Letter(s) from Lilia to Eddy (USA)
Letter 1
Hi-Hi, my sweetheart
Eddy))))))) How are you ??)) how is your health ??)) how is your mood ??)))) Thank you for your letter my dear) I can not believe that you have become so close to me and so dear))) with you I can share absolutely everything)
you will always listen and support me, never condemn or accuse me. You are my best friend and my protector)))) You talked about the cards, my dear, but I did not receive them. Can I get a financial gift from you?) I would like to buy a dress ... What are you doing today ??)) I hope you have plenty of time for rest and delicious food)))) I'm in anticipation of the holidays, very soon the new year))) There are 4 days left and I am very excited))) now I am at work, I drink tea and admire the view from the window) it is snowing in the street, the shops are filled with dozens of people, everyone is in a hurry and are buying as much food for the holidays as possible) and as there are very few stores in my city, the amount of goods decreases very sharply, in the evening it is already impossible to find even a piece of cheese on the shelves Is there such a stir in your city?) or is it just here that people go crazy ??)))))))) I really want to celebrate the New Year with you)) My dear, but this year my wish did not come true (
I'm sad, but you have to promise me that every holiday in 2019 we will be together?))) will you tell me YES?))))))))) and I will be happy))) I will celebrate the holidays in the circle of my family We will go to the village to my grandmother so that she is not so lonely))) I feel unbearably bad without you. my dear!! I miss you very much, you are my happiness))))))))))))))))))))) I'm waiting for your letter with impatience))) have a good day)) your Lilya))
Letter 2
Happy Saturday to you, my love Eddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))) How are you ?? All is well!??)))) Wow, how glad I am to see your letter, my dear)))) My mood has improved millions of times)) I miss you very much)) I can get a financial gift from you) I would like to buy myself a new dress or scarf) I would be very pleased, my dear))) and finally, my work week and my work year is over))) There are several days of rest and long-awaited holidays ahead))) Today I came to work, on this pleasant winter evening, to hand in a report, pick up some things from work and the most pleasant and most important thing is to write you a letter)) my dear, you are so dear to me, now I can not live a single day without you! I constantly have to receive your letters and write to you mine) It makes my life happier, and every day is filled with bright colors))))
you made me a little more romantic, happier, more cheerful)))) 2018 made us closer, gave me a feeling of complete happiness and a strong desire to be with you !!
I will be honest, I had a long search for a man, I met unworthy and bad, too young, stupid and frivolous but when you appeared in my life, when I found you and decided to write to you, I already knew that I wanted to be with you) and now I’m 1000% sure of this))))) I don’t need any other man, I don’t imagine myself with other men. I don't even want to think about it I have you, and that's all I needed !!! I will try to write you on Monday again))))) my dear. have a great weekend) I send you my kisses and hugs
*** Your Lily))
Letter 3
Hi, my sweet and best man Eddy!!!))))) I was already convinced of this)))) I have never felt such an inclination for you !!!! I do not know about such things) tell me)
and when do you plan to come to Kiev, my dear?) how are you????? i miss you so much i spent this night too hard.
I tried to fall asleep, but in my head there were a lot of thoughts, and all about you !!
they no longer fit in my mind))))) I constantly think about you, about us, and about our MEETING))))))) then all night I saw dreams about you))) everything seemed so real that I was very upset when the alarm clock rang!
I hope that all my dreams about you will come true)))) what are you doing today?)))) This is my day off, I came to work today just to write you a letter and read yours))
I want to tell you how much I need you))) Today is the day of surprises))) in the morning I woke up from a strong ring at the door !! In the beginning, I was afraid that someone might come at 5 am!
but when I looked out the window I saw my aunt and uncle)) They again made me a surprise and came to visit!
This is a very long-awaited meeting)) so I slept only 5 hours today, which is catastrophically low)) but positive emotions give me energy not to sleep))) my dear, but now I have to go! my bus will go home in 5 minutes and I have to be in time! sorry for my short letter) I will write to you soon))) i have a nice day and remember i always think of you and miss you very much !!
sincerely your Lily)))
Letter 4

Hi-Hi, my big love Eddy!!!!!))))))) How are you today ???)))) What are you doing ??)))))
How is your mood?))))) Yes, I want a video chat with you, but the camera does not work on my phone (so I told you that I want a new smartphone to call you on Skype can you help me? I started my working day))) Of course I drink coffee and enjoy the silence) This is a rarity in my work! I read your letter again and again and can not stop))) this week will be February, the last winter month in Ukraine, and then spring)) Snow and ice will melt, trees and grass will turn green again, flowers will blossom and look out the warm sun))) I adore spring, it really looks great in my country)))) as you know my region is a steppe. There are many fields and few forests.
But when fields and wildflowers are blooming ... this is a fairy tale !! the smell spreads everywhere, we can observe beautiful landscapes)) but so far we have heavy snow, no warming, the snow layer already reaches 15 centimeters and the air temperature is about 11 degrees below zero. It's cold enough for me ( I really miss you. I constantly think about you and about us, about our meeting. I'm trying to distract, it really keeps me from concentrating on my work.
my productivity has decreased, I think about you every second.
It became a sad feeling (You're not next to me and these thoughts drive me crazy ( I’m afraid of this distance, I want it to disappear, I don’t have the strength to endure it (I can't be here without you!
We need to meet! I hope to hear your opinion and your answer soon !! Have a good day and take my arms))) ***** your Lily))))
Letter 5
Hello my dear !! this is Lily) I created a new email box, my old one stopped working my letters do not reach you !! So now write to me at this address !! I was so upset. I was missing you a lot. my love! I will resend my prvious letter to You now Happy Monday to you, my sweet man Eddy!!!)))) How are you ??? How did your day start ?? How was your weekend ??)))) I hope that you are doing well! I am incredibly glad to see your letter on this sleepy, long and hard day. You are the only thing that makes me happy))) Well, well, a new work week has started, as usual, I have a lot of responsibilities, deeds and so little strength!
I slept too little today, gunshots, war, a loud sound kept me awake until 4 am, I slept only 3 hours and now I’m like a broken vase that was glued together in a hurry The situation in my city is very disturbing to me, everything is getting worse every day, it seems to me that this has been going on forever! My dear, I really miss you. I think wherever you are, the safest place in your arms)))))))
there are only 3 days left until the most romantic holiday of the year)))) This weekend I was with my granny for a bit, and then at home with my cousin))
Yesterday I went shopping again, the choice is huge, my eyes run, I chose a gift for you on Valentine's Day))) Nevertheless, I will not tell you what I bought you)) it will remain a surprise.
I hope that you are pleased to receive such news? !!))) share with me your plans for this day and evening, I hope to hear from you soon)) I send you my kisses!
Have a nice and easy day))
your Lily)))
Letter 6
Hi hi hi!!!!! my very best man Eddy)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) How are you doing ???)))) what are you doing today ???)) how is your mood ??? what is the weather outside your window ??))))) I really hope that everything is fine !! I am incredibly glad to see your letter)) you made my mood more than excellent))) today is my day off !! I finally waited for this day)) I slept enough, did a jog in the park and a little yoga) then I went to the park with my cousin and friend)) we had a little picnic))))
fried meat, fresh vegetables, it is very tasty !! I would like to treat you, my dear! Why are you not around ??? (((( i'm sad about that !!! I miss you so much, I can't stop saying it every day! You fill my heart with happiness !!!!
now I'm sitting at work, I came here just to write you and chat a bit with my colleagues! we drink herbal tea and discuss current affairs in our team and the arrogance of our boss because this month nobody got paid and it became much more difficult to live, I have to save on everything I buy the cheapest and low-quality food, in a month when I do not get paid, I don’t pay bills and accumulate a huge debt (( it is not repaid to this day, I just can’t handle it on my own (I have a huge debt for electricity and today I received a letter that my house can be disconnected from electricity for non-payment, I don’t know what to do with it, this is terrible news, it clouded me ((( I am completely helpless in this situation (( my dear, it is very important for me to hear your advice! I hope that the problem will be solved soon (tell me about your plans ???? I am looking forward to your letter !!! I wish you a great evening and a nice day!) Receive my kisses !! only your Lily !!!!!!!!))))))))
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