Scam letter(s) from Ulyana Doshebaeva to Jacques (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
welcher Typ von Speiseeis bevorzugst du? Ich habe eben noch eines Sahneeis mit Erdbeermarmelade gegessen. Das ist mein Lieblingsessen von su?en Desserts. Entschuldige mich, dass ich vergessen habe, dich zu begru?en. Mein Name ist Elena.
Ich bin 41 Jahre alt. Ich bin aus Russland. Wie lautet dein voller Name? Ich habe eine Fahrlizenz und ich fahre ein Auto gerne.
Ich bin eine Bewundererin von Retro-Autos. Ich mag Freizeit im Freien verbringen. Ich mag reiten gehen. Pferde sind bewundernswerte Tiere. Ihre Augen sind sehr klug. Hast du das nicht bemerkt? Winters fahre ich Ski, sommers fahre ich Fahrrad. Ich reise gern und habe viele Stadte Russlands gesehen. Ich traume davon, Europa zu besuchen. Ich mochte einen standigen Partner zu haben. Ich will die Einsamkeit loswerden und einen treuen Mann haben, der wie ich die Freude am Zusammenleben mit mir teilen mochte. Ich schatze in einem Mann Zuverlassigkeit, gegenseitiges Verstandnis, Respekt und Anstand, Uneigennutzigkeit und Kompromissbereitschaft.
Wenn dir gefiel, was ich geschrieben habe, und du mich besser kennenlernen wolltest, schreibe mir, und vielleicht bin ich derjenige, nach dem du so lange gesucht hast. Ich werde mich auf deinen Brief freuen.
schreib mir eine email
Alles Gute, deine neue Bekannte Elena.
Letter 2
It I Elena. I from Russia!!! My former email: The void. Please write me on my new email the address: I in perfection know German language.
Recently has begun English studying! But I sometimes use online the translator. To me 41 year. I have a driver's licence, and To like me driving on the car. I the fan of a retro of cars. I prefer, an active kind of rest. To like me riding. Horses, it is remarkable animals. And at them very clever eyes. You noticed it? In the winter I ski, in the summer on a bicycle. I like to travel, and I was in many cities of Russia. And Now I dream to visit other countries. The constant partner is necessary to me. I wish to destroy the loneliness and to find the good The person whom, as well as I, will want to divide with me pleasure Joint life. I appreciate reliability, mutual understanding in the man, Respect and decency, disinterestedness and readiness to go on The compromise. If you liked that I have told to you, and you It wanted to get acquainted with me more close, simply write to me, and, Probably, I will appear that which you so long searched. I will wait with Impatience of your letter. I have a great pleasure to congratulate you on Merry Christmas! Let your family be happy and your table be full of dishes. Be successful in everything and let your friends help you with it, Elena
Letter 3
Hello Jean. How are you? Thank you for answering me. Sorry for the possible errors in the text. I studied German still in the university.
Now my knowledge is necessary to me at work. I recently started learning English. You like my successes? I hope, what's going on Socializing, you will help me to improve my knowledge :)? Me 41 years.
I do not feel discomfort in our age difference. Age it is not the barrier and does not have any meaning when people are known and want to continue communication. It is important that man did not commit bad deeds. I think that the people of the older generation are very wise and has the good life experience. Besides such people, you feel safe.
And you know what love is all about the age :)? I live in the city: Kuznetsk. Russia.I lab technician, and work in the production of the feed for the Pigs and the cattle. My phone number +79061150265. Write sms or call me. I I'll always be glad to answer you. I will try WhatsApp to use later. How did you celebrate Christmas? I hope you behaved well this year and Santa Claus has prepared a present for you :) Tell about yourself. How do you do the free time? Which one with you hobbies? I will wait for your photos. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Your new friend Elena
Letter 4

I was surprised by your answer. where did you find my old photos ??? these photos were posted by me on Facebook! But then I deleted my profile from Facebook. Because my account has been hacked.
Probably now my photos took possession of fraudsters. Please tell me the information where did you find my old photos ??? Isend you new pics, do you like them?
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