Scam letter(s) from Amira Salameh to Brad (Canada)

Letter 1
Dr. Amira Salameh compensation to you,
Greeting from Dr. Amira Salameh,
I want to inform you I left a huge sum of


in your name as a compensation at the Western union head office in Dakar (Senegal). As a result of your humanitarian service to humanity. Therefore, you are to contact Mr. Peterson Daniel (Esq.), one of the Western Union senior account officer for the immediate transfer of the total sum of $650,000.00 to you without delay. Now use the below address to contact him immediately : Official phone of his office: +221708653459 Kindly contact him now with the above email and phone number for the immediate transfer of your money to you through western union transfer. I'm doctor Amira Salameh, one of the most USA reputable doctor in United Nations Security Council from the UN donation council of help hands international. Yours faithfully,
Dr. Amira Salameh
Letter 2
Send your details without delay.
Now use the below phone number and emails to contact them immediately : Official phone of their office : +221.708653459
Kindly contact them now with the above emails and phone number for the immediate transfer of my money to you through bank to bank transfer or Western Union transfer.
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