Scam letter(s) from Irina Lukayan to Jay (Canada)

Letter 1
hi from person) My Darling.
all harsh? Where r U live?
I'm calm 29 y.o. woman living in Kazan.
today Im trying to find kindhearted mister;-)
write me to!
I am going to reply to You my photo.
Letter 2
Hi .
I'm glad to see your answer. How is your mood? My mood is great because you texted me. I think it might be the beginning of a good friendship or something.
Well, I'll start talking about myself. I hope you'll be interested to know more about me. My name is Irina, my friends call me "Kiska" - it means "Kitten". What about you? I got that nickname back at University, because I have good flexibility and I am very graceful. I always liked to get up on stage, and I like many girls dreamed of becoming a famous actress, but my life was different. However, I don't regret it. I'm very ambitious, maybe I will make a career as an actress. But these are just my dreams. Now, back to reality.
I graduated from University with a degree in journalism. I studied well and know several languages: English, French.
I have always been interested to understand how people in other side of the world to think and reason. Languages help with this, but I didn't have much practice, hope you you can understand that I write you :) I have never worked in my specialty, because journalists in Russia are paid little. Maybe someone will say that it's a prestigious profession, but I wanted to be able to be self-sufficient and make good money. So after University I went dancing in a nightclub. It was an interesting but at the same time difficult period of my life.
But I liked these 2 years. I got a lot of life lessons. I was very young and I wanted to see thirsty male gazes on me. Now I realize how ****** I was.
But I'm not used to regret that will not change and I think that it helped me to achieve what I have now.
Now I work as a choreographer, teach dance. I rent a small room and my friend and I Kristina opened their dance school.
Kristina Teaches dance to children from 5 to 16 years old. I am engaged with girls from 16 to 50 years. I'm sure age is just a number.
I teach go-go and ***** plastics. Of course at first it was difficult,but now our school brings a good stable income.
We need to thank our customers for this, more than half of the new students come on the recommendation of friends.
I think this speaks to the fact that our people need work and they are ready to be grateful for our work. Where do you work?
You like your work. I'd be interested to hear about that. I was born 20.01.1989 and always lived in , Russian Federation.
It is a beautiful city on the banks of the Volga river, more than a million people live here.
Kazan has an international airport and many cultural attractions.
It is the capital of the state of Tatarstan and the age exceeds the city of Moscow. What about you? I'd like to see your city on Google maps.
I really like new experiences, so I travel a lot in recent years. I have been to Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, OAE.
In our time, the distance is not a problem, you can always get on a plane and be in another part of the world.
Have you traveled a lot in your life? During my travels, I saw many different cultures, and many different men.
I saw the difference between a Russian man and a foreign man. Although the hotel was inhabited by men from many countries, Russian men stood out from them.
They more they drank, the more brazen and decently behaved. I did not even want to talk in Russian to me did not think the same as about them.
Russian men do not look at the inner beauty. And if they like looks, it all comes down to talking about ***.
I can talk openly about ***, but starting a dialogue with this is not beautiful in relation to the girl.
Of course it is important to talk about *** with each other if we want to build a serious relationship. But let's put it aside., I'm too shy to talk to you about this right now. because I don't know you yet.
We are in different countries, but now many things are possible with the help of the Internet. I know we live in a high-tech age., but in the modern rhythm is not always possible to keep up with progress. I'm an average user and sometimes get lost when I need to something to do on a PC or phone. Even this morning I could not imagine that I would write you a letter.
Now I sit and smile, that i was carried away and wrote such a long letter.
I hope you do not get tired of reading this and you will be interested. I understand that to tell about itself in one letter impossible, but if I forgot to say something important, you can always ask me a question. I would love to answer that.
Waiting for your answer. Your Irina.
P.S. I will try to send you my photos with this letter. Write me if I did not succeed. I hope you send me your photos back
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