taken away all my cash and passport and visas.
I do not know what to do, my dear! I have been in tears all this time! I feel very bad!
Now the police took me to the hotel, but I decided that at first I should write a letter to you, and that is why I went to the Internet cafe.
My dear, please forgive me, I write to you so late. But I feel very bad and I don't know how to be in such a situation, it's not every day that robbers rob me.
Now I will go to the hotel, and I will try to sleep. It will be hard for me to fall asleep after a terrible incident, since you have no idea how scary I am to look into the eyes of the harsh reality. Every day on our entire planet, someone is robbed and beaten to death. I can not understand why people are so cruel. I would very much like everyone in life to be happy in their lives and I would very much like all the inhabitants of our planet to live in prosperity.
I don't know what to do, it's night here. But in the morning I will go to the embassy and tell them about everything. And I really hope that at the embassy to help me.
Please forgive me again for my terrible news, but I must inform you of this.
But you are just the only one close to me. And I appreciate you ..
Yours and only your beloved Mariya.
Letter 2
Good afternoon, my dear Karl Karl my dear, please forgive me for such a later letter yesterday. But I really did not know what to do, and I was very excited in my heart.
I am still very scared to be in Russia because of the situation that happened yesterday, y'know Karl! I have not slept all night, since yesterday I did not even close my eyes for a second. All night I cry, but as soon as I start thinking about you, I feel better in my soul.
I cried all night. I'm sick of being alone Karl! Indeed, since the death of my parents, I have not had close people! And only now, as soon as you appeared in my life, I began to revive, a smile sometimes appeared on my face, and you were the only close person for me. And thank you for this Karl! And maybe even thoughts of you saved me that night.
My darling is really very hard for me!
Now I have come to the internet cafe again. I have very little money, I have only 24 dollars left in my pocket and the robber did not know about it. With this money, at least I can come to the Internet cafe and write you a letter.
And I was lucky that I always book a hotel room with a reserve for several days. Since I do not know how many days my work will take place in any country.
My hotel room is booked until December 26th. And I paid for breakfast, but at lunch and dinner I don't know what to do or what to eat. But although today I do not even have breakfast, as I feel very bad. Today I do not eat all day.
Karl my dear, I wanted to inform you about the news. I just got back from the embassy.
I told all that was in the embassy, they contacted the police and I found out all the detailed information, the embassy to study all the circumstances.
So I just returned from the embassy. And I have terrible news. From whom I am completely lost.
My dear by law, the embassy cannot help me until the police close the robbery case.
But according to the law, the police has no right to close the case within 3 months.
This means that the embassy will not be able to help me for my ticket for at least 3 months. I cried a lot at the embassy and begged them to help me. But they told me that they could not do anything until the police closed the investigation.
At the embassy I was given not only a temporary passport.
Karl my darling also just had a hard talk with a company I worked for in Melbourne.
My dear, I work for this company not officially, and they pay me money only for the work that I do. For each contract that I conclude in different countries, they only pay me for it. And everything else does not interest them.
For all my trips, accommodation and meals, I always paid for myself. And then I received the money with the successful conclusion of the contract.
My dear, they answered me at my work that they would not help me, since I work for them not officially. And that they are willing to pay me only for my work done.
My dear after that, I lost my last hope.
Even I just asked to borrow money from a woman with whom I did business here. But she cannot help me with such a sum of money for my ticket.
My colleague in Russia is raising a small child, she has no husband, and her salary is very small.
I never buy a return ticket, because I never know how many days my work will last in each country. That is why I do not have a return ticket.
Oh god Karl I don't know what to do now. My hotel room is only booked until December 26th. And if I can not fly away before this time, then I do not know where I will spend the night. I am alone in a foreign country! Anyway, I'm alone in this life. I only have you, but you are far away.
But I really want to see you my dear! I dream of our meeting!
Karl is not very convenient for me to ask you for help. But really, I don't know what else to do.
My dear, I really do not want to ask you for help, but I have no choice. I know how easy it is to lose loved ones, you just need to lend them money and everything in life changes. Those people that you may have once thought close to you become strangers when you lend money, but only a few who are faithful to you are left with you until the end, despite the fact that you would give a lot of money for these loans, these close people will always be with you . And I believe that we have just such a connection between each other. I believe that our relationship with you is as pure as a baby's tear. I hope you understand what I mean?
Please my dear if you can, then please help me to get home. My dear, I can send you money back the very next day as soon as I am at home!
Karl I have cash at home in the safe. There are about 27,000 dollars. I saved this money on my car.
My dear, that's why I can get your money back without any problems! Please, my darling, lend me money for my ticket for a maximum of 2 days! And as soon as I am at home, I will immediately send you money back.
First, I wanted to ask you to just buy a ticket for me online. But I asked about this in my embassy, they told me that it was not possible, since I do not have any more documents other than my temporary passport. And if you will buy a ticket for me, then I just will not be allowed on board the aircraft, since I do not have all the documents except for a temporary passport.
That is why I have to buy a ticket from my embassy, they will give me a special ticket with which I will be allowed on board the aircraft.
I beg you Karl to give me help for a few days! As soon as you give me help, I will immediately buy a plane ticket for the next flight and I will fly home! As soon as I buy a ticket I will send you a copy of my ticket. And as soon as I am at home, I will immediately run to the bank and I will send you money back.
My dear my ticket costs 978 dollars.
My dear, I did not know how to get help quickly. I asked my embassy the same way, they told me that the fastest and safest way to get your help is through the bank Western union or Money Gram. The embassy told me that I would be able to receive your help within 5 minutes after sending me cash assistance.
But also at the embassy they told me that I could not get your help with my temporary passport. That is why I asked the woman with whom I had a business relationship here in Moscow to help me. By the way her name is Anastasiya.
I asked Anastasiya so that she gave me her data in order for you to give help for me on her data.
My dear, as soon as you give help to me for the data of Anastasiya, I will go to Anastasiya bank with Western Union or Money Gram and I will receive your help.
Karl my dear, I beg you to help me with all my heart! I beg you! It is very hard for me now in such a situation that even I do not wish those people from my work who leave me to fend for themselves! And I do not want to be in this country more than one day! I am very home to Melbourne, I recover all my documents that are stolen and I, after restoring all my documents, go to meet you my love !!!
My dear, I really hope that you can help me with the money for a couple of days. And as soon as I fly home to Melbourne, I will immediately send you money back.
My dear, I will be anxiously waiting for your letter. I'm very scared right now. And even worse to wait for your answer. Since I really did not want to ask for help from you, I am ashamed of that, but I have no choice. I believe that you are the man whom I was looking for in order to love for the rest of my life.
I appreciate you my darling.
Yours and yours only Mariya
PS My dear, here are the data that you will need in order to give help to me, this is the data of Anastasiya. name: Anastasiya; surname: Pichkorina
Country: Russia
CITY: St. Petersburg
STREET: Rizhskiy Prospekt, 46 I beg you my darling don't leave me in the lurch.
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