Scam Letter(s) from Julia Olivo to John (Greece)

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Letter 1

Omg I'm glad you're okay honey. Please don't ever do that to me again. Take your time to recover at the hospital cos if anything happens to you I'll never forgive myself hon. I love you so much. And please I'll have to come meet you in cyprus. I knew it wasn't a good idea for you to come over. The weather condition over here is worse and the snow storm is ruining things over here it killed like 3 people. I'll be safe honey please write me as soon as you can, I'll keep praying for you. And I'm still in a neighbours garage.
Wishing you speedy recovery.

Letter 2

I understand honey. You need a lot of rest. Thanks for writing me honey I feel a lot better now. I love you so much honey and can't wait to be with you. Tell me you cancelled the transaction honey and please write me as soon as you have the chance

Letter 3

My landlord got the money already hon. I'm going to see him now

Letter 4

You know I can't stop worrying about you. Told you the flu is everywhere. More of the reason why I don't want you coming here. I wanted to leave here so bad and be with you. That's why I wanted to get the visa and ticket on my own. You coming here is a lot of stress and you know it. Thou i'd love to see you but it would have been better if I come over on my own. This would never have happened if I did come. I should be with you already by now and it hurts. I wish you speedy recovery honey and please write me as soon as you have the chance. Much love from Julia

Letter 5

I don't wanna spend the Christmas here either honey. It's getting colder everyday and everywhere is covered with snow. My love for you grows stronger as each day pass by. I love you so much

Letter 6

I miss you so much.
I wish you get better as soon as possible. Since you're still at Qatar, will you still fly to Georgia when you get better or I should just come over to cyprus as soon as you're back home and relaxed hon.



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