Scam Letter(s) from Lilia to Eddy (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi-Hi, my sweetheart
Eddy))))))) How are you ??)) how is your health ??)) how is your mood ??))))

Thank you for your letter my dear) I can not believe that you have become so close to me and so dear))) with you I can share absolutely everything)
you will always listen and support me, never condemn or accuse me. You are my best friend and my protector))))

You talked about the cards, my dear, but I did not receive them. Can I get a financial gift from you?) I would like to buy a dress ...

What are you doing today ??)) I hope you have plenty of time for rest and delicious food)))) I'm in anticipation of the holidays, very soon the new year))) There are 4 days left and I am very excited))) now I am at work, I drink tea and admire the view from the window) it is snowing in the street, the shops are filled with dozens of people, everyone is in a hurry and are buying as much food for the holidays as possible) and as there are very few stores in my city, the amount of goods decreases very sharply, in the evening it is already impossible to find even a piece of cheese on the shelves

Is there such a stir in your city?) or is it just here that people go crazy ??))))))))

I really want to celebrate the New Year with you)) My dear, but this year my wish did not come true (
I'm sad, but you have to promise me that every holiday in 2019 we will be together?))) will you tell me YES?))))))))) and I will be happy)))

I will celebrate the holidays in the circle of my family We will go to the village to my grandmother so that she is not so lonely)))

I feel unbearably bad without you. my dear!! I miss you very much, you are my happiness)))))))))))))))))))))

I'm waiting for your letter with impatience))) have a good day)) your Lilya))



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