Scam Letter(s) from Irina Storozhuk to Rob (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Robert! How are you tell me? I'm glad to hear form you.My love i miss you so much!

My dear like i promise to you i was at agency today. And they was explain to me when i need to came to you my dear. They tell me that i need full packet of document. I need travel passport, visa, insurgence, medical card, ticket to Kiev and ticket to you. They tell me that much easy to received tourist visa. Because i'm single Russian lady and they can have doubts about me, this is why will be much easy to get tourist visa. Agency will help me with every thing.
All around trip will cost for me 1400$. This is include everything.
My dear i was think that this is will be expensive. And of course this is very expensive for me.
I have no money. What to do?

I really want to be with you. I'm so sorry that i'm not reach woman.
Because then i will came to you with out any problem. But i know you are great man! You love me! And together we will find solution. I'm happy that i met such man like you. I image how we will wake up together ! I dream about this. I dream about your skin and lips!!! I really love you. My darling, the director of my agency advised me to send money from abroad to take the money transfer system "Western Union". She said that this is a quick and easy way to transfer money. These offices are in every city in the world.
In order to send money need the following information:

My director name and surname: Anastasia Shaparenko
Odessa, Ukraine

When you will send money through this system from you I will also need data: 1. Your name and surname, 2. The exact city where he sent the money, 3. The exact amount of money transfer, 4. Ten-digit code (MTCN)
I very much hope that soon you will be able to send this amount of money to decorate my documents.
I really want to legalize all the documents and fly to you.
With this I conclude my letter with thoughts of you and wait for your answer!
Love and kiss you,

Your lady Iryna.



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