Scam Letter(s) from Marina Caliujnaya to Floris (Holland)

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many thanks for your lovely letter. I like your letter
and I admit I am excited to be in contact with such an interesting
person like you. Thank you for sharing some facts about yourself,
I am happy to know you have been in Ukraine and liked it.

Well, for the start I want to say that finding a life-long partner is
something serious for me and I do not want to play any games. I
believe that when we are open and sincere, we can become closer to
each other regardless the distance.

As for me I am not experienced in relationships and I have been in a
serious only once I wrote about. But I have an idea what I want my
future married life to be like. First of all, there should be a bound
between me and my future partner, based on love, trust, mutual
understanding and somewhat similar views on life. This is a foundation
for a happy relationship, I think. I realize that a married life is
not always cloudless and smooth - there will be problems and everyday
troubles, but with the mutual efforts they can always be solved.
Although I am a perfectionist and very romantic, I realize that I have
to come back to Earth and see things clearly :)

Well, of course, we all have some expectations concerning our future
partner, so I should tell you what man I hope to meet :) He is nice,
affable with people, caring charming and affectionate with his woman,
open-hearted, generous and faithful. Sense of humor or intelligence is
a plus. I hope i don't want too much :) as this is what I am ready to
offer to my future husband.

Now a days people are lucky to have this way of communication so that
we might get in touch with nice people from different parts of the
world! I hope that we will have a great time exchanging letters and
learning about each other's lives. And maybe one day after we become
so attracted and fond of each other we can meet, who knows?

To make that happen, we must get to know one another and so let me
tell you more about myself. I think that I'm an open-minded and
flexible person. I like to communicate with different people of
different age and social position. I think I am a romantic person,
but I can be quite down to earth sometimes, as well. As I said I have
a lot of friends, but I also try to make new friends and I hope that
we will become good friends :))))??????

I would like to know more about you, anything you want to share and
think may be imortant for me to know. I would love to know about your
likes and dislikes. What's your favorite food, music, color, etc? Do
you like movies or reading? Would you like to learn Russian? We are
both looking for someone special, for our "second half". Don't you
fear that distance could be a problem? How do you imagine your life
with your future partner? Am I too curious? :)) Anyway, I think here's
enough work for you in case you are still interested and want to reply

I will be looking forward to your letters, maybe pictures. I realize
that only if we keep in touch and exchange letters regularly we can
build a nice strong and trystworthy relationship. Have an amazing

Well, I even don't know what more can I tell in this letter, but you
may ask me anything you'd like to know, and I'll tell you with

Have a great day!

Sincerely yours,

Letter 2

Hello, dear, I am so happy to receive this letter. Our
communication is like a bright sun ray in my life, that gives me
warmth, hope and great pleasure. Floris ,I think it's interesting for
both of us to learn about each other, i can feel this connection
between us and hope it will become stronger and more affectionate

What else didn't I tell you about myself so far? Hm...? I like to
dance. I have been taking lessons of dances since six years old. In
general I am open to any new and challenging things. I prefer active
rest to passive. I like to climb up the mountains and have a picnic on
top of the hill, to attend picturesque historical places, where it is
possible to find out something interesting. Most of all I like
travelling, of course. I have a dream to travel all over the world. I
also like to do sports. I like fitness. When I have free time I go to
the gym. I always try to stay fit and healthy.

I hope, that my hobbies are interesting for you. I would love to do
all those things with my beloved man, it would double the pleasure,
isn't it?:) Maybe you are my second half, I am looking so
passionately for :)

I can say that I'm very gentle, sensitive, romantic and somewhat
vulnerable by nature. Very often we can get hurt, because the
surrounding world can be so severe sometimes! That's why I do not only
want a man to share happy moments but someone, who would love, take
care and protect me when I feel down. And I, in my turn, will do
everything to fill his life with sunshine, happiness and harmony. I
haven't met such man yet, but I feel that you may be this man. I
passionately want to continue our acquaintance and to make it more
and I hope, that this is mutual. I just don't know what to do,
we might talk by phone, what do you think about it?

I hope your tastes in food are the same as mine – I like a wide
variety, but the best choices and the best dishes, but these are easy
to prepare and there are also so many restaurants, offering such a
vast range from Chinese, Japanese, Asian, French, Italian (and every
region in Italy), Spanish, cosmopolitan, Indian, Lebanese, etc, etc,
even such esoteric places as Ethiopian food! Everyone is spoilt for

Thank you for all the time you spend to write the letter to me.
My favourite color? You know if life give us all of
these colors , how could I love only one of them? I adore blue,
because I look perfect in it, adore white, because adore white flowers
and dream to get them every day from my belowed. Adore red, for the
red lips which make men crasy, adore yellow for the sun wich make my
skin dark, and the same strong love all of other colors.

I love progressive jazz like Lee Ritenour, Russ Freeman and the
Rippingtons and David Benoit, also Norah Jones, kelly Rowland, Nelly
Furtado. I also love classical music, and some of pop singers, like
Madonna, Sade.

I like good movies very much, when we are together we'll see one of
them and you'll show me your favorite movies. Well, I've got a
fovorite movie, it is "the American Beauty", do you like it?

Whom am I looking for?I NEED someone to love me.. whenever he looks
into my eyes the love that he has for me grows... Whenever he kisses
me, I can feel the passion that he has for me... When he sleeps next
to me, always wanted to be closer and grabs my hand just to be able
to touch me.... Values me and realizes that he can lose me and
doesn't take advantage of the situation. I want a strong bonding
relationship. Someone who is willing to try new things and isn't
afraid of expressing himself. He has to like to have fun. And likes
humor. Someone who enjoys relaxing on the couch every now and then
and isn't afraid to go out to a club and dance. A jentleman who enjoys
the out doors. The Hopeless Romantic is what I am looking for in a
man. He loves soft music, candlelight, and long walks on the beach at
sunset. He's looking for a deep relationship — a soulmate. He's a
traditional guy you can open up to and talk to about your feelings,
your past, and your hopes for the future. How to win his heart?
Surprise him with a picnic lunch, or go for a horse-drawn carriage
ride a man who wants to create a life-long love story.

I want to have my own house full of love, tenderness. I dream about
really nice relationships with trust, understanding, support and care.
I also feel that I want to be independent. I’m an optimist by nature
and try to find the way out in every situation. Thought sometimes my
optimist is very fragile. I like silence, calmness, and coziness. My
astrological sing is Cancer. I think I fully correspond to it – I’m
energetic, optimistic, easy-going, with a sense of humor… I’m fond of
design. I like flowers. I like making surprises to my dearest, for
example, something special… I hate sameness. I need something new, new
impressions. I also believe whatever happens in our life – everything
for the best. This principle helps to live and to enjoy life.

Sorry, but I have to run now, 'cause it's time to work! I'll be
looking forward to your letter and will write you soon!

Truly yours

P.S. I've scaned a few pics, and here is the one which was taken this
We had quite cold and freezen winter, and you may see a lot of snow. It
was fun!

Letter 3


thank you very much for your words. I hope you had a
nice time with your parents? I am very glad to
get acquainted with you. I'd like to create a good relationship
between us. Every letter you write gives me more information of what
kind of person you are and I must admit I like you more and more. You
are sincere, smart, kind and nice. Now that I know you a little better
I'll try to tell you about all my joys and sorrows, about the events
that happened in my life.

You know, I'd love to share with you some facts from my childhood. The
brightest memories of my life are the memories of my past- the care
of my parents and the elder sister. All our family used to go to the
sea every summer, may be because of it I love the waves beating near
the rocks and the sand, hot from the noon sun so much. What are your
brightest memories? The ones you retrieve when you feel down, tired or

Sometimes I feel lonely. I need someone special who would make my life
more interesting than it is now. In our life there a lot of negative
and positive moments, but when the soul is lonely all sights of our
beautiful world fade away. I see my future filled with love to my
husband, my family, my children. I think this is the purpose of my
entire life.

As for my plans for future, like family and career, I should say that
my family will take the first place in my life, but If I'll have
possibility, I would like to have my own business. Maybe in the field
of cosmetology or private school. When I graduated from the university
and I've became a teacher. As for cosmetology, I think all women must
take a good care of themselves and always look attractive. So I think
it would be interesting for me to open a salon which women will leave
all beautiful and in a great mood :) And, of course, my long lasting
desire to have a private school and to teach small children, but I
have to study more and to have a right to do that. So as you see I
have rather vague idea about my future profession :) but I still have
time. Nevertheless, I know that I will be happy if I only take care of
my husband and children without making a career, but I won't be happy
if I have a great career, but no family.

Have a wonderful day!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

Kiss and hugs,

Letter 4

Hi, my dear,

Needless to say that I'm so glad to receive this
letter form you?:) The more we correspond the more I wish we could
meet in person. :) I know that that we must be completely ready for
this, but this is not what my heart wants :) I get more and more
attached to you, do you know that?

I think all good relationships start as good friends, and have to
stand the test of time. Then you can be sure it's a real love. I feel
as if I have a lot to offer someone and my life would be more complete
when I share it with someone special. The more I learn about you the
more I like you. I see that you have the same passion for life and so
I do. I always want you to know that I am sincere with you and I hope
that you never question that. I know other people can make a lot of
promises that they never keep. I despise that in many people and I
always try to act according to my conscience.

Please tell me more about your place, like where do like to spend
time? As for me, I like to stay at the kitchen, I read and watch TV
there. I also would like to know more about your country, your city,
your house, to meet your family and friends. I just want to see, hear,
feel what you do every day. I would love to feel that I am inside your
world I hope you understand and feel the same. I always try to follow
my heart in doing the right thing and I know that what I am doing is
the right thing for me because I always try to listen to my heart.

Whom am I looking for?I NEED someone to love me.. whenever he looks
into my eyes the love that he has for me grows... Whenever he kisses
me, I can feel the passion that he has for me... When he sleeps next
to me, always wanted to be closer and grabs my hand just to be able
to touch me.... Values me and realizes that he can lose me and
doesn't take advantage of the situation. I want a strong bonding
relationship. Someone who is willing to try new things and isn't
afraid of expressing himself. He has to like to have fun. And likes
humor. Someone who enjoys relaxing on the couch every now and then
and isn't afraid to go out to a club and dance. A jentleman who enjoys
the out doors. The Hopeless Romantic is what I am looking for in a
man. He loves soft music, candlelight, and long walks on the beach at
sunset. He's looking for a deep relationship — a soulmate. He's a
traditional guy you can open up to and talk to about your feelings,
your past, and your hopes for the future. How to win his heart?
Surprise him with a picnic lunch, or go for a horse-drawn carriage
ride a man who wants to create a life-long love story.

Yesterday my mother told me, that probably we'll have to move to
another apartment soon! Now we are living in 3 rooms apartment, that
my parents bought 10 years ago using credit, but last 2 years, the
life here became much worse, they don't pay the salary to my mom at
work, as she works at the state enterprise, and my salary is not
enough. I give all wages to mom, that she could pay though a part of
the credit and to buy some products. So my mom has decided to sell
this apartment and move to another smaller one, just with one room. so
we'll probably have to live in 1 room. I don't know, when will that
happen, but we have already found new flat for us and we are going to
move within next weeks. I'm sad, but at the same time it makes me
happy that we won't have to pay credit any more. I am not sure how
much time will all that take us, but hopefully not more then 5-6 days,
so if I won't be able to write you, you know what I am busy with. It's
a lot of work, to puck and then unpack all things, then cleaning and
choosing places for everything. My new address is: 09151, apt. 20,
house 4B Dzjukova kvartal, Lugansk, Ukraine Caliujnaya Marina

Unfortunately I don't have a weekend, only day off on Sunday so I'll
doing all that after work, but it's ok. It's something that need to be
done soon. Please tell me how you are and what is your plans for weekend and
next week. I'll be able to write you next weekend soon
as we'll finish moving. I really hope that I'll be able to write you
often after that and these difficults will not affect on our

Anyway, I will end my letter for now, in fact I have to come back home
to cook a dinner for my mom which come back late from work, and I will
be looking forward to your next letter. If you have something to ask
me, just remember you can ask me anything you want.

Sincerely and Affectionately yours


Letter 5

Hello, my sun!

Can I call you "my sun"? How are you, haw have you been these days?
Did you miss me? A lot?...:) I did! I've done so many things and feel
so tired! If I could, I would stay home, in my bed with my favorite
book or simply would sit near TV all the day through and eating some
snacks, that would be fun to do that with you! have you ever spent all
the day just doing nothing at home? It's so nice to relax this way,
especially if you spend this day with a special person, when hours run
past so quickly and they are so sweet, because you are in love and
your love is next to you! But I couldn't stay home all the day, as I
did a lot of work...

darling, the weather is very hot here and how is the weather in your
city???? I have heard, that nature is mad about people everywhere in
the world nowadays!Is it true, my love?

we were packing the things all the time, cleaning the house and
planing what to buy for our new apartment. It's incredible when we
realized how much we need to renovate in it! It seems like it should
be cosmetic repair, but to tell the truth we will have to change
everything: wallpapers, doors, repaint windows, repair bathroom

moreover, we had to order a car to transport all the stuff to the new
place! My mom didn't tell me, as I know that she never asks for help,
as a strong woman, but I know, that she has no money to order a car!
Next week I will get my salary and hopefully it'll be all right, as I
want to help my mom.

Sweetheart, as for our moving we are finishing to move and my mom
bought new wallpapers and paint for the repair! She says the prices
are crazy!!! But this is what should be bought to make apartment ready
for our move in! But we need a lot of other things to buy, but this we
will do, when we will be already living there! i thought it's much
easier and takes less time, as I've never moved before, but now I
know! And you? Do you have any experience?

darling, I hope, that your life is well and without such problems that
I had!

I wish you very nice day
sending you my love and hope

P.S. Honey, I am sorry, but I did answer your questions, you just need
to be more attentive to what I say and the way I try to express

Letter 6

Hi, my sweetheart!!!

How are you? What did you do today? I
just went out of the bank and very happy to see news from you!I hope
you are fine and in good mood too! I have to tell you something, these
days I noticed that something essential is missing to me... a person
who I could trust without fear, who understands me from the first
glance and vice-versa... I am searching for complicity, for an
ever-lasting marvellous history, that makes me daydream and that gives
me desire and mood to live life entirely... If you are in the same
situation, please put me on track to find out if it could be you and

I am trying to tell you all about myself in several letter, but
understand that it's impossible. I hope you don't mind? I just think
that it's necessary to learn each other from the way of life and

You know, communication, intellect and speed are things I appreciate
in man, and you have it. I like adventures, but not in terms of
partnership rather in terms of making new experiences like for example
exploring a city or making acquaintances, learning something new.

As I told you, I am dreaming of a partnership with an intelligent and
independent man. I am sure you are like this, but there are also other
important things in relationship like mutual trust and respect form a
basis that enables you to build up and share a life between two people
which at the same time gives you the possibility to remain an
independent personality with the possibility to take own decisions and
cherish your own space. As much as I dream about harmony and loyalty,
as much are independence and personal freedom important to me. I will
do everything for the person to whom I will say YES. I can say that I
will do everything to make the man of my dreams happy!

I heard that many western women try to be independent, is it true? For
me, independence means only intellectual independence. That does not
mean to go different ways but it means that it is normal that you and
your partner do not always have the same opinion and this is a
challenge to talk about. I want to give and receive some
countervailing force of stability. Balance comes from slowing down,
listening, and learning the fine art of follow-through!

Darling I am not sure I can download any programs here, but you can
always send me sms or give me a call.

I will be very glad to hear from you very soon!



Letter 7

Hi my darling sweetheart!!! We finished moving!

Today is a beauuuuuuuuutiful day here. Sun is shining and warms up the
earth! I miss the sea cost with white sun and salty water! I really
need that! I want to get some rest, but unfortunately not yet. I
would love to go out just for a weekend. But sea is wuite far from
here and it takes 15 hours by train and 10 by car to get there. It'll
make sense if only to take a plane, because it's only 1 hour of
flight, but unfortunately I cannot afford it at the moment. So I'll
just stay here for a while and hopefully in 2-3 weeks will go to enjoy
the real summer in the south for a couple of days.

And how are you my sweetheart? Do you enjoy the summer, how it goes?
Today I woke up with the thought that occurs to me regularly: how
happy I am to have the opportunity to talk with you. Though we are so
far from each other but our sincere mutual liking for each other can
overcome any distance and give hope for being happy one day.

You know I would like to live at the seaside and I often go to sea to
think over my present and future. When winter and cold go away there
is nothing better than having a rest here by the blue mirror-like
surface where waves one by one cover the sandy beach. Together with
you I'd like to feel the wind from the open sea tickling our eyes and
salty oxygen that is not leaving our lungs for long arousing the dizzy
feeling. If you watch the deserted sea horizon for long it may seem
nothing surprising in seeing the images of ancient ships there.

In my dream over the surface I see a quivering butterfly drying its
wings in the warm streams of the sea air. How has she happened to
appear far from fragrant flowers looking for a shelter above the
turquoise sea waves? I have a feeling of this butterfly, being
unprotected and willing to find the warmth of a reliable family
shelter. It's like me, honey.

I 'd love to walk along endless beaches at the sunset enjoying the
sand and the waves caressing my feet. It's wonderful to have such a
walk in the evening shadows . In the dark skyI imagine a pink golden
cloud burning and seeing it I say: "Cloud, cloud, take me far away to
my sweetheart!" I wanted to send you my smile light as a butterfly but
I'll do something better. Can you bring the paper just a bit more
closely? Please, press the paper softly to your cheek and think good
thought about... there did you feel it? It is my kiss to you, my
sweetheart. Can you feel the warmth and the Love? We are speaking to
each other in silent words that can be heard by our ears only. My
love, I hope that we will be together soon. Talking, touching, holding
and loving with great joy in our hearts.. our eyes will sparkle as we
see each other for the first time. We will say to ourselves "Can this
wonderful thing really be happening? We have found each other!" I love
you, my darling, I need you so much! I'm anxiously awaiting the moment
when all our dreams will come true!

My mobile telephone number is +380976520956. You may call me in the
lunch time, let's say 13-15pm, I'll be glad to talk to you. My time
zone is +2 hours by Greenwich.

I am sorry but I cannot install msn, because I use internet at work
and it's forbidden. And unfortunately I don't have internet at home. I
have an old computer, but unfortunately cannot afford to install
internet at the moment.

38975738642357849586098094278452470194810 kisses



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